Exclusive: Starmer named as potential witness in whistleblower’s allegations of cover-up of abuse of DV victims by staffer

Central London Employment Tribunal will hear case mid-May

Keir Starmer has been named – and could be called to testify as a witness – in a whistleblower’s tribunal case alleging that she was dismissed as part of a cover-up by Labour of a parliamentary staffer’s abuse and exploitation of domestic violence victims.

Sources close to whistleblower Elaina Cohen say that her allegations were communicated on multiple occasions to Keir Starmer and also to David Evans and to some of Starmer’s closest advisers yet no action was taken, amounting to a cover-up of what Cohen has claimed were criminal acts by the staffer of a former front-bencher. Skwawkbox has details of the alleged acts but cannot disclose them as the case is ongoing and may lead to criminal prosecution.

Sources also say that both Starmer and Evans have been named in Cohen’s application and are likely to be called as witnesses, as Cohen’s emails were acknowledged and they were aware of the protected disclosures from an early stage.

Skwawkbox understands that this site may also feature in the case in relation to exclusives published here revealing the abuse and related antisemitism.

The case will be heard in mid-May next year at Central London Employment Tribunal. Despite the allegations, the staffer in question has not been suspended and still has a Labour party parliamentary pass.

Keir Starmer was invited to comment on Ms Cohen’s claims and the prospect of being called as a witness in the case, but did not respond by the time of publication. Ms Cohen declined to comment as the case is still to be heard.

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  1. Were there not several DV related issues recently, where MPs were treated appealingly instead of supported as Comrades should!?
    I hope Cohen has them involved also! Oh Dear Blue Keef, X-Lateral Commission’s PM to be Mr Nastiest Nasty of British Political History!
    Imagine how he is going to ‘fuck us up’ as PM if this kind of behavior is his norm!

  2. Starmer NEVER responds to anyone about anything! Probably too busy sitting around contemplating and contriving ways to expel even MORE left-wingers from the party on bogus, trumped up charges!!

  3. The LibDems are saying they’ve won comfortably….. I guess Boris Johnson and the Tories won’t be partying tonight then!

  4. New New Labour will, no doubt, cover these accusations up along with everything else.

  5. He must be, yet again, waiting on his controllers to send his script before replying.

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