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Video: rail worker explains strike as public supports – and government and media push lies and propaganda

RMT rail union members around the country are striking this week to defend their pay, terms and conditions – and to defeat a government and rail operator plan to close every ticket office in the country – a plan that would leave many struggling to buy the most cost-effective ticket and put vulnerable rail users in danger.

Skwawkbox spoke to workers at the picket line at Liverpool’s Lime Street station where one, Carl, explained what’s really going on in the dispute and contrasted it with the lies and propaganda being pushed by the government, its media allies and the ‘sockpuppet’ so-called ‘passenger groups’ who have been given airtime to mouth anti-worker lines unchallenged all day:

To his shame, Keir Starmer publicly repudiated the strike and ordered his front bench MPs to stay away from picket lines – an instruction that to their credit many MPs and some front-benchers have defied today. As usual, Starmer is completely out of step with the public mood – and even with the editors of some usually right-leaning newspapers:

Absolute solidarity with the workers. If you would like to contribute to their strike fund, visit or scan the code below:


  1. BBC Politics LIve panel today: Two Tories, Tory-lite Nick Clegg adviser, and Jenny Chapman who ran Starmers’ leadership campaign and was part of the Chicken Coup. Add in one of the faked photos of rubbish in the streets in the 1970s, plus a report from Aberdeen, where apparently train strikes stop oil workers gatting to work (like none of them use the extensive planes flying in to Aberdeen) and you have the shiny new anti-bias BBC….

    1. Steveh would have people believe that had Jeremy Corbyn spoken out on Julian’s behalf in the HoC when he was leader and called on the government/tories not to extradite him to the US, then they may have decided not to, AND, SteveH would have us believe that HE believes that TOO. Yeah, sure you do!

      Yep, SteveH, alone, on the WHOLE planet supposedly believes that! What a joke. But he HAS to pretend he believes it so that he can criticise and discredit Jeremy. Here’s what he said in a recent thread:

      It was very disappointing that Corbyn failed to speak out on Julian’s behalf in the House of Commons when he had a national platform as the Leader of the Opposition.
      Can you put a price on freedom.

      And in another post further down the page:

      As Corbyn didn’t speak up for Assange [he DID!) when he was in a position to have some influence we’ll never know. My point is that he never once mentioned Julian Assange whilst he had a national platform as Leader of the Opposition [YOU Lie!].

      Here’s a link to the first post above (and then my response etc):

      1. Allan – I’m quite happy to stand by my earlier post. Thanks for highlighting it.
        We’ll never know now will we. Given Jeremy’s campaigning experience and skills who knows how much of a following he could have raised in the country if he had led a campaign. There is one thing for certain that after years of studiously avoiding Assange’s plight a tweet was never going to make much difference.

      2. And yet you post a link to a Jonothan Cook article which highlights the smears against Corbyn, tacitly accepting this is the case whilst engaging in the very same smears steveH

        You are a hypocrite, a fraud and either a useful idiot for the self same security services Cook writes about or a willing participant.

        We see you. A damaged useless asset soon to be pensioned off.

      3. And?

        Just because someone else has posted the link does not negate the fact you posted it and tacitly at least endorsed the arguments it contains.

        Is that the best you can do?

        You are having a laugh ain’t you. Even the Pioneer Corps wouldn’t have taken you on this evidence.

      4. Dave – As far as you and your drivel are concerned Its the best I can be bothered to do.

      5. Dave – I’ve pointed this out to you before, it’s high time you gave the Mystic Meg routine a rest. You’re not very good at it.

      6. Not even original.

        The scene you are enacting has been done before steveH;

        So go on kid. Run away. Avoid the issue with your puerile school playground level mardyness. It must be really butt-hurting to know everyone here is laughing at you and holds you in contempt.

      7. Oh dear Dave – You seem to be deluding yourself into thinking that your fantasy Mystic Meg routine is reality
        Have you forgotten what I actually posted?

        Here’s a reminder.
        “Some of you who read the earlier article on Paul Mason may find Jonathan Cook’s latest blog interesting

        It’s your problem that you have a weird compulsion to make stuff up and attempt to start an argument based on your sad self delusions, not mine.

    2. Yes, I’m sure the MSM who have spent years smearing and demonising both Julian AND Jeremy would have given him a platform for such a campaign and given it their full support.


      The funny thing is that I did a search on hansard a bit earlier and came across a debate from 11 April 2019 about the ‘Arrest of Julian Assange’ in which Diane Abbott, the then Shadow Home Secretary, spoke, and just about all the Tories that spoke in it just reiterated various falsehoods that the MSM have been churning out repeatedly for years:

      Anyway, make up your mind! First you’re saying that if he’d spoken out about Julian in the HoC he could have influenced the government potentially, and NOW you’re saying that he could have initiated a campaign to get public opinion on his side re Julian, the guy that millions of people have been led to believe is/was a rapist, and who took refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy so as to escape being brought to justice in Sweden etc, etc, etc!

      Be real ffs!

      1. PS And just HOW exactly are you able to post replies to my posts directly underneath each one in the other thread when they didn’t have a Reply option, and should have appeared AFTER my series of posts?

      2. Allan – Because I worked out the code that facilitates this.

      3. Allan – When I take into consideration how you insist on following me around loudly proclaiming that I’m a paid troll etc etc in an attempt to undermine me and my comments I find it difficult to think of a reason why I should. However I’m quite happy to let you know that you don’t need any prior technical knowledge to work it out for yourself. All the info that you need is contained within the comments you see in front of you. Simply apply a bit of logic and common sense and you’ll be able to work it out for yourself.
        Life is sweet and I’ve woken up feeling good today so here’s another hint – I can see from your comments that you already know the answer to your own question. If you think it through you’ll get there on your own, I did.🤔
        You’ll be surprised how easy it is to do. ☺️

      4. Says the guy that has been stalking ME for well over two years! But THAT’s what fascists DO – ie accuse YOU of doing what THEY are doing to you!

        Anyway, thanks for the ‘clue’ re the code.

      5. I never bought into the Swedish, social democrat paradise trash. It was like visiting a DHSS waiting room. The true face is exposed for all to see. They can’t get enough p.c. and sectionalism. Now they stand with the EU against Russia. How pathetic, joke army, joke country, hysterical navy. World leaders at depth charging fish. Remind you of anywhere? Shame, because there are some good, staunch socialists there but they stay in the shadows lest they get outed as penocrats, and that’s the women.

    3. Another brilliant, MUST read piece by Jonathan Cook:

      In short, rather than use journalism to win the argument and the battle for public opinion, Mason wishes to use the dark arts of the security state to damage independent media, as well as dissident academics and left-wing political activism. He wants no influences on the public that are not tightly aligned with the core foreign policy goals of the national security state.

      Mason’s correspondence hints at the reality behind Cadwalladr’s claim that Assange was the “swirling vortex at the centre of everything.”

      Assange symbolizes that “swirling vortex” to intelligence-aligned establishment journalists only because WikiLeaks has published plenty of insider information that exposes Western claims to global moral leadership as a complete charade – and the journalists who amplify those claims as utter charlatans.

      1. Ultimately, these are the people that those like Mason – along with other controlled opposition – are working for:

        ““I think the biggest question in maybe in economics and politics of the coming decades will be what to do with all these useless people? The problem is more boredom and how what to do with them and how will they find some sense of meaning in life, when they are basically meaningless, worthless? My best guess, at present is a combination of drugs and computer games as a solution for [most]. It’s already happening…I think once you’re superfluous, you don’t have power.”

        “If you have enough data, and you have enough computing power, you can understand people better than they understand themselves and then you can manipulate them in ways that were previously impossible and in such a situation, the old democratic systems stop functioning. We need to re-invent democracy in this new era in which humans are now hackable animals. The whole idea that humans have this ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’ and have free will… that’s over.”

        “Humans only have two basic abilities — physical and cognitive. When machines replaced us in physical abilities, we moved on to jobs that require cognitive abilities. … If AI becomes better than us in that, there is no third field humans can move to”.”

      2. A further insight into what Cook is writing about can be seen in the Grayzone articles, including this one:

        “Indeed, the cabal’s members seem to view anyone who departs from their imperialist worldview, or who stands in the way of their maximalist agenda, as absolute traitors. Prins’ apparent belief that those who advocate for environmentally friendly energy policies are secret communist agents of influence emanates from the same worldview.

        The cabal’s paranoid tendencies are underscored by a leaked email in which Dearlove compares former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to a Cold War MI6 defector, insisting that the social democratic politician simply “could not be Prime Minister,” as Corbyn “belonged to the other side on so many crucial questions.” ”

        Providing further evidence of the nonsensical rantings about everything being the fault of Corbyn of this sites resident troll steveH – gives every impression of being an employee and shill of the Integrity initiative or similar.

        In recent times the Grayzone has often come under attack from various so called left wing groups – one of whom is the Alliance for Workers Liberty which has clearly overextended itself in pushing the Official State Narrative on a range of issues from China to Russia (even going as far as citing Bellingcat as a credible source) and revealed that it, and similar self styled ‘left’ groups, as nothing more than UK Security Services controlled opposition operations.

  2. Holby Theres probably a number of reasons for labour mps to stand on picket lines with unions.Funding no doubt from the unions and a sense of traditions.Left or right unions and the working class have played a large part in the labour party..This strike just highlights the move away from the usual funding for the labour party and the car crash waiting to happen leading to bankrupcy.The days of starmer are numbered and we see daily the antics of the right jockying for position and a new leader.IT really does not matter anymore as the real power of the working class is no longer represented by these parasites infecting the labour party.Desperate times require desperate measures and so we see the odd labour mp trying to pretend that its business as usual.and standing on a picket line looking lost.

  3. To his shame, Keir Starmer publicly repudiated the strike and ordered his front bench MPs to stay away from picket lines – an instruction that to their credit many MPs and some front-benchers have defied today.

    But keefs’ NOT tory, we’re consistently told.

    He has no shame…No scruples, and no fucking idea. He’s neither use, nor ornament, the greasy twunt.

      1. Fuck what he said.

        He ordered MPs to stay away from pocket lines like the snivelling little corporate shitehawk he is.

        So shut up, you bore.

      2. Toffee – “Fuck what he said

        Thanks for your response, it succinctly sums up all people need to know about you and your politics

      3. Listen you slimy ficktard

        Your idol pledged renationalisation of the fucking railways…And bailed the second he was shoehorned in. Don’t even fucking entertain the bit common ownership isn’t nationalisation BOLLOCKS. Alright?

        And TJEN keef says the toerags are ‘sowong division

        So WHAT does the slimy ponce do to show support for the striking workers?

        That’s right …The prick ORDERS his MPs to stay away from picket lines.

        Wouldn’t do, to upset the toerags and the corporates….

        Trying to have it both ways again – You & him… fucking vermin – the both of ya. Die.

      4. He said the strike should not go ahead. Then tried to weasel out of being a scab with some more words. He failed. ‘The strike should not go ahead’ is fatal,the rest is padding

      5. I was never in any doubt what Jeremy Corbyn meant, when he spoke – on any subject.

        Clarity, honesty, coupled with integrity.

        Why can’t Starmer be that clear? Why does he have speak in lawyerese?

  4. Brilliant video.
    Managed to get to the RMT picket line today & hope to be there Thurs & Sat.
    Yes the Militant Neo-Liberal Tories were initially trying to divide working people by highlighting the good pay of divers (lesson join a union!) and we’re pushing a politics of envy but the RMT covers 40 or so rail occupations with some earning £25k and the rep in the video was excellent on the full range of issues.
    I was in a Wetherspoon’s last night in a train station and a rail worker guided a young partially sighted couple into the pub and got the manager to guide them to their table then after their meal the manager guided them back to the rail staff and this was almost symbolic and moving.
    The Militant Neo-Liberal Tories know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

  5. No coincidence that Transport for Wales workers have reached an agreement with the <b

    But keef doesn’t want any government-owned rail (mail or utility) companies.

    1. But but but….mclibel

      But, but, but …Wapping

      But An industrial dispute…in Coventry?

      Horrible horrible, self-serving, cowardly lowlife

      1. but, but, but
        Jeremy Corbyn has been an admirable activist for decades but what are his tangible achievements?

      2. Toffee – Are you still struggling to come up with a list of Jeremy’s tangible achievements?

      3. 300,000 + Members voted him into the Leadership of a political party, he’d been an MP for, since 1983.

        I have always thought his achievements, have been very well documented. Easy enough to find.

      4. George – Oh really?
        If that is the case then why haven’t provided a long list?
        I can’t find any, can you?

      5. Again with the But Corbyn..

        Forty -one opposition turnovers of government under his stewardship. A record which will last FAR longer AAN OUTWEIGH ANY achievement you could rim keef about.

        Because let’s not neat about the bush here – Keefs ABSTAINED or supported on as many occasions in just a little over two years.

        What’s so
        about that shameful achievement then, numbnuts?


        Away! And take your face for a shite.

      6. Toffee – Big deal, the Tory’s didn’t even have a majority. What tangible difference did all those victories make to anyone’s life.

      7. Remember when keef told de piffle HE’D prosecuted someone who’d lied to parliament (Chris Huhne)

        Keef himself LIED about that. He DIDNT prosecute Huhne. That was different QC altogether.

        But keef wanted the credit for it**

        Strange then, how savile was nowt to do with keef, innit? 😙🎶


        **Just like he tried to steal rashford’s thunder, the fucking fraud. … Oh did o mention FRAUD?

        The met told is that grant spiv shapps’ actions constituted fraud

        Bit instead of prosecuting shafts, keef decided his leaving do was more important, so he continued with that instead.


      8. Toffee – From my understanding it is part of the DPP’s duties to decide whether or not to prosecute political figures like MPs. He made the decision to prosecute Huhne. I don’t think anyone reasonably expected him to be the prosecuting barrister, seriously did you?
        We both know the stuff about Savile is bollocks and there are numerous fact checks that cover this
        Labour Ministers and MPs had been talking about this for weeks before Marcus’s excellent intervention.
        As for the rubbish about Shapps, Keir had finished his 5yr tenure as DPP, it would have been very odd for him to make a decision on Shapps just days before he left office and dump it in his successors lap.

        Please feel free to rant at will.

      9. We both know the stuff about Savile is bollocks

        Not quite, plums.

        You think as much. You’d love to believe as much.


        Corbyns constant campaigning led to the end of apartheid South Africa.

        Keef supports apartheid Israel to the extent that he’ll bam members from the merest hint of criticism of it.


        Rubbish about shapps’? RUBBISH?

        Take a look at what the met said on Oct 31 2013

        …Keefs’ last day as DPP.

        Instead of leaving a legacy, keef bottled it… Or decided that his leaving do was far more important 😙🎶

        Either way, the spiv wasn’t prosecuted after the met went public… Which means keef would’ve been told before they went public.

        Because keef chose NOT TO PROSECUTE.

        So fucking swallow it, Perry Mason

      10. Toffee – Oh dear, you are grumpy today. Is the humidity getting you down?

      11. The humidity?

        We don’t get much of that around here, plums. How would you know if its humid here, or not?

        Oh, silly me! …You like to keep informed of UK local weather forecasts, from your place in the Caribbean sun, dont you? 🤔😙🎶

        As well as being the first to post links to events most of us here on the UK haven’t been made aware of…🤔😙🎶

        Sorry little bullshitter. I wish skwawky would publish or at least confirm your IP address because I reckon you’re in a squalid tiny bedsit right next to a motorway, perhaps somewhere in the Midlands, sitting there in your piss-stained Pokémon y-fronts, spewing your odious, tedious bullshit that even a deaf, blind and mute person could take apart at a whim.

        Just go away, you monotonous ultra-transparent disconsolate ballache.

  6. And, talking of lieboir barristers….on ch4 news now, its thornberry… Looking like a hamster after a massive spliff.

    Keefs’ a trade unionist; I’m a trade unionist…

    Just fuck off.

    Now it’s: “you’re being sucked into the (?) Of labour taking sides….”

      1. Oh! Now you just KNOW he’s gonna bite at TJHAT, baz 👍

        Wait for it….The keef idolator, who was never a socialist but voted Corbyn for leader on multiple occasions, and only voted keef as best of a bad bunch will appear anon, dispelling that myth and asking for proof he’s ever claimed as much.

        WGAF anyway, wee gobshite? If ever you WERE a trade unionist you were most likely the rat, forever scuttling off to spill it to management, such is your shithouse nature.

      2. Why would I dignify such childish drivel with a response.

      3. Two Cheeks
        Will your hero attend Murdoch’s arse kissing gathering tonight

      4. Doug – Yet another pathetically childish taunt, FFS grow up.
        I’ve no idea why don’t you come back and tell us all about it when you know.

      5. Two Cheeks
        You think TE kissing Murdochs ring is not important

      6. Doug – Yet another pathetically childish taunt, FFS grow up.
        Why would I want to make comments about something that I don’t even know has happened.
        Are you going to come back and tell us all about it when you are better informed. Or will this turn out to be just another debating point that you cast aside because it has outlived its usefulness to you.

  7. Oh for goodness sake stow it will you!** I just hope
    someone from the left wing is planning for
    the on-coming leadership election.

    It does seem as if we are weak on the
    planning***.. we need to be at least 4 steps
    ahead of the Starmer-ites.

    We need more Scientists who are stronger on
    logistics ..

    ** Sorry to nag but just ignore the repetitious

    *** Going by what happens in our Constituency
    regarding some of the campaigning – strong on
    policy – weak on organisation .. It’s lucky there
    are a couple of us around to keep an eye on
    things here.

  8. Well, tomorrow will see the great exercise in democracy.
    What might happen?
    Tiverton and Honiton is straightforward.
    The Tory majorities in the past have been
    2010 – 9320
    2015 – 20173
    2017 – 19801
    2019 – 24239
    There is no way that the Tories should lose this seat. If they do, Johnson is gone.
    There is also no way that they should get the kind of majority they got in 2019 *
    I would be surprised if the activities of the previous MP had a significant effect on the outcome of the election.
    My guess is the 15000 would make them happy and Johnson would carry on.
    Wakefield is not so straightforward.
    All the majorities since the seat was created have been relatively modest.
    2010 – 1613
    2015 – 2613
    2017 – 2176
    2019 – 3358 (Con)
    All things being equal, Labour should win the seat. If they don’t, Starmer is gone.
    2019 was atypical.*
    I should think that the activities of the previous MP would have a significant impact on the outcome of the election, and this should benefit the LP.
    My guess is that they will win the seat back but who knows with what margin.
    I would be very surprised if the turnout wasn’t low in both seats.
    * I think that both these results were affected to a large extent by the “policy” of destructive ambiguity that the RW pushed through, and that is now old news.

    1. goldbach
      New Labour won 3 GE’s whilst losing 6 million votes and bankrupting the party
      Two factors Cheap and Nasty Tory party leaders were appalling and useless, biggest factor Tories stayed at home
      There will be very little support for TE but this will be outweighed by No Show Tories

      1. Yes
        To mini Trump and Pound Shop War Criminal taking a long walk off a short plank

      2. Doug – Unfortunately within the space of 30mths Corbyn lost 2 elections, 2,608,867 votes, 60 seats and 20% of the membership.

      3. Oh dear! Still blaming Corbyn for BlueKeef and his Neo-Labour Party TORIES inaction in making the slightest bit possitive impact in 30 months!
        Appart from spinporn “policies” completely alienating the so called “Labour Party” from the UK Labour Movement and The PEOPLE, what have they been doing for 30 months?
        Is the fact that they have never once stood up for The PEOPLE in Parliament also still Corbyn’s fault? Or is that the 10/15 Democratic Socialists fault?

      4. nellyskelly – I just find it weird that so many on these pages worship Corbyn when by any metric he failed as a leader.

      5. Of Course he did, if you have your head stuck in MSM and BlueKeef and his merry band of Neoliberal TORY Parasites stuck up your arse, it would.
        There has never been a British Leader who has been attacked by the MSM, his own Party, International Governments’ “inteligence” USA , The terrorist invader occupiers of Palestine, and the UK had “war rooms” and Apps created speciffically to attack him and Socialism in the UK. It was mostly reported here but widely on the net, help yourself!
        Then there is still the blackhole of 35 000+ Ballot Boxes dissapearing 22:00 for 5 to 30+ minutes. Which beggars the question did he actually lose the GE. We will never know, water under the bridge.
        BUT I seem to see more Jeremy Corbyn comments from you than anyone else, you talk more about Corbyn, who has moved on like the rest of us, than you do your mystery magical phantom “Labour/Opposition Party” where are they!? What have they DONE for The PEOPLE? Nothing whatsoever, well I guess in effect appeasing the Conservative TORIES is doing something, trouble is that’s NOT DONE FOR THE PEOPLE BUT FOR THE RULING ELITES/WORLD ORDER!
        Jeremy Corbyn will always be on the lips of Socialists internationally, you might not know it, but how could you, a TORY, know about Socialism and any events within it.
        Yes sure he lost against the onslaught, as mentioned above, but that was expected. Not often a politician has to face sabotag, smear spin, lies by his own party, the wrath of 3 anti-socialist regimes, national and international MSM and the petrified World Order!
        As much as you are going to hate reading this, but Jeremy Corbyn will be a name you will hear until you go to fertelise the daisies!

      6. nellyskelly – Or perhaps he just wasn’t up to the job.

      7. Yes, because not quivering from that shitstorm shows all his weaknesses, I would love to se anyone of your Neo-Labour Party TORIES take one smidge of what he did.
        Yes I do blame him! I blame him for being too Kind, too Trusting and too Gentle when he should have ripped the goddamned arse end out of the Neo-Labour Party TORIES and the Israel Lobby, alas he was too Kind, too Trusting and too Gentle, none of those are weaknesses. Hopefully next time round we will have a “militant” ‘fighter’ like Mick Lynch

      8. “Doug – Unfortunately within the space of 30mths Corbyn lost 2 elections, 2,608,867 votes, 60 seats and 20% of the membership.”
        Just to correct some misinformation – It was the Labour Party that lost 2 elections, 2,608,867 votes, 60 seats and 20% of the membership.

      9. Two Cheeks
        The internal report showed us who was working night and day for the Tory party

      10. Doug – I’m looking forward to reading the Forde Report when they get around to releasing it.

      11. The only thing we dont know is ‘was there a crime against democracy ‘ committed and when it will be prosecuted
        War Criminal will have company in gaol

      12. Doug – I’m guessing that there is a lot that we don’t know yet.

      13. You got it, and that was the result of the destructive ambiguity the LP had adopted. A chunk of the electorate thought that the LP was seeking to overturn the Brexit vote ………. as, indeed, a large number of the PLP were.

    2. The question is what caused them to come to that view.
      Was it Mr Corbyn’s “personality”?
      Was it that he was focussed on as the reason for the bogus “antisemitism” allegations?
      Was it that he was blamed for the ridiculous destructive ambiguity regarding Brexit policy?
      Was it that he is vegetarian or works an allotment?
      Simplistic questions receive simplistic answers, following on from a simplistic framing by the media.
      I’m sure you know all about simplistic narratives.

      1. goldbach – It’s really quite simple, they didn’t trust him any longer.

      2. This was supposed to appear here.
        “You got it, and that was the result of the destructive ambiguity the LP had adopted. A chunk of the electorate thought that the LP was seeking to overturn the Brexit vote ………. as, indeed, a large number of the PLP were.”

      3. goldbach – The overwhelming majority of both Labour’s members and voters supported a CV and remaining in the EU, Jeremy Corbyn put the figure at about 70%

      4. That 70% voted Labour.
        It was the leavers who switched .
        Surely you are not as dense as you appear from your last comment.
        I conclude that you are being disingenuous.

  9. The first election he faced was a snap election and he had something like eight weeks to prepare for.

    …And came within 3000 votes of becoming prime minister.

    The second one was down to smarmer and fatberg’s & co’s shithousery – with the full collusion of YOU, murdoch and the rest of the toerags, remain or leave.

    1. Toffee…..Don’t you just love how the Establishment Turd Polishers blame it on everybody else apart from themselves.

      First it was Corbyn’s fault, then it was Putin’s because NATO decided to put sanctions on their most important supplier of gas and oil. Next it will be Mick Lynch because he is a Marxist for wanting a decent wage for his members.

      Then it will be Putin’s fault again, then Corbyn’s of course. But never their own fault for being racist, corrupt, greedy and warmongers.

      I do believe their little house is crumbling.

      1. baz2001 – Perhaps you’d be a little more credible if you accepted how badly Corbyn and his team screwed up instead of accusing others of doing what you are so fond of doing yourself.

      2. If Russia was a man, he’d be called Jeremy Corbyn, thankfully change is comming from the East, Africa and South America. Gradually the old world order and their frantically desperate attempts to force rule and terror on the world are at the end of their life expectancy and it is blatantly obvious, they are not what they need to be and their choice of targets Russia, China and Iran are not what they expected and required them to be. Hopefully diplomacy would prevail, but I expect not, not with trigger happy Uncle Sam and his bitch chihuahua Israel at the helm of the West’s interests.

      3. If Russia was a man his name would be Jeremy Corbyn, exactly the same tactics by exactly the same perpetrators! Other ‘Jeremy Corbyns’ are China, Iran and the ME, Palestine, Venezuala, Cuba, no doubt now Columbia and Chile etc, etc.
        The danger with BlueKeef is that he will definitely use his weapon of mass destruction on Russia, he’d bore them to death!

    2. Toffee – I wasn’t the one supporting Murdoch’s strong Brexit stance, how about you?

      1. Unlwss I’ve read it wrongly, Toffee’s criticisms were levelled at both the leavers and, especially, the remainers who chose to use the 2019 election to use the 2019 election to further their sectarian interests.

      2. Whoops. Sorry about that. I haven’t become Welsh. It’s just that e and w are next to each other on the keyboard.
        For “Unlwss” read “Unless”

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