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Tweet of the day so far on local election results

Liverpool wit again triumphs over spin, nails reasons Starmer’s party repels working-class voters

A tweet by the Liverpool Riverside left has provided the commentary of the day so far on the new local election results – a perfect antidote to the forced and fake cheer of the Labour right at an appalling set of losses and stagnation outside London.

When one so-called centrist crowed that Boris Johnson’s prime ministerial residence is now in a Labour local authority, Liverpool Riverside Left responded:

Residents of Labour-controlled Liverpool are now forced to pay to recycle organic waste after the mayor and council followed Keir Starmer’s orders to collaborate with Tory commissioners in imposing heavy cuts on a city already hammered by Tory austerity – and bin workers in Coventry who are striking for decent pay and conditions are facing the use of scab Labour by the city’s Labour-right-controlled council as it tries to break their strike at a far higher price than it would cost them to simply agree with the workers’ reasonable demands and settle the dispute, while Starmer sneers at them and their whole city.

Starmer and his rigged, arrogant, anti-democratic party are no less the enemies of working-class people than the Tories are – and the results in the local elections so far suggest that working-class people see through Starmer’s scam and are fully aware of that fact. And a typical piece of Scouse wit summarised the situation perfectly.

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    1. “Jeremy Corbyn has written to all Labour council leaders calling on them to resist calls to set illegal no cuts budgets.
      18th December, 2015
      In the letter co-signed by Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and Shadow Local Government Secretary Jon Trickett, Corbyn points out that failure to set balanced budgets could see “Tory minister deciding council spending priorities”, and warns that “their priorities would certainly not meet the needs of the communities that elected us”.

      1. Oh, I can’t be bothered any more.

        Does anyone know what Steve H is implying here?

        On an article, about reaction to yesterday’s Local Elections, he drags out an article from six and a half years ago, and posts it as though it had some relevance, to the article at hand.

        I think the guy is losing any sense of perspective, he may have had.

        P.S. Please, don’t let Steve H reply, please, don’t let Steve H reply, please, don’t let Steve H reply, please, don’t let Steve H reply, please, don’t let Steve H reply…

      2. George ,- Given that the above article clearly states “Residents of Labour-controlled Liverpool are now forced to pay to recycle organic waste after the mayor and council followed Keir Starmer’s orders to collaborate with Tory commissioners in imposing heavy cuts on a city already hammered by Tory austerity “ then it is entirety legitimate to point out that Jeremy Corbyn warned Labour councils against attempting to set illegal budgets. The fact that it was said a few years ago is irrelevant, his warning is no less valid today.

      3. So within fifteen minutes of George posting the first comment, SteveH is in there again! What a joke! Oh, but perish the thought that he’s a paid right-wing fascist shill! And the reason it took fifteen minutes of course is that THAT was the amount of time it took MrH and his team to discuss how to respond and come up with something, and then do a search to find an article to quote from and post a link to!

      4. Allan – Oh dear, I see you are at it again. It isn’t my fault that it takes you a while to catch up. 🥱
        Jeremy has also advised that his supporters should attack the message, not the messenger. 🤔

      5. What’s ‘weird’ is that you post thousands and thousands of comments on here every year, and have been doing so for around six years or so since you first started posting on skwawkbox. And all I’m doing is calling you out for the right-wing full-time paid Establishment shill that you obviously are, who posed as a Jeremy Corbyn supporter up until just after the 2019 GE, and did so for the obvious reason.

        I mean irrespective of you having allegedly retired to the Caribbean, who but a shill spends all day practically every day posting comments on a blog, but to have moved to the Caribbean allegedly and do so is just totally absurd and implausible!

      6. Allan – I’m curious, do you actually disagree with my original comment?
        What interesting things did you do today?

    2. Oh, and then George posts a reply to SteveH some three hours later, and SteveH responds to his reply within fifteen minutes again,(allowing for a couple of minutes to get his response together). As I’ve said on more than a few occasions before, SteveH is constantly monitoring the site fifteen/sixteen hours a day practically every day, and some-way or another is alerted every single time a comment is posted, which he then checks out to see if it requires responding to. As I’m sure most people who visit this site will know, SteveH often posts the very first comment in a thread, but he ALSO (when he HASN’T posted the first comment) posts a Reply to the first comment – ie whoever posted the first comment! Oh, but it’s all perfectly normal of course!!

      What amazes me is that Steve Walker hasn’t picked up on it yonks ago and barred SteveH from posting, when it’s so blatantly obvious that he’s a paid full-time right-wing Establishment shill. Absolutely astonishing really.

      1. I was just looking through the comments (again) in a thread from a couple of days ago – ie the 4th – and saw that Dave Hansell posted a comment on the thread the following day in the afternoon, and guess what! Yep, SteveH was on to it straight away and posted a reply eight minutes later. Here’s a link direct to Dave’s post (which wasn’t in a Reply to SteveH), and then StevesHills reply underneath:

        PS And the shill has done this on literally hundreds of occasions – ie posted a reply to someone in a matter of minutes even when it’s NOT a reply/response to something HE said in a comment – ie steveH, that is.

        Make that THOUSANDS of occasions in fact, since he first started posting on here!

      2. Allan – It really isn’t my fault that you are obviously too dumb to work out that I simply subscribe to the web site therefore get an email alert to new posts and that I also choose to get alerts to any new comments. Are you really that thick?
        Do you actually have anything useful to contribute regarding my original comment?

      3. Correction: In my 6.25pm comment, what I meant to say (towards the end of the first paragraph) is that HE – SteveH – *often* also posts a reply to the first person who posted a comment in the thread.

      4. Thankyou so much for your response…… Yes, exactly, and yur sitting there constantly waiting and watching for every single comment that gets posted, so that you can check it out the second it’s posted. And at a guess, I’d reckon there’s at least a hundred comments posted every day on average, and sometimes up to two hundred or more, and YOU get email notifications for each and every one of them every single day, do you? Around a thousand notifications a week on average, yes?

        What a joke of a right-wing paid fascist shill you are (as if any ordinary, normal person would do THAT!)

      5. Allan – “Around a thousand notifications a week on average, yes?

        In the last 7 days I’ve received a total of 125 notifications from Skwawkbox.
        Do you actually have anything useful to contribute regarding my original comment?🤔

      6. But IF – as you said in your 7.16pm comment – you get alerts (notifications) for any new comment that gets posted, then how can you possibly have received only 125 in the past seven days, when there must be an average of around a thousand comments a week – ie every seven days – that get posted on here? Could you explain the discrepancy, because it doesn’t… er… add up!!?

        There were 61 comments in one thread alone a couple of days ago (re the ‘Pope’ article), and a couple of days before THAT, 82 comments in a thread about the new ‘Witchhunt’ film. So that’s 143 comments in just TWO threads in just the past four days!

      7. Allan – Many of the emails contain multiple notifications plus I only receive notifications subsequent to me requesting them. Your obsession is a bit weird. If you are so concerned about exactly how it works there is nothing to stop you from trying it for yourself.

      8. Anyone else ever noticed how the wee fella is invariably the one posting irrelevant, off-topic links designed to distract – eapecially from threads that are directly (and justifiably) critical of keef?

        And how they’re posted before most people in the UK are even aware of the ‘news’ he’s posted – from halfway around the planet?

        Seems better informed of current (off-topic) affairs than most of us UK residents 😙🎶

      9. Toffee – Could you explain why you think my original comment at 2:10pm is irrelevant or off topic, I suggest you reread this article before responding.
        The internet combined with a little skill has made the world a very small place. I make a point of keeping myself informed about the areas of current affairs that interest me. Technology make this a very easy thing to do.

  1. Sir Shifty will surely have to resign if fined over breaking lockdown rules, having demanded Johnson go.

  2. Andy, he should resign but he will not. He will fine a excuse of what isn’t the same as the Tory Partygate and play the victim. Both Stamer and Johnson lack integrity and decency.

    1. His argument that campaigning somehow gave him an exemption is palpable nonsense. Is Downing Street not also a place of work?

      The fact it’s emerged that 30 people were allegedly present, changed the picture.

  3. Was talking on the Today Programme this week about the alleged need to increase military spending.

  4. Watching Starmer celebrate in the few places where left-wing activists carried the party to victory, is nauseating stuff.

    Mr policy Void certainly had nothing to do with these isolated successes. The idea of this empty husk fronting what are increasingly presidential election campaigns, should concern the party. For Starmer’s about as inspiring as four month old mouldy bread.

    And the 35% Labour got here, to the Tories’ 30%, on a low turnout -indicative of apathy, is same as failed Tory leader IDS achieved against Labour in locals. He was removed remember, after been classed as an electoral liability.

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