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CWU union: manager who sacked P&O staff was formerly Royal Mail ‘union basher’

Ferry company widely lambasted for ‘illegal’ sacking of staff

The manager seen on a video screen sacking eight hundred P&O seafarers so that the company can replace them with cheaper foreign workers – a move condemned as illegal by RMT union chief Mick Lynch – was previously an anti-union hatchet man for Royal Mail, according to the Communication Workers’ Union (CWU).

The news was published by the union in a tweet of solidarity on the CWU’s official Twitter account, warning P&O that just as the attempted ‘union-busting’ failed at Royal Mail, so it would fail with the seafarers, who are members of the RMT union:

Attempts to abuse and exploit workers are burgeoning, while the Tory government either abets or acquiesces. In the P&O case, Boris Johnson’s office denied that the government had known in advance about the sackings, but the Department for Transport subsequently admitted that the Tories had been aware.

The CWU is one of several unions to cut its funding of the Labour party over the Labour right’s assaults on workers, with Coventry council spending millions trying to break a strike for fair pay by the council’s refuse collection workers and Labour-run Kirklees council allegedly holding a meeting to discuss ‘breaking’ the council’s Unison branch, while the party itself has sacked staff and is trying to replace them with unpaid volunteers.

With Keir Starmer’s Labour trying to out-Tory the Tories, the CWU is absolutely right that all workers need to be in a union and to demand change.

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  1. I wonder how many like that evil old man were allowed to infiltrate the labour party and spread their makes me wonder how Thatchers children spread throughout the labour party and the unions to destroy the working class movement and take us back a century ago in the liberty we have allowed to slip away along with good jobs decent pay and a welfare state second to none..We can only hope that a true leader will come from the streets because it can never come from the Parliament.

    1. Back in the early 1900s, the “Ironmasters of Scunthorpe were confronted by their workers demanding more pay, but instead the bosses recruited workers from the local low-paid agricultural sector. This was used repeatedly. The local Tory (!) MP thought it was an utter disgrace, and raised the matter in Parliament. The significant point of interest being that he was a forbear of … Samantha Cameron!

      1. George – Is there a reason why you haven’t shared the details of your ‘analysis’?

    1. Labour’s new Green Paper on Employment Rights to be changed at the earliest possible moment, once elected, it means nothing! A TORY is a TORY, and these particular TORIES need to go! They are an irritation, with them gone, The PEOPLE will form a Government, in no time!

    2. “Labour’s new Green Paper on Employment Rights has been warmly welcomed by the TUC.”

      They welcomed the 10 Pledges” too, until they worked out that Starmer is a total liar.


  2. I F any of you have ever visited Oraduerr sur glanne in mid France you will have seen the desecration of a french village of six hundred people by the German panzer regiment under the SS Nazi General who were on retreat from the D day landings in Normandy and wished to leave a message to the French of those that oppose fascism..Two hundred and forty women and the same number of children incinerated after watching their menfolk murdered in the firing squad.For the women and children it was much worse after they were herded into the church and petrol was poured into the church and a handgrenade lobbed into the screaming victims.Thats what Fascists and Nazis do and now we have a world under threat from the same people again and some of those inside the labour party…just look at palastine and a partitioned Ireland to realise that Nazis are not confined to Germany of the ninteen fortys and realise that they are back once again in the west,in fact they have never left.Take a stroll one day through the preserved typical french village of Oraduerr sur glanne and you will be not only be given a lesson in history but hopefully a insight into what human beings will stoop to if they think they are untouchable and a more important person than the rest.This message is for all of those especially Steve H who at times seem almost amused at the suffering of the working class people of the world.

      1. bazz2001…you are correct and though we my wife and myself avoid the death camps of europe and Cambodia here this was a exception
        I thought that living in France as I did and noting how similiar to the village in France I called home ….it was our duty to see what the french went through.I couldn’t forget the beauty the village and the murder so many people because they could. do.
        IN the the death of so many people especially in the small church that resembled ours in Normandie.We prayed for those innocent civilians and hoped that we learned something from this small peice of paradise turned into a hell on earth on a summers day that the SS visited the village to show us your papers.and slaughtered so many on the whim of a Nazi major who had with the same regiment carried out the very same attrocitys in villages across Russia and Serbia into Greece and finished off with the destruction of a small village in France on a summers day in june 1944just after the landings of allied troops on the coast of Normandy.

    1. Well said Joseph 👏👏Oraduerr su glanne is a poignant reminder that we must do all we can to repel the fascists imbedded in all aspects of society both here and abroad.
      My father was evacuated from Dunkirk, when he arrived in Blighty he sent a very poignant letter to my mother in the letter he says what the Germans have done to France will make you weep I hope to go back to have another go at the huns.
      This was the start of the war he was part of the expeditionary force sent to fight with WW1 weapons, the Germans went on to commit even more atrocities, god knows what he saw I wasn’t born until after the war & he wouldn’t talk about it with me.
      PS he didn’t get his wish he was posted to Burma to stop the Japanese invading India where he was wounded by an hand grenade.

  3. Here’s the post I made that the wee gobshite said he’d catch up with me (to address what he thinks is untrue)

    But instead (as all too easily and correctly predicted AGAIN) he ran away to hide, and now pops up on a later thread, employing his usual M.O. of distraction and obfuscation.

    Green paper my arse. More chance of it becoming a white paper as keef honouring any single one -or part of one – of his ‘pledges’

  4. And here he is publicly stating he’d address the points I raised – but he was‘ too busy’ , apparently.

    Well now, I haven’t forgotten. And I expect the wee prick to to back himself up.

    So, wee gobshite? Still ‘too busy’?

    What’s your excuse for keef demanding teachers go to work in an unsafe environment?

    His outright refusal to sign Unite’s letter demanding an end to fire & rehire?

    …And his own use of fire & rehire within his own party?

    Whatever happened to the so-called solidarity he showed with McDonald’s workers but then refused to back a £15p/h NMW?

    You said you’d address the points I raised. Time to make good on YOUR pledges.

    But you won’t. Because you’re a bigger shithouse than your slimy idol. Of course you’ll attenpt to obfuscate again, but nobody’s buying your Tom Tit, so I strongly recommend you refrain from peddling it.

  5. Fook me. Long covid is a lifestyle issue according to keefs’ labour.

    (From wee gobshite’s link)

    will review provision for stress, mental health,
    the impact of new technology and new materials,
    and the impact of emerging health and lifestyle
    such as long Covid.

  6. I also saw nothing about the abolition of ZHC’s in that green paper 😙🎶

    1. Toffee – The document very clearly states “Labour will ban zero hours contracts and give workers predictable contracts”
      Perhaps you should consider taking some remedial classes.

      1. Reply to Steve H
        I don’t believe for one minute that Starmer would ban ZHC- that pledge would go the same way as all the other pledges he has made .He is not a man of his word

      2. Smartboy – Fortunately there are very few people who give a toss what you think.

      3. Oh really – I must have missed it.

        Anyway…. You were going to catch up with me to address smarmer’s shithousery about workers, namely:

        What’s your excuse for keef demanding teachers go to work in an unsafe environment?

        His outright refusal to sign Unite’s letter demanding an end to fire & rehire?

        …And his own use of fire & rehire within his own party?

        Whatever happened to the so-called solidarity he showed with McDonald’s workers but then refused to back a £15p/h NMW?

        Let’s hear it, seeing as you think keefs’ <green paper is some sort of cast-iron guarantee, when in reality it’s not fit to wipe my arse with.

      4. Why the pig ignorant reply Steve H? Touched a nerve did I?

      5. Steve H “fortunately very few people give a toss what you think” in your reply to smartboy
        .Well fortunately some of us do give a toss as you say when you show us your fascism for all to see and especially when you revel in your bloody ignorance for all to judge on here..Get back in your cave imbecile.and know that the people of the Caribbean have had enough of your snivilling little England empire builders.and grovelling establishment lackys…god save your queen???

      6. Joseph – What is it about ruthless authoritarian dictatorships that so enthrals you and your ilk.

      7. Reply to Steve H
        Steve H, I am just a very ordinary recently retired person and few people outside my immediate circle care about what I think so No, your response was not untrue it was just pig ignorant and uncalled for.

      8. ‘Remedial classes’ he says, still putting up a case for someone who’s proved himself not only as dull as ditchwater, but reneges on just about everything he’s put his name to.

        Had it read: ‘Labour might consider thinking about abolishing ZHCs and giving workers predictable contracts, IF the circumstances allow it’ , then it just MIGHT have been a tiny bit credible.

        Might. Except it doesn’t. WHY? See below.

        As it is, and with keef’s previous, it’s nothing – I repeat – NOTHING but another empty promise he’ll renege on

        It doesn’t compute with retards like you that keef’s the party of business. And you’re royally fucked if you think ‘business’ is gonna allow him to do so at ANY point in time.

        Not that it matters; keef’s never getting anywhere near the living quarters of #10.

      9. Tory Boy – But you are the pretend lefty that has already made it quite clear on thee pages that come the next election you would prefer another Conservative government.

  7. If Starmer does not come out and actively back the CWU members it will send a message to all the unions that they are wasting their members subs on Starmer’s Labour and they need to spend their political funds elsewhere – on a new Socialist party based on traditional TU and real Labour values for instance.

    1. I’m yet to see him back ANY union.

      ‘An industrial dispute, in Coventry’

      1. Reply to Toffee
        Yes I agree -its about time the unions did something about it instead of wasting members money

  8. The primary aim of Tory policies is to attack the standard of living of poor people, predominantly by introducing ‘casualised’ labour or a ‘flexible’ workforce as the Tories call it. Unfortunately this has been happening for years & has not been opposed by the Labour Party; not even by UCU when it occurs in education. Come winter, the dramatic increases in fuel prices will really bite as food prices rocket. Sharpen you pitchforks.

  9. Could well be earlier than next winter, Steve. I’m already aware of the already desperate who are now bordering on destitute.

    Of course, rather than point the finger and empathise with those left with little or no choice, keef will call for all civil disobedience (of any nature) to be met with draconian measures that the ‘rags & patel think up.

    After all, we mustn’t allow kids in wheelchairs to terrorise the old bill, must we?

  10. I see volody the actor comedian as been rejected by the Nobel peace prize committee for his works in bringing Nazyism into the modern Ukraine and of bio weapon labs and Nucluer missile deployment in the theatre of war….?

  11. We’re still waiting for you to ‘Catch up with me’ by addressing the points I raised in this (And other) post(s), wee gobshite.

    DO tell us why we should believe ANYTHING in that toilet green paper when el slimball’s already demonstrated beyond contention that his contempt for workers holds no bounds?

    He wants to eliminate ‘Fire and rehire’ yet has already (ab)used the practice himself. Not only has he already done so (And no doubt will in future, given his party won’t have the funds to pay it’s staff sooner rather than later), but he ALSO refused to put his name to a Unite letter demanding an end to such a practice.

    Gonna give us remedials the benefit of your infinite wisdom on this? 🤨

    We’re dying to read it, O! Genial one…

    1. Toffee – I’m quite happy to make you wait a while longer before digging out my previous responses to you.

      1. At time of writing this (17:52)

        And having checked the threads where the original questions were put to you, it appears you’re STILL to reply to them/it

        Bear in mind Ive made a careful note of the time when you actually DO reply.

        Which. being fully familiar with your shithouse M.O. will be on those older threads rather than on this, the latest, in your piss-pitiful attempt to claim you had already answered me elsewhere when it’s plain you haven’t as yet.

        Now, answer on here if you’re so certain you CAN answer.

      2. Toffee – You are obviously under the misapprehension that I care.

  12. SteveH21/03/2022 AT 6:13 PM
    Toffee – You are obviously under the misapprehension that I care

    You don’t care about being proved to be a liar, a hypocrite AND a shithouse?


    I mean, it’s common knowledge you lack basic social skills and self-awareness, but I’m meant to be the remedial…?

  13. SteveH
    Does not bear thinking about how low the popular vote will go at the next GE
    Temporary Embarrassment offers NOTHING and those with long memories, 2019, will ask what happened to the man behind a 2nd referendum
    They might then Google ‘how the fuck did he get elected as Leader of the LABOUR party, which will lead them to overwhelmingly conclude they were right the first time around
    The man is a complete ₩¥£€

  14. Did the Red Wall vote for P & O
    Was Brexit a race to the bottom on jobs and standards
    Temporary Embarrassment is committed to making Brexit work which means more of the same
    Oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive

    1. Well I was suprised to read this morning that Russia has broken off peace talks with Japan to formly end the second world war with Japan over the disputed territory of the kuril islands. Obviously bigger things are happening behind the scenes that most of us ever realised.and Chinese and Russia have had more than just trade and sanctions on their agendas.Another report on the Ukrainian comedian has said that the end of the war with Russia would have to be with a referendum of the Ukrainian people.Looks like the Dominion voting machines might be wheeled out again…good morning folks from the Mekong delta Cambodia..!

  15. My cousin lives in the Costa brava.They are now thinking costa lotta with empty shelves a truck driven strike over soaring cost on fuel and the inevitable pain that sanctions against Russia is causing before the Russian government have yet to decide to cut oil ,fertilizers and wheat to europe.and Britain.The New world order and its Nato lacky will find poking the Russian Bear will have consequences for the West.and unfortunately the ordinary people will carry the load once again.I don’t know what its like living on a island entirely dependent upon imports unless you live on bananas but hopefully the “Wee fella” will explain from his Caribbean bolt hole?

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