Starmer still whipping MPs to abstain on Policing Bill – even after last night’s #ClaphamCommon scandal

Former Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott confirms whip is still in place this morning, as left back-benchers say they will rebel and vote against. Starmer’s ‘tin ear’ – or is he just more wedded to the Establishment’s agenda than human rights?

Keir Starmer is still ordering Labour MPs to abstain on the Tories policing bill – which will criminalise protest with a ten-year sentence for causing ‘annoyance’, as well as criminalising the traditional Gypsy-Roma-Traveller lifestyle – in spite of almost universal horror and outrage at the conduct of the Metropolitan Police at last night’s vigil protesting about violence against women in memory of murder victim Sarah Everard.

There had been speculation that last night’s events might cause Starmer to buckle and actually oppose the Tories for once. But as left Labour back-benchers continue to confirm that they will vote against Priti Patel’s totalitarian attempt to clamp down on the right to protest and on freedom of speech, former Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott confirmed that this morning Starmer is still ‘whipping’ Labour’s MPs to abstain.

Is Starmer’s ‘tin ear’ to the public’s view still so deaf – or does he simply prioritise the Establishment’s agenda above all else, including our human rights and civil freedoms?

Update: as this article, Labour finally announced that it will oppose the policing bill.

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  1. Ah, that’s odd. News, just, starting to appear that Labour are going to oppose, now.

    Happened about forty minutes after the conversation with Diane.

    1. silence, control, preserve the status quo, protect crimes of the rich, super rich and the establishment … often one and the same ⚠️⛓⚠️⛓⚠️⛓

    2. – “or is he just more wedded to the Establishment’s agenda than human rights?”

      Yes. Furthermore, expect visceral opposition to this bill, to come from Blue Tories. Bad news Starmer acting as expected. He will be gone but the bad results of his occupation of the opposition will linger.

    3. She must have scared him, his initial instinct is to let the government let it pass. Perhaps he does not want to be asked to resign in May after the local elections. He abstained on the equally heinous spycops bill, so if he changes on this one, it will only be strategic.

      1. At least 60% of members and supporters didn’t vote for Sir Keir Rodney Starmer. It’s a shame we have to wait to May and the inevitable starmer-effect at the polls (we’re going to get a starmer-ing), when clearly the majority of members would prefer him to do the decent thinng and resign before then.

  2. Any detached observer of SKS could be forgiven for thinking that all is not well with him. Perhaps a long lie down or even a holiday might be in order. His policy positions and actions don’t appear altogether rational to me. Replacement needs lining up well before the next GE.

    1. Resignation, would be my preference.

      Give him all the time in the world to think ‘where it all went wrong’.

      1. (Vivi-) sectioning’d be my preference.

        Seriously, the abomination’s suffering serious delusions. For starters, he’s kidded himself he’s a statesman as well as some sort of legal mastermind.

      2. lundiel – Ah, it was self-preservation. Me first, sort of thing. 🙂

    1. Also – Parliament Square 16:00 hrs tomorrow Monday 📌⛓📌⛓📌⛓

      1. NO! Crowd gatherings @ a time of the Pandemic will continue the Covid spread & kill people. It’s not ‘cool’ to be callous, despite the attempts by MSM to advertise & incite it. Do young people really believe that Covid is not their business?

  3. He is a member of the Tri Lateral Commission, a self proposed commission for reducing democracy around the world. I tried my best to tell everyone I knew not to vote for Starmer last year, because I knew that he would not oppose a right wing government because his club membership shows that he is fascistic in nature and nurture.

      1. Zionist; Fascist; Racist. part of the same parcel..

  4. Apart from the appalling scenes last night. What else has occurred to make Starmer change his mind. Have some of his shadow cabinet told him they will not abstain.

    1. BackofBeyond, “appalling scenes” matter not a jot to Starmer. In this instance his flip flop resulted from a prospect of enough PLP being AFRAID to abstain on such a brazenly sinister bill. FEAR not CARE, twisted their and Starmer’s arm. I.E. How would constituents respond after checking how their MP voted to punish “abuse” of a statue ie an inanimate object, MORE than rape❓❓❓ Many men escape justice for raping women, girls, children and babies. Yet ex DPP Starmer, deafeningly silent and ok with that abuse but is happy to abstain on this contemptibly sinister bill.

      That Starmer failed to see the obscenity… the abhorrent aims … the ethical depravity of even thinking of abstaining, tells us all AGAIN infinitely more than what we should already know re SIR Keith Starmer and his sordid cabal of coup plotting Labour saboteurs.


  5. Zionist Starmer as Rocky Horror come Freddie Mercury .. The Great Pretender comes The Great Abstainer

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