Listen: Corbyn on ‘very serious development’ of Starmer under police investigation

Former Labour leader on his predecessor’s lockdown-breaching ‘beergate’ party

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has spoken out on the police investigation into Keir Starmer’s beer gathering during lockdown – a gathering the party lied about until it was forced to u-turn by photographic evidence, claiming it had made a ‘mistake’. Keir Starmer has denied breaking any ‘rules’ – interestingly, he correctly called them ‘laws’ when calling for Boris Johnson’s resignation.

Listen below:

Starmer called for Johnson to resign merely over the fact that police were investigating Johnson’s own lockdown activities – and now even some of the media usually friendly to Starmer are saying that by his own standards he should already have resigned. Unsurprisingly Starmer has abandoned that principle and has his drones out talking to the media about waiting for the outcome of the Durham police investigation.

But some Labour MPs are refusing to embarrass themselves defending the ‘indefensible’.

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    1. Not really.

      Sounded like the rest of them… ‘wait and see’. I really don’t see what the problem is with saying
      ANYONE found to have BROKEN THE LAW should not resign, but be DISMISSED from office immediately, and permanently prohibited from even contesting any future civil and/or elected post

      1. Agreed Toffee. Whilst I admire him for showing total restraint (and no more so than when Hodge attacked him in Parliament), I’m afraid I’m someone who would sooner go for the jugular, and say it as it is.

        And it is that this is just the most recent reason why Starmer should go from the Labour [sic] Party.

      2. Not as if Corbyn owes keef anything…It’s the other way around.

        In fact, keef owes the nation a socialist government, in my opinion.

  1. And you end in the grotesque chaos of a Labour leader – a Labour leader – hiring lawyers to scuttle round trying to put together a defence for the indefensible.

  2. Tulip Siddiqi was a panelist on the Radio 4 election coveridge. She went big on the antisemitism smear. In mid-smear she had to admit that personally Corbyn had helped her a lot but then carried on regardless.

  3. How can you have a Lawmaker having contempt for the laws they make and by association the institution they are head of….many know my veiws on the covid laws and the Vaccine but its fairly clear to me that Starmer and johnson must go and also be thrown out of the job of mp which they have even more contempt than I have which is saying a lot.

  4. Skwawkbox on Friday reported Labour MPs were cancelling interviews to avoid questions about Starmer’s beergate fiasco. Proof came this morning’s R4 Today programme. Who was speaking up for Labour but ultra right Blairite David Blunkett. I thought, hoped, he was dead.

    1. Keith’s now cancelling interviews … Nothing at all to do with the likelihood of questions about Beergate says Streeting. Of course not, Wes.

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