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Starmer whips Labour peers to ABSTAIN on move to give free school meals to all Universal Credit families

Amendment attempt fails after ‘leader’ betrays poor children

Keir Starmer last night brought down an attempt in the House of Lords to force the government to provide free school meals for all children from low-income families receiving Universal Credit, by whipping Labour peers to abstain on the amendment.

The motion fell by 108 votes to 51. Of Labour’s 167 peers – more than enough to have pushed through the amendment – only three defied Starmer’s order. In a rambling speech, close Starmer ally Jenny Chapman said the party would support the free school meals plan (amendment 58), but only if the government also supported it.

Hungry children are again the victims of Starmer’s bizarre, cowardly and self-defeating determination to be seen agreeing with the Tories or only disagreeing with them when he wants to go further right still, rather than doing the job of opposing the Tories and fighting for those the Labour party was formed to protect.

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  1. This is akin to Hitler’s September 1st moment. The only living British “member” of the economically hard-right Trilateral Commission makes his colours a little bolder and easier to discern.

    “From September 1st 1939 until the end of the Second World war, Hitler decided to wear exclusively the field grey uniform of the German army, because he considered himself as the first soldier. He did even wear this official uniform in his private life (there are no photos of him in civil or NSDAP uniform during WW2).” (Source, Hitler Archive).

  2. Lower.

    I hope serious misfortune plagues that bequiffed muculent bastard so much so that he ends up having to sell his arse so he and his kinfolks scrape enough to share a bag of monster munch between them for their tea.

    God stiffen the fucking lowlife, and all those that obey him.

      1. That’s a brilliant video nellykskelly (even worth dirtying my computer’s cookie store for). Thanks. I wonder what the poster (Diane D) who posted the following about Mick Lynch’s speech thinks about Sir Keir Rodney show-me-your-papers Starmer?

        “I usually don’t feel particularly proud to be British, until I see things like this ❤️”

      2. I am sure no more than you or I Qwertboi. Where was BlueKeef? BlueKeef was rubbing shoulders with the hoity toity at Wimbledon, sipping Champaign and eating Strawberries, on perhaps the Labour Movement’s biggest and most important Annual Event. It certainly did not go unnoticed!
        And on hindsight it probably was for the best, wouldn’t want turn good folk to crime, now would we!
        I simply do not buy this establishment farce of a democratic picture that they painted for the SHEEPLE! There has been NO democracy involved in two of the most hateful and hated TORY Parties leading and in power today. The fact that there is not even a single safe alternative to the LOTO or PM says everything about British and The West’s, so called democracy.
        Just as they are kicking the Bear and poking the Dragon, they are on a very fragile balance of power with The PEOPLE!
        I am sure BlueSteveH has a Billionaire Unverified Poll, for that!
        Yet neither he nor the billionaire pollsters have the foggiest idea what is stirring among The PEOPLE, The “Undeserving Poor” Working and bellow class. I am aure they will soon, hopefully in my time.

  3. Can we know the name of the 3 brave Labour peers that defied Starmer? Also the names of the ones that were present and chose to abstain.

      1. Toffee, I always consider people that defy a fascist leader brave.
        The fact that only 3 were willing to be conscientious should tell us that either most Labour peers are low lives, happy to get paid allowances for been members of the House of “Disrepute” or they know Starmer will made them paid dearly one way or another.
        The way that Starmer & co are conducting the witch hunt of Jews socialist and socialist in general within the Labour Party, I have little doubt that if he could, he would order his minions to knock on their doors in the middle of the night, give them a “walk” to the nearest walk and kill them.
        We heard it from Rayners his Deputy “shut first and ask questions later”

    1. Absenteeism is as bad as present and abstaining unless there is a medical reason or they were banned for speaking truth and refusing to appologise for doing so, but all those MPs should then be equalised/teamed, whatever they call it, accross the aisle. AWOL however is an equal smack in The PEOPLE’S face.

    2. FWIW Maria…

      Bryan of Partick, B.
      Davies of Brixton, L.
      Snape, L.

      There’s the three dared defy keef. Not as if they’re gonna lose their £300 daily allowance even if keef suspends/expels them from the party.

      No reselection processes for them to worry about, neither.

      Meanwhile, parents up & down the land will be tearing their hair out in despair.

      Some will, no doubt, be (falsely accused of mistreating their children; and those children will be taken into care homes – Run by serco & G4S…Where it won’t be in serco or G4S interests to release them until they’ve screwed every last penny from the state for keeping those kids prisoner, essentially.

      Some of those children may end up being nonced on those homes. Some by the same MPs and peers that voted to deny them a meal at school.

      But nevermind. Keefs’ got a poll lead somewhere. 🤬

      1. Thanks Toffee, surprised that Baronesses, Blower, Chakarbarti and Osamor didn’t vote against it too as the 3 of them live in London.
        This was an important vote,the moral thing to do was to vote against it. If a socialist cannot stand up in favour of starving children, were are their values?
        What can I say, I expected better from them, unless they were absence from the Lords due to illness and paired with Tories that couldn’t turn up…

  4. What the f**k is going on in Starmers head. Whipping Lords who earn £300+ a day to abstain on a bill that would give free school meals to all UC recipients. As pointed out by NellyKelly above Starmer and those around him like Deborah Mattison who is now using what I believe the Tories used to explain those in need “the undeserving poor.” Can someone tell me how much she earns from pretending to be someone who cares about the less well of. Sounds like to me she’s part of the underserving Labour apparatchiks who shouldn’t be in the position she is.
    Also this don’t make sense. From now on any bill put through Parliament will only get the backing of Starmers Labour if the Tories agree too. That’s not opposition it’s compliance with the enemy.

    1. I had a quick dig about, as you perked my curiosity. I know nothing about this source, however they explain why I couldn’t find anything, appart from BlueKeef’s MP expenses!
      Mattinson was a Chief/Owner Pollster before taking the strategist job with BlueKeef, so I shouldn’t imagine that she’d get out of bed for anything less than £500K plus a shitload of massive perks and dealings!

  5. So the message, a la Rachel Reeves, has now morphed from ‘tougher on benefits than the Tories’ into the euphemistic ‘ironclad discipline with public finances’!

  6. Starmer has also refused to oppose the return of U S nuclear weapons to this country after an absence of 14 years. Please make clear your opposition to this dangerous development by following the link below:

    Thank you. A strong display of opposition can help to ensure that the idea is quietly dropped.

  7. Starmer is a multi millionaire member of the Trilateral Commission who happy to see children go hungry. He is a man without honour or decency whose remit is solely to rid the party left wing voices and alienate as many of our traditional supporters as possible He can now add those on UC to the groups he has already alienated – Muslim BAME Irish Kashmiri Trade Union and young activists Socialists and AntiZionists. The chances of Labour winning the next election ( with a new Tory leader in place) is zero which is just what Starmer and his backers want.

    1. Britain is on the brink….This example of sheer greed is the last nail in the coffin of the labour party.Even the crumbs off the table are too much for our Lords and Ladys.All is not lost though theres a leader from the streets that will rise up.I was reading recently about the death of the hunger striker
      Terrance McSwinney Lord mayor of Cork who died after seventy days on hunger strike in Brixton prison 1920s .IN a London restraunt a poor dishwasher a Vietnamese man burst into tears so effected by the sacrifice of one man made for a belief in a united Ireland that he went back to colonial French Veitnam and started a movment for the liberation of the people.His name was Ho chi Minn who became the leader of Veitnam and one of the fastest growing economies in the world today….This type of vindictive cruelty against the defenceless shall not be allowed to carry on…and it impresses no one especially members of the labour party who can’t be fooled forever…can they?.

      1. All of the West, they still believe that they command the colonialist, piracy, plundering might of their forefathers.
        The Old Bear and The Mighty Dragon, sent out numerous and more than a fair share of ‘warning shots’ and they keep poking and kicking.
        We’re in for a new PM who will come out like a demonic Churchill on steroids! Expect broken hearts soon!

  8. Disgusting Right Wing Labour (a) haven’t the courage to fight for the poor and (b) haven’t the political acumen to counter the dominant Right Wing Narrative on Welfare?
    Meanwhile the upper class welfare state via massive state interventions gives state handouts to the rich & big business to the hilt via tax cuts, concessions, relief & incentives with big business alone getting £97b a year which is £3,500 per household (Chackrabortty, The Guardian).
    The Tories deliberately try to set neighbour against neighbour concerning welfare to district from tax cuts for millionaires who are distant from most peoples lives.
    Right Wing Labour stabs the poor in the front?
    Shame on Right Wing Labour!

    1. Yeah. Every bit as much as the economic system is rigged (‘crony capitalism’), so is the representational democratic system.
      Wiki “Crony capitalism, sometimes called cronyism, is an economic system in which businesses thrive not as a result of free enterprise, but rather as a return on money amassed through collusion between a business class and the political class.”


  9. Where is the Chief Turd Polisher to defend Stamer’s disgusting Labour Party now?

    Let the kids starve…the new Labour slogan….They should be working for their food. What has this fucking Nation become that we have the official opposition behaving like the Tories?

    1. baz2001 – Perhaps Labour have a more effective plan to deal with this situation because lets face it with the Tory’s having such a large majority the vote in the Lords would have made bugger all difference to the final outcome.

      “It’s understood Labour didn’t tell its peers to back the amendment amid concerns it was too widely drawn and because the party is working on a similar campaign through other means.

  10. QUOTE
    ………… “surprised that Baronesses, Blower, Chakarbarti and Osamor didn’t vote against it too as the 3 of them live in London.
    This was an important vote,the moral thing to do was to vote against it. If a socialist cannot stand up in favour of starving children, were are their values?”

    Oh Maria … I agree with your sentiment.
    How can we expect any person who accepts the mediaeval title “Baroness” to support the poor ?
    No more so a political party leader who is a Knight Commander of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath.

    No one who is a true fighter for the poor should be offered or accept a title like that.

    1. Jonsco 1I couldn’t agree with you more.I am still flabbergasted that the people of the UK seemed to be tuned into respect for people who aceppt the archaic and establishment system of titles.I loose all respect for people who promote this disgusting and corrosive system of accepting the titles.and even more so for those that put forward these so called handing glass beads to the Natives.

      1. Didn’t Jeremy Corbyn put forward Karie Murphy for a seat in the Lords.

      2. You seem just a tad obsessed with someone with whom you have no affiliation with, share no common ground with, share no common values with, just a bit odd that.

      3. nellyskelly – What tangible benefits did Jeremy and his team deliver?

      4. Why ask that same question repeatedly when you have an obsession with the man and had this same question answered many times since September 2015.
        As I told you only a couple of weeks ago the answers from me and others since September 2015, to all your strange and repetitive questions, are already on your timeline.

      5. nellyskelly – Its a simple and straightforward question, it’s not my problem that you are incapable of providing an answer.

      6. nellyskelly – It isn’t my fault that you still can’t come up with a credible answer. Perhaps you could try writing to Jeremy and ask him if he can think of anything.

    2. Johnsco1, I remember the 3 of them accepting the position in the House of Lords (Disrepute) with an Agenda to work to dismantle the House of “Disrepute” in favour of a second Chamber democratically elected. Have they become so part of the establishment that they ignore starving children?
      Baroness Blower was the General Secretary of NUT, surely she must understand the impact that hunger has on children education?

      1. Reply to Maria V
        The answer to your question is yes, they are part of the establishment now and like Starmer they are happy to ignore hungry children.
        They are all a total disgrace and have forgotten – if they ever knew- the meaning of the word socialist.

      2. Smartboy – Everyone should be able to raise their families in dignity. It would be the reverse of socialism to live in a society where many of us have jobs, sufficient food, warm houses, free hot meals for our kids, and free sanitary products, but didn’t have the money to spend as we saw fit on anything else. I’m sceptical of attempts to frame poverty in the terms of the things it stops people buying, or to seek to alleviate those needs through interventions that supply them directly. Those of us who want to see poverty ended have a special responsibility to remember always what poverty means, for those who have to live in it. Poverty is a state of powerlessness, not only an absence of goods.

      3. Oh my Gods and Fairies!
        Did you copy and paste that TORY SpinPorn from a BlueKeef Policy?
        Either way I doubt anyone’s fooled by you, BlueKeef or The Parasite Neo-Labour Party TORIES!
        You complete and utter fraud!

      4. nellyskelly – Your paternalistic attitude is part of the problem.

  11. Where is the Chief Turd Polisher to defend Stamer’s disgusting Labour Party now?

    Been asking the twunt for months. Shows his hand by evading the question(s). He thinks his avoidance is absolution.

    It isn’t. There can be NO fence-sitting to be had while children go hungry; In the same way the right to silence was taken away as a defence in court, the same should apply here.

    You simply CANNOT remain silent on the issue of allowing kids to go hungry and then later claim it was wrong.


    1. Probably a training day for NeoLabourToryspeak. I believe today is ‘How to Defend the Indefensible’.
      Yesterday’s was a waste of time it was ‘How to be a TW@T without Being Exposed’ he already failed that one. Tomorrow is another waste of time ‘How to Comprehend what you Read’.

      1. baz2001 – Perhaps if you had read the above comments with a little more wouldn’t have missed that it was timfrom that introduced the topic, I was simply responding to timfrom’s comment about Kemi

  12. Starmer is unsupportable!
    He stands for nothing so much as his own self interests, likely a place in the House of Lords- another Tory!

    1. Or just perhaps without speculation a stunning beach front property just outside Tel Aviv? Who ever said being criminally evil never pays?

  13. I don’t see how they can dress up incompetence and cowardice as 4D chess here.

  14. And I called rees-smog a cnut for telling us we should celebrate food banks…

    Yes – THAT rees-smog. Minister for Dickensian Britain, ably assisted by Keef Bumble the Beadle.

    1. ~180 Parasite Neo-Labour Party TORIES are just pure nasty.
      The ~10/15 UK Labour Party MPs, dangling like baubles outside of the dead skin of the now devoured and deceased UK Labour Party are just for show, something in the lines of clickbait.
      Thank goodness for the Labour Movement and the likes of Lynch, Corbyn and Williamson.
      While the Durham Miner’s Gala went on above BlueKeef was abstaining with the hoity toity at Wimbledon.

  15. SteveH13/07/2022 AT 5:45 PM
    Didn’t Jeremy Corbyn put forward Karie Murphy for a seat in the Lords

    And that’s the very best you can muster? A piss-poor attempt at a dig at Corbyn & Murphy – who would in all likelihood, have defined your idol, had she taken (or been offered and taken) a peerage.

    Then again, it’s to be expected from you. You seem to have a strong aversion to posting anything relevant – especially when it comes to child abuse and poverty. Or threads critical of keef….Who didn’t prosecute possibly the nation’s highest-profile pederast.

    Although I needn’t wonder why it’s the case…

    Fuck off and die screaming, in agony and terror.

    1. Toffee – Perhaps you should be asking yourself why you are getting so excited about me responding to the Joseph’s comment with a simple factual statement.

      1. nellyskelly – …and there was I thinking that you had a very active imagination.

      2. SteveH13/07/2022 AT 7:16 PM
        Toffee – Perhaps you should be asking yourself why you are getting so excited about me responding to the Joseph’s comment with a simple factual statement.

        No, prick. Far from it.

        I’ll ask why you haven’t said fuck all about keef being willing to allow kids to go hungry to further his political ambitions and you keep evading the issue.

        That’s what I’ll ask. And while you continue to evade, obfuscate and continue to form the pattern you’re so obviously demonstrating , I’ll call you out on it

    2. The Toffee….It always comes around to Corbyn one way or another. Simply because that’s all they’ve got, they cannot find an excuse for depriving starving kids of a square meal when at school, because the sinister fuckers would rather the kids starve. Despicable bastards, every one of them.

    3. The Toffee…..Starmer willingly admits when he was DPP he took an active interest in every sex abuse case that was ever prosecuted in the UK apart from one…Yes, the biggest most notorious paedophile this Nation has ever seen, a person with connections to the Establishment and the Royal Family. They think we came up on the down boat……

      1. baz2001 – I wasn’t aware that he’d said that, could you post a link.
        Given that they are in a far better position to reach an informed conclusion than you ever will be you are remarkably dismissive about the opinions of the victims and their solicitors.
        If you really want to know what went wrong with the management of the case and the steps that Keir Starmer made to ensure that these mistakes wouldn’t be repeated then you should read the enquiry report.

  16. Who didn’t prosecute possibly the nation’s highest-profile pederast.

    ….And directs party members to abstain from voting to feed kids


    1. Toffee – Yet more desperate nonsense. Even Saville’s victims and their solicitors disagree with you.

      1. Why did he appologise for his part in “the fuck up” of changinng legal geounds, leading to Savil’s release?
        Why did his department vanish doccuments related to the case on ground of “data protection”?
        In this sick and twisted West’s Neoliberal Boiling Soup of Shite called modern politics and modern democracy black will be white and day will be night depending on who is prosecutor and who is the prosecuted.
        He is dirty BlueSteveH in the band of ‘brothers’ (Trilateral Commission) alongside Jeffrey Epstein. I bet hes even done the Lolita Express a few times himself! The dirty bastard, your “man” better had remain useful or he’s done for.

      2. nellyskelly – I’m quite happy to leave people to make up their own minds about whether they believe your desperately inane ramblings or the victims and their solicitors. 🤔

      3. Keef prosecuted Chris Huhne.

        KEEF did. He said so in the commons.

        But he DIDN’T prosecute the nonce savile.

        And apologised for it (Your apology’s not worth a wank, keef)

        Remember last week when you were arguing your case about goldspring – the TOP magistrate – and telling us how HE heard Webbe’s case because of that fact?

        The fact that goldspring’s the TOP magistrate?

        And that Webbe’s an MP?

        Then how come KEEF PERSONALLY decided NOT to prosecute damien grope green?

        And WHY doesn’t the same doesn’t apply to keef and savile?

        Do you – like keef – believe the nation is so fucking stupid as to believe he knew nothing about the savile case or had nothing to do with it?

        No – keef washed his hands of it at best. Decided NOT to prosecute at worst.

        But you’ll never fail to apologise and mitigate and LIE for the slimy establishment nonce enabler.

        Fuck off and die.

  17. How many more hints?

    Labour does not represent you. It doesn’t want to represent you. All it wants is your vote.

    Gonna give it to them?

    1. YES, unlike you I have no desire to inflict another Conservative government on the vulnerable.

      1. Its like educating pork. Do you not comprehend that there is no difference. They are two cheeks of the same arse. Voting in this incompetent and malevolent sorry excuse of a Labour Party is inflicting another Conservative Government on the vulnerable.

        Doing the same thing and expecting different results in this contextual reality is criminal lunacy.

      2. Dave – ….and the alternative you are offering is what? FFS grow up.

      3. nellyskelly – I’ve no idea, but please feel free to count them up and then you’ll know how many times you and others have failed to provide a credible answer.

      4. nellyskelly – You could try something novel (for you) and break the cycle by giving a credible and cogent answer.

      5. Just seen your post, BlueSteveH reads but he does not ‘comprehend’, he hears but he can’t listen.
        However he won’t comprehend, he won’t listen the ability siimply is not there.

      6. Two Cheeks
        The alternative is a free vote
        JC v PWC
        Then your both out of a job

      7. Doug – Stop deluding yourself, Corbyn would lose.
        During the 2020 leadership election there was a poll of Labour members which asked – How would you vote is Jeremy Corbyn was on the ballot paper alongside KS, LN and RLB.
        Corbyn got about 30% of the vote and Keir Starmer still won in the first round.
        Have you forgotten that as well as the polls consistently showing that two thirds of the electorate couldn’t stand him that Corbyn also lost 20% of the membership in 2018/19.

      8. I have no desire to inflict another Conservative government on the vulnerable.

        No. Wouldn’t wanna deny keef his opportunity, eh?

        And you’re resident in the Caribbean, allegedly. You should forfeit any right to vote.

        If it was down to me, you wouldn’t have a vote nor the right to draw breath, you child-hating wrong ‘un.

      9. Medici cura ti ipsum. Look in the mirror sucker!

        The alternative can be stated in succinct systems terms as “the opposite of what we are doing now.” Even a deliberately obtuse numpty like you should be able to publicly comprehend that steveH.

        Not that it makes any difference. That position will occur as a result of external geopolitical facts on the ground which are already in play rather than any internally generated forces. And what is sweet about that is that because there is no reverse gear there is bugger all the Uriah Heep’s of this world such as yourself can do about it.

        The hubris of those you follow, as well as yourself, are already burying you in all sorts of bins. What is sad and pathetic is that you are incapable of recognising this reality.

    2. FUCK NO!
      If I had absolutely no other choice on my ballot paper but, Conservative TORIES or Neo-Labour TORIES, I would vote Conservative!
      1. It was The Parasite Neo-Labour Party TORIES who robbed The PEOPLE of GE2017 and GE2019! They need to be unseated with a Coordinated Campaigne from outside the party and away from rat ears!
      2. I genuinely believe that those Parasite Neo-Labour TORIES are far more Conniving, Connected with the Establishment, etc, etc and a shitload more dangerous than any of the inbred ogres accross the aisle!

      1. skellyknelly – Nothing to do with the f’wits that voted Tory then. Have you looked at the reasons that exLabour voters gave for abandoning Labour at the 19GE

      2. Would that be by unverified Billionaire polls by any chance? Or by the Parasite Neo-Labour Party TORIES?
        Well no then, I do know why Chief Spinporn Remoaners Blair, Mandelson and Campbell didn’t vote Labour.

      3. nellyskelly – You’ll find that the statistics published by Stats for Lefties provide very similar information. Do you have any statistics that give a contrary view.

      4. Well considering that stats for “lefties” merely repeats the unverified Billionaire Pollsters’ claims and that all Polls, MSM, MSSM are in the hands of the Billionaire Eletist Establishment, I would say no, because there are no honnest alternative. Not until all oppositions are restored or fully installed.
        On the chicken teeth rare occasion that they do draw from a wider, and not a narrative targeted demographic they get egg in their face, a bit like the next article, here on Skwawkbox.
        2015 to present can easily be seen as a metaphor for the state of things to come, The UK Labour Party, GE2017, GE2019, Julian Assange, RT, PressTV, Shireen Abu Aqleh, Jamal Khashoggi, etc, etc, etc.
        However they are counting on the masses remaining Asleep or Sheeple, but in the same they are very fast waking the masses, themselves, by unbearable circumstances alone.

      5. Out of all the pretenders to the Tory throne, I’m liking the sound of Bemi Badenoch. An anti-woke black Tory leader would be Starmer & Co’s worst nightmare!😀

      6. timfrom – Granted she’s an impressive performer but have you listened to her policies

      7. Not in detail, no. I’m surprised GB News haven’t covered them in any detail yet (I don’t bother with the MSM anymore). Maybe we’ll hear more if she makes it to the next round.

        Why, is she more like Bad Enoch? (Boom Boom!)

      8. timfrom – Listen carefully to what she is actually saying rather than the ‘mood music’.

      9. timfrom – She is known as Kemi (not Bemi)
        Her full name is Olukemi Olufunto Badenoch

      10. It would be nice to see, a Black Female British PM. Bemi has made some anti-BAME attacks in the past which I was not comfortable with, not when Labour TORIES and Conservative TORIES are both cesspits of anti-Black, Muslim and “Fringe” Jew racism and mysogyny, unless of course you are White European, Zionist, anti-Socialist or anti-UK Labour Party.
        I can’t really comment on alll of them as I don’t know too much about the candidates, but just imagine just how fucked Britain would be if Truss becomes PM!
        Ladies and Gentlemen may we present to you the PM of Great Britain!
        There seem to be a trend of picking the most-stupid sockpuppet for the job through, based on that Bemi wouldn’t stand a chance.

      11. Apologies for my typo, Kemi, not Bemi. But Nelly, your last sentence nails it.

        Truss is so deeply stupid, not to mention dangerous, that she may well win. Or rather the Globalists will see to it, just to ram home the message openly and in plain sight that they’re running the show and our “democracy” is utterly meaningless. To rub our noses in the fact that we are powerless and there’s not a damn thing we can do about it.


      12. Appologies to Kemi.
        The toxic dictatorial fascist peasants and masters culture of fear politics is going topave the road to Unless…….

        PS Just incase you didn’t see this Unless……, while BlueKeef was rubbing shoulders with the hoity toity at Wimbledon.

    1. Doug, The Chief Turd Polisher has nothing but taunts and Wikipedia, and he knows that his master is going down. Keep it up Doug.

      1. baz2001 – It’s good to see you propping each other up emotionally.

  18. And still….not ONE word about the suffering keef is willing to impose on poorer families and.especially their children.

    Bit the wee nonsense will vote keef because he’s not a tory, apparently.

    No, he’s far fucking worse. And relying on weirdos who should never be allowed within 500 yards of children to put a case for him

    Would the kids at the three schools you were supposedly headhunted for, get free school meals, wee Walter (Mitty) ??

    Just a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ is enough. People are sick to fucking death of your tangible, credible alternative answers you wrong’un.

    Not that you’ll give a straight answer anyway. We all know you’re a fantasist who was never headhunted by any school to teach.

    And no – I won’t. Instead, try asking others about your spurious claims YOU made.

    You’re nowt but a wrong’un. You can’t even bring yourself to the merest hint of criticism of the greasy bastard…Even when he demands meals to be whipped away from under children’s noses.

    You’ll allow kids to starve before you’ll criticise your idol.


    1. Toffee, Starmer must have something against Children. First he failed to prevent Savile from abusing them for years, now he wants to let the poor things starve as well.

  19. SteveH14/07/2022 AT 12:09 AM
    timfrom – She is known as Kemi (not Bemi)
    Her full name is Olukemi Olufunto Badenoch

    Fucking wrap up!!

    Getting a toerag’s handle right is now FAR more important than making sure children eat.

    This is the measure of the weirdo that obviously hates children with a savile-like relish.

    MORRRRE, boy? There’ll be no gruel at all for you, until you get the marsturrrr’s name right

  20. Original post was about Starmer and the resident Chief Turd Polisher tries to divert the topic away to the Tory Leadership Election……

    Welcome to Skwawkbox.

    1. baz2001 – f you had read the above comments with a little more care.then perhaps you wouldn’t have missed that it was timfrom that introduced the topic, I was simply responding to timfrom’s comment about Kemi

      1. Who’s name we MIST get right, before we post anything to do with smarmer denying children food, eh, prick?

        Go on – fuck off and DIE.

      2. Toffee – I’m guessing that your comment must have made sense to you when you wrote it, but?

  21. Errrrmmm – can I adopt a middle opinion about
    the House of Lords?

    There are some people in it who want to do
    good – ie keep an eye on legislation etc. I am
    thinking of peers with specific experience
    and knowledge who would NEVER be elected
    because noone knows about them .. There are
    other political peers who do their honest best.

    The right thing for peers who have any conscience
    would have been to vote FOR the free meals for
    poor children. Otherwise – why are they there?

    That just about sums up my point of view ..

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