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Labour loses Croydon – after years of general secretary Evans acting as political consultant

Result caps a disaster in which Labour gained almost nothing from Tory collapse, coming far behind even brand new party that only stood in one borough

Labour lost control of Croydon council last night, capping a dire set of local elections that Keir Starmer and his drones and media allies are still trying to spin as success. The party gained only 11 seats overall in England – coming only fifth among parties profiting from the Tories’ collapse under Johnson and losing seats to the Tories in many areas, miles behind the Greens and LibDems. Labour’s gains were even outperformed by the new Aspire party, which only stood candidates in the Tower Hamlets borough of London and which ousted Labour there by winning 24 seats and the mayoral election. On top of the outright losses of councils, Labour also made net losses in seats in at least four other London boroughs.

By contrast, in left-run Wales with not even a tenth of the population of England, Labour made 66 gains, five times more than Starmer could manage.

Labour continues to claim that Starmer did well in London, despite losing as many councils as it gained – and the Croydon result is particularly telling, because Croydon Labour has spent a small fortune over the years to be advised by the company Evans founded and which has been run by his wife since he became general secretary as this supposedly avoids a conflict of interests:

Evans was not leader but is close to several right-wing Labour councillors and was the group’s political consultant

Evans, of course, was also the author of a paper for Tony Blair recommending the neutering of in-party democracy and has overseen Starmer’s war on party democracy and its left members, including vastly disproportionate targeting of left-wing Jews.

Working-class communities around the country are just not buying the bland, toxic nonsense Starmer, Evans and co are selling.

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  1. If your first ambition is to destroy political representation for working people (i.e. the most serious threat to top level corruption) then Starmer has been a roaring success! And I say let him get on with it…

    A phoenix shall arise.

    1. I hope this is the beginning of the end for Starmers Labour and like you hope that a new party comes out of ruins that Starmer reduced our once great party to.

  2. Labour were “most worried” about losing control of Croydon council. They lost the Mayor to the Tories, despite their best efforts to sway the voters and now the council is in no overall control.

    I wonder what it is about Croydon council that Labour were most worried about? Connections to the Campaign Company perhaps?

    I think it’s time to order some popcorn.

    1. One voter asked the panel of Mayoral candidates, “Where have the crooks gone with all our money?”

      Rick Howard, the LibDem outsider in the Mayoral contest, was quick to offer an answer: “They’re on Labour’s Addiscombe West leaflet.”

    2. I can see the shredding machine burning the midnight oil in Croydon council offices…maybe a takeaway and a few beers whilst carrying on with the “essential service of burying the evidence…I wonder if fatty evans and his wife are doing overtime?Love the caption by the way…!

  3. qwertboi08/05/2022 AT 6:01 PM
    the Gen Sec’s unlabourlike/anti-Labour behaviour.

    SteveH08/05/2022 AT 6:07 PM
    qwertboi – Which would be?

    Well you can now add losing a labour council -while enriching himself and his tart in the process – to the list of woes.

    *Awaits the inevitable and totally irrelevant:“But Formby….” excuse.

  4. I checked the BBC website and Labour won 22 seats no 11. Where this information comes from?
    I am very sorry for correcting you but knowing the bureaucrats of the Labour Party unless you are right they are going to file a complaint against Skwawkbox for printing false information.
    Hence, better to check the information regarding winning only 11 seats is correct and if it isn’t, made a correction before you incur a fine.

  5. Theres clearly conflict of interest between Evans and his wife..They both want to bankrupt the labour party…There’s only one chance to save the labour party and they fit him up and slandered him forgetting that mud sticks and not only to jeremy Corbyn..especially when they did such a professional job of ruining the labour party that we gave a good part of our lives to whilst Evans and Starmer were still in nappys.Politics is like a Skill you have to serve your time to.and understand what the democratic socialist movement meant to millions of working class people..Without that understanding and commitment most of the PLP should never have been selected let alone actually represent the people.they have no affinity with.

  6. Meantime, on The Wirral, Jo Bird becomes a Green Party Councillor, on the Council. 🙂

    1. Great news George. It makes easier for Jo to be re-elected, while boosting the chance of other Green candidates running in her ward alongside her.

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