Labour staff vote for strike action over real-terms pay cut

Starmer-Evans shambles continues

Labour staff who are members of the Unite union have voted in favour of strike action today in an indicative ballot. Unite members have rejected the party’s offered 2% pay increase, which amounts to a real terms pay cut of around 3.4%, and have asked to meet the party mamagement next week.

The woes inflicted on the party by mismanagement, legal cowardice and the Starmer-Evans war on members and their human rights has already seen Labour sack dozens of staff saying it needed to cut costs, as left campaigner Tory Fibs has pointed out:

Now the right’s contempt for working people may come home to roost.

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If you wish to republish this post for non-commercial use, you are welcome to do so – see here for more.


  1. Labour woes…..Also a considerable number of legal claims about to hit their offices over the Data Breach too. Keith has killed Labour.

    1. Yes Andrew probably. Furthermore many of them not only hated Jeremy but actively and relentlessly worked against him.
      I’m sure they now know that had Jeremy remained leader, the party would not be facing bankruptcy and they would not be facing real terms pay cuts and redundancy.
      Well when they get their P45s or can’t afford to pay their bills because their wages don’t go as far as they used to, they will have to accept that they have only themselves to blame along with the PLP, the MSM ,the Establishment and the Zionist lobby all of whom engaged in sustained vilification campaigns against Jeremy and his supporters .
      I feel genuinely sorry for the decent employees affected but not the anti Corbyn/ anti Socialists staffers who helped create this situation and who therefore deserve everything that’s coming to them

      1. The likes of Emilie Oldknow are doing quite nicely for themselves.

  2. So Right Wing Trilateral Commission member Starmer Led Labour follows Neo-Liberal practice in outsourcing members data.
    Well that went well didn’t it?

    1. I’d be really interested to know if David Evans has any connection with that data “management” company.

  3. Now, as with any such dispute, the question is:-
    Does Labour stand with the workers?
    There should be a clue in the name of the party, shouldn’t there?

    1. Maybe they view it as controllers of labour in that perspective?

      But I think they view it as the pain they go through to birth a Fabian’s dream.

      Either way, clearly they stink!

    2. Goldbach, they sort of operate a very selective definition. A la Reeves they see themselves as the party for working people. This I think leaves anyone not working as not belonging to their target group .

  4. £10m and 200,000 active members. Starmer’s foolish dcision to disrespect Jeremy Corbyn and his followers is costing Labour more than it can afford.

    It’s always the same with bad managers. Insolveny beckons..

  5. The Labour party’s Labour going on strike. You couldn’t make it up, a Monty Python scetch.

    1. It would appear, what’s going around about the party being bankrupt, is true?
      They can’t afford to give them an inflation increase?
      Well Well Well!!!!

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