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Starmer claims ‘no rules breached’. Here’s what the law – and Labour’s rules – were at the time of his ‘partygate’

Meetings of no more than sixoutdoors – and more rules were in place and not just rules but laws

Keir Starmer has claimed in a BBC interview that the beer-drinking gathering in Durham that he and his deputy Angela Rayner attended breached no ‘rules’.

Below is what the law and Labour’s rules in force at the time said about indoor gatherings – and bear in mind that the by-election was not in Durham, where the party took place, but in more than eighteen miles away in Hartlepool.

The law


Open outdoors for groups of six people or two households. Those that serve alcohol must provide table service. Closed indoors.


Campsites and self-contained holiday accommodation open for visits with your household or support bubble only. Hotels, hostels and B&Bs closed.

Outdoor settings and attractions, such as zoos and theme parks open for visits of two households,
or in a group of up to six people
. Drive-in-events open for visits with your household or support bubble.
Indoor entertainment closed.


Places of worship open and communal worship is permitted, but you must not mix indoors with
anyone outside your household or support bubble


People who live in a care home in England will be allowed two named regular indoor visitors.


You must not socialise indoors except with your household or support bubble. You can meet outdoors, including in gardens, in groups of six people or two households.

COVID-19: Restrictions in England

From 12 April


You should work from home if you can.


Domestic overnight stays are allowed, but you must only stay with members of your household
or support bubble


You should minimise travel as much as possible. Avoid the busiest times and routes – plan your journey and
what you need at your destination ahead of time.

Labour’s rules for CAMPAIGNS

When giving leaflets to your deliverers we recommend either leaving them outside your home for collection, or leaving them by the door of a deliverer’s home to ensure you are practicing social distancing.

Volunteers must:

Stay local – generally within 5 miles of home.
Keep numbers to an absolute minimum (certainly no more than 4 people from up to 2 households meeting outside) – and maintain 2 metres distance from anyone from another household.
• Ensure that only one person approaches the door to make the delivery.
• Wear a mask, both to reassure the public and to keep yourself and others as safe as possible.
• Don’t stop and talk to people but be polite and courteous if approached and maintain a 2m distance.
• Wash your hands thoroughly before going out and when coming back and, if you can, use hand sanitizer or gloves when out and about.
• NOT go leafleting if you or anyone in your household has been told to self-isolate or if you are feeling unwell.
• NOT post pictures on social media as it can be hard to tell if you are social distancing in photos.

Please note that the following remain banned:

• Door-knocking (canvassing, etc)
• Street stalls
In-person meetings

Telephone and digital campaigning are very much encouraged.

At the same time, local Labour member groups (CLPs) were banned from meeting in person.

As one Labour insider told Skwawkbox:

The by election was in Hartlepool another constituency.

MPs offices were closed staff were working from home and they received government funding for equipment for the at home arrangements.

It was not Starmer’s workplace. It was not his staffers’ workplace.

If they had to eat and drink, why didn’t they eat outside as was the rule for pubs and eating houses at the time?

Their behaviour was totally wrong and so is Keir’s claim now.

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    1. …and WHO Is Rayner❓ would b v interesting.

      Further to exchange č HolbyFanMw on earlier thread; i posted that Rayner revelled in ‘revealing’ HER ribald claim. She volunteered what SHE does.

      While downing PUBLICLY SUBSIDISED DRINKS on the Palace of Parasites terrace, RAYNER told her Blue branch Tory chums: at PMQs she liked

      ⏸” ‘to do my Sharon Stone trick.

      I cross and uncross my legs and

      give him a flash of

      my ginger g******’. ⏸

      Come on Rayner, tell us with your admirable confidence; is that right❓ Are those your words❓ How much of a Sir Keith level liar are you

      1. windchime – Life is full of surprises. you are even more pathetic and immature than I thought.

      2. Some refuse to see Sir Keith is operated by Mandelson TWICE resigned for dodgy dealings with Vaz / mortgage, then again for some other dishonesty and lying. That’s why they endorsed Johnson for GE2019. Johnson is cut from the same cloth of liars.

        Sir Keith’s other boss is warmonger weapons of mass destruction 45 minute Blair. The creature was,

        the FIRST pm to be INTERVIEWED UNDER CAUTION by the police while IN OFFICE, yes, for more dodgy dealings with some other multimillionaire … ¿cash for honours?

        HOT OFF THE PRESS from Sir Keith Starmer’s scheme:

        🪣 “the Labour Shop proudly presents our 1997 range”🩸

        🪣 “Explore Labour’s 1997 merch range today: 1997 Anniversary Badges”🩸

        celebrating Iraq death merchant Blair🩸

        🪣PHOTO: Sir Keith Starmer Max Headroom, IMMEDIATELY followed by link to “Watch this message from Tony Blair” the slime filled creature dripping blood of over a million SLAUGHTERED in IRAQ alone🩸🩸🩸

        What more does ANYONE need to join the dots, follow the money and recognise the threat of blood soaked Blair understudy Sir Keith ???
        EXACTLY what more does ANYONE need to see what Sir Keith Starmer is ??? ❔❔❔ ⁉️⁉️⁉️

  1. The by election was in Hartlepool another constituency

    So not only did keef break the law as well as his own party rules…He did it in a different constituency from the one he was campaigning for – One that he managed to turn blue for the first time in its existence.

    Thereby furthering de piffle’s mandate/authority ever further.

    Its bad enough that the other cretin has made a balls-up of covid and broken his own laws – But would you trust the blockhead to have done any better? I know I wouldn’t. Bastard would probably want/have wanted CCTV installed in everyone’s abode or each & every street corner to make certain the law couldn’t be broken.

    …Whole he did exactly the same as the rags did, and flouted his own law(s)

      1. Hmm, isn’t it odd that they didn’t make an issue of it BEFORE now, but do so just prior to the local elections.

      2. Allan – What I find perplexing is the number of self proclaimed socialists who are queuing up to help Boris out.

      3. I doubt that many people who follow skwawkbox will be voting for either Johnson OR Starmer.

  2. In an article on the UK Column News website, entitled The Truth About Partygate That Everyone Seemingly Ignores, Iain Davis explains the real issue about politicians breaking the lockdown rules:

    “Neither the mainstream media nor any politician has gone anywhere near discussing the the real issues. There has been a collaborative wall of silence ensuring that a majority of the people never realise the true nature of the wrongdoing. The objective is to exclude those who do speak about the most obvious implication of Partygate from the conversation. (…)

    Their behaviour demonstrates that those who attended the Downing Street parties did not believe that there was a pandemic. Irrespective of their words, their actions revealed that they were not concerned either about transmitting or contracting any disease. For them, there was no pandemic risk; there was no pandemic.

    In a real pandemic or epidemic, people are fearful—for good reason: there is a risk that social activities could prove to be lethal. That was not the case during the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) alleged Covid-19 pandemic, just as it wasn’t the case in the WHO’s 2009 H1N1 flu pandemic.

    In both instances, pandemic mortality was only found in the computer models and spurious test-based attributions of cause of death, not in the real data. Covid-19 was another pseudopandemic.

    Instead, people were convinced to be fearful by a government propaganda, censorship, and applied psychology operation. Some of those leading the terror campaign were the same members of the political establishment who enjoyed the offending drinks parties. They did so on the implicit understanding that they were at no risk themselves. Why else would they attend or even organise these gatherings in the first place?

    They were among the people who supposedly had direct access to the best scientific advice. No one had a better opportunity to be fully briefed on the dangers of Covid-19 than the Partygate and Labour Party “meeting” attendees. Yet they were not remotely concerned.

    They weren’t the only Covid rule-makers who saw no risk from the disease they told everyone else to fear. Other nonchalant individuals included leading scientists, scientific advisors and numerous MPs—all of whom pushed the Covid fear agenda. (…)

    Whether they did or not, regardless of whatever technical defence they offer, by their actions all of these people have illustrated that they did not believe that there was ever any serious risk from a pandemic disease. Yet all have persistently maintained that this threat existed.

    The real crime exposed by Partygate is not that some of the rule-makers became rule-breakers. It is that some of the leading architects of the lockdown and social distances policies that destroyed the economy—and instilled fear in nearly every citizen—did not, for one moment, believe that there was ever any public health justification for doing so.

    It is quite remarkable that not a single Member of Parliament or a single mainstream media report has even mentioned the glaringly obvious. The establishment, both political and journalistic, has steadfastly maintained this obfuscation for nearly two years. The apparent collusion between Parliament, the political establishment and the media has effectively reframed the Partygate debate to exclude the most serious consequences from public attention.

    If those who designed and advocated the lockdown rules weren’t even moderately concerned about the public health risk of an alleged pandemic, then what were these policies intended to achieve? If these people understood that there was no public health justification for disastrous lockdown policies, why did they promote them—knowing they would lead to enormous economic and social costs?

    Who are these people, and who do they represent?


    1. Timfrom youve nailed it but I would say despite them being part of the conspiracy to inflict draconian measures and laws not fit for any democracy even the kingdom of Great Britain.they cannot for our own safety be allowed to stick to fingers up to the gullible people of Britain.and ridicule us.
      ..this was the Lawmakers breaking their laws and though we know it was all a scam that murdered hundreds of thousands and millions across the world they have to be seen to be accountable to Her majesty her Royal highness who will I am sure be staggered by the hypocrisy of all of this partygate debauchery especial by one of her beloved knights of the realm Sir Keir Starmer QC VIP…not guilty mlord.?
      .God bless the queen 👑?she will need it where shes going comrades.!

      1. Joseph

        I would say it’s not so much them sticking 2 fingers up or ridiculing us. More the result of media shit-stirring, courtesy, in all probability, of Dominic Cummings or a mate of his. We were had. Our misplaced trust was abused. We ridiculed ourselves. The public’s slowly-dawning realisation of this fact should provoke a revolt that propels the guilty parties out of public life and into a nice cold jail cell.

        I say “should”. In all likelihood, though, it ain’t gonna happen, let’s face it!

      2. @timfrom

        I’d say it is worse than two fingers. Prince Phillip regularly referred to us as sheep. There is a great speech by him on the dangers of letting sheep breed too much. We are not citizens, we are subjects. Many Tories are part of the family, one way or another. Labour aspires to be the Tories, as seen by Bliar. Now member of order of the garter. Above the law.

    2. Yep, you nailed it mate. Well said. Shocking how so few people can see it. Of the last 2 years of debates about covid this singular comment is the only question left that matters. And the answer is self evident. Covid was a scam . Those who knew most about it showed and demonstrated it to us. There is no doubt left now. Thats why media switched to Ukraine war and memory holed covid entirely. The game was up. Partygare was used as a bookend. But will hold up all that fiction? What an evil world we live in. The media should be hung from lamposts (metphotocally speaking )!

      1. M..I would support not metaphorically speaking and include parliament as well.Just think of a world were encouraging bombing,mass slaughter and passing laws against the majority working class was obliterated with just a few hundred mtrs of rope.What sort of sicko turns up to work everyday trying to destroy the lives of ordinary people ?Politicians and the media and the old parasites at the palace.

  3. As someone who has contracted three different incarnations of Covid, had a close friend who was so ill he came within an inch of hospitalisation and knew a number of people who died from Covid, I can testify that there definitely was a pandemic. Thankfully, with vaccination and the arrival of the Omicron variants, the disease has become endemic and much less dangerous.
    The fact that most governments were blind to the dangers, ruled by diktat rather than by educating and informing and often made ridiculous decisions, and the fact that almost all the pharmaceutical companies decided to rip everyone off and were allowed to do so, doesn’t mean that the whole thing was invented.
    The past two years has not been a conspiracy. It has been a gigantic “cock up”.
    If you want to see who dealt best with it, look at Denmark, Cuba and, allowing for their inability to access much in the way of vaccines, a number of African countries.

    1. There WAS a disease, it just wasn’t a threat to most people. Unlucky for those with underlying conditions, who comprise 90% of Covid deaths, according to Dr John Campbell on one of his meticulous data-analysis videos on YouTube. I’m surprised you don’t mention Sweden as a success story. As for Africa, the 2 most prominent African leaders who resisted the “health measures” imposed by the West, the leaders of Burundi and Tanzania, both died of unexplained heart attacks within months and were both replaced by men who immediately reversed policy.

      1. I think that we’ve ended up on roughly the same page, though I haven’t been up to date on what has been happening in Sweden for ages.
        John Campbell has been a voice of sanity all the way through. Despite having been vilified by the anti-vaxxers and people who have been accusing him of being an anti-vaxxer himself, he has shown remarkable composure.

    2. @goldbach

      I had it too. Son brought it in through either work or social. Whizzed through the house and went away again. Like flu.

      Unlike flu, or any other bug for that matter, there is the issue of multiple simultaneous infection points, no patient zero, restrictions on treatments and the fact that many of you were guinea pigs with untested vaccines.

      Ft.Detrick is patient zero. Remember the US vaping deaths in 2019? For something caused by dodgy cannabis capes, the damage cause is rather familiar.

      Wonder what the Russians will find in that lab beneath the steel works in Mariupol? The evidence is out there to join the dots.

  4. It would be a shame if the contagion of whataboutery diluted the impetus to remove Johnson. To my mind, a serving Prime Minister lying to the House is a red line that necessitates dismissal and that his actions were sanctioned by the issue of an FPN only consolidates that belief. It has not escaped my notice that Starmer does not enjoy universal adulation on this site though as LOTO, he is rather peripheral; powerless, clueless and likely to be substituted by more of the same soon. Whipping up a purge of the non-compliant might well see Cummings, Corbyn and others get their collars felt which would generate a frisson of schaudenfreude across the political spectrum but claiming the scalps of public figures one dislikes seems secondary to drawing the line on the standards one requires of the person leading the country. The removal of Johnson (which could be done in a morning with a replacement sworn in by the afternoon as a protracted search for a candidate of merit will yield nothing more worthy than if it were to be done by straw poll, obviously excluding from the pot the large number of Tories under investigation for misconduct) is unlikely to improve (and may well worsen) the governance of this country but the exercise is not about precipitating the emergence into sunlit uplands, it is about the standards one expects of the Prime Minister. This is a contagion that infects decision-making (now repurposed as deflection) and the longer it is allowed to spread the more damage it does to the country and the credibility of the political system.

  5. In relation to the substantive report:-
    1. Starmer and Rayner did contravene the regulations.
    2 It was of a similar order to the cake event for which Johnson was fined.
    3. The Tories had some more egregious breaches for which further fines will almost certainly be levied.
    4. The fact that the LP lied for a good while about the fact that Rayner was in attendance at the Durham party is worse than all the breaches.

  6. One of my favourite songs is ‘In the Ghetto’ is all you really need to know about anything
    Vicious circle or Virtuous circle, as Socialists we leave no one behind
    Temporary Embarrassment, Rayner and Mason are Red Tories and the internal report proves they were working for the worst Tory government’s rather than the best Socialist government since 1945
    The last time we lived in a country fit for heroes
    Then their is the support for Nazis in Ukraine,thats all you will ever need to know about the Kleptocracy lead by Americas Neo Conservatives

  7. This is like Echo Valley – “no rules were broken” – now where have we heard that before? Oh yes Johnson said it and Starmer is calling for him to be sacked as a result.
    Starmer and Rayner lied about attending the event in Durham which most certainly did break the rules in place at the time . Their ” no rules were broken” defence is therefore baseless and has brought the party into disrepute. They have undermined our ability to fight the worse government in living memory. They have been exposed as hypocrites and liars of the first order.
    If either of them had one ounce of decency or integrity they would resign. They haven’t so they won’t.

    1. The article amounts to a ‘usual suspect’ positioning herself as fiercly anti-Corbyn.

      Such pieces are ten-a-penny in the synchronised MSM Tony. What’s new?

    1. Steve H
      That means another bye election. I’m sure Starmer is delighted – not.

      1. Steve H – Oh yes I know but this will be yet another test of Starmers leadership. He usually fails such tests and with the Beergate scandal in the background ( for now) another bye election is probably the last thing he wanted

      2. Smartboy – Given that nobody is expecting a Labour win in this upcoming by-election I’m struggling to see how it is in any way a test of Keir’s leadership. You’re just making stuff up to suite your anti Labour Party stance.

      3. Using SteveH’s : Tiverton and Honiton voting figures wiki link, we will be able to see that Keir Starmer is NOT more attactive to die-in-the-wool Conservative voters than was Jeremy Corbyn!

        At GE17 Labour got 27.1% of the vote there, whereas normally it was under 12% at best.

        If Starmer’s strategy is right, Labour will get more than 27% of the vote.

        I suspect it wil not. The LibDems will be confident nand hopeful. Starmer? He’ might not even be party leader for long after next Friday, so I suspect he doesn’t care.

      4. qwertboi – Is there a reason why you haven’t quoted the voting figures for the most recent election in 2019.🙄

      5. Even at GE19 Labour got 19.5% of the vote, so yes, that election was still much higher than Labour got there in the Blair, Brown, Miliband years – despite LabourRight’s best efforts to ensure CorbynLabour’s defeat.

      6. qwertboi – The enthusiasm was very short lived wasn’t it and the Tory vote share has remained fairly consistent.

    2. short-lived, so would you be if the BBC, synchronised-MSM, neoliberalRight in Labour and likudist Jews all focused on smearing you constantly.

      The serious point is, yes, the Conservative vote stayed reasonably constant throughout, Labour’s occasional good performance derived from being a better focal point for opposition than the LibDems (or UKIP in 2015). This is the main reason I’m confident that Starmer’s leadership COSTS Labour votes. Everywhere and Always.

      1. qwertboi – Corbyn’s leadership cost us 60 seats. I don’t see much point in discussing this further until after the by-election results are known and even then given the consistency of the Tory vote share it is debatable whether there will be much point in doing so.

      2. Strarmer’s Brexit policy – and the synchronised-MSM’s magnification of it – caused Labour to lose 60 seats.

        Starmer’s leadership of the party will extract a much bigger price than Starmer’s brexit-politiking. Much! Not long to go to see the beginning of it – my local authority (for example) currently has 52 (out of 99) Labour councillors. Next Friday I expect it to be c. 45 at best…. Not nice!

      3. qwertboi – You are more than welcome to come back and tell me all about it when the results are in.

      4. qwertboi – You know he does this just to wind people up. It’s a cracked record. Mind you it’s not the only thi………….

      5. …qwertboi – Corbyn’s leadership cost us 60 seats…

        No, just no!

        What cost labour sixty seats is

        1) duplicitous shits such as yourself and your idol conspired to manoeuvred to move the party into the worst position. This was even more so for 2017.

        2) because of the above, the now privatised postal vote system was pushed into action. Laura K told us the result 24 hrs before. If 1) hadn’t happened, it’s unlikely to have passed muster with the nation.

        There was talk here of northerners confused by the results.

        This is just one of many reason why labour will never get my vote again.

      6. NVLA – and yet here you are again still obsessing about the Labour Party. When will you be able to offer a credible alternative, sometime never?🤔

    3. Parish was determined anti-Mugabe campaigner and an “independent” western election observer. Western election observers bleating rigged election are the first phase of a regime change operation.

    4. At least he didn’t claim back for his porn on parliamentary expenses like former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith.

    1. Tories have set up a housing company to lease back former council properties back to the council. Headed by Philip Hammond and Lynton Crosby
      They have appointed my councilor as Executive Director. A former leader of the council he hadn’t attended for nearly 6 months. He did attend the last one, for 10 minutes. This allowed him to claim his expenses.
      I actually voted for that bloke.

      1. My other Labour councilor has had to resign before the election for offensive islamaphobic and racist tweets. He was happy to smear Corbyn when on the radio. His partner is the Starmer appointed Director of Communications
        This has Kiboshed the Labour campaign in my ward as he is on the election material.

  8. Would be interesting to see the what invitations said to encourage activists/members to come and help with campaigning said.
    Eg. Keir and Angela will be there – come and meet them. Drinks and nibbles afterwards. Bring a bottle sort of thing?

    1. Iain – The reason that Keir Starmer was there is that he was scheduled to take part in an online rally with Durham’s Labour MP Mary Foy therefore it was entirely reasonable for him to be at her CLP office. Your silliness about invites doesn’t hold water.

      1. No Steve H I think Iain makes a good point. It is perfectly possible that invites were issued and if that was the case it is very unlikely that they won/t eventually get into the public domain. If that happens we can expect to Starmer Rayner and a few more squirm .

      2. Smartboy – You can dream up anything you like but it doesn’t make it true. Until you can produce some credible evidence to support your wild assertions then they will remain as just something else that you’ve made up.

      3. Maybe so, but the LabouRight should know how repugnant voters find Sir Keir by now. For Heaven’s Sake, the man is not an asset to anything Labour – only to Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum and their worldgovernment.

      4. qwertboi – That may be the case in your rather exclusive circle but Labour and Keir are still consistently ahead in the polls.

        Keir’s Net Approval Index is 27 points ahead of Boris’ and Labour is still consistently ahead of the Conservatives in the polls.

      5. The reason your knight was there is that the guy can’t help leeching off the membership especially when it’s free beer and assorted “nibbles” Basic instinct for Sir keir and Angel 👼….knees up muvver… brown “

      6. reply to Steve H
        I have no evidence that invites were sent out but it is more than likely they were, possibly in the form of emails – how else would people be notified – someone ringing round perhaps? Unlikely in my opinion
        If emails or any other written communication exists you can be absolutely certain they will be released at a time to cause maximum damage to Starmers Labour especially as Johnson is under pressure for breaking lock down rules.
        I am not making up anything or making wild assertions. I’m just making an educated guess at the potential outcome given past experience. I could be wrong but I don’t think so.

      7. Smartboy – As I said above. The reason that Keir Starmer was there is that he was scheduled to take part in an online rally with Durham’s Labour MP Mary Foy therefore it was entirely reasonable for him to be at her CLP office. Your silliness about invites doesn’t hold water.

        and your issue with invitations being sent out to members inviting them to participate in an online rally is???

      8. Reply to Steve H
        If you look at the Beergate photograph there are at least 5 people visible. Angela Rayner is not in the photo and I don’t think Mary Foy is either. The people who were there, and we don’t know how may yet but no doubt the question will be asked, had to be notified about the event. Thats all I’m saying.
        Also just to clarify I am referring to the meeting in Durham miners hall because I am very inclined to think Iain who posted above is probably right about people invited to the Miners Hall. I assume the gathering was after the rally as it would be inappropriate to drink beforehand . If that is the case the gathering has all the appearance of a party,
        As the rally was online it was totally unnecessary for anyone to go to the Miners Hall in the first place- an online rally during lockdown should have been just that – on line. It is totally absurd to class a gathering of people eating, drinking and socialising together ” an online rally.”
        Finally as another contributor posted earlier Lisa Nandy suggested we move on from Partygate. I think that may be because she knows that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.
        It all comes back to this Steve H- many people in parliament think they are above the laws they make as all the lockdown breaches demonstrate. The Tories showed complete contempt for the lockdown rules and it appears Starmers Labour had scant regard for them either.

      9. Smartboy – You may have had a point if it wasn’t for the fact that the address of Durham’s Labour Party Office is
        City of Durham Constituency Labour Party
        Miners Hall
        Flass Street
        DH1 4BD

      10. Reply to Steve H
        So What? They still should not have been eating and drinking and socialising during lockdown.

      11. Smartboy – It really isn’t my fault that you couldn’t be arsed to check the most basic of facts before going off on one.

    1. While downing PUBLICLY SUBSIDISED DRINKS on the Palace of Parasites terrace, RAYNER told her Blue branch Tory chums: at Prime Minister’s Questions she liked

      🟨” ‘to do my Sharon Stone trick.

      I cross and uncross my legs and

      give him a flash of

      my ginger g******’. 🟨

      Come on Rayner, tell us with your admirable confidence; is that right❓ Are those your words❓ How much of a Sir Keith level liar are you

      1. ps Mandelson & WMD BLAIR’s Sir Keith in pact with Limp Dims. More thought needed re using your votes.

        Establishment tools & agents, NEVER have, nor will they ever weep re “spoilt ballots”.

        Their only concern is winning control to keep exploiting the many for money. That is all.

        STOP THEM with your votes, or at least make it difficult for them.

        V O T E ‼️‼️‼️

      2. ps ps. not checked it yet, but heard tractor porn tory neil parish is almost as duplicitous as Sir Keith. tractor man sits on some committee re animal welfare, yet votes FOR bloodsports😨😨😨

        Heard some of his voting record 😰😰😰 absolutely horrific list. what makes someone choose sabotage our 2017 AND 2019 GE to stop a TRUE Labour government??? Parish Starmer Blair Mandelson Johnson aims r a sick mix of sordid and selfish. Tractor porn man’s voting record paints a vivid picture of WAR MONGERS Blair & Sir Keith’s nature and intentions. Everything for the one percent parasites. EVERYTHING is MONEY for them and their type alone.

        Vote to STOP Mandelson Blair WMD Sir Keith Starmer & Co b4 it’s too late‼️‼️‼️

      1. Flattery will get you nowhere mr H…Freeloaders especially the Titled entitled is what the “Labour party is about nowadays” Steve H centrist dad who actually said “some people think I am a establishment troll” and I agree with that you are and a persistent one whos a glutton for punishment.regards former comrade…!

      2. Joseph – Really, when did I say that?
        Do you have a link to your direct quote?

  9. What I find perplexing is the number of self proclaimed socialists who are queuing up to help Boris out.

    What everybody else finds perplexing is that you believe there’s a difference between the two useless gets, while you’re still to tell us what any perceived difference actually IS.

    Oh, and not voting smarmer is not helpjng de piffle. A vote for either is countenancing conservatism – unless you care to explain why it isn’t? 😗🎵

  10. SteveH
    What will make the electorate forget 2nd referendum Temporary Embarrassment
    ‘Make Brexit work’
    Methinks not

  11. The CONCEIT of the man! “No rules broken” and he thinks we can endorse his lying, hateful, pro-gGlobCap, decit.

    Not only would I never vote for that man, I’d never vote for anyone who wears the colours of the party he leads.

  12. as seen on RT… clones?

    Stephen H
    What’s the difference between a filtration camp and a place like Sobibor or Treblinka or Auschwitz?

    Not a damn thing.

      1. SOFREP – (Special Operations Forces Report) is the largest Spec Ops site on the Internet. Editor-in-Chief Brandon Webb is a former Navy SEAL.
        Would that be a strictly impartial, reliable website?
        Couldn’t possibly be financed by the US State Department, could it?

  13. OSCE, BBC, Daily Express, MSNBC, The Grauniad, Metro, Washington Post, NYT etc. etc.
    Now where do they get their briefings?
    Couldn’t be the State Department, and HMG could it?
    Couldn’t be organisations that brought us Iraqi soldiers killing babies in a Kuwaiti hospital, could it?
    Couldn’t be organisations that brought us Iraqi WMD could it?
    Couldn’t be organisations that brought us the fake gas attack in Douma could it?
    You need to try harder. Find a source which isn’t compromised.
    It’s late. Too late for any more of the resident David Gower.

    1. golddbach – If you are really so naive and gullible that you believe the imperialist and corrupt Putin’s propaganda then that’s your problem. P’ off back down your 🐰🕳️

      1. Well youve clearly lost the argument with goldbach steve h.Maybe a little rest is due from comments section,especially has its been a busy time for you with all them royals and flag waiving in your Caribbean bolt hole.Maybe its time to round up the goats in the backyard and give them the care and attention they deserve former comrade Stevie.?

      2. Joseph – What argument would that be, I wasn’t aware there was one to lose.

      3. SteveH
        1,000 civilians in the Steel plant standing between Nazi Asov regiment and their complete annihilation
        What do you call that
        Then watch MSM and toilet papers do somersaults to frame it as a Russian assault on civilian population
        You bonnie lad are either deluded or one sick fuck

      4. Joseph – He is incapable of acknowledging it when he is arguing – a lost cause, if ever a cause he was.
        Amusing that he has to resort to bad language.
        He is Jake Sullivan’s gullible idiot.
        Better not tell him that there is no such thing as Santa Claus.

  14. Goldbach…Yes…one,hopes that the language might be excused if there was any real passion in his argument…but then again his knight of the realm has been descibed as absolutely boring in the Scum he writes for in what they are calling “beergate and are now hoping that sir keir and Angel follow their own advice on covid breaking rules and resign..I get the message though that they are not as keen to see Angela go,no doubt theyve spoted a bit more milage in the Basic instinct story.?

  15. Even leaving aside the shortcomings of Starmer, it is a stretch to imagine that two members of the opposing party would resign on the basis of an accusation when those in power who introduced the laws they broke have been convicted and remain in post. The game is obviously to stir up a sense of ‘a plague on all your houses’, accepting that the damage to expectations of those in high office is the price paid to save Big Dog. Both parties are clutching at the local elections as the runes that will determine which way they twist: a passable result for Johnson will most likely see him in office for the next GE and doubtless he very much hopes that Starmer stays put as that makes the outcome a foregone conclusion. I don’t think the public revile Starmer but instead are repeatedly underwhelmed by him to the point of questioning what exactly he is doing. For some, doubtless, his appeal was that he was ‘not Corbyn’, and Starmer, in embodying that role so completely, is a vacuum. There is a bigger issue regarding the utility of a binary system that keeps the losing party in stasis for five years at a stretch and we have endured successive LOTOs sitting on their hands, taking the money and seeming content to rise from their slumbers as the next GE comes around but Starmer has elevated this to a whole new level. I don’t think it is hyperbole to suggest the we live in unprecedented times given the events of the last fifteen years or so, nor overly conspiratorial to argue that the challenges have been confronted by some of the most ill-suited leaders one could imagine, ably assisted by opponents incapable or unwilling to bring them down.
    Anyhow, rather than wallow in the gloom that the Bank Holiday weather is compounding, I was curious as to what people think constitutes a defendable result in the forthcoming elections. So much of the chatter in the run-up to these things prices in diminished expectations but what results mean Johnson or Stermer have to go (or will be pushed)?

  16. On BBC website
    Lavrov says Hitler had Jewish ancestry
    Response from Yair Lapid, Israel Foreign Minister
    ‘The lowest level of racism against Jews is to accuse Jews themselves of antisemitism’

    We have truly entered an Israel dystopia

    1. A mate of mine was just telling me about this claim. Thanks for the article, Goldbach.

      Psycho-analysts must be having a field day with this one!

  17. Dangerous times – Victoria Nuland is currently visiting Brazil.
    We can all guess what that means.

    1. Yeah, Bolsonaro will be packing his bags. They’ll likely be extremely heavy! 😉

      1. My guess is either another coup or Lula and many others banged up in prison on some pretext.

    2. Goldbach……I saw that too. BRICS….one by one they’ll pick off Russia’s trading partners. They’ve already got rid of Imran Khan (temporarily anyway) Next will be Brazil, then China, then Modi, then South Africa.

      Got to make sure the US dollar is the world currency haven’t we? The Rothschilds are calling in the chips. Squeaky bum time for the US Empire.

      1. I’d rearrange your timeline. China would be the ultimate one. Only, China will not let it go that far.

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