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Leftie compares Starmer with Shipman to correct so-called ‘moderate’

Centrist protest – that Starmer can’t be criticised for enabling fascism and supporting robber elites because he was a human rights lawyer – shredded in just five words

Left-wing pithiness won the day after a Keir Starmer supported objected to criticism of the brylcreemed barrister for his Establishment friendly politics.

‘Supertanskiii’ complained that Starmer’s old job as a human rights lawyer invalidated observations that Starmer has helped the rich avoid taxes compared to former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s spotless record on human rights – but @ianjfitch pointed out that just as Starmer was a human rights lawyer, Harold Shipman was a doctor:

As a medical doctor, Shipman took an oath to do no harm and to save life – yet was convicted of the murder of fifteen people and is believed to have killed as many as 250, including young children.

A job title is not an indicator of actual performance – and Keir Starmer has made a farce of his entire leadership campaign by breaking every promise, declaring war on members and writing for the S*n, while holding Boris Johnson’s hand to usher through draconian laws to curb protests and protect criminal police and their agents from prosecution then even calling for those trying to save the planet to be criminalised.

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  1. jimmy savile was not prosecuted.

    damien green was not prosecuted

    grant shafts was not prosecuted.

    Where are Assange’s human rights?

  2. Yes and haven’t investigative journalists reporting from the Mariupol steel works noticed that the Azov brigade there are self declared Nazis, perhaps not noticed the clues?
    Hope this dreadful war ends soon but a complete failure for diplomacy and highlights a world run by Right Wing Neo-Liberal political lightweights.
    Only two talking sense Corbyn & Pope.

  3. Yeah…it really doesn;t matter if someone used to be a human rights lawyer, now that that person no longer supports human rights- or is willing to compromise human rights in the name of the imaginary concepts of “national security” and “law & order”, since that’s the same thing as not supporting human rights at all

  4. You cannot be a Christian and support the cheap and nasty Tory party responsible for starving children

  5. You cannot be Pope and a member of Red Tory party
    You cannot be Jewish and a member of the Red Tory party
    You can be Two cheeks of the same arse and a Nazi sympathiser

  6. At first, I thought that Starmer reminded me of a cross between Frank Spencer and Bluebottle ………….. but, of course, they both had personalities.

  7. Re: Starmer’s love affair with NATO
    I prefer Roy Bailey’s position on this

    1. Thanks for this Goldbach. He is sadly missed, I knew him pretty well, I played support on some of his gigs with Tony Benn and he stayed at our house on occasion. He had an unerring talent for discovering and popularising the best of political song writers as well as penning some great songs himself. Today’s popular musical landscape, often populated by privately educated navel gazers, is barren by comparison.

  8. In other news – Just heard that HMG have announced further sanctions.
    “New import tariffs will cover goods worth £1.4bn, including platinum and palladium” – Putting up the costs to UK companies that need to import platinum and palladium.
    “export bans are intended to impact more than £250m worth of goods ….. targeting key materials such as chemicals, plastics, rubber and machinery,” – Reducing the incomes of UK companies producing chemicals, plastics, rubber and machinery.
    So, who will cave in first Russia or a number of UK companies?

    1. Russia produce oil and gas same as the USA and the US has unlimited supplies in Alaska and the Northern Miiwest Dakota,Minnesota,etc.Meanwhile Britain quickly used up NSea oil and gas under Thatcher with the receits being used to destroy the utilities and keep millions unemployed…in a ideological wrecking spree.Great Britain became “little Britain” in a comody farce that would have been funny if it hadnt destroyed so many lives in Britain and Argentina were war was used to save the Conservative and unionist party in collaboration once again with the labour party.The pound is now in free fall despite a interest rates rise against the doller…same with europe who like Britain are heading for the rocks whilst the USA stand to make a profit and protect the doller with a nasty piece of Political greed in the Balkans.The USA risk a nuclear war and setting the whole of the Balkans ablaze with their War machine and their Nato poodle.The Americans and British are already looking to my side of the world for even more of the same
      .Unfortunately for the Western world China and Asia do not think the same as the Russians and will without doubt use maximum force and millions of troops and hitech weapons to protect their rights and freedoms in this world of war.and a monster unleashed by the West…..Japan and Germany are out of the cage…!

    2. The sanctions being thrown around are not aimed at Russia. They are for us.

      Expect to see a rise in catalytic converter thefts…

  9. Psychopaths tend to look for positions of power and influence…politics fits and so does doctor….There are many more out there Blair lawyer and his partner in crime Cherie Blair whos dabbling in both awakened a mass murderer..IF people continue to vote for people most unlike themselves(working class)then the lunatics will continue in the assylum.By the way “brylcream boy” a blast from the fiftys..absolutely perfect discription of the knight with the severe personality problem developed by being bullied at the Reigate independent school or so Ted tells me being a ex pupil himself and a lawyer like the knight…..did he pull wings off flys Stevie?

  10. Somebody, I forget who it was, recently claimed that Lyndon Johnson could not have killed President Kennedy because of his support for civil rights.

    But what if he supported civil rights so that people would not think that he had killed President Kennedy?

    Just for the record, in his more than 20 years in Congress Lyndon Johnson repeatedly voted against federal anti-lynching laws and against laws to ban the poll tax (a device to prevent African-Americans from exercising their constitutional right to vote).

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