Video: Labour right-winger Hillier jeered after trying to tell Child Q protesters that their situation has improved

Black activists make their anger clear

Labour right-winger Meg Hillier MP got a hot reception when she tried to tell Black activists – assembled to protest the horrific strip-search of ‘Girl Q’ by police at her school – that their lot had improved in the last two decades.

Hillier found herself facing jeers, whistles, drums and boos as she tried to rescue her speech:

Confidence of Black and Asian people in the Labour party has fallen off a cliff under Keir Starmer as rampant anti-Black racism and Islamophobia have gone unpunished and have resulted in mass purges of councillors and candidates of colour by the Labour right.

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    1. I’ll buy a hat and eat it if Labour performs as well as your (synchronised-MSM) polling data suggests.

      1. Very much connected re: the ongoing wickedness of all status quo protectors; When asked if the cruel death of a young girl by USA, UK, EU & NATO collaborated and FUNDED bombings and bloodshed WAY BEYOND our borders, a dynamic status quo protector replied –

        “it was a price worth paying”.

        Well, if a special place in some hell is hotter with more “weeping and gnashing of teeth” than even she thought possible, then lets hope Bill Clinton’s creature in international crime, still feels that doing pure wickedness in her life “is a price worth paying”

        NO rest. NO peace for Madeline Albright. Enjoy your special place in the worst bit of some Hell. N.R.N.P.

      2. What on earth is wrong with some people. Dragging up polls from hither and thither will not change the reality on the ground. Our foreign correspondents might find that making reports from the war zone will give a truer picture of what none white voters believe. The Labour Party is not their ( our, working-class ) benefactor. The police might be PC but they serve a master hostile to the betterment of the majority. We are talking about the abuse of a child. The abusers purport to protect the citizens in this incident our defenders with their agents from the indoctrinated education services threw out the human rights handbook. Instead of recognising the long term damage done to that poor, defenceless, nipper, we are shown a poll. Your party, although always capitalist, used to have a beating red heart. It has stopped. Poor Cassie, God bless and protect her because Headroom won’t.

      3. Wobbly – As for the relevance of the poll I took my lead from the article above which clearly states – “Confidence of Black and Asian people in the Labour party has fallen off a cliff under Keir Starmer “

      4. Wobbly – I watch a wide variety of programs, don’t you?
        However on this occasion I found this poll via a simple search.

    2. I showed this article to my grandson..he looked confused and said “I thought you said that all are equall in Britain and colour wasn’t a question.?
      I have now decided that a trip to Disneyworld in Florida to see Mickey mouse would be more appropriate than the” House of parliament and the palace parasites.

      I don’t know why that silly women thinks that its “getting better” as if the last decades of experience for black and Asian people of Britain should be grateful for small mercys..Very soon the labour party will be preaching climb the ladder and you will be nearly as good as us?Decades of anti racism education gone from the labour party in just two years of the magic kingdom of the knight of the realm.No wonder Steve H hot footed his other half home to the Caribbean were nobody says “dont worry things are getting better for you lot” …Still things are getting better for the Catholics in N.Ireland says the knight with his flat earth chums of the DUP….
      .Lets keep Partitioned Ireland and campaign for it “on the streets and show them how good colonialism really is.This is the labour party of 2022a hundred years of neutrality gone down the plughole without even a debate.Theres not just Nazis in the Ukraine…just look at your party from your Caribbean bolt hole and be ashamed.Steve H centrist dad?

    3. SteveH
      Nothing new from kleptocracy moving to install temporarily Temporary Embarrassment, it gives the impression of democracy
      Polls can be bought like everything else and we all know who funds your man
      Bought and paid for, bent as a nine bob note
      Listen very carefully can you hear the wooden wheels on the cobbles as Madame Le Guillotine trundles down the lane

    4. SteveH
      We cab Trump your dodgy poll with a report and 27 polls that say Temporary Embarrassment is not trusted
      Still negative after facing numerous tap ins, you have a one legged leader in an arse kicking contest

    1. Toffee, Mystic Meg was probably having a massive gesticulation while he was watching Pesto.

      1. baz2001 – Your comment illustrates what a saddo you are.

  1. BRAVO!!!!! BRAVO!!!!! I am glad that Black, Muslim, Gypsy, “Fringe” Jews and other Minorities are being heard for a change! It has been far too long that they have been swept under the plush rug of Elitist Neoliberal TORYISM by the very Party who are supposed to be the voice of The PEOPLE! ALL The PEOPLE!!!

    1. Maybe nellykskelly, the only people hearing them are the very same people who believe Baron Peter Benjamin Mandelson when he dismissed them as “nowhere else to go”-ers?

      1. Too Right Qwertboi, it is going to be a fascinating next few years, my Gas and Electric Supplier sent me deals for my next contract and my monthly DD went up 3.5 times well, if I can’t find a cheaper deal, I will be minimising my gas to hot water only! One lot of dishes, two showers pw and a small sink wash the rest! And have a one light per whatever I am doing and all devices unplugged and limited use of any/all! I’ll give the Neoliberal bastards 3.5 times hike, fuck ’em, I can live like we used to and should do.
        If everyone pulls together, we can force energy back into Public Ownership, and possibly make a positive contribution to Earth, that REALLY will cause BlueKeef and the Neo-Labour TORIES some bother with their Masters and The PEOPLE, IF they try to bail the Energy Co’s out with, Billions, stolen from Rich Russians.

  2. The silly woman probably doesn’t even realise that her words have power and that she misused that power in her statement which seemed almost apologist.

    I’m not certain knowledable about Meg Hillier’s voting record or her wider politics, but I am glad that her audience reacted strongly and critically to her choice of words. We need more of it.

      1. SteveH
        You havnt got a manifesto because you have nothing to offer and believe in even less

      2. In her speech she say she “agrees with Diane Abbott” that some things have improved. The voting record does not appear to support your claim she is on the right so it must be based on something else. TBH I’ve never heard of her. I am confused.

    1. Clueless! Just like BlueKeef and The Neo-Labour Party TORIES! Wait until they start breaking every “manifesto promise”, The Trilateral Commission may get their prize golden boy PM BlueKeef, but it will soon turn to rot, when BlueKeef and Co starts speaking a different Language to The PEOPLE, ooh the shit will hit the fan, like never before. A lot of people are going to be expecting those promises and many are desperately depending on those false promises, add another Mandelson/Campbell/Blair Spin and it’s tickets up.

      1. The manifesto for the next GE hasn’t been published yet.

      2. I’d like to think that a different leader of Labour (a real, less-destructive leader) will oversee the process, but that’s just me. I have no time for anyone who is a member of a billionaires’ pressure group.

        “For the Many, not the Few”.

      3. Sadly, with 10/15 Democratic Socialists are clinging on by their nails, that begs the question, who will be the next Leader? Reeves, Pollock, Bryant, Cooper, Benn, etc, etc, etc We simply have to accept The UK Labour Party is dead.
        BlueKeef is a chosen PM he as good as have the keys to Nr10 in his hands, Public Voting Optional, but Pointless. Look at him and BoJoke anyone else fucks up as much, they’d have been gone. I strongly believe that since GE2019, Public Voting has become optional, but Pointless!
        Did you see that article in RT ‘Canadian Poll’ of just over 1000 people 3 days showed that people vaccinated are far more likely to hold Russophobe views, fully support sanctions etc, etc, compared to unVaccinated something like 74%, Definitely food for thought, I shut my Twitter Account down, because even good close Comrades jumped on the Russophobe Bandwagon, I’m not saying they are vaccinated therefore…, but it is food for thought.
        I don’t care one bit how much money anyone has, to me there are two things, they pay 100% of the same tax as anyone else, I will not take handouts from the rich or anyone else, and the other thing, that they work towards the good of The PEOPLE not themselves/Elites/Establishment.

      4. Nellyskelly – It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that gullible idiots consistently make bad choices.

      5. Yes, they Do BlueSteveH, don’t They!? They certainly do! The Rivers of tears are testament to that, and they are going to do it again pretty soon, won’t they BlueSteveH?
        We’ll be on stand by with Told You So’s and a good laugh!
        It is very sad how so many people allowed themselves to become TORY Zombified MSM Sheeple. Ah, well, there is no hope for at least 5 years, better luck then!
        The ‘pinch’ is shooting the breadline up the income scale, and the comfy fluff bubbles are popping, everywhere. The thing is that too many are so thick with sleep that they didn’t even realise their landing, yet, that okay we’ll welcome them with a warm smile and perhaps even a cup of Tomato Sauce Soup! Soon there will be enough to rise, like France and Spain!

      6. SteveH: And you know full well it will be to the right of the 1997 policies when it is- that’s the only thing that can possibly come of Keir’s obsession with focusing solely on Tory voters- none of whom have humane values and none of whom would vote for Labour at the next GE if it isn’t to the right of Blair.

      7. Focusing solely on Tory Voters and Destroying Press Freedom, Freedom of Information and Freedom of Speech! BlueKeef is one dangerous cookie and totally cookie with it. :):):)

      8. kenburch – You are welcome to come back and tell us all about it once it has been published in 2yr time.

    2. quertboi…Hilliars?..shes of the new world order politicians low on morals but
      high on “control freakery” voted consistently on info retention on the public and again on “mass surveillance of the public.Not a leader like most of the puppets in the house of commons but a civil servant type who would have been more useful as a librarian if there’s any left nowadays?.Why should the Oiks need education?My Great grandfather leo pius Okeefe was banned from reading or living in less than fifty miles of the capital under the British empire parliament were the little enablers like this will return us to if the knight and his bosses have there way……Anythings possible under the jackboots and they are still with us. …just look at Tory party mps Anne marie trevelyn and shudder…a relative of the “Irish famines minister”” This was gods judgment on the destructive nature of these warlike Irish Catholics “amongst the many comments to justify “Genocide” against a nation reducing a 8million population to 3millon in under a decade of which to this day they never recovered.from.and look to europe and the world to boost their population.

  3. “… their lot had improved in the last two decades.”

    How patronising is that statement? It’s not an ‘improvement’, these young people need, it’s a total eradication of @metpoliceuk behaviour, based solely on the colour of someone’s skin.

    To be clear, no one should be treated the way Child Q was treated – by her teachers, and by the police.

    I don’t find that difficult to understand. Why is it so difficult for Meg Hillier, and the Met Police, to understand it?

    Perhaps, Meg Hillier’s increase in salary, next month, should be suspended, pending her understanding of basic human decency.

    The fact that the police officers involved, weren’t even suspended, astonished me.

    I’ve not heard of any actions being taken against the teachers, who initiated the incident. Also, astonishing.

    1. A little off topic, but I was beginning to think I had dreamt reading a report in The Guardian yesterday – “Daniel Morgan murder : damning report on Met police”. But no I didn’t dream it, I’ve just searched for it and there it is from yesterday. I kept asking on the live blog why it wasn’t being discussed but kept having my posts removed, and today there is no sign of it… I wonder why. I thought it difficult for us to be shocked any more by the Met’s actions, but seems I was wrong.

      1. Anything that smells fishy like that, download the Full HTML webpage, someone will have it, or it is tucked away somewhere on the net use Yandex to search for it/anything disappeared by Google. When you find it, share it everywhere!

      2. Julia, I just did a search using the headline you posted in your comment, and got zilch results – ie just a page saying there are no articles fitting that description, or words to that effect. So I tried doing a search re just >daniel morgan<, and the article you were referring to came up, only they'd changed the headline. The Indy also covered it. Here's a link to the Guardian piece:

        Daniel Morgan murder: Met anti-corruption measures ‘dire’, damning report finds

      3. Julia, I too used to actually post things on the Guardian, but today, I avoid that publication like the plague. Why? They did to me – systematically (over weeks) – what you complain of, above.

        Like hundreds of thousands others, I now consult “Off-Guardian”, which was started by ‘comment is free’ radicals (mostly left wingers) and serves as a radical platform that tries to go beyond the guardnog’s liberalism and vehement neoliberalism, and which highlights the “contradictions” of it.

        I heartily recommend it.

        (Oh, and key Guardian articles can be accessed via ‘dump the guardian’ searches, and Off-G members’ archiving skills. You need never corrupt your computer’s cooky store again with CIA/WEF-endorsed patsie sites again)

        Here’s a link to get you started – but news on Syria, Ukraine war, covid, Yemen, Great Reset etc., might make you want to become a reg visitor

    2. The teachers have nothing to worry about. The glorious NUT will provide legal assistance against any actions brought against them. I know that their main concern is fighting for free transport for members working from home. Fight for the right to abuse pupils. That’s got a ring to it. Some politicians have been on board for decades. X mwah, mwah. Rattle pearls, a fugue of cheap bathtub perfume, ermine etc.

  4. Love the ‘Fuck off’ at the end of the video
    Red Tories
    Off they must fuck
    On Child Q’s school, I dont know but my bet would be it’s an Academy
    If it isn’t then the LA can step in and do something

    1. Doug, if only. They’ll circle the wagons. We are talking about a state that used to beat its elite children. Justice is not for the working class. The preferred method of dealing with this situation is “Exclusion”.

      1. Wobbly they feed the kids drugs in the USA if a child doesn’t conform to the teachers reality of life in the USA….not kidding its common treatments for a child with a sense of morality or individualism.My grandson Zachary was put on a suppressant to control his “bohemian” outlook on life..Three years ago he visited us after leaving Florida state university and studdied martial arts and meditation in a Chinese buddhist monastery tucked away on a mountain…The drugs didnt work.?

      2. wobbly
        Do they still send their bairns to boarding schools, how is that allowed

  5. Not sure what Peston has got to do with the abuse of a young girl and the inept speech by Hillier.
    Either the school’s procedures are not fit for purpose or the staff involved ignored the procedures.
    The police would also seem to have exceeded their powers.
    Will this just be allowed to fade away or will action be taken?

    1. goldbach – It is not at all difficult to understand, it simply adds some context to the above. The poll clearly indicates that most BAME people in the UK support Labour

      1. The poll clearly indicates that most BAME people in the UK support Labour

        Wrong. AGAIN

        The poll shows most of those polled said they’d support labour.

        That is subject to change.

        And seeing as you’re the all-seeing great sage, it’s down to you to tell us what the demographic turnout was in Batley?

        I’ll mortgage my vital organs to bet that it doesn’t match that poll result.

      2. Toffee – ” seeing as you’re the all-seeing great sage,” That is very kind of you to say so but all I’ve done is draw attention to a recent poll. How you interpret it is entirely up to you.
        I’m not aware of any figures giving an ethnic breakdown of the vote. So if you really want to know you are going to have to search them out for yourself. Be sure to let us know if you find anything.

      3. ‘all I’ve done is draw attention to a recent poll’

        And the purpose of ‘drawing our attention to this recent poll was?

  6. The manifesto for the next GE hasn’t been published yet

    O! Great oracle! Name a pledge of keefs’ (that he hasn’t reneged on) that’ll be on it… Seeing as you know the ins & outs of smarmerism and politics of every denomination.

    Go on, see if you can even attempt a sale, why dontcha?

  7. OK. This is something that should be of more interest than the twerp, Peston.
    It does last an hour and a half, but five minutes listening to Peston seems like much more than an hour and a half.

    1. Join in the determined joy of Julian Assange & Stella Morris, defying powerful forces to be married today!!!
      Only four guests + two witnesses because of SIR Keith Starmer’s Establishment tooling. BUT, millions worldwide send every good wish, DESPITE works of status quo starmer types.

      1. Very good news Signpost,I realised a couple of weeks ago they planned to marry and pleased to see theyve pledged their lives together in matrimony.and will fight to survive the corrupt modern world.that the USA represent.
        With the right mindset and faith the Yanks will find it difficult to break them down.when the British government betray their sovereignty and the justice system bow to the might of the New world order.

    2. Sorry I didn’t state what the link was. It’s a film called Ukraine on Fire.

  8. Funny how the SKWAWKBOX ignored emails from abused Black women on Twitter, asking for support.
    They’ll be published soon enough.
    Tick tock.
    Racist SKWAWKBOX.

  9. Well I dont know about her being “right wing” but she really put her foot in it by what she said! She quoted Diane Abbott and maybe thought what she saying was OK because of that?

    Saying “SOME things have got better” is perfectly consistent with the statement “most things have got a lot worse!” but why say it?

    I don’t know about the voting intentions of BAME*** people. However even if they vote Labour I cannot imagine any of them traipsing around neighbourhoods delivering leaflets in favour off the Labour Party.

    ***BAME is a horrible acronym – bundling together people of many diverse ethnic origins is racist according to some.

    1. Well done Holby central “off the labour party” ..finally the pennys dropped in the”Wonderland from over the rainbow “instead of follow the yellow brick road….!

      1. Sorry – I don’t understand you Joseph!

        But yes there was a typo which I did not notice.
        “off” should have been “of”

        I have been delivering leaflets for “our lot”
        of Labour Councillors etc. who are brilliant.
        Occasionally you do read of an excellent CLP
        and/or Branch – sadly mainly in the context of
        resignations! I think you were sceptical and
        asked me which CLP I belonged to because
        you did not believe my story. I said I would
        not tell you because if I did we would be targeted.

        Doubtless there are others too who are operating
        below the radar of Evans and his spies and
        BY DEFINITION of course you would not know
        who they were. Think of them as papists during penal
        times who had to hide their faith from the Authorities.
        Some of my ancestors were indeed “recusants ” as
        they were called ..

        I see Ms Rayner has been talking to LBC where she mentioned Corbyn as liable to support Ukraine in
        regard of arms sent to them:
        and that he had been well aware of what Putin was like
        for many years. Hmmm – well a very VERY tiny bravo Angela –

        She still went on though about the “New Management” and
        did not think to mention that if everyone had followed what he said in 2,000 – there might not have been any need to send arms now. In fact Clive Myrie (Dateline London) stated that if there was a “Munich” it was in 1999/2000 when Chechnya was being reduced to ruins and Corbyn criticised Blair and Co. “New Labour” were fawning over Putin, asking him to visit the UK and Corbyn cited the war in Chechnya and lack of Human Rights there .

        This is a long post – sorry about that! I tried to check for
        typos ..

  10. Reading the headline again – she said “A few things have got better” which is NOT the same as “their lot had got better”

    Sorry to be a techy nerd .. but she probably thought it OK – particularly since Diane Abbott said it.

    In fact what she said was ambiguous

  11. SteveH23/03/2022 AT 8:06 PM
    Toffee – To inform people

    You honestly believe we all fell to earth in the last rain shower, don’t you, you condescending twat?

    The actual reason for posting your opinion poll shite was an extremely thinly-veiled method of saying: ‘So what about them protestors? They don’t matter anyway because more black and ethnic minorities support smarmerite labour than don’t.’

    Hence your comment to goldbach;

    goldbach – It is not at all difficult to understand, it simply adds some context to the above. The poll clearly indicates that most BAME people in the UK support Labour

    “Adding context”…Jesus H Corbett. If that isn’t a massive ‘fuck you’ to that young girl what was strip searched and those protesting, then I don’t know what isn’t.

    Oh I forgot – we plebs should know our place. We have nowhere else to go, so we shouldn’t voice disapproval or dissent against any smarmerite establishment rodent.

    You don’t give a fuck about anyone who doesn’t support keef. They can all burn if they refuse to kowtow to your dear leader.

    We KNOW what you are…

    1. Toffee – “You honestly believe we all fell to earth in the last rain shower, don’t you, you condescending twat?”
      In your case, YES. You have obviously failed to appreciate the irony of you using misogynistic profanities in this context

      You are the one who is attempting to hijack this young persons traumatic experience to attack me and proselytise your own weird political agenda.
      Are you just playing the part of an uncouth hypocrite, or this actually the real you?

      1. Owned for the cunteenth time yet again.**

        Now you’re accusing me of hijacking someone’s traumatic experience to attack you. (Poor you, eh?)

        But no denial of what I originally said. Just a pis ls poor attempt to project your gobshitery on your accusers.

        Not working, lad. Nothing you do or say, works.

        **Oh look!? I’ve given you a free hit so let’s hear the ‘misogynist’ shite again, you colossal bore.

        As I’ve said, you obviously do not give a flying wank about that young girl OR those protesting about her despicable treatment.

        All’s you’re concerned with is how many black people said they’d vote smarmer in some fucking opinion poll – which is now eclipsed by the fact smarmer has fell behind once again.

        But I digress. Back to the point…

        Any black person that doesn’t vote smarmer, doesn’t matter to you. Nor does their misfortune.

        We KNOW what YOU are…

      2. Toffee – Yet another silly inane rant, dismissing the poll that I posted with playground profanities isn’t going change the results. Why do you persist in doing this to yourself.

  12. I though for a moment that she was going to go into Alf Garnett mode:

    “If you listened, you might bloody learn something.”

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