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Austin, Torygraph forced to apologise to Murray for antisemitism smears – but hide it behind paywall

Right-wing ‘thug’, who also allegedly ‘doxxed’ Laura Murray and shouted in Jeremy Corbyn’s face, and right-wing rag backtrack on foul libel but it’s accessible only to paying subscribers – but you can read it here

Ian Austin, the ‘thuggish‘ and ‘unpleasant bully‘ made a peer by Boris Johnson after his smears against Labour helped the Tories win the 2019 general election, has been forced to apologise publicly to former Jeremy Corbyn aide Laura Murray for smearing her as antisemitic.

However, rather than tweet his apology in full, Austin linked to an article published in the Telegraph‘s corrections section – which is behind a paywall and costs a fee to view for those who are not already subscribers.

Happily, Ms Murray posted the wording on her social media and it is quoted in full below, so that readers need not miss out on the spectacle of one of the least likable right-wingers (and that’s a crowded field) eating crow:

In an article “Rachel Riley deserves every bit of compensation for the hard-Left abuse she’s endured” (23 December 2021) written by Ian Austin, we suggested that Laura Murray, a former staff member at the Labour Party, was an “anti-Jewish racist” and part of the “vile anti-Semitism of Corbyn’s Labour” who had been stood up to by Rachel Riley during a recent court case. These allegations were and are untrue. We accept that there was and is no basis to suggest that Ms Murray is anti­-semitic. On the contrary, the court heard in unchallenged evidence that Ms Murray devoted significant time and energy to confronting and challenging antisemitism within the Labour Party whilst she was employed there.

Austin’s humiliation must taste all the sweeter given that in a 2019 tweet when Austin quit Labour and that remains online, Murray accused him of ‘doxxing’ her in 2017 and of ‘physically squaring up to’ Jeremy Corbyn and ‘spewing verbal abuse at him’:

Austin has been accused of similar behaviour before, when Labour MP Ian Lavery lodged a formal complaint against him with the party. According to another Labour MP, Austin escaped injury only because the tough former miner held his temper.

Austin was also widely criticised for his abuse toward Jewish author Michael Rosen when Rosen was a guest of Parliament and Austin took exception to a fact that Rosen had pointed out. Rosen described the tirade as a ‘full frontal assault’.

And Austin was described as ‘pathetic and thuggish’ by MP Gavin Newlands for a further verbal assault against Jeremy Corbyn after Corbyn dared to dissect Tony Blair’s behaviour in the House of Commons.

Skwawkbox would have contacted Ian Austin for comment, but he demanded last year that no further attempt be made to contact him after Skwawkbox invited him for comment about his tweet mocking the unemployed in order to attack world-famous film director Ken Loach.

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  1. as posted earlier:
    WELL DONE Laura Murray for pursuing justice🎉🎉🎉 I am thrilled that you won your case against The Telegraph which has now apologised and paid £40,000 in damages for slandering you.

    The Telegraph published a lie that Laura was an “anti-Jewish racist” and part of the “vile antisemitism of Corbyn’s Labour”.

    Well done to Laura for taking action. The Telegraph has now accepted they published untruths and allegations without basis by ex Labour MP now put in the Lords – IAN AUSTIN. Austin has now apologised due to Laura taking action.

    NB re 2019 general election Austin, begged the electorate to vote for Boris Johnson and the Tories instead of a once in a lifetime TRUE LABOUR opportunity.

    Congratulations again to Laura Murray for taking action.

  2. Austin manages to present as one of the very worst in a cabal of pitiful ex Labour pretenders who are managing somehow to drag the Lords to depths, the like of which we could not have imagined prior to the lunacy of Johnson’s premiership. A thug of the lowest order.

  3. windchimes, I don’t know if this is possible but since Austin has admitted to slander Laura Murray, shouldn’t he be stripped from his position in the House of Lords? Surely to have him as member of the House of Lords it brings the institution into disrepute.

      1. Excellent point wobbly! But wouldn’t the House of Lords be interested in keeping up appearances? After all Fred Goodwin was stripped of his Kighthood. Couldn’t Austin be stripped of his position?
        We also know that if Claudia Webbe loses his appeal she will be forced out of her Parliamentary seat and force a by-election. How Austin been found out of having slander Laura Murray is any different?
        I don’t understand the British honour system (perhaps dishonour system) very well. I will argue that keeping Austin in the Lords brings every single member of the Lords into question.
        I never understood how Jeffrey Archer managed to keep his position in the Lords. Perhaps it should be know as the House of Disrepute? How can anyone decent remain a member while in such company?

    1. Maria, Austin is amongst others like himself🪱🪰🪳Example J Archer went to jail and was never stripped. It’s a Palace of Parasites.

      1. It’s a Palace of Parasites.

        Indeed it is.

        In some circles he’s still referred to as The right honourable lord archer of Weston-super-mare

        Whereas in my living room, he gets the same address as the rest of them…‘Oh FFS! Not that lying fraudulent, plaigiaristic parasitic gobshite, again!? 😒

  4. If you dug up an old ha’penny out of the garden it would be brighter than Austin. Mind you, even he looks bright when you see Mann.

  5. I am so glad that Laura Murray won her case and was awarded substantial damages against the Telegraph who printed Ian Austin’s smearing of her.
    Austin is a well known thug and bully but of all his disgusting behaviour what always stands out for me is his shouting ” shut up and sit down” at Jeremy Corbyn during the televised Westminister debate on the Chilcot enquiry into the Iraq war.
    Families of the dead and injured soldiers were in the gallery to hear Labours response to Chilcot. Jeremy was in the process of addressing them about the loss of their family members many of whom were sent into combat ill equipped and inadequately briefed. It was a moment they had waited a long time for but Austin displayed a total lack of decency and respect for them and showed himself up for the corner boy that he is.
    Austin is a sad excuse for a human being

    1. I remember that incident well myself. Austin should have been thrown out of the party long before he resigned to sit as an Independent.
      It’s always baffled me why he didn’t join the Tinge group.

      1. Backofbeyond, perhaps the Tinge group found Austin thuggish? Too much for their sensibilities to bear? My educated guess is that Austin wanted to join the Tinges but the others didn’t want him.

      2. Reply to Back of Beyond
        If any attempt to discipline Ian Austin had been made he would have done a Margaret Hodge and screamed “antisemitism” and the MSM, Southside, the PLP, the BBC the Establishment and the Zionist Lobby would have all piled in and agreed that disciplining this thug and bully was evidence that Jeremy and the other decent people who were appalled by his behaviour were antisemites.
        He probably behaved as he did to provoke such a response- that and his admiration and support for Blair whose illegal invasion of Iraq caused the deaths of the soldiers whose families were present in the House of Commons

  6. An update on other news. Re: “After 2 years of inaction by Labour, 7 out of 10 Muslims don’t trust Starmer to tackle Islamophobia.” on 15.03.22
    I have managed to get a look at the methodology used in carrying out the survey. It was designed in order to give 95% confidence that the sample represented the whole population of Muslim members. The statistical methodology is valid. In order for it to be valid it required responses from just over 200 people. They got 428, of which 83 were rejected because they did not have confirmation that the respondents were Muslim and/or were LP members. That left 345. This would have given a confidence level of greater that 95%, but it’s a bit of a calculation, so I didn’t do it..
    It’s clearly a valid survey and it should give the LP pause for thought.

      1. You display an appalling ignorance of statistics. The methodology is exactly the opposite of what you suggest. You really do need to get an education in such matters rather than show yourself up. I can recommend a good statistics primer.

      2. goldbach – and you can stuff your feeble attempts at condescension where the sun don’t shine
        Is anything I have said regarding this untrue?

      3. Happy to oblige. This post:
        “SteveH17/03/2022 AT 9:01 PM
        Quite the ‘sleuth’ aren’t you? 😉
        Or in other words the LMN selected the respondents themselves.”
        As far as I am aware, this bit is correct – “SteveH17/03/2022 AT 9:01 PM”
        This bit is just silliness – “Quite the ‘sleuth’ aren’t you? 😉”
        This bit is nonsense – “Or in other words the LMN selected the respondents themselves.” – and shows a lack of understanding of statistical method.

      4. goldbach – As I said above, the LMN selected the respondents themselves.
        I do wonder why the LMN was formed in 2016/17. What were the issues of the day that prompted them to band together and start this group?

      5. Stop being such a buffoon.
        The LMN followed standard procedures, in the same way as procedures are followed when conducting the surveys of voting intentions that you are so fond of quoting. The procedure is to either select a representative sample and seek their opinions, or to open the survey to all who are in the target group (in this case the target group was LP members who are Muslim). As with any internet poll there is always the possibility that people who were not in the target group could try to take part, which is why the LMN took pains to exclude anyone who could not be shown to be in the LP and Muslim. Everyone who was demonstrated to be in the target group and who responded was included in the data and the statistical analysis.
        Your claim that “the LMN selected the respondents themselves” is ludicrous. One could equally apply such a statement to any opinion poll which opens to a whole target group. The implication of what you say is that you are accusing the LMN of gerrymandering the findings to suit a narrative. Were that to be the case, it would mean that ALL opinion polls which use standard methodology are “selective”.
        Where were you educated? Did you ever study mathematics? Have you ever bothered to acquaint yourself with sampling theory?
        You really do talk such tosh.

  7. The flights are a matter of record but reasons given for these flights is admitedly speculative but if it is true that the Russian ‘elite’ are fleeing Moscow then it could be a worrying development.

    Something strange is happening in Russia. A series of private planes leave Moscow in a possible “escape” operation.
    Something strange is happening in Russia, given that several VIP transport aircraft have been detected by flight monitoring sites. Who could be on these planes?
    A large number of VIP transport planes belonging to the Russian Special Flight Department left Moscow for several routes from Siberia, and it could even be a crazy one to the Arab countries. Air traffic monitoring sites have detected a fleet of aircraft leaving Moscow in a hurry.
    These aircraft belong to the Russian Special Flight Department “Rossiya” and took off from Vnukovo Airport in Moscow, since the early hours of March 17, 2022. According to those sites, most of the aircraft were Tupolev Tu-214, Ilyushin Il-96 and Sukhoi Superjet 100, all made in Russia.
    At least 10 such aircraft were seen taking off from VKO from 8:48 AM – 5:48 GMT and were heading for flight routes to Ufa, Tyumen, Surgut, Omsk, Novosibirsk. It is believed that the Russian oligarchs or even Russian officials are in these aircraft.

    Take a look at the full report and make your own minds up

    1. – based in San Jose, California. Clearly right there on the spot in Russia.
      Bed time. I’ve been kept up too long.

      1. goldbach – At that is significant because.
        These flight details come from the tracking plane transponders and they don’t seem to care where they are tracked from

  8. Bullies rise unless those around them have the courage to challenge and isolate them. We are surrounded by them in power corrupting the fabric of our communities and society.

    1. The problem is bedroc that those around bullies are bullies themselves. OR, to put it another way, psychopaths like Austin are surrounded by OTHER psychopaths. And don’t forget the MSM, their propaganda machine, which ‘transforms’ good, decent people like Jeremy into evil people (in the minds of millions of people), and the evil people – ie themselves – into the good, respectable, decent people.

      As with Ukraine, the Masters of Illusion turn everything on its head, and whilst the US and European fascists have been doing everything they can to provoke Putin (and Russia) during the past fifteen years or more – and ESPECIALLY since 2014 – more-or-less as soon as they achieved their goal, they were endlessly repeating that it was entirely unprovoked – eg ‘ the attack was entirely unprovoked’. In other words, Biden and Johnson et al were ready with all their falsehoods, and the standard demonisation, of course.

      1. … ready with their falsehoods so as to dupe and deceive and emotionally manipulate hundreds of millions of people…. that is.

      2. Came across the following Spectator article recently (linked to in an article I was reading) from March 2018 when Jeremy was being beaten up by the bully boys and girls about the Salisbury poisonings (alleged poisonings, that is!). Here’s the headline and a couple of clips from it:

        ‘Jeremy Corbyn is right about Russia’

        Those who do stand to benefit from this attempted murder are opponents of the Russian regime; either organised criminals, Mr Corbyn’s ‘Russia mafia-style groups’ or other states – I dunno, maybe Ukraine? – which gain rather than lose if the Putin regime is even further discredited. If it were indeed a hostile state that carried out this attack, then it has worked better than they could ever have imagined. If it was the Putin regime, then a clumsy, terrifying murder bid has had precisely the predictable effect.

        Either way, I can’t help thinking that Jeremy Corbyn cuts a more convincing figure in this awful affair than either Mrs May or poor Gavin Williamson who told the Russians they should ‘just shut up’.

        And she also said the following: ‘But really, in this as in so much else the question is, cui bono?’.


  9. Oops I posted the wrong edit. –
    goldbach – And their location is significant because?
    If you had bothered to actually read my comment then you would have known that these flight details come from tracking plane transponders and they don’t seem to care much where they are tracked from. It is something that you could do yourself if you are of a geeky disposition.

    1. Ah, the new range of transponders that are not just capable of tracking aeroplanes, but can identify the passengers and ascertain their motives for travelling?

      1. goldbach – Oh dear, you may well have had a point if the very first line of my comment hadn’t clearly stated
        “The flights are a matter of record but the reason given for these flights is admittedly speculative “
        and I hadn’t concluded my comment with
        “Take a look at the full report and make your own minds up”

      2. The “full report” consists of 6 very short paragraphs which simply say – these planes have been flying around, I reckon that these people must have been on them, and this is why I reckon they were on them.
        So what? Anyone can make up any reason they want for why things take place.
        “Make up your mind” – I have. I have come to the conclusion that this is more likely to be propaganda than journalism given what is being said:
        “It is believed that” – by whom?
        “According to some sources” – no sources quoted.
        “It is unknown at this time” – ???????
        A well-respected website? The “story” has had 160 views. A number of those will be from people you have directed there.
        Some geek in CA sitting there, adding 2 and 2 and making 750.

      3. goldbach – I’m glad to see that you have done as I recommended and got around to reading the article for yourself and made up your own mind about its veracity.

      4. Not “got around to”. I read it the first time but moved on assuming that, given it was such an inept piece of “journalism”, you were just searching for any nonsense that could divert from reality.

  10. Biden family confirm that the lap top found in the junk was Hunter Biden’s and the Washington post were not making false statements as the CIA and government spokesperson said last year regarding the Ukraine laundering and bio labs development of biological sciences???including a corona virus,ebola and many other leathel toxins.Not for war of course just a interest of the bidens and Pelosi families in scientific research…move along folks nothing to see here.

  11. Is austin afraid of putting a crack in his face in case his arse gets jealous, or summit? I’ve seen happier looking bloodhounds ffs.

    Small wonder he was put up for adoption, looking like that.

  12. On this theme of racism, don’t the Russians have a good case, here is my reply to Arnold Schwarzenegger in his twitter lies about the Russian leadership….

    I have just watched a message from Arnold Schwarzenegger on twitter which must rank alongside that of Joseph Goebbels propaganda in WW2 he says “people are told this is a war to denazify Ukraine, how can that be Ukraine has a Jewish President whose family were murdered by the
    Nazis “? Arnold it is you who is spreading propaganda, there are many Nazis in Ukraine including the Azov battalions and their supporters at the top of the Ukrainian government, these are well documented facts including their Nazi insignia and torchlight parades.
    He goes on, “this is not the Russian peoples war, whole blocks have been flattened by Russian bombs including a childrens hospital and a maternity ward”, These are lies Arnold and have been demonstrated to be propaganda over the past few days. “There are thousands of Russian bombs raining down on innocent civilians, no Arnold that is the way the US conducts war, one million Iraqis were killed in the shock and Awe campaign, there depleted uranium munitions were used in the battle of Fallujah. Arnold you are a lying hypocrite. “Soldiers were lied to by their leadership and were told they were going to protect ethnic Russians in Ukraine, none of this is true” Oh but it is true Arnold, it is a well documented fact that 14000 ethic Russian people in the Dombass region have been killed since the Ukraine government was overthrown in 2014 and a US friendly one replaced it [I’m looking at you Victoria Nuland]. Nazis have been shelling the ethnic Russians since 2014 and are still doing so today.
    This war is a direct consequence of the urge by Nato to expand and to surround Russia, specifically to expand NATO to within 5 minutes nuclear missile flying time from Moscow, this is an existential threat to Russia and Russia is justified in making sure it does not happen, in my opinion it will not happen regardless of what Biden and other warmongers in Europe and the US say.
    Finally Arnold you were married to a Kennedy therefore I assume you are familiar with the Cuban missile crisis, the Soviet Union were placing missile bases in Cuba 100 miles from the US border, JFK would not allow this and ordered a military blockade which many political scientists thought could lead to nuclear war. This NATO expansion is a similar situation with the same stakes involved. Arnold you are being used by the US government in a similar fashion to how the Germans used William Joyce nickname Lord Haw-Haw who broadcast Nazi propaganda to the UK from Germany during the Second World War. The broadcasts opened with “Germany calling, Germany calling”, spoken in an affected upper-class English accent . Arnold you are a propaganda spreading lying, foolish warmonger. Go to hell.

    1. Harry – It is a while since I’ve read so much ill informed bollocks in one place.

      1. you obviously don’t read back your own posts to yourself then. 😕

      2. Toffee – Ditto, I have repeatedly asked you to prove your numerous assertions about me and so far you’ve failed to step up.

    1. Toffee -Who are you still trying to convince, yourself?
      I’m quite happy to address each of the points you have raised but I’m too busy this afternoon so you are going to have to wait. In the meantime please feel free to refer back to the previous occasions we have discussed these issues,

      1. Like shite you’re too busy’. you do nothing else except annoy people on here; that’s when you’re not amusing yourself watching young goats frolicking or whatever euphemism you want to give it. 😗🎶

        Now you’ve been fronted with your own shithousery and hypocrisy, you’re scuttling off and you’ll come back to post another irrelevance on a new thread in the hope people will have forgotten or be distracted from what’s going on right here and right now.

        Once again you’ve been shown for the, contemptible little shitehawk you are. You’re even worse than Austin hiding behind a paywall after thinking he was billy big bollocks once again.

      2. Toffee – Perhaps you would be wiser to reserve your rants until after I’ve had the opportunity to reply to your nonsense again..
        I’ll catch up with you later. .

  13. Woooooo…Scary!!

    Im almost looking forward to you making a complete tosser of yerself for the however many times it it’ll be that you’ve posted today.

    But then again, it’s just like any other day, really.

  14. So much for catching up with me

    No further proof required that you’re full of shit.

  15. Well it seems as though Russia has been bullying its compadres:
    “The occupiers are sending the residents of Mariupol to filtration camps, checking their phones and seizing (their) Ukrainian documents,” Pavlo Kyrylenko, head of the Donetsk regional administration said, adding that more than 1,000 Mariupol residents had been deported.
    Russia’s defence ministry said on Sunday that Moscow had again fired its newest Kinzhal (Dagger) hypersonic missile, destroying a fuel storage site in the southern Mykolaiv region.
    This is the “Russian speaking area” – so much for the fact that
    Russian speakers are supposed to have been persecuted. It
    now seems that the only State which persecutes them is the
    Russian State – or rather Putin.

    1. Pavlo Kyrylenko is Governor of Donetsk Oblast. That is to say he is a Ukrainian politician who theoretically administers Donetsk. Until the war started, he actually administered the western, Ukrainian-controlled, section of Donetsk rather than the break-away section. How much he administers now is not clear. As far as we can tell, there is no way of knowing whether his statement is accurate. Could be right. Could be spin. Could be completely made up. Who knows?

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