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Fawkes site falsely smears Webbe as right moves to remove her from select committee for white male

Labour right-winger Neil Coyle far worse, but Webbe being stitched up in favour of Blairite Liam Byrne

Claudia Webbe has been the target of vile right-wing attacks – including a plot to murder her

Left MP Claudia Webbe continues to be the target of the vile right, both in and out of the Labour party. Labour cut Ms Webbe loose the instant she was convicted, in a non-jury trial, of a single count of harassment on what appears to be the flimsiest evidence – a conviction she is appealing – and Keir Starmer did not even put out a brief statement to support her or condemn the plotter when a man was arrested on suspicion of planning to murder her.

The media has also targeted Webbe, misrepresenting the case and charge against her – and not even mentioning that she was the target of the murderous plot in the small amount of coverage they have given to the case, lest their role in inciting hate against her be examined too closely.

And now the hard right Guido Fawkes site has smeared the MP in an attempt to have her removed from a parliamentary committee.

Fawkes has claimed that her attendance is the worst of any MP on the Foreign Affairs Select Committee (FASC), calling for FASC chair Tom Tugendhat to remove her:

The right-wing rag based its claim on an article by the Tory Spectator site – but both use the ‘2019-2021’ attendance record, when Webbe only joined the committee in May 2020, months after most other members.

In fact, the relevant figures paint a very different picture. Far from being the worst attender, the new figures show that Ms Webbe – in spite of no doubt huge pressures on her time caused by the trial and subsequent appeal – is in the middle range:

In fact, the worst attendance record by far belongs to the much-disliked Labour right-winger Neil Coyle – who started on the committee at the same time – while Tory MP Alicia Kearns has also attended fewer meetings, two other MPs have the same record as Ms Webbe and another right-wing Labour MP, Chris Bryant, and Tory Andrew Rosindell have only attended one more meeting.

But a vote is being held nonetheless on Claudia Webbe’s continued membership of the committee. There is no reason independent MPs can’t site on select committees, but Skwawkbox understands the Labour right wants arch-Blairite Liam Byrne to sit on FASC instead.

It appears there is some kind of backroom deal being done between Labour and the Tories to remove the only black woman from the key foreign affairs committee in favour of a white male.

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  1. We must remember that the people who are doing all of this are basically long term members of the Labour party,although in senior positions.Many have been around longer than me and I am an old man.These tactics are not new and even I as a former Labour councillor experienced some of the blocking tactics that are basically bullying and childish.from the right wing.I am sorry to say that I see no future for Claudia and many others in the Labour party but I would hope that we dont go quietly and make sure that the remaining membership realise just what theyve unleashed on the working-class and the floundering Labour party when they voted for Sir K..Starmer the knight from conservative stronghold East Surrey.A new working-class movement will rise from the ashes of the Labour party and with the help of the unions we can once again fight for the working-class people of Britain.

  2. liam byrne ffs. The gobshite that have the toerags enough ammunition to fight a world war against the labour party with one fucking note of less than ten words…

    The very same gobshite that wanted to ‘help’ dummkopf-schmitt with the abject failure that is universal credit…

    It just shows the smarmerites’ll try to shoehorn shite into anything – as long as it’s from the same arsehole as themselves.

  3. Interesting to see Fawkes using lies to attack Claudia. Also who briefs this vile rag with false information. Towards the last few months of 2020 someone from Labour briefed the media that a Labour MP was suspended before the MP knew themselves. The person had initially leaked the story to Fawkes.
    I done no more and wrote to Starmer that as a member I was extremely disappointed that not only had the media been briefed before the party had the decency to tell the MP. Fawkes was also the first to know. I pointed out the Staines and his mates are no friend of Labour and their supporters why would someone from the party do such an awful think. In the meantime I was told that LOTO probably knew and was fully behind this shameful behaviour.
    You know I’m still waiting for a reply.

  4. I genuinely pity Claudia. She is a black Socialist woman , she has been found guilty of a minor offence and she is being crucified by a despicable shower of white right wing men for it. The party couldn’t wait to disown her and are now briefing the Guido Fawkes site against her. Disgusting.
    The annoyance frustration jealousy or whatever she felt about the woman she was convicted of harassing is nothing compared with the outpouring of viciousness and hatred Claudia has had to contend with since. That of course is what the right wing do best – hating smearing mocking -as Jeremy Corbyn Diane Abbott and many others can attest to.
    I hope Claudia’s conviction is overturned on appeal but even if it is I would doubt she will be readmitted to the party by the leadership- her race gender and politics aren’t welcome in Starmers Labour.
    If she wants reinstatement she would have to first declare herself a Zionist, then join Labour Friends of Israel, write a vile piece about Jeremy Corbyn in the S*n, demand a clamp down on benefit claimants and agree with everything Boris Johnson says and does. In these circumstances Starmer Evans and the others would welcome her back with open arms but Claudia is to fine a person to do this Unlike most of the PLP Claudia’s principles are not for sale.
    Solidarity Claudia.

  5. Not sure what time this blog first went up, but at the time I write, it’s at least four hours later.

    And three comments.

    Three comments. Where’s the outrage?

    1. I suspect that the outrage is there but the lack of mass reaction is probably what you would get if people saw a bear emerging from the woods.

    2. I commented at just after midnight the the sun 🌞had been up a while.I didnt comment immediately because I usually look at the British and USA ,Cambodi media first to find out if the World ended whilst I slept.Toffee commented about eight hours after me.I wondered when I commented on the lack of interest and I put it down to battle weary 😩the situation of Claudia being hounded by the right wing being a everyday hobby in the Labour party right wing.for many years but now just downright blatent and insulting .
      I have moved on and even though I comment the outrage lessons as the Labour party fascists solidify their ownership of the Labour party
      ..I have already commited to a democratic socialist party and I am allowed to fund and make comments but not vote.even though I hold a IRISH passport I am non resident of Ireland so I am a international member and its enough now for me.My attachment to the Labour party fades but the moral outrage and fury of treating people like cattle doesnt….I am pleased you raised the response as I was also suprised…?….Christmas and New year fatigue?

    3. Outrage?! Really?!

      Apart from the obvious fact that labour isn’t for all, Webbe is guilty of harassment. “You should be acid”…I sincerely doubt she was talking about LSD. Also, threatening to send pictures to children?!?! This person doesn’t represent me any more than keef does.

      The lesson is simple. Labour isn’t to be trusted and Webbe is a nasty piece of work. Most politician’s are socio or psychopathic, as shown by their actions.

  6. I think the disgusting actions of the vile Labour Right no longer surprise us!
    Good for pointing out the facts Skwawky but I remember reading that Mr Fawkes when a Tory student wrote a song which included the words “Gas the Left.” (?)
    I hope that Claudia wins her appeal but sadly as others say even if she does, I think she will have no chance in Right Wing Labour, they’ll simply exclude her from standing but there would be a place in a new Left Wing Democratic Socialist Party.
    And as the Colston Four found in Bristol, better perhaps to be tried by a jury of your peers?
    Of course the Right could get rid of all the remaining Left MPs if they wished, unless they find it politically useful to keep a few to maintain the Labour Left Delusion; perhaps they need the often politically articulate Left Wing canvassers etc to work for them?
    Best of luck Claudia!

  7. I hope that Claudia gets her appeal accepted and I think that if
    she does she will find the support somewhere ..

    We have seen time and again the Left come back fighting and
    winning – somehow.

    I have been meaning to write to the Labour Party leadership pointing
    out their antisemitism plus other things but have not yet done so as
    I fear it would be a waste of effort ..

    Meanwhile – I continue to support my local Labour Party in which I
    suspect a lot of people are seething and waiting ..

    I do not criticise them for not speaking out!

    Our day will come- as the soppy song from West Side Story has it ..

  8. It is amazing that the right wing think they can get away with this ..

    AS said above Neil Coyle’s attendance was by a long way the WORST ..

    and even though Claudia joined the Committee later than all others her
    attendance was perfectly respectable ..

    Can no-one take Guido Faux to task? Do they not sign up to anything
    like IPSO .. ? Surely there is something that can be done against
    plain lying !

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