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Network Rail offers workers pay cut and redundancy – while giving management 40% rise

RMT executive will ‘consider’ new offer. Not hard to guess what the answer will be

The government’s wholly-owned subsidiary Network Rail has delivered a ‘revised’ pay offer to the RMT union.

The ‘offer’ consists of a real-terms pay cut for the next two years and huge job losses in safety-critical maintenance roles, while those who remain in a job will be expected to accept unsocial hours and lower pay. At the same time, the company is giving management grades a massive pay increase of more than 40%.

A statement by the union says that the RMT will ‘consider’ the offer:

The RMT has received an offer from Network Rail which our NEC will consider tomorrow morning
It amounts to a real terms pay cut over the next two years and will involve cutting a third of all frontline maintenance roles and 50% of all scheduled maintenance work.

There will also be an expectation of unsocial hours and lower pay across the board.

Network Rail have offered high level managers in bands 1-3 a more than 40% hike in return for adopting modest flexibility in comparison to RMT members RMT general secretary Mick Lynch said:

“Our NEC will have to make a decision on this offer tomorrow.

“But Network Rail and the train operating companies need to understand that RMT has done deals with both London Underground and recently Merseyrail that were well in excess of what our members are being offered here.

“Our members have lost thousands of pounds in earnings due to a pay freeze in recent years and they refuse to be short-changed again.

We will not hesitate to call further strike action and seek to coordinate with Aslef and TSSA, if the rail industry will not seek a negotiated settlement with us.”

A this meeting afternoon With and the both train issues operating will be companies dealt with will by take our NEC place tomorrow.


It’s not hard to imagine what the RMT’s ‘considered’ response will be, and rightly so. Absolute solidarity with rail workers and all workers fighting – in the shameful absence of any meaningful political opposition by the ‘Labour’ party, which in fact is actively betraying working people and siding with the exploiters – against the continued war on working people, their jobs, families and living standards.

Watch a rail worker explain the reality of what workers are striking for and against here.

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  1. Tories continue their class war as ruling elite are divided between candidates who are Neo-Liberal Nationalists & Neo-Liberal Globalists.
    ‘As they walked into the factory/office/shop/school/depot.
    But the machines/computers/buses/trains/planes.
    They all were dead.
    Then the workers turned the bloody things on.
    And the owners too they were fed, but much, much better fed.’
    We diverse working people really create the wealth and make societies work.
    We should have the democratic power and parties that fight alongside us.
    Solidarity to RMT and other unions!

  2. This is outright provocation and would only have happened at the direct behest of the govt. It throws down the gauntlet to the unions, whose recent resurgence they are clearly shit-scared by. It says This Is How It’s Going To Be. It’s a declaration of war.

    So let’s have a Long Hot Summer. I hear it’s going to be nice on Sunday…

  3. This is the way wage bargaining is done, several board members sitting together making themselves rich with enormous pay rises with nobody in attendance to argue that their pay increase isn’t sustainable while simultaneously telling workers that their wage demands will be selfish even though they are only trying to keep up with inflation.

  4. The time is near.
    Don’t think of events past as failures like the Neo-Labour TORIES and Conservative TORIES want to make us believe, learn from it, prevent it from happening again.
    For example there are ~33000 private cars/vans, with one volunteer and our votes driving off into the night at the next GE, as they did at every GE before. How can we prevent that loophole from happening again?

  5. SKWARKY What dis mean then – A this meeting afternoon With and the both train issues operating will be companies dealt with will by take our NEC place tomorrow.

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