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Labour rejects complaint re Snell selection, saying should have been sent to officials complained about

Evidence counts for nothing as party hides behind procedure and says complaint should have been decided… by officials included in complaint – and because it wasn’t, the evidence doesn’t exist

Last week, Skwawkbox exclusively showed the detailed complaint by ten senior members of Stoke Central Labour party alleging rigging of the candidate selection vote in favour of the right-wing former MP Gareth Snell.

Members demanded that the selection be re-run – with Snell excluded – and provided evidence of gross breaches of process around access to data and postal vote tampering. That rigging, they said, had been allowed or facilitated by the ‘procedures secretary’ and ‘NEC rep’, both of whom were strong Snell supporters, with the procedures secretary married to a Snell supporter who featured prominently in the evidence of rigging that even extended to collecting uncompleted ballots and filling them in as votes for Snell – and even boasting about it in a WhatsApp chat.

Unsurprisingly, the party has rejected the complaint despite the evidence, but the reason for the complaint betrays the arrogant shamelessness of a right-wing faction that thinks that the rules are there for them to use or break as they see fit, not to bind them:

Yes, you read that right: the ‘Labour party’ has decided that a complaint that includes the conduct and bias of the Procedures Secretary and NEC Rep should have gone for adjudication to… the Procedures Secretary and NEC Rep.

And because it didn’t, the party is deciding that the substantial evidence – legally binding statements by witnesses and a WhatsApp message – doesn’t exist because it didn’t go to people involved in the alleged rigging.

The outcome is anything but surprising, given the track record of the Labour right – but how it was done takes the shamelessness and corruption of the regime to new depths.

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  1. I have lost all interest in this vile Labour party and the crowd I walk with is now massive! Labour is dead!.
    We have one job to do now that is work to destroy this scab infested political STD of a party and every filthy right wing policy it stands for…

  2. Gareth Snell (when he was MP) angrily sent me an email for daring to apply to go to a Stoke pension consultation event being held by Labour, back before 2019, when I was wasting my time as a Labour party member.

    I am a 1950s born pension campaigner since 2013 onwards theft of half a decade of women’s state pension.

    Right wing Labour is government (Blairism) was the worst government against National Insurance and state pension, especially against women who rely on that money in retirement even more than men.

    Even worse than the Tories from 1979.

    Callaghan did a huge theft by ending for most working class, especially women, the state second pension, which now hits the new flat rate state pension amount.

    I do hope that the Stoke Sentinel printed my letter remind Stoke people just how bad right wing Labour is for them, especially the age group that turn out to vote the most, the Grey Vote (50 to 100).

    www over50sparty org uk

    1. ……….as a male pensioner born in the 1940s I had to wait for many years to get a pension. Where were the protests from the bourgeois liberal left demanding pension equality for both genders or should I have identified myself as a woman?

  3. Electoral Fraud
    Take advice from plod
    On another matter where do we think Labour will stand on the ‘Don’t pay’ movement, asking folk to cancel their Direct Debits on the 1st October
    Like the Poll Tax it comes down to ‘can’t pay’ rather than ‘won’t pay’ will be the difference between getting cut off or being forced to have a meter fitted
    By contacting them and giving your income and expenditure then it will be clear you cannot squeeze blood out of a stone
    It then becomes a supplier problem, let’s see how loud they squeal, i hope they go bust
    Cherry on cake would be for Labour members to cancel their Direct Debits on 1st October

  4. Off topic, but here is a perfect example of a Jew – a rabbi, in fact – spewing poisonous black propaganda filth about Jeremy Corbyn in PRECISELY the same vein/manner as the Nazis did about the Jews in the 1930s.

    The following clips are from an article (in the Mail) by Rabbi Jonathan Romain from the 8th of November, 2019, which is just full of falsehoods from start to finish. Please read the whole vile, abhorrent, poisonous and malevolent thing:

    There used to be a time when, after a service in my synagogue in Maidenhead, my congregants would come up and ask me seemingly trivial questions, such as whether Jews can have tattoos.

    But in recent months, their concerns have been of a more urgent, personal nature: ‘Will we be safe?’

    They are, of course, referring to the terrifying stench of anti-Semitism.

    And its origin is the disturbing possibility that Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party may win the election……

    For those of us in the Jewish community, it is a deeply worrying prospect. Indeed, I believe that Corbyn poses such a threat to Britain’s Jews that it is incumbent on all Jewish leaders to speak out.

    Few can be blind to the fact that, if Corbyn gets into No 10, we will have a Prime Minister who is at worst anti-Semitic, and at best content to tolerate anti-Semitic behaviour.

    I do not exaggerate when I say that, in my congregation, elderly worshippers are questioning why they bothered to fight Hitler, only for the country they were defending to one day be governed by people, some of whom, while definitely not Nazis, allow anti-Semitism to fester at the heart of their party.

    It never occurred to me that anti-Semitism might rear its ugly head once more, especially in mainstream politics.

    Surely, I assumed, the centuries-old traditions of British justice and fair play meant that it was unthinkable that Jews in Britain would have anything to worry about.

    And yet, the unthinkable has now happened.

    What is so shocking about this possible threat to our existence is that its genesis lies in the hands of just one man: Jeremy Corbyn.

    Anti-Semitism was never allowed to thrive under previous Labour leaders, be it Tony Blair on the Right or Michael Foot on the Left.

    But since Corbyn’s election as leader, it has spread like a fast-growing cancer, worming its way into the very heart of Labour and infecting the rest of its body.

    On a local level, his seizure of power has been followed by an influx of new activists, whose hard-Left policies came hand-in-hand with anti-Semitic outbursts.

    So at one point he says (referring to anti-semitism): ‘But since Corbyn’s election as leader, it has spread like a fast-growing cancer…..’, and yet near the beginning of the article he says (referring to his congregants) ‘But in recent months, their concerns have been of a more urgent, personal nature: ‘Will we be safe?’.’

    AND, just like everyone else who’s made the claim, he doesn’t spell out what the ‘threat’ would amount to and what Jeremy would do (if he were to win the GE). Oh, right, and Jeremy ‘seized power’, which tells you ALL you need to know about the rabbi’s… er… composition!

    Fiction, that is!!

    1. It is of course just coincidence that the rabbi’s congregants have been voicing their concerns to him in the months prior to a general election. Odd though, isn’t it, that they didn’t do so before!

      And how fortuitous that the following should happen just recently – ie sometime just prior to him writing the article::

      Meanwhile, one of my congregation, who is a member of the local Labour Party, recently told me that while he was discussing what to do with pot-holes at a meeting, he was greeted by hisses of ‘Zio’ — a derogatory reference to Zionism — by those present.

      Oh, well its good to know that nothing like that happened in the years beforehand, and the Zio hissers only did it the once!

      1. Afterthought: The rabbi couldn’t very well say that it – or something similar – had happened before, because more than a few people reading the article would wonder why they kept on going to meetings. Oh, right, and it wasn’t just ONE person at the meeting hissing Zio, or even two or three, but ‘those present’ at the meeting, including the CLP officials presumably, for surely they would have stopped it the moment it started and slung the Zio hissers out of the meeting and told them never to come back unless THEY weren’t a party to the hissing as well.

        Needless to say, if people started hissing Zio at you, you would immediately leave the meeting, and never attend one again.

        As the old saying goes, the bigger the lie…….

  5. Will a shadow Stoke CLP now going to stand a candidate under the label, ‘Democratic Labour’ exposing the underhand practices of Official Labour snd steel a thousand or so votes.

  6. Back to the Poll Tax on Steroids
    Energy should amount to no more than 10% of household income
    Bills are predicted to go upto £500 month
    What is the household income figure required to pay your energy bills
    If you asked Two Cheeks I bet he would say £5000 because he is as thick as my doorstep
    £5000 after tax and national insurance so nearer £7000 month
    Now who is on £84000 per year
    A single person on benefits gets £7000 a year
    Let them eat Cake

  7. New New Labour turning Nelson’s eye to right-wingers rigging ballots, gee-whiz, who saw that one coming?

  8. I’ve just been to Wilko’s to buy a pitchfork……….getting ready for the winter.

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