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Video: ‘Labour’ right-winger McDonagh boasts party suspended Scottish councillors for not voting for Tories

Even for Starmer’s Labour – and even for McDonagh – this is appalling. We are through the looking-glass

Right-winger Siobhan McDonagh has a woeful record as a so-called ‘Labour’ politician, even going so far as to claim that to be anti-capitalist is antisemitic, presumably implying that all Jewish people are rich and capitalist – and being comprehensively dismantled on live TV by the left’s Howard Beckett after she attempted to smear him, another activist and the movement.

But now she has gone clean through the looking-glass and took her boss with her, boasting on the BBC that Labour suspended two Edinburgh councillors – because they wouldn’t vote for the Tories:

Keir Starmer is trying to con the UK public that he represents any kind of alternative to the Tories – but the truth keeps slipping out. He is as much an Establishment creature as any candidate in the Tory leadership contest.

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    1. Andrew – Is that why more of the working class voted for the Tories than voted for Labour at the 19GE.

      1. According to whom?
        Your Billionaire Pollsters and MSM, the same ones who propped up the predomenantly middle class Remoaner FBPE, 2nd Ref, PV, while the BLiar, Mandelson, Campbell SpinPorn Bandwagon working the Predomenantly Middle Class and celebrity comedian types to a frothing frenzy over something they already had, written into the Leave Plan, too thick to see. All the wailing and forthing freaked out the miniscule in comparison Brexiteers, but I bet your Pollsters made their banwagon the biggest, despite the 12 million, or whatever, petotion that vanished as quickly as it was created!
        You’re a SHEEP pet!
        A TORY SHEEP!

      2. The point is there is no factual and verifiable evidence either way! Of course your Billionaire Pollsters can put numbers up, but in the age of Google, Alexa, Siri, etc their pool becomes an endless stream of bendable data.
        This conversation is not about TUSC.

      3. Welcome to the wacky world of the wee fella…

        Vote against smarmerist (remain) labour = tory.

        Refuse to vote smarmerist labour because they’re proven to be tory = tory

        Vote WITH tories = smarmerist labour.

        Refuse to vote with tories (or even abstain) = suspension (or sacked from position)

        Your own smarmerist MPs are on TV, OPENLY BRAGGING about doing so, gobshite.

        So what does voting smarmerist labour make you, knobhead?

  1. Don’t think this is the slam dunk the article suggests: if not voting with the Tories is a line that can never be crossed you have to believe that any position advanced by the Tories is pure evil. This is not the case, even if in this instance, the matter of being seen to snub the SNP is a trivial thing unworthy of suspension.

    1. Does anyone know what the vote was about, I’m surprised we haven’t been told.

      1. We!?
        You! You’re a Neoliberal Neo-Labour Party TORY Parasite, (I can add SHEEP & TW@T if you like), there are no ‘wes’ among you!

      2. nellyskelly – I can’t think of one good reason why I should care one way or t’other what you think when I have my doubts whether you’ve worked that one out for yourself yet.

      3. I doubt anyone, least me, are under any illusion that you are an empath, nor care about what you do or don’t care about or think. However you will still be told, and you can’t do a thing about that.

    2. Tim – I had not heard of this suspension incident and will have to mug up on it, but the first thing that strikes me when I heard the clip is that she does not refer to voting “with the Tories”. She talks about voting “for the Tories over the SNP”. What does that mean?

      1. Here’s what seems to have happened.
        Edinburgh council has 63 councillors, so an administration needs 32 for a majority.
        The SNP is a little short of a majority. Labour has 13 councillors.
        I haven’t, yet, found out how many seats the LibDems or Tories have.
        The Labour leadership wanted to cobble together an administration with all the other parties to keep the SNP out, and offered posts (I can’t find out which posts) to members of other parties to join such a coalition.
        It seems that the two councillors were content to offer some posts to the LibDems but were unhappy that the Tories should be offered posts. Hence they voted against offering posts to the Tories.
        Nothing to do with “refusing to vote WITH the Tories”.

      2. goldbach – Thanks, I guess for Labour it was the difference between running the council or being a bit player for the SNP with very little influence.

      3. I’m still trying to find out if the expulsions mean that the cobbled together administration still has a majority or whether it has to rely on the good will of the two expelled members. (My Edinburgh contact is otherwise engaged at present).

      4. So the SNP, Greens and (newly) Independents have 31 seats. The LP, LibDems and Tories have 32 – a majority of 1.
        Of course, the LibDems now become the largest party in the “coalition” and so they are likely to take more influential positions than previously was the case. Leader of the Council?

      5. nellykskelly” Whatch out Zeleskyy there’s a new comedian heading for top spot!

        Yes, but he’s ‘forensic’ not funny.

    3. The conservative and unionist party are a force for evil and always have been.The labour party joined that mindset and comments like weve just heard are a classic example of why the labour party will not govern the country or survive…too many broad church weaklings destroyed the labour party..and the members voted for a establishment knight of the realm…how bloody ignorant and survile can a political party get..IT was nailed onto his head “Sir keir Starmer former head of DPP friends of Israel and a Jewish conservative convert…How could you hope to unite a party with a vote to continue the establishment takeover and a extension of the AS scam.

    4. Can’t remember what the vote was about now, but a while back smarmer whipped his shower o’ shite to vote with the rags (again) and save de piffle’s bacon (again) when he had the open goal to demand concessions for workers – And get them

      He didn’t even bother. The thought never crossed his toerag mind.

      Why bother to vote for the toerag enabling toerag and his lickspittle toerags?

  2. She has always been consistently awful. She was a strong supporter of identity cards.
    As for Starmer, I keep expecting him to declare his candidacy for the Conservative Party leadership.

    In June 2015, McDonagh nominated Liz Kendall, considered the Blairite candidate, for the leadership of the Labour Party.[5] She supported Owen Smith in the failed attempt to replace Jeremy Corbyn in the 2016 Labour Party leadership election.[6]

    In 2018, McDonagh offered her support to Labour MP Chris Leslie when he faced a confidence motion from his CLP, a vote he subsequently lost.[7]

    McDonagh endorsed Jess Phillips in the 2020 Labour Party leadership election.[8]

    Middle East:

    In March 2003, McDonagh voted in favour of the country going to war with Iraq.[9] She has consistently voted against any inquiry into the Iraq War.[10]

    In December 2015, she was among the minority of Labour MPs who voted in favour of extending UK military airstrikes against ISIL into Syria. She has written that it was a decision “not easy to come to”.[11]

    McDonagh abstained from a vote about the UK’s support for Saudi Arabia’s military campaign in Yemen. The vote was defeated by a majority of 90. As noted by commentators, the vote would have succeeded if 97 Labour MPs had not abstained.[12]

    1. Reply to Tony
      What a truly awful woman. When you look at the list of her moronic and vile activities that you provided her boast about suspending Scottish councillors is small beer. With people like her representing Labour in parliament is it any wonder we are in the state we are in.

    2. She was a waiter and seer whether to join the breakaway that became Change UK. Unfortunately the Labour leadership capitulated to them by accepting the remain fudge with fatal consequences for the Corbyn project and the Labour left. They should have told to F Off.

      1. Arwyn – Whether you like it or not only a small minority of Labour’s members and voters supported the RW Tory wet-dream that was Brexit. Even Jeremy Corbyn has confirmed this.

      2. You contradict your Billionaire Pollster unverified claims as per previous discussion, oh dear!
        People have different reasons for their decisions, unlike your MSM SHEEPLE one track thinking.
        It is you Thatcherite Neoliberal Remoaners who are the TORIES, supporting the Neoliberal EU true Warmongers and Greedmongers! Pure Thatcher/Reaganism!

      3. Yes, Arwyn. And we all know that the silly remain fudge came after the Brexit vote and did, indeed, scupper any prospects the LP might have had in the 2019 GE. If it had only been “a tiny minority of LP voters” who wanted Brexit there wouldn’t have been the huge “red wall” defection.

      4. Labour’s members and voters supported the RW Tory wet-dream that was Brexit…..”

        ‘Oven Ready Brexit’ The convenience meal that gave the oligarchs anything they wanted, including the covid scam, 57 new “vaccine billionaires”, 20% increase in wealth, a supine population who is lied to about an Amerrican-propagated war with an economic competitor being about liberty, freedom and NATO?

        No, a Coprbyn Brexit would have been a good brexit. I might have been able to buy borax retail had it happened.

  3. Being Scottish and living in Scotland, and a former member of the Labour Party, who joined in order to support Jeremy Corbyn, and who knows for a fact that Sarwar is a Blairite, when he started attempting to sound and look as though he had converted to socialism, and attempting to look as though he wants Scottish Labour to split from Westminster Labour, by putting a thistle on the Scottish Labour logo, I became suspicious that he was up to something, but could not put my finger on what exactly he was, and still is up to. This story confirms my suspicions, that, behind the scenes Sarwar’s wing of the Labour Party are purging left wing members and supporters from the Scottish Labour Party, and that he is attempting to con the people of Scotland. Also, I want to make it clear that, no-one in Scotland voted to make Sarwar leader of Scottish Labour, he won on the basis of a very low turnout. Also, Sarwar is only now an MSP because of the regional list. He lost the vote in his own constituency. Finally, at the time of his shock resignation, left wing socialist Richard Leonard still had the support of the overwhelming majority of Scottish Labour members. So, Sarwar is in exactly the same position as Starmer, and I believe both he and Starmer are purging the left because in a free vote they would both be out of a job.

    1. Oh dear, Where were ‘the left’ why do they repeatedly fail to mobilise their vote when it counts. 🤔

      1. What I am telling you is there is no support for the Red Tories in Scotland, support for the SNP is declining, and Scotland is NOT a Tory country.

      2. Nicola – …and yet recent polling indicates that Anas Sarwar is the most popular party leader in Scotland. 🤔

      3. Stop worrying Steve H the socialist revival will happen because it will be a case of survival for the liberation of the country
        .Greed has become increasingly acepptable just look at your comments on justifying pigs like Mcdonagh and you will see were you mutated into a establishment flunkey.and a fellow trough feeder.

      4. Wah hah hah, how will you be informed?
        In which of your fake left, fake socialist or MSM subscriptions will you ever discover the deep secrets of the left!?
        You still can’t figure out events of the past 7 years, how do you propose seeing it unfold or understanding what is going on outside of the Labour Movement?

      1. Apparently not
        Labour’s Anas Sarwar has been found to be more popular among Scottish voters than Nicola Sturgeon while Boris Johnson’s approval rating in Scotland has fallen to an all-time low, research has found.
        In the poll, carried out by Ipsos Mori and published today [01/06/22], the Scottish Labour leader received a net approval rating of +19, compared to the First Minister on +12. The Prime Minister’s net rating was -71, while Keir Starmer received a rating of -2.

    The USA, Canada, UK, France, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, Scandinavia, Europe wide all have so called Labour Government or Opposition Parties, but they ALL open their mouths and out pours the green black bile of Thatcher/Reagan’s flavour of Neoliberalism!
    ALL The PEOPLE of the West need a Coordinated Campaigne with one objective to remove this Parasite Rot from our Politics. Forget about Party allegiances. We need to do this from the outside, coordination to awaken en masse voting the filth out by, identifying the one candidate for each constituency who would be the best for The People, thereby wiping out not only the Parasite Neo-Labour TORY but also the Conservative TORY.
    I can’t think of a simpler way, but then we need 650 very loud bandwagons to cover 33000 wards! It’s not impossible especially not with people like Lynch, Corbyn, Williamson etc Coordenating the campaigns.

      1. And you seem surprised that people call you a Tw@t.
        You often forget that this is merely a discussions forum. A News Blog Discussion Forum a place where, usually likeminded, people share thoughts and ideas. Thank goodness none are the same shade of magnolia as you!

      2. nellyskelly – You are living in La-La-Land.
        I doubt that Lynch would be interested and we all saw the level of support that CW attracted at the last GE. When in 2015 the TUSC fielded 135 prospective parliamentary candidates across England, Wales and Scotland plus 650 council candidates in local elections.
        No parliamentary seats were gained and no deposits were saved.
        No council seats were gained (and, in one ward, no votes) and the lost three anti-cuts councillors in Leicester and Hull. There was one bright spot was that the managed to retain one affiliated councillor each in Warrington, Walsall and Hull, and two in Southampton.

      3. Oh BOY! You read without comprehension!
        I live in La-La Land? From a literal MSM SHEEPLE, at least you make me laugh a bit! However you are so drab and Conservative that you think any miniscule amount of creative thought is the demonic spawn of Marx.
        TUSC 2015 WTAF!

      4. what’s holding you back?”

        Patience and self-control. There’s a right time for everything.

      5. Bang on!
        We know that we will suffer, whichever Thatcherite Neoliberal TORY Party gets in, no point in rushing into battle unarmed and unprotected.

  5. SteveH13/07/2022 AT 2:19 AM
    Nicola – …and yet recent polling indicates that Anas Sarwar is the most popular party leader in Scotland.

    What a prick.

    Is satwar leader of the most popular PARTY in Scotland?

    No. Nor is he likely to be


    Just like the greasily bequiffed moron.

  6. SteveH12/07/2022 AT 10:05 PM
    Arwyn – Whether you like it or not only a small minority of Labour’s members and voters supported the RW Tory wet-dream that was Brexit

    Best back that up with PROOF, bellend.

    You consistently ignore the fact that labour leave seats turned blue precisely because keef shat himself, set the six impossible tests (panned by leave AND remain alike as totally unrealistic) and then shat on democracy AGAIN by rigging the selection process for delegates at conference – where OMOV was not even considered – when they took the ‘vote’for the 2nd ref to become policy.

    A lot of those labour voters who voted toerag on 19 would’ve voted labour – even of it HAD been left to keef to negotiate the UK terms of withdrawal.

    As long as the withdrawal was done as was the socratic decision.

    But no. Keef dont do democracy.

    While toerag brexit has been shite, I look back now and console meself thank feck keef had nothing to do with the process, after all.

    I very much doubt I’m the only one.

    I digress. Provide irrefutable PROOF that a minority of labour VOTERS voted for this supposed toerag wet dream brexit (the brexit keef said wouldn’t happen. The brexit keef sold YOU out on the second he was shoehorned on as leader)

    Do it, of fucking contract a multitude of tropical diseases and suffer slowly and most painfully.

  7. Two Cheeks
    What was your man’s part in losing Scorland
    What’s changed
    Does Sarwar have a cunning plan
    Thought not
    Definition of Madness, Centrists only know two things, how to lose votes and bankruptcy
    They win when Cheap and Nasties are borderline criminal, utterly corrupt
    Least worst bunch of spivs and thieves
    You must be so proud

    1. But dougal….sarwar’s popular… in some poll or other. That is something to get hard about, apparently.

      Keefs’ popular, too…

      In a poll of blind, deaf masochists.

      Ffs even the news presenters call him boring to his face – And he’s so fucking useless and spineless that he can’t do anything but trot out a rehearsed line which confirms it.

      1. Toffee
        Gotta give Two Cheeks a bit of credit for publishing PWC result

      2. Doug – I see you have yet again felt the need to try and prop up your nonsense with silly playground taunts.

        When we went into the 19GE Labour were 11% points behind the Tories and Jeremy Corbyn had a net approval rating of -44 (FFS).

  8. Does anyone know the details of the vote which New New Labour suspended those councilors for voting with the SNP, rather than the Tories?

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