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Breaking: journalist of Chinese descent says Coyle suspended from bars for racism to him, not just swearing at staffer

Henry Dyer says Speaker and parliamentary authorities took action in response to his complaint about anti-Asian comments by Bermondsey and Old Southwark MP

Henry Dyer, from his Twitter profile – and (inset) Neil Coyle MP

In the last half hour or so, Business Insider politics reporter Henry Dyer has published a statement alleging that he suffered Sinophobic abuse from right-wing Labour MP Neil Coyle in the ‘Strangers’ bar of the House of Commons – and that Coyle’s suspension from Commons bars was imposed as a result of his complaint to the Speaker.

Earlier reports had indicated Coyle had been suspended as a result of a ‘foul-mouthed rant’ at an unnamed Labour staffer, but Dyer says the Speaker and parliamentary authorities imposed the ban pending investigation of the allegations by the Labour whips.

In spite of the seriousness of the allegations, Keir Starmer has not withdrawn the whip from Coyle until the investigation is completed.

Dyer alleges that Coyle:

  • used a generic stereotype name ‘Fu Manchu’ when referring to an alleged Chinese agent who was recently reported as having access to the parliamentary estate and whose son worked for Labour MP Barry Gardiner
  • told Dyer he could tell Dyer was British-Chinese because “you look like you’ve been giving renminbi [the Chinese currency] to Barry Gardiner”
  • suggested Dyer was being ‘over-sensitive’ when he took exception to the ‘Fu Manchu’ comment
  • when Dyer later tried to defuse tension by waving goodbye, stuck two fingers up at the departing journalist
  • made him feel uncomfortable again twice on the following day

Dyer goes on:

On Thursday morning, I informed the Speaker of the House of Commons what had happened. The Speaker and his staff took immediate action, in conjunction with the Serjeant at Arms and the House of Lords’ authorities, to suspend Coyle from the bars on the Parliamentary estate pending an investigation by the Labour Whips office into the incidents on Monday and Tuesday evening. 

Neil Coyle has a problematic history as a Labour MP. In 2017 he was investigated by the party over bullying accusations and in the same year was slammed by a neighbouring MP and local members for his attitude and comments when they had campaigned for him in that year’s general election. The general media expectation had been that his seat was under threat, but in the ‘Corbyn surge’ he received an increased majority but showed no signs of gratitude to his party leader.

In 2018, he was seen on the Commons terrace in the company of another right-wing MP and Ian McKenzie, a Labour First activist who had been suspended by the party after tweeting about the rape and beheading of then-Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry.

In 2019, he agitated for a second EU referendum – a demand promoted by Keir Starmer with disastrous consequences in the 2019 general election.

In 2020 he called for fellow MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle to be kicked out of the party – for being too critical of the Tories – and in the same year was revealed to have sent abusive text messages to former party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

And last summer, Coyle called for the expulsion of all members of Jewish Voice for Labour, the party’s main grouping of left-wing Jews, leading to complaints of antisemitism to Keir Starmer personally by three leading Jewish members – two lawyers and a professor.

Keir Starmer ignored those complaints, as Skwawkbox exclusively revealed -and has failed to sideline Coyle by withdrawing the Labour whip until Henry Dyer’s allegations have been investigated. Can he continue to ignore the accusations against Coyle now that these latest allegations of racism are in the public domain?

Neil Coyle has been contacted for comment.

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  1. And not a dicky bird will happen to the po-faced racist twunt because keef’s got his back.

    1. Years ago i posted about Coyle on I heard allegations of him being a bullying biased Blair Bluntkett loving foul mouthed brute to constituents. No to mention keeping clique č Hodge, Nandy, Lammy, Sadiq Khan & A Campbell.

      Once the Coyle of ungrateful bile got his position due ONLY to the huge VIBRANT WAVE of enthusiasm for Jeremy Corbyn, Coyle immediately showed he was at one with the “Stop Corbyn” Mandelsonian plot. He rushed to media studios night and day, sometimes daily on at least three MSM pits. He & Keith’s gang made their vitriol towards Jeremy and supporters plain. On 2019 GE election results morning, he and the other plotters were saying openly that Jeremy and supporters should go join their own party etc etc etc. Coyle is a nasty piece of work like Johnson, Blair, Starmer & Mandelson.
      🅰️📣💥🅰️📣💥📣💥🅱️et they will support Biden’s bombing & bloodshed in Ukraine Russia region. No amount of bloodshed is enough for the Sir Keith Blair Coyle types.

      1. ❌🌟❌🌟❌🌟 Friday started early which surprises even me.
        The totally unsuitable for ANY public office has had the Whip suspended. Let’s c how swiftly SIR Keith Starmer restores the whip to NEIL COYLE.
        Posted below but here again.

        U read it here on AHEAD of the curve… as always

      2. p.s. someone keeps inviting public office polluters to Constituency affairs of the at last Whip suspended Neil Coyle. Bermondsey & Old Southwark has had Hodge, Campbell, Lammy prowling about since Coyle gained the seat on the back of UNRIVALLED support for ANY political leader in my lifetime, Jeremy Corbyn.
        The latest unsettling invitation i hear is to one DAME Eagle of Brickgate at BOS’s Constituency Meeting 17 February.
        To my knowledge, DAME Brickgate is viewed as unsavoury to most of her constituents. Join the dots …
        ▫️◽️◻️ ◽️◻️⬜️ ⬜️ ⬜️ ⬜️

    2. Suspension isn’t punishment…Not when he’ll be shoehorned back in, in a few days.

      Time for Bindman, Shlaim and Immanuel to start casing kuenssberg, robinson, mason (the supercilious) barnet, et al and demanding their (disregarded) complaint – about coyle’s overt antisemitism – be made public, or face accusations of institutional antisemitic bias themselves.

      1. *sighs* Once again, it has to be spelled out for you, doesn’t it?

        Read it and understand: Suspension isn’t punishment…Not when he’ll be shoehorned back in, in a few days.

        What part of suspension isn’t punishment (on this case) don’t you get?

        A paltry apology and he’ll be back in. Won’t be any need to take a vote on two years time a-la Corbyn…Two months or less.

    3. The Toffee (597)
      “a dicky bird” DID “happen to the po-faced racist twunt” DESPITE “keef’s got his back.” BECAUSE Henry Dyer took ACTION.

      CONGRATULATIONS & GRATITUDE Henry for taking belt & braces CONSTRUCTIVE action including all publicity at your disposal.

    1. Seems to me there’s NO racism within the smarmerite labour party…

      Anyone who doesn’t conform to smarmerism in its entirety is fair game, irrespective of skin colour.

  2. It is a great pity that the real perpetrators of racism and anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, who seem to reside almost entirely in the right of the party, are not subject to the due process that they impose on the left, and for the slightest untruth. What a shame that the funding to initiate legal proceedings are not there in the numbers they deserve.

  3. I think you are being very kind Skwawbox when you say Neil Coyle has a problematic history as a Labour MP. He is a nasty piece of work and is a racist. However Starmer is only interested in “antisemitism” the code word for socialism and antiZionism so this vile man gets away with real antisemitism and real anti Asian racism along with ahis other offensive behaviour . Disgusting

  4. Coyle should know better with his obvious IRISH name.He has made a name for himself in drunken antics over a number of years.and not only has a problem with drink but is unable to control his behaviour.
    This signals a person who needs professional help with his behaviour and it appears to be getting worse.with drink being a crutch for him.He will need to be suspended and urgently needs the help of a good psychiatrist to get to the bottom of his unhealthy lifstyle which is only encouraged by the number of subsidised bars and restaurants for these VIP in the house of horrors. as they see themselves.and are encouraged to believe it….
    I am not for one minute defending him but for anyone who has studied his antics over a number of years would know that he is a very sick person who desperately needs help before he does anything worse…I doubt he will get much help from the Labour leader whos another one with mental health problems .

  5. I must have missed somthing yesterday and expected to see reports on the fiftieth anniversary of Saltygate the Coke storage plant were King Arthur picketed along with over twenty thousand union members and faced down the police and Reggy maudling the Home Secretary who was humiliated when the massed ranks of the Trade unions came together and gave the signal to bring down the Heath government.This was a joint action from miners and the trade unions which proved that people power in the form of unions in solidarity as comrades smashed the might of the Conservative and unionist party in government.1972….a year of celebration and horror of bloody Sunday but the might of the working-class in Britain and Ireland showed the Conservative and unionist party that the power of the working-class people of both Britain and Ireland can make a difference..We stopped the coke plant operating and punished the Edward heath government..God bless Arthur scargill if only we had more like him and Nellist.

      1. quertboi….I have a strong connection with agecroft colliery were in the 1980s….the miners women made a last stand and I helped to collect funds for pickets and bring food and refreshments to these brave women.I was lucky enough to be invited on the march with Arthur scargill from the embankment in London through Hyde park cnr and to be clapped and saluted by bystanders and staff of the Ritz hotel and the final stages in Hyde park were Arthur spoke and tried to rally the troops.
        Arthur that morning had welcomed a group of us at the embankment early with him pouring cups of tea for us.with the standard uniform of black coat and hat he cut a defiant figure..Unfortunately we didnt realise especially me having arrived back from S.Afrika and didnt fully realise that it was a hopeless situation and we were on a funeral march into history..Apart from a nasty incident with a raw young copper that I baited with “you next” it all passed peacefully..Nobody was safe from the Thatcher revolution even the coppers.recieved a paycut.

  6. Ps and I forgot to mention god bless joe Gormly whos heart was always for the miners pay and condition who as leader of the miners union can take credit for bringing the heath government and Edward heath down.
    A different man to Arthur scargill but equally important as a leader who won against government and the media Narrative

      1. Yes it is Steve H and like all of us he was flawed and it certainly didnt impress members of his own family and especially those in Ireland were his parents came from.and the Lancashire lads and lassies that respected him.but not for the title but for the best pay and conditions of any manual worke r in Britain which in the end is what he gave them.So bugger off scab back to your Caribbean bolt hole.

      2. Reply to Joseph O’keefe
        You claim to be a member of Sinn Fein and are actually defending a Special Branch informant ?Really?

    1. Yeah Ben, but I suppose racism will be found everywhere the racist hangs their hat, especially the centrist Labour party.

      Despite claims to the contrary by, for example racist seperatists in Israel, i.e. ‘zionists’, islamaphobia and racism are the very same thing. Find one, you’ve found the other.

      Under starmer they’re part of the furniture in Labour

  7. Whooosh….Another negative result for Labour yesterday. It’s the NATO effect Keith. The only Party to drop votes.

    Alcombe (Somerset West and Taunton) council by-election result:

    LDEM: 50.2% (+17.7)
    CON: 43.2% (+24.2)
    LAB: 4.1% (-6.8)
    IND: 2.5% (+2.5)

    Votes cast: 516

    Liberal Democrat GAIN from Independent.

    1. ❌🌟❌🌟❌🌟 Friday started early which surprises even me.
      The totally unsuitable for ANY public office has had the Whip suspended. Let’s c how swiftly SIR Keith Starmer restores the whip to NEIL COYLE.
      U read it here in AHEAD of the curve… as always

      1. ‘ON’ apologies all other errors. 💐💐💐

      2. Thats good news signpost now he needs a long period of treatment and care for the Coyle.
        Who knows what Coyle encountered in his private education but it certainly produces some suspect individuals,just look at Starmer and theres no cure for him.although he carrys the symptoms not very well.They will find getting treatment very difficult with all the cutbacks theyve supported although it is probably private sector.and money talks.

      3. Reply to Joseeh OKeefe
        What you have said – that Coyle has mental health and alcohol problems- is the defence devised and being circulated by the Right. It is being put forward in an effort to excuse Coyle’s appalling behaviour and give Starmer a reason to eventually lift his suspension and restore the whip. Seems you all singing off the one song sheet but hopefully people will see through your right propaganda and recognise Coyle for the nasty racist he is..

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