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Starmer made net losses in SEVEN London boroughs as well as 2 mayoral elections

London was anything but the success Starmer and his media mates have claimed

After a couple of early wins in the capital, Keir Starmer and the so-called ‘mainstream’ media have continued to push a narrative that London’s results favoured Starmer’s party and offset in part Labour’s dire results in other parts of England.

However, as more counts have been announced, the real picture that has emerged has shown that London is anything but the success story Starmer and his allies want us to believe.

While Labour gained 3 boroughs, it also lost three – Harrow and Croydon to the Tories and Tower Hamlets to former Labour politician Lutfur Rahman.

But those three are only the start of Starmer’s London rejection – Labour also made net losses in councillor numbers in no fewer than six other boroughs:

  • Hackney -2
  • Islington-2
  • Enfield -8
  • Newham -2
  • Brent -5
  • Hounslow -1

And in Harrow, where as noted above Labour lost control to the chaotic Tories, the party lost eight seats.

In short, Starmer gained in a few wealthy areas of London – and he and his Tory-lites were rejected in working-class areas just as towns and working-class communities in other parts of the country rejected him.

Of course, the media continue to talk about London in contrast to the rest of England as if this were not the case – and in Scotland they talk about Labour being ahead of the Tories but largely ignore the much bigger gains made there by the Greens and LibDems. Only in left-run Wales did Labour make significant gains and outstrip other parties.

Starmer and his faction continue to be a disaster for Labour – and for a country that desperately needs real change but is rejecting the con-artists in red rosettes.

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  1. In other news – things appear to be hotting up in Brazil.
    Lots of media outlets including Folha de Sao Paulo, the biggest selling newspaper in Brazil, are reporting strong indications that a coup is being prepared by Bolsonaro. CIA leaks are cited as well as domestic reports.

    1. One by one Goldbach….Brazil- Russia-India-China-South Africa……BRICS, who want to stop trading in the US dollar.

      They just got rid of Khan, who was dealing with Russia in rubles.

      1. baz – I don’t think that what could happen in Brazil is linked to that. Bolsonaro is not playing ball. He is staying well clear of sanctions on Russia. That is almost certainly the only policy where he and Lula would be in agreement. I think the Brazil situation is a straightforward case of the US not wanting a democratic socialist government in Brazil.

    2. Eh? Bolsonaro is going to coup himself? How does THAT work?! Surely you mean the CIA is preparing a coup AGAINST Bolsonaro?

      1. No. The reports suggest that it is anticipated that Lula would win the election, and so there would be a coup to keep Bolsonaro in power.

      2. Ah, yes, see what you mean. Something similar would happen here if Corbyn were to form a new party and looked like winning a General Election I guess…

    3. They are up to no good in Ethiopia as well. Then there’s the Solomon Islands but India is filling it’s boots with cut-price Russian oil. The moderate nazis are really getting pasted by the incompetent Russian Army.

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