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Starmer finally announces 3 policies – like toxic buses all arriving at once

Image © S Walker

After more than two years running the Labour party (into the ground), Keir Starmer has finally got some policies, like buses arriving together. But they’re nothing any real Labour people – or millions of nurses, teachers or environmental campaigners – will be happy about:

• protect non doms – Labour wants to ‘reform’ the system that allows hugely-wealthy foreigners to live tax-free in the UK
arrest environmental campaigners and people on strike for their rights
• freeze pay for NHS staff and teachers

The proverb about waiting all night for a bus and then three arriving at the same time is apt, but these buses are all heading for Toxic City and they’re as empty as he and his cronies are.

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  1. I wonder how many of his MPs will fold and vote these things through, even if only at a LP conference? I doubt there’s one would NOt comply when threatened. I’ve even lost faith in the supposedly “left wing MPs. For goodness sake leave and start a proper party that will take votes form Labour at the next election.

  2. I think we tend to rush to judgement over the actions of the current leadership of the Labour Party. Surely, we should change our perspective. Their generosity, evidenced in their actions, in encouraging voters to consider minor parties like the Greens, is a model of selfless political action. What a pity the Tories are so wrapped up in their own concerns that they cannot see this.
    I could say more, but it’s time for my medication………..

    1. Sir Keith Starmer IS a toxic bus OPERATED by PARASITES🪱
      Mandelson Blair operated Keiths SUCK all meaning and progressive purpose from passengers they hope to lure in by deceit. Note how both SH’s “Mandy” and the ever warmongering creature WMD Blair r keeping a low profile. They know they r detestable, but r praying they can capitalise from their blue chums mess, whom THEY ENDORSED OPENLY🪱

      STOP that bus infested with parasites🪱Stop them. “Work night and day ti undermine” them just as Mandelson boasted. From within and outside, UNDERMINE them EXACTLY as they undermined Jeremy‼️‼️‼️

      Don’t allow Reeves, Austin, Straw, Lammy, Streeting, Ashworth, Hodge, and more to profit from their sabotage and coups‼️‼️‼️ Don’t help them to lure in unsuspecting passengers get on the bus to be exploited. By STEALTH, make sure Sir Keith Evans Mandelson Lammy Ashworth WMD Blair and gang of sir lord and lady this and that profit by Johnsons inevitable mess‼️‼️‼️

      1. At every opportunity remind Mandelson WMD Blair led SIR KEITH starmer and gang that they, instead of supporting OUR democratic CHOICE – Jeremy Corbyn, the boasted of sabotaging him, boasted about their “Stop Corbyn” plot and collaborated with browbeaters Ferrara, Brian, Foggytea, Nawaz, Swarbrick, Usherwoody , guest presenters Hazarakeer, A Sourbry and now Lamey, Reeves and Streeting…

        Remind them at very opportunity that THEY openly endorsed Johnson and their blue tory chums. Oh! and Blankett, Stray, Rentatool, WMD’s ex nestmate … name always slips… was attorney general i think, remind them THEY ENABLED THIS MESS.

        Do everything legal to make sure they don’t profit from what they created. We would be STUPID to help them in anyway.

        Judge them by their ACTIONS then and now. We cannot make bread out of stones. We cannot get progress to serve the many by supporting parasites out of desperation.

        Let us find our weaknesses and improve. It’s the ONLY way. Without improving ourselves, if even we get another chance, we won’t be able to SUSTAIN our victories. WE MUST IMPROVE

    2. More please Steve. I did a quick search & can’t find anything more re this story.

  3. The Times has this “interesting” comment on the origins of non-dom status:

    “The aim of the perk was to keep the new class of colonial rich, who were financing and propping up the burgeoning Empire, happy by exempting all of their foreign earnings from British tax.

    “At a time when some of the richest and most powerful of these British colonialists had acquired much of their wealth from abroad by farming sugar cane in Jamaica or tobacco plantations in Virginia, they would otherwise have faced eye-popping tax bills in Britain on their overseas earnings.”

    Notice how it completely evades the terms “slavery” or “slave owners” in these two opening paragraphs (the rest is behind a paywall). Clearly, this is the history that current non-doms are benefiting from and which Starmer is defending.

    1. that’s correct philw53. and it has been used ever since by those who TALK about patriotism while sucking the blood out of those who r swayed by words like “patriotism”. Even now, the same greedy heartless lot who STILL live off the filthy returns of slavery, have sold almost EVERYTHING off. Water, electricity, trains, “British” Airways, the sewers … i kid u not, almost all the big shops, buildings, sold off the hanging now electric chair and lethal poisonings Americans, AND head chopping Qataris, Saudi Arabia etc AND to China of whom the same SIRS, Lords and Ladies pretend to criticise.

      Johnson’s own dad and brother are possibly at this very moment helping Chinese businesspeople to join with them in EXPLOITING their “the many” and ours

      1. Thanks for the China tip! Just when I started to hate my ex comrades in Russia. Nearly missed the ball with that one.

  4. What should become clear to everyone is that Labour is Labour in title only as,well as inelectable.

    1. Yes, there were a couple of times when ‘Labour’ almost stood for all the values of Hardie, but always occupied by sock puppets for the Elites. ‘Labour’ rarely stood for the true values of The PEOPLE, Bevan and Corbyn most notably, but the establishment had their taste of Bevan and knew the flavour of Corbyn.
      It wasn’t until Blair gnawed his way into Parliament, via the sewers of Westminster, dragging Reagan/Thatcher’s Neoconservative swirl Neoliberalism, in behind him, that ‘Labour’ was by a large majority occupied by Neoliberal TORY Parasites, far from the Right of the Left, a polar opposite political faction/ideology and an entirely new Party, New-Labour. With their “clever” words like the bogus ‘centrist’, liberal, soft left, left leaning, the right of the left, etc The Spinmeisters Blair, Mandelson, Campbell dragged Centre Leftish working class, via their alliance with The Sun and catapulted them all the way into Thatcherite TORY territory, that much was excruciatingly obvious, for me, anyway during the 2015-2020 Corbyn battles! For the Wannabees, there was the same-shit, Guardian.
      Now The PEOPLE have been entirely ousted from Parliament, there are ~20 MPs with The People’s interest at heart and ~15 of those….well, we all know what happened with the Nato condemnation!
      The Culture of fear we see in BlueKeef and Blobby’s Neo-Labour TORY Party is indicative for Parliament and Society today, the law are using fear tactics, silencing those who dare to stand up to oppression, I guess now it is just a waiting came to see how long before the top gets blown off what people can endure!
      Culture of Fear is an ugly mess, it has never worked, and it never will not for The PEOPLE and not for the enforcer, be that a government, police legal system, a business, a school, etc, etc it will come to an abrupt and painful end, as it always does!

      1. Where is the Nazi loving, King of regional working-class slang today?

    2. Sabine Ebert-Forbes, i’ve been stating that for ages. More people need to spread that message, while we get up to speed with what we need developing.

      The parasites exploit the label.
      Many of the general electorate trust the label through historical association. Understandable, but that blind loyalty blocks TRUE change.
      We can break that pattern.
      We must. We know people want REAL change. We can only deliver that WITHOUT the parasites.

    3. Pst, listen closely,. I think that the Labour Party might not represent the working class. I could be wrong, I haven’t got lots of qualifications and think Nazis are evil sods as are kiddy fiddlers and rich men with toilet rolls and small furry friends. But I am from the gutter and believe in helping those worse off than me. Is there an organisation out there for me to investigate. Not Jock the Hats vanity project, please.

  5. They are going to piss and sh*t on us all from a great height. We are expected to love them for it. Not bloody likely.

  6. Attack the working class and good old fashioned class war brought to you by the labour party.Now its official if you are members of the labour party you are enabling the tory tribute act to attack the working class on all fronts.
    Dump the legend of “we are a democratic socialist party” on your membership card or flush it down the toilet where it belongs….Labour are bankrupt of money and morality.

    1. Pure TORYISM! The Labour Party was doomed by the lack of the internet and crowdfunding, back in the late 1800s, today however we have no excuse, what I see, is that many so-called Socialists and Communists have fallen prey to the Glitz and Glamour, and Materialism of the Capitalist MSM, let us all hope for a young Corbyn, who can bring HOPE back to life!
      Nothing wrong with Young Tommy or Laura Alvarez, they share his views and in true Communist and Latin American Fashion, we could keep it in the family! Wah hah hah!

  7. They are going to piss and poo on us all from a great height. We will be expected to thank them for it. Not bloody likely.

    1. Going to??

      Have you not noticed the stench emanating from southside? 🤢

      1. I live over here in the wee 6 and even with a favourable wind, but you’re right.

    1. Thanks goldbach for the link to the Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Chris Hodges article. I found it helpful and relevant.

      “enforced absence” how long? For a good reason I hope.

      1. Thanks for the concern. The enforced absence was a couple of days ago, when I had a small reminder of mortality. Thankfully it was just a reminder.

      2. Golbach we all need reminding of our mortality and especially if we are getting older.I still feel middle aged but a few hours of manual work in the heat lets me know and I tend to rest and avoid raising my blood pressure.Unfortunately Squawkbox does just that but somone has to say or do something amongst all this insanity and Squawkbox throws a light on the whole situation with the help of people like yourself…..regards and look after yourself.

    2. Great quote from Benda re US Neo-Cons “The self made barbarians of power.”
      But Russian nationalists are also no answer too.
      Sadly at present it could be argued barbarians of all colours but Red seem to be trying to run the world aided by their media hegemony, and to think critically is chastised as a crime.
      We need to build left wing Democratic Socialist forces in every country
      Diverse working people of no country are our enemies.
      We all need to push our counter narrative.

  8. OK, I’m asking this in good faith, because I want clarification, not to invite an exchange peppered with accusations of being an apologist, useful idiot, adherent to one propaganda machine or another and the other trite means by which ossified opinions become weaponised. What, specifically, was the much-alluded to agreement between Russia and NATO regarding no further expansion?
    This article – suggests that the notion of not expanding beyond East Germany was a verbal statement made in 1990, ie before the dissolution of the Soviet Union and, given that this then resulted in the emergence of a number of independent states along with Russia, related to an entirely different geo-political situation. The most significant, official accord between Russia and NATO seems to be the Founding Act on Mutual Relations, Cooperation and Security, 1997 the text of which is housed on the NATO website here – – and, in this point below, articulates an agreed position which it is difficult to understand as anything other than allowing nation states to make their own security arrangements:

    respect for sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of all states and their inherent right to choose the means to ensure their own security, the inviolability of borders and peoples’ right of self-determination as enshrined in the Helsinki Final Act and other OSCE documents;

    Of interest, given that it is claimed that there are nuclear weapons housed by NATO in the countries of new member states (again, something that I cannot and am unlikely to be able to verify, my security clearance being far from access all areas) is the following assertion by NATO

    The member States of NATO reiterate that they have no intention, no plan and no reason to deploy nuclear weapons on the territory of new members, nor any need to change any aspect of NATO’s nuclear posture or nuclear policy – and do not foresee any future need to do so. This subsumes the fact that NATO has decided that it has no intention, no plan, and no reason to establish nuclear weapon storage sites on the territory of those members, whether through the construction of new nuclear storage facilities or the adaptation of old nuclear storage facilities. Nuclear storage sites are understood to be facilities specifically designed for the stationing of nuclear weapons, and include all types of hardened above or below ground facilities (storage bunkers or vaults) designed for storing nuclear weapons.

    I am conscious that I base this query on analysis from a Western source and that the document is retrieved from NATO’s website – this may be sufficient for many to simply discount the argument though if there are definitive sources that identify a formal agreement between NATO and Russia (by which I mean that they rise above the threshold of being interpretations with obvious sympathy or antipathy) then I would be interested to learn of them.

  9. The goal is simple, Two identically Right-Wing Parties, on either side of the Aisle, with slightly different approaches, but the exact same result. It is my belief that voting is optional, the result will be as they want it, that is why we see a Computer Geek advising on medical and pharmaceuticals and a book salesman turned rocket-man saying that only a few elites will be allowed to remain on earth, which will become a luxury spa destinations, the rest of us will move to the great amazons in the sky, spinning tubes with animals and woodlands. Just imagine thinking so much of yourself and so little of humanity that you would do/say such a thing!
    Where we had Corbyn with a big spanner for their works, they have Russia/China and allies with a spanner for their works, just as they stopped Corbyn they will try to stop Russia/China, they will Lie, smear, infiltrate, destroy, infest and take over! However, I think that those Elites are going to get their arses kicked in Ukraine! They are literally bankrupting their Military stock and supply, and not to mention the collapse of their Capitalist Greed, because of their own measures!
    Good luck with your enforced leave!

      1. Gaslighting Old News? Gosh, you as sinking deeper and deeper into the cesspit of shame!
        I am curious though, why do you think this would somehow trigger me?
        I have already told you I do not care for Putin, I care about Facts, Truth, Equality, Justice and Anti-Fascism thus far it ain’t Putin losing the battle, it’s the Nazi Loving Western Elites/Commissions and their Sock Puppet Governments, and Nazi Ukraine!
        What a fool you are!

      2. nellyskelly – but not quite to the same depth that this Russian flagship has sunk to,
        These pictures have only just surfaced so your claims that it is ‘old news’ is just silly.
        I see you’ve chosen to respond but whether you did or not was of little consequence to me either way.

      3. The Moskva, started to sink 4 days ago and sunk 3 days ago, it was reported, what is the News!?
        I will challenge your Cnut-Twattery as and when I wish! You don’t choose, I and anyone else here does!
        Who the fuck do you think you are!?

      4. nellyskelly – Which bit of “I see you’ve chosen to respond but whether you did or not was of little consequence to me either way.” did you have difficulty in understanding.

  10. Labour wants to ‘reform’ the system that allows hugely-wealthy foreigners to live tax-free in the UK

    better tell betty that it’s ok

    1. Time for the voice of the Caribbean community Steve H to step up and show us your metal comrade?…..Steve H has many friends and a family in the Windys so he will”do somthing to help his fellow Caribbean community and so many of us would hope that he would use his insider info to influence his beloved labour party in this fiasco of cut and slash services to the Caribbean community in London
      Steve H has been lucky enough to have received the hospitality of his adopted home in the “Windys”and I would hope that he would show some initiative and respect and jump in with much more than warm words tea and sympathy?

      1. Don’t be naive, the pair of you are falling into the Tory trap of blaming the LA when the fault actually lies with the Tory Government cutting their funding.
        LAs can’t spend money that they haven’t got Their grants have been drastically cut since the Tories have been in power.

      2. Excuses, excuses! The Labour Party is dead and The Neo-Labour Party TORIES are going home via the backdoor! The only TORY trap is the abuse of the logo/label/word ‘Labour’ by the Neo-Labour Party TORIES, that infested and killed The UK Labour Party. Now they are wriggling inside the dead skin of The UK Labour Party, waiting Sheeple like you! Thank goodness you are far and few between!
        There is no difference between the Neoliberalism of the Conservative Party and the Neoliberalism of the Neo-Labour Party, and there will be no difference in their government, just as it is in the USA, “Labour” now belongs to the Elites/Establishment/Omnilateral Commissions, NOT The PEOPLE!
        For the Upper Middle Class, “NOT The Undeserving Poor!”
        “Labour will be tougher on benefits than the Conservatives” 160 000+ Dead and a UN investigation, because of the Conservatives benefit decisions and “Labour will be Tougher”!?
        “Labour is not for people out of Work!” Good luck finding a society of people who don’t get injured, become ill, are disabled, are single parents, etc, etc, etc, etc!
        “10 years Prison sentence for Benefit Cheats” The Benefit cheats who are included in the 160 000 dead, sent back to work by cowboy quacks, when they should not have been in work, died of starvation, committed suicide, etc, etc, etc!
        “Riots could sweep the streets of Britain if immigration is not curbed after Brexit”
        Yeah, do you know what BlueSteveH, Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish!

      3. LAs can’t spend money that they haven’t got Their grants have been drastically cut since the Tories have been in power.”

        Then suppose they say that – instead of bending over backwards and (for example) setting up competitve undertakings to employ staff at absolute cost who then provide the Refuge services of striking public worker companies?

        You might hate Jeremy Corbyn, but at least he was open and direct in his opposition to austerity to get the working people pay for financial capitalism’s haemorrhage mis-presented as a ‘banking crisis’

      4. Steve H – your often ask questions on here but here’s a few for you:
        1. Where were you when the Left were criticising Putin for raising cities in Chechnya years ago you know when he was the West’s friend?
        2. Do you think Blair was right shortly after this war ended to rush to Moscow to congratulate Putin on his subsequent Presidential election victory?

      5. Steve H The voice of the Caribbean from the bolt hole can’t or won’t support the Caribbean community that offered the hand of kinship and friendship in the Windys and he like all rats that infest the labour party put ideology before family….You should hand back your recent citizenship with shame on your face coward ….You have betrayed the vulnerable Caribbean community whilst sunning yourself in a land you have disrespected.and ignored.

      6. Joseph – Are you intoxicated ?
        I have no connection with Newham so why would you expect me to be their saviour. The funds that we donate are for the most part committed for the at least a couple of years.
        A more salient question might be – What are the left doing to organise the community to give the practical and financial support to keep the centre viable?

  11. Now theres a tax no one could object to, it cost zillions to compensate Slave owners, how about we claw some of that back
    Starting with wavy Davy Cameron and his family

    1. extremely tragic that johnson’s lot r imploding b4 we “the left” have been able 2 scrape off the parasite laden excrements SIR keith & co encrusting labour labels and red rotted rosettes🥀

      lord… yes, another one… some justice minister unknown in his own nest with zero care 4 justice … anyway, he resigned + letter claiming he’s only now realised johnson is keith starmer without shiny muck to hide his forensic face.

      1. It is a predictable and missed opportunity for those who have the knowledge and connections to take advantage of what was inevitable! Hopefully BlueKeef’s TORY Party will also implode so that we can have a big concoction stew of a government until “the left” fully woke up!

    2. Some of the arms could be donated to the workers. Time for our own colour revolution.

    1. Toffee – I haven’t seen any credible evidence that supports the premise of this article, have you?

      1. Credible evidence…Credible evidence…On the contrary…On the contrary…It’s not my fault…But Jeremy…Who are you trying to convince…Self appointed guardians of the left…We must wait and see…The polls….The polls…The polls…The polls…The polls

        I know who I believe. And it certainly isn’t some greasy block-headed wannabe ex-public schoolboy fucker who reneged on ALL of his ten pledges within less months, and has persistently SUPPORTED THE most corrupt government in ALL of history.

        And most definitely NOT one of his fawning, vomit-inducing ,sycophantic fucking lapdogs who refuses to tell us what the difference is between smarmerism and toeragism becasuenit knows there isn’t one but tried to call everyone else tory if they point it out to him/it.

        This will soon come to the attention of the broader public and you’ll still try weaselling your way out of an explanation, because you’re nothing less than a socially-bereft, friendless fucktard.

        Just fuck off, croak, and spare us your total tripe.

      2. ” I haven’t seen any credible evidence that supports the premise of this article, have you?”

        Not yet but that’s often the case with SW articles, the billionaires’ cynchronised-MSM ignore it and counter it and then concede it.

        Mahatma Gandi said something about it… “then we win!”

        Also, at least skwawkbox is reminding people to not take a single word SirKalamity says at face-value! He’s not to be trusted, you know…

    2. Did Caribbean king ask you whether you were pissed? That’s a trophy of honour coming from the palm cider maestro. Pot etc…

  12. qwertboi – I guess we’ll have to wait and see

    As predicted.

    And you will continue to plague this site with your verbal rimming of your dear Tory leader when we find that what Skwawky’s written become unavoidable fact.

    Meanwhile, let’s recap on some of your previous form shall we? (Not an exhaustive list).

    There was NO proof keef was financed by anti-Corbyn donors.

    Brexit wasn’t gonna happen on keefs’ watch.

    The second ref shithousery would take all those libtard votes as well as a load of toerag votes.

    Keef was gonna stick to each & every one of his pledges.

    Keef HAS stuck to his pledges.

    Public ownership DOESNT mean renationalisation (don’t bother – Even marr showed the greasy fuck up, end of.)

    The Forde report would be published clearing your idol and his cronies, months ago.

    Keef has opposed the toerags.

    Not a single one of your utterances have been substantiated, nevermind been proved correct.

    Not ONE.

    And you aren’t gonna get it right this time, neither. Everyone can deduce what keef is about.

    Yet you’ve NEVER had it right, ONCE.

    So WHY do you persist, sadsack? Is it because you’re nowt but a friendless social misfit without any semblance of a normal life?

    PS, Not a dicky bird from reeves on what she’ll do on pay discussions in the public & private sectors on ch4 news just this minute ..Can’t think why 😙🎶

    1. Toffee – “So WHY do you persist,”

      What’s your problem? You are always more than ready to respond, fluctuating between childish rants and works of fiction.

      1. My problem, as you so eloquently put it, is that there is nobody can stand your scurrilous, unsubstantiated, never-vindicated and indeed HARMFUL DELIBERATELY PROVOCATIVE bullshit that you spew to the point of inducing almost homicidal sentiment in others.

        And when continually proved to be woefully inaccurate – let’s not mince words, WRONG – you swan around like your shit doesnt stink.

        Well it does. Having had less than fuck all right, any normal person would either

        A/ accept their misgivings and endeavour to correct them in future; OR

        B/ Scurry off in shame, never to return when fronted with their constant, utter, bollocks.

        But you’re not remotely normal – you’re ABnormal. You have some sort of superiority complex over the very same people that continually show you to be the monumental imbecile and socially-inept cretin you really are.

        You think there is no wrong in dictating to people the reasons why should back smarmer, but persistently refuse to offer a reason WHY they should.

        Nor will you describe a single difference between smarmerism and toeragism.

        But call the same people who KNOW there is NO difference the same toerags that smarmerists prove themselves to be.

        You are beneath contempt. And I will NEVER desist from calling you and your bullshit for what it is.

        Got a problem with that? Are you gonna cry ‘troll’ again, being the snivelling little shite that you are – despite you freely confessing you find it entertaining going out of your way to deliberately provoke people into responding the way they do?

        Infantile imbecile.

    2. Steve H sunning himself on the backs of ex slaves in his Caribbean bolt hole.The problem of inviting rats onto the islands of the Caribbean is that vermin spread disease whilst continually pissing all over anything they come into contact with…..Look at the “Rat logo and the message that gives to the vulnerable Caribbean community in Britain and the Windys” by their adopted infestation Steve H centrist dad…..Clear him out of the Caribbean bolt hole comrades in the struggle against apartheid in the labour party.

      1. Thats Rich “….Steve H Hall coming from , “For goodness sake” do you realise how intoxicated you actually sound?…A Rat that trades under the Rat logo for his Knightship whilst sunning himself on the backs of ordinary working class people of the Caribbean who have to put up with refugees from the Taxman like you lot who plunder the local Caribbean community in the Windys and in London..Trying to offload the responsibility of the vulnerable Caribbean community some possibly relatives because they are from “London” is so parochial and little Englander as to be ridiculous and cruel.You certainly belong in the labour party.comrade as there’s only the labour party out pimping for fascism in national and local government..I can still remember when you had a grain of decency and a sense of morality including a belief in democracy especially in palastine.Do you actually understand just what youve become under the tutoring of the New Labour party.

      2. Joseph – We pay roughly the same tax as we would in the UK, do you?

        As you have been told many times before my wife was born and brought up here, we are not tax exiles we both have dual nationality and pay all our taxes and always have.
        We could have easily saved a lot in tax if we had offshored the income from our property but we never have. Even when we were resident in the UK and Europe we have always paid the same taxes here as a permanent resident would.
        The bulk of our current income actually comes from the very wealthy from vacation rentals plus my wife has separate full time employment and she pays PAYE on her income.
        Like you say, we should all do what we can to help where we can and to that end as well as giving our time and skills to our community we as a family also donate at least 10% of our annual incomes to those in need.
        Why you would imagine that I have any responsibility whatsoever for a social club in London which I have no connection with and is 100s of miles away from where I used to live in the UK is beyond me. Apart from ranting at me online what have you done to help them out, have you been rallying your comrades in Newham?
        As I said above, A more salient question might be – What are the left doing to organise this community to give the practical and financial support to keep the centre viable? Do you have an answer to that question?

      3. There’s islands and there’s islands. Don’t get me started on Blairites and islands.

  13. Now, has anyone heard of “”? Ben Timberley is doing a series about Regional Directors. I saw the first one a few weeks ago. Here’s the second one. Food for thought.

  14. SteveH13/04/2022 AT 8:57 PM
    Toffee – Do you have anger management issues?

    They’re nowhere near as apparent as your social inadequacy and self-awareness issues, dope.

    I generally have a great deal of patience with those who have, or demonstrate, redeemable qualities.

    That’s not you, and never will be. You are beyond redemption. A eugenicist’s wet dream of a case for their cause

    1. Some people love polls. We had a supposed independent survey. Usual tick boxes but after the Starmer one, there wasn’t one for projectile vomiting. Don’t our views count

    2. Tell the truth Toffee. While the class war continues we have anger management issues, rightly so.

  15. “The head of the World Health Organization (WHO) has said the world does not give equal attention to emergencies affecting black and white people.

    WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who comes from Ethiopia’s war-torn region of Tigray, said only a fraction of the help given to Ukraine was given to humanitarian crises elsewhere.

    The AFP news agency quoted him as saying:

    Quote Message: I don’t know if the world really gives equal attention to black and white lives.

    Quote Message: The whole attention to Ukraine is very important of course, because it impacts the whole world.

    Quote Message: But even a fraction of it is not being given to Tigray, Yemen, Afghanistan and Syria and the rest. A fraction.

    Quote Message: I need to be blunt and honest that the world is not treating the human race the same way. Some are more equal than others.”

    Well said, sir.

    1. And I read that the Simon Wiesenthal centre in Israel is condemning the Canadian government in providing training and technical support for Nazis inside Ukrainian forces especially the Zelenskey funded Azov swastika flying Nazi regiment.Looks like even the Israeli government like to distance themselves from the Nazi Ukraine regime of the Jewish Zelensky leader of Ukraine.I noticed that our Volod is sporting a good tan from his recent trips to Miami beach and his bolt hole mansion there on the beach 🌴…..RT report..!

    2. Absolutely Goldbach.
      Imagine if Ukraine had been populated by Black citizens, and we saw how the Black students in Ukraine were treated!
      As socialists we care about ALL of diverse humanity, diverse working people.
      I said on the BBC Comments page – what about Yemen, Palestine and Sudan but they removed my post.
      John Lennon’s song should be re-released globally to counter the dominant Neo-Liberal Lies.
      ‘Just Give Me The Truth.’
      Big Red Freedom Train’s ‘Revolutionary Days’ makes some good points too.
      “They try to control your minds. They tell you we’re baddies. And you believe them. If shows how sad life is.” Solidarity!


    Priti Patel finalises plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda
    People seeking asylum in the UK will be flown 4,500 miles to Rwanda as part of a government crackdown on unauthorised migrants to be announced by Boris Johnson.
    Priti Patel, the home secretary, travelled to the central African country on Wednesday after finalising a “migration and economic development partnership”.
    The initiative comes as the prime minister prepares to disclose further plans on Thursday to break up the business model of people-smuggling gangs and increase UK operations in the Channel.
    Referring to UK’s referendum vote to leave the EU, he will say: “We cannot sustain a parallel illegal system. Our compassion may be infinite, but our capacity to help people is not.

    1. Something ponder about – According to Priti it is what people voted for when they voted for Brexit.

  17. What a joke from the Rat Steve H preaching from his Caribbean bolt hole and proping up the establishment and supporting the Apartheid regime in the labour party..You should be deported from the Caribbean for your warped and sick ideology.You had your chance to support the Caribbean and threw it back in their face whilst living off the backs of ex slaves in their own country.No wonder the Caribbean community want out from the jack boots of British colonialism and British imported off them.

  18. Give it a rest steve h..people voted to get rid of the unelected EU cabal that have since proven to be little more than US and Nato warmongering lackys that could help to obliterate the planet.and have certainly helped to plunder the European people themselves with putting “America first” .PS stevie boy youre being watched and monitored by the Israeli spys in southside Hq.

    1. Joseph – I’ve simply relayed what Patel has been reported to have said. Did you get out of the wrong side of the bed or have you yet to go to bed.

      1. Steve H I am celebrating khmer New year which is a weeks holiday here not that I need one being retired from earning a crust comrade.Naturaly part of it is a traditional Buddhist ceremony were washing of the feet is re.enacted by a close friend or relative(our daughter in law)…ITs reminds me of Easter week and the “washing of feet by Christ .Strange or not so strange 8 always found it when the local parish priest washed mine. embarrasing.Good Friday tommorow and the ressurection of easter Sunday clash with the Khmer new year celebrations so maybe I will then raise a glass of local rice wine and celebrate a very interesting long and lucky life on this beautiful planet.and the luck of finishing my days sorounded by mountains rice fields and I the nearby untouched islands of the Pacific ocean.

  19. Anyone eve noticed the wee rodent does plenty of surmising about keef but NEVER ONCE gives a best guess on what a keef-negotiated brexit (under a Corbyn led labour government )might have looked like?

    Perhaps he’s realised (his second referendum shithousery in supporting the prick who bollocksed up labour’s best hope of winning in 2019 ) it would make him look even more cretinous than the already does.

    Bit late for that, wee gobshite. You can’t even come across with a keef policy, but dismiss again, those who know far better than you, what they are and, what the rest will eventually be.

    (On a totally unrelated note I’ve just seen a quite large shooting star!!)

      1. Still parroting the same, over-abused, shite phrases?

  20. On a completely unrelated note Toffee I have seen a round 🌈rainbow directly above my head in the sky which surprisingly has been the second in less than a week having never seen a complete circle of a rainbow before.Maybe its a sign after I fled a “king cobra in a drainage ditch yesterday which I again have never seen hunting in our commune before although I have seen many other snakes all venomous on a daily basis.The king cobra is a new and dangerous development a little bit like the fascist labour leader it will have to be dealt with and all its offspring…Speaking of snakes.isnt it strange that the hyper secrative steve h never mentions even the weather or interaction with the locals in his Caribbean bolt hole?

    1. Correct Joseph! Apart from being amused by young goats I don’t think I’ve ever heard owt else…

      Oh, I tell a lie… Didn’t he tell us he was being headhunted by THREE local schools a while back? 😙🎶

      1. Toffee – No, but you are more than welcome to try and prove your silly ‘assertions’.

    2. Rainbows are totally round (circular/halo shaped) when seen from space (or very high altitude) apparently. It’s only the angle we at ground level see them at, due to the curvature of the earth, gives them their perceived arc shape

      Have you been doing some transcendental meditation, or summit?

      Anyway for those unaware or have never seen the phenomenon…

      1. Fortunately I took a photograph and my son and wife were amazed as well.looking up it was almost blinding as the sun 🌞and the circular rainbow was directly on top of my head.Many other locals saw it and being buddhist thought it had religious conatations.I know it was a rainbow but I am pleased that it was a rare occurrences and I have never seen one anywhere else in the world.And no I wasn’t meditating with a bottle of rice wine or a few cans of Angkor beer.Maybe the Ang Lee mountains and the weird weather of heavy tropical storms in the dry season and the filling of the rice fields has somthing to do with it.Easter Sunday in a few days I wonder if I will be Hallucinating the messia in long flowing robes with a circular 🌈rainbow from above.

      2. It was a halo, Joseph! You’ve been made a Saint for sure 👍😇

        Unfortunately, you’re not a Patrick, else you’d be able to get rid of the snakes… 🙂

    3. Joseph – How very British of you to be obsessed by the weather.
      It has been about 30° and a little cloudy all week, it pissed it down earlier in the week but it has been fine today. Happy now?

  21. We shall seek professional help as we are not allowed guns or shoguns even if we are farmers.ITs an extremely large animal and theres probably more so we are being careful although we always are with snakes as they are everywhere here.Luckily only a few of the King Cobra that will make a good few meals for the local khmer who tend to eat anything that moves excluding Rats and mice but frogs insects crabs and fish all caught in the rainey season in the flooded rice fields.provide a stop gap to rising food prices and fuel for their motorbikes.Thats why I often say that we are lucky enough to be shielded from the modern world were everthing is packaged and presented nicely.Our chickens we kill fresh and pigs are slaughtered on demand at the main market along with everything else.Our fruits straight off the tree all year round mangoes jackfruit bannanas,Durian and oranges and apples along with coconut and woodapple,tamarind trees for drinks and flavouring and of course palm 🌴sugar for sweetening.
    Yes its not west cork or my beloved Bolton but it is home which Surrey and Sussex never was despite spending many years there….insipid and boring is the word no wonder his Knightships causing so much trouble.because he doesn’t belong and most of his mps in what was a Working class labour party.The End?

    1. Be careful, the thick cowboys and 6 are sniffing around your idyll. I’m serious.

  22. For anyone from the East Midlands visiting this site, and for anyone else who has an interest –
    I’ve found the first of Ben Timberley’s reports on Regional Directors. This one is on the East Midlands. The first six minutes explains why Regional Directors have become pivotal in establishing right wing control of the LP.

    1. @20:12 on that video…

      ‘The Holocaust educational trust…No comment’ (In reference to attendance at a business event)

      Well I will

      What sort of business are the Holocaust educational trust engaged in? 🤔

      1. think today marks two too long cursed years with sir keith starmer destroying the purpose of the labour party🥀

        thing is, despite the worst government anyone could have imagined, even with an unscrupulous pm like johnson; despite shocking corruption of at least £91 billion in two years of contracts to chums … even a freind down hancock’c pub got a cut🥀

        despite that and more, yet still sir keith starmer is disliked by the public. keith still is totally negative stuff. sir keith is incapable. he’s incapable of a single small idea, let alone a big one to benefit “the many”🥀

        sir keith & nest of parasitic plotters in all these years have not a single policy be it re: transport, education, housing, equality under the law, anti racism, cost of living crisis, ending tax loop holes, open exploitation of the many by billionaires and corporations … the list is long🥀

        it’s clear to everyone now, (except david hill steveh sh coleman & co), that after these two excruciatingly long years of sir keith starmer wmd blair mandelson hodge lammy reeves austin & othe disgusting saboteurs, parasites are running the most dreadfully dangerous horror show🥀

        there’s much much worse to come.🥀 the liars are not even halfway through their act two, scene one🥀

        bring the safety curtain down on that dung lot

      2. Interesting that the video has been blocked. By whom?
        Thyere is a message saying that it’s “private”. It clearly isn’t because you can get it by searching for Ben Timberley on YouTube.
        Strange stuff.

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