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YourMomentum group proposes co-leadership after finely balanced NCG result. See who’s who and what’s what

Momentum’s elections for the organisation’s National Coordinating Group (NCG) have yielded a finely-balanced result, tightly split between the reformist YourMomentum (YM) slate and the more Lansmanite Momentum Organisers (MO) who favour a more centralised command-and-control approach.

Momentum members split exactly in half, electing thirteen representatives from each slate. In the public office holders section, MO took two of the places and YM one.

However, the affiliates’ section elected candidates from the pro-YM group Labour Black Socialists, the relatively neutral Labour for a Green New Deal and CLPD & CND, who are unaligned.

CFS and WLG (Momentum’s Scottish and Welsh sister groups) have reserved seats. Both groups are considered neutral, however their actual representatives are more closely aligned with YM.

Of the union affiliates, CWU leans toward MO and FBU toward YM. TSSA has not sent a delegate for years. Jon Trickett represents the SCG group of Labour parliamentarians.

In view of the even balance, YourMomentum is proposing a co-leadership arrangement.

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  1. Why does that goddamned thing even still exist, it’s no better than The Fabian Society, only a lot less suits and alot more sneaky!

    PS. Fabians under “Socialist” Labour affiliated groups WTF!
    Those Neo-Labour Party TORIES are off their trollies, BLiar’s Wiki Profile calls him a Socialist! Move away from these categories only The PEOPLE who work with the best interest of ALL The PEOPLE in mind and at heart and The PEOPLE who work for the best interest of Themselves, Elites, Establishment at heart and Against ALL The PEOPLE!
    Black Labour is vanished and BAME is “under construction” since Apsana.
    People! Vote for those charlatains at your own perils! They screwed you over in 2019 and they WILL screw you over again in 2022, only this time with you full consent!

    1. nellyskelly – Why do you care so passionately about this, wouldn’t you be better off redirecting your energy into forming a party that offers a socialist alternative.

      1. Nah, I want to see the Parasite TORIES squashed like the bugs they are. What you did GE2017 and GE2019 is unforgivable and only crushing you will do! Leave out the amateur dramatics about the TORY suffering, TORY suffering is TORY suffering whatever name or colour you slap on it! Only with the Sabotaging Parasite TORIES crushed and removed will the internal channels be reopened and Socialism return to Parliament.

      2. Wouldn’t you be better off buggering off to the daily heil comments section to convince diehard toerags that they should vote keef?

        It’s what he wants. He doesn’t want lefties, he wants tories, so earn yourself that phone call from the greasy slimeball that you’ve been thrashing yourself silly over for, for the last three or so years.

        I mean, you’ve had zero success here. And even though you’ll still be generally regarded as being the bellend you are, at least you won’t get sworn at (as much) there.

        Go on, sod off.

  2. Split down the middle? A fantastic excuse to procrastinate and blame each other and do nothing to democratise Momentum.
    I left Momentum at the same time I left the Labour Party totally fed up with Forward Momentum no upholding their promises to democratise Momentum and give a voice to members.

    1. I left Momentum Dec 2015 and I left Labour Dec 2019, two fine crimbo gifts they turned out to be!
      I don’t even know or care when I left Unite! Detory The Labour Movement or fuck off!
      It is not about The Left and The Right of the same Party!
      We already have that, this is about the TORY FILTH, THE INFILTRATORS THE PARASITE INFESTATION, The Neo-Labour Party TORIES, an entirely polar opposite parasite party.
      An imposter, an infectious disease that has gripped The UK Labour Party and forced it, and it’s supporters into their wicked Thatcherite Neoliberal Neo-Labour Party TORY ways!
      DETORYFY The UK Labour Party and Movement NOW!

  3. Thing is NellyKSkelly, how can you ‘de-tory’ anything (the way you mean) if you’re not recognisably Labour in any of your memberships? MARIA Did you leave Momentum because you left Labour?

    At birth Momentum was a Labour-family organisation created to support a former leader who is now denied party membership by his successor. Does Momentum still see itself as a Labour party group, or does Jeremy’s eviction and over 200,000 dearly departed encourage it to a wider identity?

    Strikes me that at least some of the 200,000-plus Labour members that left must still be Momentum members, but maybe not. Does Momentum have a policy on membership from outside the LP?

    1. qwertboi – “Does Momentum have a policy on membership from outside the LP?”

      1. Summary of the Constitution
      •The constitution requires all new Momentum members to be Labour Party members. New members who join Momentum must be members of the Labour Party.

      1. Thank you Felicity. SW’s analysis-piece caused me to txt and email former LP members I know and ask them if they are (still?) members of Momentum. Of 23, 12 have told me already that they are. And they confirm your point. (“Supporters of Momentum who are not (party) members can participate in campaigns and activities organised by a local group, network or Momentum nationally, but cannot hold a position within Momentum, vote in elections or hold other membership rights.”). They joined as members of Labour, are now some of the dearly departed, 8 of the 12 have informed Mmtm of this and are encouraged to continue their membership.

        I’m interested in a particular case that I haven’t received a reply on yet, where the former member now is a member of the NIP and worked for its Wakefield candidate standing against an official centrist LP PPC. Is he being censured, ejected? Don’t know yet.

        Point it, Momentum needs to be pro-active on this and it looks like they are not being.

    2. Qwertboi, you got it half right I left at the same time I left the Labour Party. It was not point remaining in Momentum once I realised that Forward Momentum despite assurances wasn’t really interested in internal democracy at all and by its silence Momentum was enabling the witch hunt.
      What actions took Momentum when Corbyn lost the whip? What about defending members of Momentum suspended for supporting JC?
      You just need to see that while the CLGA is backing 5 candidates, Momentum is only backing 4 and all the excuses they are putting forward for not endorsing Naomi Wimbourne-Idrissi.
      Why would I remain a member of a Zionist outpost once I left the Labour Party?

  4. Surely the perpetual attacking of the Labour Party, and indeed the Tory Party is energy wasted given that neither are credible entities? Identify or start a movement that offers PR, that ceases to exist once PR is achieved, and from this point forward have the ability to ally with or forge a group that, even with modest support, can have a place at the table. The Johnson/Starmer era should be sufficient motivation for people of all persuasions to divest themselves of futile flip-flopping between two moribund parties. The problem has always been the dominance of two parties, not whether a good bad or indifferent leader fronts either of them. Stop all funding of parties other than by a fixed, individual subscription – so no union or business bungs – pay them properly and ban second jobs and give ACOBA the teeth it needs to stop MPs slipping into jobs that exploit the connections developed as an MP.

    1. Well I am sticking with the Labour Party which has
      its roots in many institutions – two of which are
      (1) The Unions
      (2) Dissenters in the Christian Church .

      My Family are mainly Catholic and from the North West
      with both Irish and recusant Connections.

      In my youth the NW was unfortunately sectarian
      where Catholic was linked to Labour and (some)
      Protestants to Tory/Unionist.

      The sectarian element has now largely disappeared –
      my theory being that Thatcher united the divided
      Working Class in the North West – particularly
      Liverpool! The Labour Party is nearest now to
      my Christian Principles .

      I belong a Union (still) as a retired member and
      helped support the miners via the miners wives.
      Though I would have arguments with Scargill, I
      was disgusted at the way they were treated
      by Thatcher. I am also disgusted by the arrogance
      of Starmer for it is evident that people need their
      Trade Unions even more now.

      The Labour Party can still turn themselves round
      and free themselves from the self-perpetuating
      oligarchy at the top. Labour people do NOT like
      being dictated to by Starmer Central – particularly
      we in the North ..

      1. Lovely Read HolbyMw. Loved the “Thatcher united the divided Working Class in the North West..” bit. So true! With people like SW and fantastic sites like Skwawkbox, the same will be said of Sir Keir one day!

  5. Thanks, SteveH. It’s not quite as simple as you r answer suggests Last year when Sir Wef Trilateral Starmer was having a Proscribing Frenzy, Momentum realised it needed to expand and protect its supporter base by considering engaging non Labour members. Labour list covered the options I recall. I just wondered if they’d resulted in a post-Starmer policy yet

    1. John Lansman…has decided to stay with the establishment labour party and clearly this means the labour right wing baggage as well.Momentum was a great vehicle for the liberation of the labour party,unfortunately Lansmans private feifdom got in the way.and like the labour party moved away from democracy and the working class.The battles over and the heart and soul of the labour party has gone forever.A new socialist labour party or bust and the working class enslaved….You cannot rely on old men to form a new socialist party its down to the new generations to build from the ashes of the movement thats still there but for how long?

  6. Just a thought on who controls what?How can you save a country that is so deeply embedded in the past glorys of empire and privalage.You vote for a drunken knight and expect results…You vote for a serial liar and philandering public schoolboy and expect a prime minister.Whoever ends up running Britain is aceppting a poison chalice,and I cannot see a turnaround for some time whoever amongst the rabble of parliament is decided.Labour Tory or lib \dems..greens…..SNP are all basically neo liberal alliance partys.ITs really got to be a democratic socialist party along the same lines as Sinn Fein were collaberators and Carreerists are dealt with quickly and efficiently.and rules have consequences far beyond just sackings and embarrassment.Peoples lives are at stake in Britain and no matter how long it takes you will have to have a party that represents you from the same background and experience and we all know it.My future is further afield but I still have a emotional attachment to Britain.and thats why I hope that the streets produce a leader like it did in Ireland and people will see that there cannot be the suffering without a light at the end of the tunnel.Momentum…theres none left.think about it?

      1. I wonder how many Ilford South CLP members became ‘dearly departed’ and are not there to vote for and retain Sam Tarry MP in the right’s shameless attempt to take over our party?

    1. I am not surprised at all. I am afraid he isn’t going to be the last member of the SCG to be triggered. Tarry has tried to walk the tightrope by remaining on Labour’s front bench and it hasn’t work.
      Tarry even ran the campaign to see Rayners elected as the Labour Party Deputy Leader. He has found out the hard way that their isn’t safety by playing nice with the right. The example of how Long- Baily and Corbyn were treated should have been a warning for all the SCG.
      The four MPs in Liverpool aren’t going to be triggered. However, I am not going to be surprised if something resurfaces that would give an excuse to Starmer to suspend them from the Labour whip and have as PPC candidates of his choice. We know that the right rather have LibDems and even Tories winning Labour seats rather than allowing socialist back in Parliament.
      When all this started I argued that members of the SCG should resign the Labour whip when Corbyn was suspended from the whip and launch a new political Party.
      Even if they tried to launch one now, they have lost nearly 2 years and the public will see them as opportunistic as opposed to principle politicians.

      1. yes, shadow transport and SCG member..

        WIKI “After being elected to Parliament, Tarry was appointed to the Transport Select Committee, on which he has been credited as being a “passionate advocate for public ownership”.[30] In this role, he called for the introduction of a death in service payment scheme for London transport workers.[31] He also joined the Socialist Campaign Group of left-wing Labour MPs.[32]”

      2. qwertboi – Yes, appointed to the Shadow Cabinet by Keir Starmer

    2. Two Cheeks
      Isn’t his better half A Rayner
      Now considering the level of corruption that has been alleged, then you know this is how it works jn numerous other cases
      What should they do
      Practically useless the two of them

  7. Momentum should’ve disbanded and reformed under a new name. Totally discredited and probably infiltrated by Paul Mason types.

    The tabloid press did a horrific hatchet job on them during Corbyn’s leadership, painting them as violent thugs and extremists in near daily evidence free assertions, the media created a caricature, with the aid of parts of the PLP.

    And Jon Lansman and Novara’s Michael Walker (who seems a reasonable enough guy) appeared to accept the press allegations the party had this endemic antisemitism problem at face value; producing patronising video guides on how to spot your own antisemitism. This despite the astonishingly low incidence rates of actual complaints. Lower than any other major party or large organisation with 580,000 members.

  8. I stated that the Labour Party had its roots
    in the following
    (1) The Unions
    (2) Dissenters in the Christian Church .

    I should also have mentioned
    (3) The ramblers
    (4) The Youth Hostels Association ..

    who in turn had THEIR roots in the Community ..
    and I think that is what is common to the various
    factions that unite in the Labour Party.

    Now THAT aspect is exactly what Starmer
    ignores and appears to undermine.

    1. HFM – I see what you are trying to get at but I doubt that many of today’s voters give a toss about Labour’s roots or ramblers and the RHA. You appear to be hankering after a bygone age..

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