Starmer bottles it with Nandy but rebukes Muslim and Muslim-supporting MPs for picket line appearance

Nandy’s team denies she sought permission to attend picket line – Starmer’s excuse for not taking action against her while disciplining Mishra and Hussain

Keir Starmer has chickened out of disciplining Lisa Nandy for ignoring his ban on attending picket lines – but has instead targeted a Muslim MP and a supporter of Muslims against the Labour right’s entrenched Islamophobia, as his hold on the party continues its self-inflicted collapse.

Starmer’s office claimed Nandy was let off the hook because she ‘sought permission’ to attend the rail workers’ picket, but the claim has been flatly denied by Nandy’s team. Instead, Nandy is considered too prominent for Starmer to take on.

But Muslim front-bencher Imran Hussein and whip Nav Mishra have been targeted for discipline. Mishra is not a Muslim, but spoke out against Labour’s blatantly Islamophobic campaign in the Batley and Spen by-election, accusing the party of operating a hierarchy of racism – a fact now confirmed by the Forde Report.

Islamophobia – and Starmer’s spinelessness – infects the very fabric of the Labour right and the regime it operates in the Labour party.

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  1. Well that was a NAP, wasn’t it?

    What a snivelling, spineless, slimy shitbag stammer is. It’s about time he had his ball tanken off him and a bastard knife stuck in it.

    1. Toffee, both have already been taken and burnt as an offering to his dark gods.

  2. The Parasite Party of Fart Bubbles and nothing inbetween!
    Any single one of The PEOPLE, left, right, high or low, who vote for any of the Mainstream TORY PARTIES: Conservative Party TORIES, Neo-Labour Party TORIES or NeoLib Dem Party TORIES, etc deserves every bit of HELL coming their way!
    Vote for your granny, but dont vote for the MAINSTREAM Parties! Lets get some REAL People in The House of Commons, for goodness sake!

      1. nellyskelly – What’s your problem, I’ve simply drawn attention to an interview that Jeremy gave a couple of days ago. What’s not to like?

      2. You always do. Shouldn’t you be focusing your attentions on the slimy BlueKeef instead. He has been the destructive force behind the once UK Labour Party RIP, for the past 2+ years now and done nothing but destroy.
        Before your overused cliché, Corbyn’s not the Leader of the Neo-Labour Party TORIES, he never was, BlueKeef is!

      3. nellyskelly – What overused cliche would that be?

        Have you read the Corbyn interveiw that I linked to and if so what did you think?

      4. nellyskelly – I’m glad that you found the interview interesting.

      5. PS. ON SUBJECT
        What’s up with BlueKeef and NandyPandy?
        Is it that White European, Zionists, Middle Class and up, Thatcherite Neoliberal ONLY CLUB Neo-Labour TORY thing?

    1. ‘Off topic’ doesn’t quite cover it. Just another interruption to a debate in the hope we will pick up and run with it, to deflect attention from the fact that you have nothing useful or interesting to contribute on the current topic.

      1. Julia – You were at liberty to ignore it but instead you chose to highlight it. 🤔

      1. Jill – I’m so glad that you found the article interesting.

    2. Thank you for the link. I advise every one to read the interview. Jeremy is wrong about Ukraine, of course, Russia had a duty to step in and prevent the genocide planned by Kiev and the madmen running NATO.
      But the interview as a whole is a reminder of what Labour and the world in general lost when the imperialists and the CIA succeeded in forcing him to resign.
      As to the ‘smearing’ of Al Mayadeen: Hezbollah saved the people of south Lebanon from the tyrannical rule of Israel and its fascist ‘Christian” South Lebanese Army. It has also stood up against Israel’s attacks on Lebanon and Syria. It deserves our support. The position of Assad is very clear: the US and Israel tried to get rid of him by sponsoring, arming and paying Islamic State and other fake ‘jihadi’ mercenaries to overthrow his government, in the course of this regime change enterprise tens of thousands of people were killed and the country looted and impoverished. Those swho think that the US has the right to change the government of Syria probably believe that it has the same rights in Britain and is perfectly entitled to install Starmer as Labour party leader, as it just did.

      1. bevin – Your welcome, however it is interesting that you regard my short comment about the affiliations of Al Mayadeen as a smear, it was only intended to be informative and I doubt it is something that this news outlet would distance itself from

      2. Do you know what, FUCK YOU!
        We have all been around 2015 to NOW! Luntzspeak day in day out, Global Language Dictionary day in day out, BLiar, Campbell, Mandelson Spinporn day in day out, Neo-Party TORY Sabotage day in day out!
        Go and insult you own “inteligence” infront of a mirror! If you didn’t intend to smear WHY THIS NECESSARY THEN!? (a pro-Hezbollah and pro-Assad news outlet), ……,because it’s a fact? Perhaps somewhat, but why is it a necessary fact, For WHO? Why is it an assumption that we don’t know about Al Mayadeen are? Who are you communicating to by this stippulation?
        WHO did you think will be either impressed or outraged by this bit of fluff!?

      3. nellyskelly – I think that it is a reasonable assumption that most readers wouldn’t even know that Al Mayadeen even existed let alone their political affiliations.
        Judging from your histrionics I think we can place you firmly in the outraged camp, don’t you. The mystery is why? Having confirmed their accuracy, whyare you getting your polka-dot knickers in such a twist

      4. Well now, let me see…..🤔
        Mmmm, maybe this? “however it is interesting that you regard my short comment about the affiliations of Al Mayadeen as a smear,”
        You are a CNUT Galore!

        PS. Polkadots are nice and firmly fitted ta, no twists here, petal!
        PPS. Just because I use words like fuck, cnut, tw@t, etc, etc, etc does not mean that I am outraged and least of all, have twisty knickers!
        Do not flatter yourself petal! It’s Ugly!

      5. Hear! Hear!
        I can not understand so many people would go on and say x, y, z Russia had to, Russia that, and then they all go, but I am not Putin Appologist, blah, blah, blah. John effing Pilger did it in an interview, the other day, I couldn’t believe it! FFS! You know who is right and who is wrong, atand by your convictions! We don’t have to appologise for the President of Russia, because Russia is doing what needed to be done, no he’s no friend, he is a twat, like any other Conservative Party Leader!
        This is a war between Russia and Nazism, it is not Putin’s war it is a decission made at GOVERNMENT LEVEL, not Putin phoning down saying get the military prepared were invading Ukraine Tomorrow, they are answering an 8 year cry for help and absolutely no international support to materialise the Minsk Agreement, not the UN, ICC, USA, UK, EU, International, no fucker! How many more Nazi killings of Russian Speaking, Gypsy, etc Ukrainians did Russia have to stand by and wait for, should they have ignored The Donbass?
        In the Minsk Agreement Donbass was supposed to fall Under Ukrainian Territory, how can it now!? It’s not possible and to protect Crimea and Donbass Russia will have to take the entire coastal region.
        Sorry Bevin, you put me on a bit of a rant there! Better out than in but the likes of Corbyn and Pilger are no apologists and I am wondering if this is the “Assange Syndrome” is his ilegal imprisonment starting to impair important figures Freedom of Speech!?

      6. nellyskelly – Jeeez, are you really that gullible? 🤔

      7. nellyskelly – I see it as a positive rather than a negative that unlike you I read a wide cross section of the media.

      8. There is a big difference between analysing and blindly sheepleishly believing MSM! What makes you think that you are going to get one bit of truth in the Billionaire Owned MSM!? Especially now that Ofcom IPSO, etc are all up their arses!

  3. What a prick he is.

    Still, he needs us more than we need him.

    1. Who do you mean, NVLA?

      ….Ohhhh – I get it. You’re not spoiling us for choice, you mean the both of them 👍😏

  4. Fookin’ hell..

    Worse than truss.

    Yep. Worse. I didn’t think it’d be possible for a fookin roadkill hedgehog to be a worse alternative to that brainless bastard, but only keef could plumb those depths.

    Best of a bad bunch

    1. In fairness, the full horror of Truss is being massaged by a lot of screen time (particularly given the size of the electorate involved) where both candidates fall over themselves to give away money that doesn’t exist. Starmer’s problem, beyond the constituency here who understandably see him within the context of a betrayal of the left, is that he wants to be a continuity candidate for the party in power, rather than being the change candidate so sorely needed. Had he clearly distanced himself from Corbyn at the point of his campaign for LOTO and struck out in a different direction he would still not be a poster child in these parts but the issue would be ideological rather than moral: as it stands, he has jettisoned his initial pledges to offer up an amorphous state in which everything (ie nothing) is possible, depending on perceived popularity. Even this approach might get someone else a bit further down the road but Starmer lacks the ability to connect with, to listen to, and to energise the public. Echoing the Tory who asked Johnson if there were any circumstances in which he might resign, one has to ask how bad does the governance of this country have to be before the public would consider Starmer?

    2. Did you follow the thread. Dancing to pop isn’t his favourite way of expressing himself. More of a line dancer or a bit of snowboarding. Anyway the do was legit and that makes it lose a bit of sparkle. Cheers chaps.

  5. As a muslim, I have said for a long time, this is the islamophobia party. Sir rodders started a lomg time ago when he refused to prosecute mi5 torturers of innocent muslims. His zionism shining out as hatred to us muslims

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