Video: Keir Starmer had his own drinks gathering during lockdown

Tory PM Boris Johnson not the only one snapped having drinks at close quarters when gatherings were banned

The Tories have rightly been criticised for their repeated parties and supposed ‘work’ meetings during lockdown, featuring booze and closely gathered people while the rest of the country was staying apart – and many even died without their loved ones close as a result of rules designed to inhibit the spread of the Covid virus.

But it should not be forgotten that Labour leader Keir Starmer was also filmed having a drinks gathering in a confined space with others. At the end of April this year, he was spotted having beers and food at a location in Durham:

Lockdown rules at the time forbade indoor gatherings, indeed even outdoor gatherings had only become lawful a couple of weeks earlier and even those were still subject to the ‘rule of six’, as the government’s website documenting historical lockdown measures confirms:

On 8 March 2021, England began a phased exit out of lockdown. This consists of a four-step plan, forming part of the Government’s broader roadmap intended to “cautiously but irreversibly” ease lockdown restrictions. Instead of a return to the tier system, the Government confirmed that it planned to lift restrictions in all areas at the same time
as the level of infection was “broadly similar” across England

England moved to step two restrictions on the 12 April, which has seen the reopening of outdoor attractions and settings. Prior to this, as part of step one, children returned to schools and restrictions on gatherings were relaxed, with the rule of six reinstated (in outdoor settings only). Step three will be reached “no earlier than 17 May

In a foreshadowing of Tory tactics now, Starmer’s office at the time claimed that the event was a work gathering:

Keir was in the workplace, meeting a local MP in her constituency office and participating in an online Labour Party event.  They paused for dinner as the meeting was during the evening.

Watch and decide for yourself.

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  1. 5 Questions for Sir Keir

    Dear Sir Keir,

    “Congratulations on being elected the new leader of the Labour Party. I have been researching your former role as the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for England and Wales. I wrote to you with some questions recently but received no reply, so I am now writing you an open letter to pose five critical questions which I believe are in the public interest:

    1. Why did you meet the head of MI5, the domestic security service, for informal social drinks in April 2013, the year after you decided not to prosecute MI5 for its role in torture?

    2. When and why did you join the Trilateral Commission and what does your membership of this intelligence-linked network entail?

    3. What did you discuss with then US Attorney General Eric Holder when you met him on 9 November 2011 in Washington DC, at a time you were handling the Julian Assange case as the public prosecutor?

    4. What role did you play in the Crown Prosecution Service’s irregular handling of the Julian Assange case during your period as DPP?

    5. Why did you develop such a close relationship with the Times newspaper while you were the DPP and does this relationship still exist?

    Matt Kennard
    June 2020

    1. qwertboi @10.17

      “2017, why did you leave at that time nemtona; Starmer was only an undercover strategist for the WEF doing the chicken-coup shuffle at that time.

      A very long story that I won’t go into here, including targetted hostility by the CLP executive in collusion with the NWRO and the GLU, after I helped elect a Labour MP against their wishes in 2017. A story not unlike those of the high profile members who were also witch hunted, as were thousands of us from 2015 to date.

      1. Respect! You saw the future and it was Starmer-esque! There’s more than a hundred and twenty thousand other members from then, who (sadly) feel that we also have to leave the party now that the ‘new management’ is installed.

      2. @stevieh – THANK YOU fine Sir. It’s edifying that you visually clap my post like for an NHS Hero!!

    1. Read Kennards’s full article. You will see that Keir Rodney Starmer is insidious, relentless and clever: the perfect political agent for the anti-democratic Trilateral Commission.

      “The Trilateral Commission clearly has access to the highest level of the British intelligence establishment. At a Commission meeting in London in 2017, Eliza Manningham-Buller — Sir Jonathan Evans’ predecessor as head of MI5 — chaired a discussion on “cyber security” with Sir David Omand, former director of GCHQ, the UK’s surveillance agency. In 2018, Sir John Scarlett, former head of MI6, spoke at the Trilateral Commission’s plenary meeting in Singapore.

      “The Trilateral Commission is a secretive organization whose meetings are strictly off-the-record. I have been unable to find any public mentions you have made of your membership of it.”

      And then tell me he is not the antithesis of a good Labour leader, the enemy of every pro-democracy, pro-peace and pro-justice Labour member who believes the party’s struggle should be “for the Many, not the Few”.

      1. qwertboi – If my comment had been addressed to you then it would have been attached to your comment as yours is to mine and mine is to yours here.

      2. qwertboi, re Matt Kennard’s open letter to Starmer.

        The Labour data breach has thrown up a potentially disturbing aspect of the Labour leaderships thinking, something I believe shows their inclinations for government. Information about the breach is all but non existant, but what we have established shows a worrying direction for a political party.

        An email from Labour in response to a Subject Access Request mentions “member profiling”. What this means we don’t know and Labour wll not give members a SAR, unless we give them phot ID, ie our driving licence or passports. Past expeience of members show that Labour will not provide SARs. It took me two years and a solicitor to gain a partial SAR. This latest request for ID looks like a phishing exercise to gain more of our data. Disturbing considering I have not been a member since 2017.

        The questions are why will the party not give us the data we request and are entitled to and what is the purpose for profiling members?

        The ICO have admitted the Labour party is “probably” in breach of their obligations to keep our data safe, but will at present only keep the Labour party under review. Emails from the ICO going back to 2018 say the same thing.

        If this was all above board, why would the party and the ICO not be more honest and let us know who the third party is and what data is potentially at risk? Why are the ICO stonewalling? At the moment it’s a complete stalemate, with the ICO even referring us back to Labour for information. But perhaps this from c. 2017 can throw some light.

        “Last year, I wrote about the fact that Councillor Alex Ganotis, Labour leader of Stockport Council is also a group manager at the Information Commissioner’s Office. After an FOI request, the ICO admitted that he managed the teams responsible for complaints about political parties and local councils. At the time, I argued that this was an unacceptable conflict of interest, and something had to be done about it”.

      3. @Nemtona – thank you for informing me that “An email from Labour in response to a Subject Access Request mentions “member profiling”. What this means we don’t know and Labour wll not give members a SAR, unless we give them phot ID, ie our driving licence or passports. Past expeience of members show that Labour will not provide SARs. It took me two years and a solicitor to gain a partial SAR. This latest request for ID looks like a phishing exercise to gain more of our data.”

        Now, when I meet heroic members who “stay and fight”, I have a supporting argument to my decision not to.

        2017, why did you leave at that time nemtona; Starmer was only an undercover strategist for the WEF doing the chicken-coup shuffle at that time?

    2. Rattled arent ya? With yer big, bold capitals 😏

      No amount of your jilted schoolgirl shrill screeching can mask the putrescent smell of bullshit & hypocrisy from the cube-headed Tory.

      So why bother?

      Once again he’s bollocksed up all pretence YOU desperately and pathetically attempted to put up for him.

      As if selling you down the river over brexit wasn’t embarrassing enough for you, you continue to extol the (non-existent) non-toerag virtues he supposedly has.

      What a right pair of knobheads.

      1. Thanks Toffee, you made my day…..

        That last sentence….

  2. The main points that come out from these close contact drinks and party time gatherings for the. establishment who decide our very existence should be ?Why do they not worry about the leathel pandemic flu thats brought the country to a standstill and bankrupted small businesses who are not part of the “Chums network” .Why are they not worried 😟about the virus that has got the media encouraging sheer panic and fear 😱
    Where has all the money gone on a not so dangerous virus.?And how can the government get away with knowingly entered into a conspiracy to bring draconian laws against the working-class.whilst ridiculing and smearing those of us that know its one big fraudulent attempt by Parliament to hijack human rights and freedoms that will turn us into little better than slaves .?
    No person can seriously believe that Starmer would expose himself along with the rest of our “betters” to somthing that could kill their loved ones unless they know somthing we don’t know?Wake up its time for reason and common sense that somthing stinks and its certainly not the working-class.

    1. But Joseph, keef’s had to isolate several times*.

      Surely it’s not because he just wants time off; I mean, just like de piffle keef can take a holiday when he pleases, can’t he?

      *During key debates & votes usually. But there’s no pattern there, honest….

      1. Blue Keef earns The Big Bucks, so it’s only fair he takes a few Duvet days out hear and there as Workers get the sack for being 5 Minutes late 3 days in a row, dares to become unwell, etc all under his supporting and watchful gaze!
        Surprisingly he’s not yet planned to Lock Workers Up for those sort of Offences yet, Blue Keef LOVES Loopholing those 10 Year Sentences for so much as farting in Public, only applying it to The PEOPLE, his Masters The TORY Hoity Toity!

    2. The PEOPLE vs The Elites and their Serfs! If only there was a way to get lab test samples of The Totty and top serfs, to check “Vaccine” Status! I bet not one has been injected by the Omicron or Israel IDF Prematurely Predicted Omega Variant.
      You have to ask how 80% of November Deaths are contributed to Fully Vaccinated and Boosted when 75% of the Population are fully Vaccinated, 40% are 3rd Dose Boosted and 25% are Unvaccinated!
      This is the danger of misinforming the Public that they are vaccinated and immune when they are neither, that is a Vaccination in Development no where near vaccine status, how many of those poor folk would still be here if they were a. Informed, b. Immune Tested c. Got boosted as the Vaccine developed!?
      This has been so poorly handled by both Fearmongering TORY Parties, Bad Decisions by one and Absolutely no Opposition from the Other!

      1. Astra zenica have announced that they are going into partnership with Oxford university to produce a tested vaccine in less than 3 months from a new variant being invented.Seems that the education industry thinks that this virus is a too good opportunity to miss out on with the Government subsidising just about anyone so long as they are the right kind of business…?…..Tory?
        .Former Bolton wanderers winger francis Lee and England player makes Bog rolls nowadays,I wonder if he fancys a punt in the old stubbins mill in Ramsbottom were he flogs off his successful brand of toilet paper.Lifes a jungle in “Rammy” but I am sure that franny Lee can score a few goals with the virus…

      2. Exactly Joseph, The Elite Candid Fluffed up Curriculum and Schooling of Children are nothing short of making Bricks!
        Universities used to be the institutions that freed the young “Bricks” and encourage Free Thought, now they are nothing but Neoliberal TORY extensions of Schools and ‘Wall’ Manufacturing where The Rich, Gullible and Ignorant get praised for their Evil Wealth, Greed, Power Obsessed Conniving and the Free Thinking, Freedom, Justice, Peace, Truth Seeking Students become Isolated as Terrorist Suspects, The Worst of Humanity, Trouble Makers, etc, etc, etc!
        Just another reason other than Tuition Fees that The PEOPLE will not attend!
        The PEOPLE will have to plan a China/Russia vs The West Financial System bypass for our own International Open Sourced “Government” (Civil Servants), Instant and Secure Decentralised Voting System and Economics, completely cut off and bypass the Hoity Toity!

      3. nellyskelly – What is it that you so admire about the Chinese, Russian and Iranian states. Also what do you think that these 3 states have in common.

      4. I don’t pollute myself with MSM/MSSM, I am under no delusion that they are perfect People or Governments, but show me perfect, show me where especially the west are not and have not done far far worse crimes than they have, past or present!
        They where crippled by the Americans’ Constant Idiotic Sanctions of absolutely no common sense and rose above all expectations, they are quite literally Mooning the West!
        Same with the blind-sided rise of Socialism in South America, while Biden was busy warmongering, making up sanctions and conniving against Iran with Israel.
        Why on earth would I hate one land and it’s People, just because some preprogrammed individual in/on Paper/TV/Radio says I should, then they Shut The Fuck Up when Julian Assange is illegally arrested for letting us know what The West have been doing in The Middle East! You may be deluded to believe The West is Squeaky Clean and Russia, China, Iran is Dirty with Crimes, they are not! There is far more filth on the West than any of them.

      5. PS I bet we’d be shocked and horrified to see how much The Oxford Fat Cat gets paid, especially on a graph of the past 50 years.

  3. We shouldn’t be surprised. After all Starmer considers himself part of the Tory Management!
    Don’t worry Keith, your Tory Peerage is in the post!

    1. My brother and his family, lived in Israel for six years. He left the very second that covid vaccination became almost (as good as) mandatory (the way they are trying to make it here). In Nov 2020 he moved to Cyprus so that he and his beautiful partner and wonderful kids do not have to compromise their immune system with an unproven and untested “vaccine”.

      If the theory that the mRNA vaccines may cause antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) proves correct, a lot of people could be killed by viruses this winter as a direct result of being “vaccinated”…and then be used as evidence to prop up the idea of “vaccine effectiveness”.

      Think on, Sir Keir claims he is vaccinated (I’d suggest he isn’t) and is enshrined into the Trilateral Commission’s global capitalist power grab using a not-so virulent coronavirus (same IFR (0.04 at worst) as the common-or-garden ‘flu in a bad year) as a cover for its WEF-set ‘New Normal’.

      This is a globalcapitalism power-grab and when ‘lockdown lefties’ choose not to see this I despair.

      1. quertboi its not just the Vaccine thats a real worry especially if evil people exploit it for ultimate control and many governments have especially in the west.You may realise that I live in a small commune that is as self sufficient as possible including solar power systems and water systems.Our water is tested for chemical content being in a rural area and a area that had millions of tons of chemical weapons dropped on our rice fields in a undeclared war by the USA in the Vietnam war.I have recently read about the very high content of graphene oxide in the British water technology including nano technology used in filtration systems and alarmingly many of the Covid vaccines.
        I researched the toxicity of the graphene oxide and was shocked….blood clots,cancer etc etc..Back to the water supplies here.I’m my smugness I was confident of being ok here till I found that my filtration system here although pumped from nearly fifty mtrs down into a underground lake our water filters were basically nano graphite oxide made in the UK and poisoning us here for the last couple of years since I installed it myself being qualified .IT’s now all been changed and hope and pray that no damage was done to our family and locals who use our water….but its just a warning that you can never be too careful in studying the facts,labels and technology wherever you are especially in the UK were flouride in the water and graphene oxide filtration systems are becoming increasingly popular in water filtration.How its recieved by your body is wide open to debate but the problem is like flouride it was used without any consultation from the public.

      2. qwertboi – Yet more dishonesty from our resident quack. Why are you linking to papers that are nearly 20 years old

        ADE Is Still Not a Problem With COVID Vaccines
        — Recent paper “not aligned with reality”

        by Kristina Fiore, Director of Enterprise & Investigative Reporting, MedPage Today August 24, 2021

        Conspiracy theories about antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) with COVID-19 vaccines are swirling yet again, apparently due to a letter to the editor and a controversial talk by a physician at a school board meeting.
        That’s despite the fact that there’s absolutely no evidence of the condition occurring as hundreds of millions of people around the world have been vaccinated.
        “If COVID-19 vaccines caused ADE, people who are vaccinated against COVID-19 would have more severe disease,” Nada Fadul, MD, an infectious diseases physician with Nebraska Medicine, said in a statement. “This is not happening. On the contrary, people who are vaccinated typically have very mild disease or none at all. In fact, the majority of COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. are people who aren’t fully vaccinated.”

      3. @SteveH

        You plonker. You absolute f****ing plonker! Citing a propagandist covidian fact-checker to me as a scientist is very dangerous here on this.

        ADS is only a possible (I’d say ‘probable’) consequence of mRNA vaccines and – although I worked on one as a ‘nanochemist’ 18 years ago it was much too dangerous to be tested on humans/never mind ‘launched’ for mass-use, as with the covid vaccine(s)), if the much-feared danger is real, viruses of all sorts (cold-sore herpes even) will start killing people who would otherwise have lived full and effective lives.

        By all means defend the covid narrative (with all its bad and dangerous science and dodgy epidemiology)), but please do not cite propaganda level documents to me as a scientist which has the sole purpose of misinforming the public and keeping the queue for the showers ‘calm’ and acquiescent.

        Shame on you! This takes your apologetics to a very dangerous place. (I hope that you do not actually appreciate the dangers that people would face if the ADS hypothesis is proven correct here. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria would be as nothing compared to a regular common-or-garden virus in its ability to harm people.)

        And – anyone still reading my post – please remember, an illness with a 99+% survival rate does NOT need a virus. – especially not a possibly dangerous (and certainly untested) one.

      4. qwertboi – ….and yet the vast majority of the scientific majority thinks you’re talking bollocks

        For goodness sake, ranting about what you did 18yrs ago and your so called expertise in alternative quack medicine isn’t going to make your nonsense any more credible.
        It appears that the science has moved on and left you behind in your alternative quack medicine bubble.

      5. aaaaag, vaccine, not ‘virus’ . Somebody’s dangerous propagandising, made me mis-type.

        “And – anyone still reading my post – please remember, an illness with a 99+% survival rate does NOT need a VACCINE. – especially not a possibly dangerous (and certainly untested) one.

      6. qwertboi – The only dangerous idiots on here are you and your fellow anti-vaxers.

        If it looks like a 🦆, waddles like a 🦆 etc

      7. SteveH
        Why would anyone take a vaccine they don’t need
        Natural immunity beats anything offered by this crop of vaccines
        You have been given the science, you choose to ignore it

      8. Doug – You are wrong, the latest research has demonstrated that a previous infection only provides 20% protection against the new variant.

      9. Doug – Are you another misguided anti-vaxer?
        “The Omicron variant largely evades immunity from past infection or two vaccine doses according to the latest Imperial modelling.
        The new report (Report 49) from the Imperial College London COVID-19 response team estimates that the risk of reinfection with the Omicron variant is 5.4 times greater than that of the Delta variant. This implies that the protection against reinfection by Omicron afforded by past infection may be as low as 19%.

      10. @steveH – imperial college London and its mathematician ‘epidemiologist’ who misreported 11 epidemics so far and whose crazy unsound rantings caused British beef animals to be meassexterminated are hardly authority figures in any matters to do with organic health. So consistently has that double-act supported bad science and scientifically contentious issues, only an ignoramus (and the BBC) would cite them as “experts.”

      11. @SteveH “The new report (Report 49) from the Imperial College London COVID-19 response team estimates that the risk of reinfection with the Omicron variant is 5.4 times greater than that of the Delta variant. ”

        Yes, ffs, even 1st year medics learn that respiratory viruses become (2.33 x) less pathogenic, as they become more infectious.

        ICL and neil ferguson are acting politically for the billionaires’ covid scam, not out of a concern for human health or epidemiology.

        SHAME on you!

      12. SteveH
        Imperial confirm nothing stops Omicron, now tell us what happens next

      13. Q – You are sounding like “Left Wing Communism an infantile disorder.” (?)
        Socialists when posting should imagine we are in power.
        Our duty is to protect diverse working people.
        I worked at a University for 30 years and the overwhelming number of scientists plus me an adult educationalist and social scientist (and the first from my working class family to go to Uni) are now calling for urgent action re Omricon and stricter measures to protect citizens.
        You perhaps mirror SH distracting from Skwawky’s post cos you too perhaps have an agenda plus saying you would vote Lib Dem hmm-after Right Wing Labour the third Neo-Liberal Capitalist party!
        Meanwhile Starmer spotted at Durham party piss up?

      14. Q perhaps equals “Left wing communism an infantile disorder” on Omricon?
        “In N W Leeds I would vote Lib Dem” hmm.
        Meanwhile we Socialists post as if we were in power, and we argue for urgent and stricter measures now to protect diverse working people.
        Better Red than Anti-Lockdown Liberal Dead.

  4. ‘Let’s play a game children; it’s called follow the leader children.’ A game of no consequences for the leaders, but for you………….? Just do as you’re told!

    1. Suzie you take over as Leader from Miss Smith,
      see that red sign (*CLIFFS! STAY AWAY!*),
      yes, miss, what does it say Miss,
      never you mind, you just lead the class there and when you get to the red sign close your eyes tightly and run as fast as you can,
      Okay Miss, Com’on Class Follow The Leader!
      Weeee! …………….

  5. ‘Starmer me thinks is skewered.
    Drinking from a bottle – he’s so hard.
    Another caught out in Durham?
    Hoisted by his own petard!’

    1. Only trouble is that like his Colleague across the aisle is with who? There are so many more Blue Keefs and several far worse just like his contemporary BoJoke.

      1. TBH I doubt he is going anywhere but Nr10! The X-Lateral Commission have Chosen and Have Spoken, Blue Keef is the next Prime Minister, no matter how The PEOPLE vote!

      2. @nelly “There are so many more Blue Keefs and….”

        They’re all in the Labour party 😡

      3. Nope not in the Labour Party, The UK Labour Party is the Parasite Infested Host Party to Blair/Thatcher’s Neoliberal TORY Parasite Neo-New-“Labour” Party. They are Pure TORY there is no centre left/centre/centre right to them, like BoJoke and his Thatcherite Neoliberal Band of TORY Thugs they all sit a fair few seats to the Right of Rattle Bones Thatcher!

    2. Bazza if you’ve ever been in a Brewery you may have noticed the amount of rat traps and prevention of vermin.Now our resident “hard man” is guzzling silver tops from the neck of the bottle.Most of that alcho pops for kiddys is imported and is often pissed and shat upon by our verminous rodents and can cause many diseases including weals and gastric problems in humans and even worse.The image of the knight sat on his throne shiting and pissing on himself will be a change from shitting all over the membership….Methinks he’s a little too fond of the drinking game just like our resident establishment troll Steve H Hall centrist Dad.

  6. Breaking ‘News’ confirming what we already knew

    Omicron is milder strain of Covid, Government scientists reportedly set to confirm

    The report said: “The best news in the early data is that Britons who fall sick with Omicron are less likely to become severely ill than those who caught Delta. More people are likely to have a mild illness with less serious symptoms — probably in part due to Britain’s large number of vaccinated and previously infected people, and possibly because Omicron may be intrinsically milder.

    “The less good news is that while Omicron seems milder overall, the UKHSA has found it is not necessarily mild enough to avoid large numbers of hospitalisations. The experts have found evidence that for those who do become severely ill, there is still a high chance of hospitalisation and death.

    “The UKHSA has also confirmed that transmissibility of Omicron is very high, meaning that even though it is milder, infections could rocket to the point large numbers still end up in hospital — essentially negating the reduction in severity.”

    It added that scientists are due to conclude that booster vaccines “significantly reduce” the chance of both infection and ending up in hospital

    1. That’s great – proving that science is, was, and always will be, right.
      When a respiratory virus becomes more infectious , it becomes less pathogenic (able to harm you).
      GREAT NEWS. By why are the ‘bought’ scientists telling us that a not-very virulent virus (that produces a illness which has a 99+% survival rate, and falling…) tell us to use vaccines at all?

      Covid IS important , stevieh- but this story is on Sir Keir insidious, relentless and clever Starmer. Have you nothing to say on him and the harm he would do as PM??

      1. qwertboi – I believe that Keir will make an excellent PM.

      2. Steve H Hall centrist Dad is following his spiritual leader Tony bliar whos right wing foundation is now recommending four jabs….sort of quadruple the money argument for Big pharma xmass party time.Admit it steve you’re just a mug for the knight.and a nasty one going off your performance lately…..How the job hunting going?

      3. South Africa reports that Hospitals are at a record low, since the Virus started, Cyril Ramaphosa is talking about relaxing restrictions, Europe and USA Fearmongering and causing Hysteria, pushing People out to stand in queues getting infested to get their Ka Ching! I mean Vaccine in Development! Demand Immunity Tests Jabbed People It is your Right to know it you are Protected!

      4. Joseph – Thanks for your concern but my job hunting days are over, I’m retired and fortunate enough to be financially secure

      5. Clearly William is not done yet, the Global Quota is not met yet. ‘So give them some more Placebo Vaccine Under Development and tell them that they are immune!’ I wonder how the Government would react to mass Immunity Test requests by the vaccinated, better safe than sorry!? Surely Immunity tests should be a priority if this Vaccine in development was at all what it claims to be!
        Vaccinated or not Vaccinated keep on with the PPE, Social Distancing, Self Education on this Nasty Virus, remember mucus globules and trace could be on your fruit, packaging, etc, so even when you order on line, treat everything with suspicion 70% Alcohol in a spray bottle and a good wipe as you unpack, etc and Stay The Fuck SAFE!
        I tell my elderly parents even though you are vaccinated imagine that you are not and that every person you get in touch with has the virus!
        I am worried about their plans for Africa, some odd reporting about some new type of mystery virus in Central Africa popped up and disappeared and popped and is quiet again, probably still in Development Stage!

      6. SA hospital admissions are relatively modest but not at a record low. The suspicion is that there are a number of factors feeding into this.
        1. Omicron, whilst being much more transmissible than Delta, appears to cause much less severe disease.
        2. Previous waves have infected a large percentage of the population and, consequently, there is a high level of immunity in the population.
        3. It’s summer in SA, so people are outside more and are less likely to spread the virus.

        Interestingly, in Australia where there were very strict restrictions during previous waves, the government anf its scientific advisers seem confident enough that Omicron is less of a danger that they are intending to ease restrictions significantly.

  7. “NHS leaders have been told to make plans for temporary ‘field hospitals’ in hospital car parks and to review the capacity of their mortuaries in readiness for the expected surge of covid patients over the next five weeks, HSJ has learned.” Health Service Journal this afternoon.

    1. vaccine reactions being misreported as a new killer-covid, maybe? My old boss at Pfizer (I freelanced) foresaw this possibility (even said it was their intent) back in Dec 2020.

      1. I was looking at the USA and the figures they use are very unusual to me it would make sense to take Percentages based on the total Population what they do is out of 50 vaccinated people 5 died that is recorded as 10%, where out of 10 unvaccinated people 5 died that is recorded as 50% of deaths that is wrong it should be total deaths of each by percentage of the population. What they are giving are percentages of each group, that is entirely wrong for population stats. So if 5 unvaccinated and 5 vaccinated died that would be by the percentage out of the total population of 50 Vaccinated plus 10 Unvaccinated meaning 8.3% Unvaccinated Deaths and 8.3% of Vaccinated Deaths of that total Population of 60. Anyway to date Covid caused a total deaths of 1.6% of Americans. I won’t be satisfied with their stats until I see totals

      2. Error Soz [total deaths of 1.6% of Americans] is *total deaths of 1.6% of Americans who contracted the Covid Virus*
        FYI total deaths to date is 0.25% of the Total American Population.
        Total deaths to date is 0.22% of the Total British Population.

      3. Sorry to say, “nellykskelly”, your statistical analysis is all wrong.
        There are different views regarding whether people choose to accept vaccination for themselves, and we need to respect their choices, but we also need to understand statistical analysis.

      4. I don’t think I am wrong, I want to know the Statistics for the total population. those are the statistics only based on the total vaccinated people’s deaths and total unvaccinated people’s deaths. Two entirely different statistics, that is fine for the vaccine developers, but it’s not the total population figures. Which could be broken down by state, county, City, Town Populations.
        I have no objection to vaccination at all I will encourage people to take it if they are vulnerable my objection is that this is a Vaccination in Development and nobody seems to know that they are not immune. There may be benefits but there certainly is no immunity. That needs to be regularly tested, if they use the Public as Guinea Pigs they need to take that responsibility of keeping an up to date record of immunity tests and boosters as Vaccine breakthroughs are made ie the very first Vaccination would be very different to today’s Vaccination.

      5. @nelly ” I want to know the Statistics for the total population. those are the statistics only based on the total vaccinated people’s deaths and total unvaccinated people’s deaths….”

        If I’m not misunderstanding you, I think the arithmatic is simple enough, but it would be meaningless – or rather, have little relevance to the epidemiology of coromavirusSC2.

        Colating covid data is one thing. Collating vaccination data would be completely diffferent populations (people) and measurements. For covid, we measure infection (I) and we measure death (‘F’ fatality), we cross reference them to produce IFR – the infection fatality rate.

        If we wanted to know how many people who had been vaccinated died or didn’t die, the study and the populations would need to be different. Every cause of death would need to be considered, and how would we really know if vaccination were a factor in every death? It’ be a much larger exercise than it seems at first.

        Apart from in v special circumstances, it tends to be that sellers collate (and revie and edit) data and the theses they produce. No public health body ever seems to pay for studies like the one you’d like to see anymore, (mid 1960s under Wilson was the last time the NHS did) – and obviously big pharm won’t pay for it if it didn’t support their business case.

      6. “skelly” – I’ve just seen your response. Sorry for the tardiness. I think we’re a little at cross purposes here.
        When you use the word “statistics” you refer to what statisticians call “data”. Statistics is the mathematical analysis of data. It is a very powerful tool. One of the ways of analysing data is to analyse data to see if two sets could come from the same population. The data we’re looking at is that which shows the number of deaths in a population. We can compare groups within that population using mathematics to calculate the probability that there is a difference between the two groups. If we’re looking at the groups – those who have been vaccinated/those who haven’t been vaccinated – we need to know the total number of people in each group and the total number in each group who have died (or require hospital treatment, if that’s what we’re looking at). We can then calculate the probability of death in each group. That is why it is wrong to say “it should be total deaths of each by percentage of the population.” If we used that as a starting point we would conclude that people over the age of 90 are no more likely to die next year than children.
        Let’s look at the current data for hospital admissions in the UK – around 8000 in hospital.
        Around 60% unvaccinated. Around 40% vaccinated.
        However, we also need to look at the total numbers within each group.
        Roughly 80% of the whole (qualifying) population is vaccinated and 20% is unvaccinated.
        A simple calculation shows that the unvaccinated are 6x more likely to be hospitalised than the vaccinated.

      7. Oh, and qwertboi – “If we wanted to know how many people who had been vaccinated died or didn’t die, the study and the populations would need to be different. Every cause of death would need to be considered, and how would we really know if vaccination were a factor in every death? It’ be a much larger exercise than it seems at first.”
        That’s correct, however it would also have to be done for the unvaccinated.
        The procedure is called multivariate analysis and is pretty straightforward. I’m suer that someone has been doing this and has published a study, though I haven’t seen it.

  8. My niece a qualified nurse of twenty years and a end of life specialist care nurse is being forced out of her job.My grandson as returned home from Austin Texas to St Augustine Florida early because he his being forced out of his job as head Chef because he refuses the jab.Whats the world coming to when people of principle and intelligence who follow the Science are basically driven out by fear and panic engineered by fascists in the western world.

    1. The ruling class oligarchs NEED to divide and/to conquer. The vaccine issue is proving very opportune for them. Just keep chcking the NHS “Yellow Card” and US VAERS for the hard evidence that mRNA covid vaccines severly damage people’s health.


      Left vs Right
      Remoaners vs Brexiteers
      Maskers vs Anti-Maskers
      Vaxxers vs Anti-Undeveloped Vaxxers
      etc, etc, etc.
      There are ONLY The PEOPLE vs The Elites and their Serfs and The PEOPLE who choose to be the Serfs’, Serfs.
      We just need to drop our shit and smash their constant divisions! We can only do that by dumping all MSM and MSSM and a NEEDoverWANT Revolution, reject the Manufactured Consent. Buy things because they work well and cost far less, rather than things with an Apple on because it has an Apple on it, don’t replace anything unless it is completely broken and can’t be fixed any more. Smash Up anything that you talk to and turn off all unused devices, they see and hear!

  9. Oh, I do like a good laugh. – “qwertboi – I believe that Keir will make an excellent PM.”.

  10. Previous infection v vaccination.
    There are, indeed, reports that protection given by prior infection against reinfection is rather modest, though the reports I have read indicate around 30%. The protection given by vaccination is also quite modest, again around 30%. What’s important is the levels of protection against hospitalisation and severe disease and death. Both prior infection and vaccination appear to give high levels of protection here.
    This should come as no surprise because both prior infection and vaccination cause Immunoglobulins G and M to be produced and these antibodies combat the pathogen in the lungs. However, natural infection also produces Immunoglobulin A, and these antibodies combat the virus in the trachea and upper airways and so can provide protection before the pathogen enters the lungs (and virtually no symptoms).
    This is not to argue from an anti-vaccine perspective because there was a need to provide protection from severe disease and death for those who were susceptible to becoming severely ill or dying as a result of infection, and to moderate transmission.
    The best “strategy” is probably to have the vaccine followed by the infection.
    I hope that’s the case having had the infection during the alpha wave, followed by two vaccinations, followed by an infection during the delta wave and then the booster. Other than feeling rather ill from alpha, I haven’t seen any changes in my condition. Still an old codger.

    1. @Goldbach

      Covid isn’t the problem as such. The problem is the recovery afterwards. Cykotine storm is one nasty example. This is why some doctors are saying immediate treatment is important, unlike the advice given in many western countries which is come in when you’re in trouble. Possibly too late then?

      There is no doubts however that you can massively increase your protection and recovery by using vitamins C and D. C is quite amazing. It has been shown to boost immunity and can be taken in huge doses without worry for almost all of us. D also is very important. Especially at this time of year. Handily, Joseph will be able to sit outside for a while to get this, but the rest of us can again use supplements.

      You keep being one too:)

      Merry Xmas

      1. Never voting Labour again I do go outside but I also spend on vitamins as you describe and Ivermetcin for any flu like symptoms.People somtimes forget that most of us that dont follow the herd are also careful to take tried and tested methods to protect ourselves and our family and friends .We are not the mindless idiots that say “let it rip” and hope for the best.,or believe that everything is a conspiracy.But being on guard and not believing in the lies from the same people that invented AS scam and Corbyns a rabid racist is not only sensible but a way of surviving the virus.regards from the jungle.

    2. “I hope that’s the case having had the infection during the alpha wave, followed by two vaccinations, followed by an infection during the delta wave and then the booster. Other than feeling rather ill from alpha, I haven’t seen any changes in my condition. Still an old codger.”
      Immediately down to the Basement up to the loft, dinners served with a knock, 3 knocks = Empty house for a quick shower and then immediately back to Isolation! Or get a SCUBA kit! Bloody Hell that is tough! Stay safe!

    3. goldbach, always good to read your thoughts and analysis. You might find it useful to revisit some immunobiology in the light of mass-RNA-based vaccination. There’s at least 2 of the articles on doctorsforCOVIDethics org site that you might find thought-provoking and edifying, maybe more.

  11. Interesting footage. Very interesting footage.

    So that’s (off the top of my head);

    Johnson (PM)
    Starmer (LOTO)
    Hancock (Health Sec.)
    Cummings (Spinner)
    Ferguson (predictor)
    There’s also the Scottish advisor who went to her second home and others in the (so called) loop who have blatantly ignored their own advice.

    They said two weeks. It’s been two years. What more evidence do you need that something is seriously amiss between the message and the actions.

    Merry Christmas all. Peace, goodwill and stay safe.

    1. NEVER let it be forgotten that Hodge did ZERO when children were complaining of being sexuay abused, thereby enabling filthy animal pederast to continue with their abhorrent depravities unhindered.

      Then to add inst to injury, she denied she did nothing and slandered the victims.

      Hodge should’ve been languishing in a prison cell from the very day her disgusting carelessness and pederast enabling was brought to light.

      Instead the piece of filth has portrayed itself as a victim of persecution.

      If I had it my way, every article referring to Hodge would include the label paedophile enabler when referring to it.

  12. ADE is very rare. It killed 14 children out of 800,000 in the Philippines vaccinated against measles by a vaccines using formaldehyde to neutralize. The vaccine was withdrawn except for children over nine who had already had measles. Dengue virus was implicated too. Vaccines shown to incite ADE have been withdrawn. A very small number of vaccinated individuals have developed severe symptoms from Covid. There is no evidence of ADE.

    It’s the politics which is the problem. The failure to vaccinate the populations of the poor countries is the political scandal and it is tied to the huge profits being made from illness.

  13. @Frank Dallas re ADE I’d just say 3 things. No-one knows when antibody enhancement occurs and what effects it might have on the subject. It might occur without death being the significant effect. Indeed, where death s not an effect of any drug that ‘enhances’ antibodies effectiveness, then, yes, some of these effects might be good for human health. BUT – covid vaccines are the first supposedly mRNA-altering’ compounds ever intended for human use in history. They’ve never been tested andtheir marketing blurb actually boasts of their ability to produce ADE.

    That makes me worried rather than excited, but – as they say – YMMV.

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