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Starmer shredded – for finally calling for action on Hancock, after he had already resigned

Mass responses and quote tweets hammer ‘Captain Hindsight’ – who said only in February that he didn’t want then-Health Sec to resign

Keir Starmer has received a thrashing on social media after finally calling for Matt Hancock to be sacked as Health Secretary – after Hancock had already resigned.

As of the time of writing, more than 3,500 replies and over 1,000 ‘quote tweets’ had shredded Starmer for his ‘Captain Hindsight’ act, his lack of spine or a semblance of effective opposition – and for actually saying only in February, after Hancock had been found to have acted unlawfully in the award process of massive pandemic contracts, mostly to Tory cronies and donors, that he didn’t want Hancock to resign:

Hancock and the government have since been found again to have acted unlawfully. Starmer didn’t call for his resignation or sacking then, either. But today, at least half an hour after Hancock’s departure was public knowledge, Starmer finally said Johnson should have sacked him – without even mentioning the 150,000+ needless deaths caused by Tory policies or the massive corruption of contract hand-outs and worthless track-and-trace -and was promptly taken apart by left-wingers who, as they say, had ‘kept the receipts’, as the tiny selection below demonstrates.

And those respondents certainly did mention the Tories’ murder tally and corruption – as well as Starmer’s own less than clean hands in his own dealings:

It was yet another appalling demonstration of abject cowardice and non-opposition that demonstrates how utterly unfit Starmer is for the title, let alone the office, of ‘leader of the opposition’ – and, yet again, showed Starmer attempting to piggy-back on results achieved by others in the vaccuum his feebleness has created.

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  1. Who is Starmer❔ What is he❔
    Sir Keith. An Establishment tool.

    1. SIR Keith Rodney Statmer Captain Hindsight Establishment Dip Stick

      1. The facts are actually somewhat at odds with the above. This was the Labour Party’s official position on Friday, the day before Hancock was sacked.

        Friday 25 June 2021 / 12:11 PM Anneliese Dodds
        Labour calls on PM to sack Hancock over affair revelations

        Anneliese Dodds MP, Labour Party chair, commenting on revelations about Matt Hancock, said:
        “If Matt Hancock has been secretly having a relationship with an adviser in his office – who he personally appointed to a taxpayer-funded role – it is a blatant abuse of power and a clear conflict of interest.
        “The charge sheet against Matt Hancock includes wasting taxpayers’ money, leaving care homes exposed and now being accused of breaking his own Covid rules.

        “His position is hopelessly untenable. Boris Johnson should sack him.

      2. Waiting until the day BEFORE he resigned to call for his resignation when it was already too late for calling for his resignation to matter- is, for all practical purposes, no different than waiting until after he had gone.

        Btw, Steve, would you agree that it was absurd to only call for his resignation for having an affair- an incredibly trivial offence, actually- rather than calling for it because of his total incompetence in handling the pandemic? Why call for him to resign for the petty crime, rather than the grand larceny?

    2. I recall Margret Thatcher visiting a Machine Factory someware with her Minders Seeing a very Large machine She Said —– that it was the biggest Tool she had ever seen. How the minders were able to suppress laughter was a miracle. Thatcher had not a clue. Completely devoid of a sense of Humour . Starmer appears to be a establishment Tool but much smaller, also totally unable to see Irony or the stupidity of alienating the majority of young enthusiastic supporters.

  2. I’d call Starmer a dickhead, but that would be unkind to dickheads.

    Am starting to believe that Centrist Dad could do better than this walking clusterfuck

    1. SteveH davidH SH’s “manifest judgement” is to fanboy 4 DiP Prick Starmer. 622 votes Starmer. 1.6% vote share Starmer. First ever loser of Hartlepool Starmer. Loser of deposit Starmer. Worst By-Election defeat in the one hundred plus year history of Labour Starmer. Always behind the curve Starmer. SteveH davidH SH’s choice…

      1. windchime – I’m far less concerned about the loss of a couple of oddball by-elections than I am about losing 60 seats in an election where more of middle class (ABC1) than working class (C2DE) voted Labour and for the first time ever more of the working class voted Tory than voted Labour (by a very substantial margin of 15%).

      2. Better brace for more of the same then, because it’s never going to recover.

        And Starmer has the media on his side (which highlights how shit he really is).

        I hope Assange can gain some satisfaction from the former prosecutors total abject failure.

        Cold feet indeed

      3. And as has been repeatedly pointed out, not only was that lost NOT solely or even primarily Corbyn’s fault-that demographic was alienated solely by the fact that Labour disrespected their will by giving in to Starmer’s pointless insistence on pledging a second referendum IF elected.

        That change, a change Keir had no justification whatsoever for pushing for- outraged massive numbers of Labour voters in the Red Wall and brought that wall down, while not gaining Labour any new support anywhere else in the country, anywhere at all. After doing this damage Keir then insisted-again, for no valid reason- on NOT stopping at that, but on pushing, for no sane reason, for Labour to fight for a second referendum BEFORE the next election- which, as even you, Steve, would have to admit was an impossible goal to achieve and which could only have driven Labour’s vote in the Red Wall down even further if it HAD become party policy, and done so whenever the next GE was held- and it would have made no difference when that next GE was held, because the Red Wall was going to hold an eternal grudge against Labour for trying to get a second ref before the next election since all Red Wall voters.

        Corbyn had held those voters in ’17 by pledging to respect the results of the referendum, so it’s not as it anything else could have flipped working-class voters.

        Those voters were outraged that Labour NOT pledge to nationalise rail, electricity and water. Nor were they against strong measures to address poverty and unemployment. And they had no great love for the Iraq War or any of the rest of Blair’s discredited militarism. Nor did they assume that Corbyn was in any way personally hostile to them or what they stand for.

        After becoming leader, Keir proved he had never even sincerely cared about fighting for Remain, when he announced that he was now accepting- as even Steve H would have to admit in hindsight- that Brexit was a settled issue and that there had been no good reason to even try for a second referendum, especially since, as has been repeatedly shown, there was never any chance that parliament would have voted for one- the votes were never going to be there for it.

        And in any case, Steve, nobody is calling for Corbyn himself to be restored as leader- the man obviously wouldn’t ever want to be, for that matter, since nothing he ever did was about personal ambition. What we are saying is that the principals and policies of the Corbyn years must not be renounced, because the only thing to the right of the Corbyn policies is Toryism- there is no socialism to Corbyn’s right, there isn’t even “social democracy”- there is just unconditional surrender to Thatcherism.

        But Steve, would it kill you to admit that Starmer’s pointless obsession with appeasing hardcore Tory flag fetishists, while making young socialist activists persona non grata in his party- there is essentially no such thing as a paid Labour member under 40 now, if you’ve not noticed, and there is especially no such thing as a young “Labour moderate”- has been a comprehensive failure and there is no possible reason to continue it? Would you agree that, if Keir does stay on, he has to stop the war against the Left and welcome back the tens of thousands of Labour activists he drove away in demoralisation and despair? Is it not time, at long last, to admit that Labour can never win the next election by becoming a party of no one but a tiny number of cynical, dismissive antisocialist elitists, that there is no reason for Keir to be turning Labour into a party like that?

  3. What more can I add to the comments above ?
    What an establishment tool we have for a leader !
    Hide your face in shame Starm-trooper.

    1. STEVE Does it not say something about the political illiteracy of so called working class in UK that they vote Tory. Their so called education the billionaire owning right wing press is what they read. Says a lot about brits complacency and ignorance.

  4. SteveH where you bothered when the Blairites lost 168 seats over 3 elections and why Corbyn was elected, it is now just reverting to type, BTW Corbyn gained 30 seats before the whole of the right including staffers worked harder to lose the election 2019,

    1. tcliverpool – and just couple of years later we had a net loss of 30 seats, Hardly a reason to be cheerful.

      1. And that loss, 52 English seats for a single one seat gain, was courtesy of your man, the Centrist wankfest known as Keith Stalin.

      2. Christopher R, tcliverpool, signpost, NVLA, etc. – just ignore the nonsense. Anyone who thinks that class is about the identity politics of A, B, C1, C2, D, E rather than about the operation on “the economy” is bound to have some bizarre thought.

      3. SteveH
        Your man and every other Red Tory is in the wrong party
        Now off you must fuck

  5. Next he’ll be saying Damien grope should be prosecuted for leaking documents and grant shapps for fraud…. Oh, hang on a minute 👀🤫🤫🤫

  6. Well, what do you expect backbone or a clue? Nope, none of that here he has to check that the press and a quick committee check will tell him what to think.

    Forensic instincts we were told he had? More like nonexistent and can I phone a freind, well OK colleague then…

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