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Labour’s Nu-Stalinism now includes staff combing private emails for ‘unacceptable views’

‘You have been warned’ – ‘disturbing’ revelation leads to NEC member telling others to ‘watch what you say’

Keith Starmlin

A Labour national executive member is warning party members to ‘watch what you say’ in private emails after being ‘disturbed’ to find out that staff are vetting private emails for ‘unacceptable views’ to punish with ‘suspension or worse’.

Ann Black’s report on NEC business includes the ‘word of advice’ to readers and a warning that any expression of anger or disgust at the leadership’s endless begging letters – having almost bankrupted the party – to members is likely to be combed by party staff for any ‘unacceptable views and you may be suspended or worse’. Black also warns that WhatsApp chats are similarly being treated by so-called disciplinary units as if they were public pronouncements not to the leadership’s liking:

‘You have been warned’.

The revelation comes hot on the heels of Starmer’s move to seize control of the social media accounts of the party’s democratically-elected youth wing for expressing anti-war sentiment, which apparently comes under ‘unacceptable views’ in the right-wing extremism currently prevailing in the rotting corpse of a once-great party.

Keir Starmer’s latest campaign slogan – the latest in a long line of utter nonsense that recently starred ‘WTF’ – includes the words ‘respect’ and ‘security’. But the reality is that members’ privacy and human right to freedom of expression are clearly anything but respected by ‘Uncle Keith Starmlin’s regime – and any member’s private comments are anything but secure under the ‘Nu-Stalinism’ that turned Starmer’s leadership campaign promises of more democracy and greater member influence into a sick joke and a war on members.

God forbid that this man or anyone aligned with him ever get to run the country.

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  1. This is precisely the kind of behaviour- Orwellian and totalitarian- that disqualifies the Party from government at any level. What these people are proposing is to impose a Police State: the current situation in the Labour Party makes life in the DDR under the Stasi seem mild and acceptable in comparison.
    These are the politics of concentration camps. They lack only the state power necessary to arrest all socialists, all anti-imperialists, all critics of Israel and imprison them.
    No Labour candidate should be allowed to appear in public without being confronted with this. All should be requested to denounce this behaviour which would have been extreme in Nazi Germany.

    1. So, he’s as much a “Sir Stasi Starmer” as he is a plain-old “Keith” or a” Starmerin” Daily Mail-reading Authoritarian.

      The Establishment’s cruel and oppressive covid scam might have caused hundreds of thousand unnecessary deaths, but it has also shown Sir Keir ‘show-me-your-papers’ Starmer for what he is, – an ideological supporter of Klaus Schwab and his (WEF) global-capitalist Faschismus!

  2. To me the party has morphed into a Neonazi outfit. Some wise person once said that the ultra left and the ultra right have a lot of things in common such as their oppressive, authoritarian approach to politics and how they run their respective parties.

  3. I don’t thnik he had a plan to be a control freak, hes just being propelled by fear and indignaiton over Corbyns popularity. I also believe hes in MI5’s pocket.

    1. All fascist psychopaths are control freaks bedroc, and their drug is deceit and deception and duplicity. Do you really think/believe for one second that if the PTB propaganda machine – in effect the PTB – thought his Ten Pledges were for real that they would have endorsed him?! Needless to say, they knew he was lying through his teeth!

      1. Starmers Labour is repressive undemocratic vindictive and divisive. Can you imagine what this lot would do if they were ever in power? You couldn’t call your soul your own. Voters see this and that is why Labour is not making any real headway with them for as Abraham Lincoln once said – you can fool some of the people etc.

      2. “Lying through his teeth”. One out of two aiin’t bad?

    2. Alan H is probably right, bedroc. Your point equally applies to Sir Anthony Charles Lynton Blair too – but there is also something in the ‘centrist’ mindset * (respecting the status quo because it favours the rich and powerful). This centrism denatures every radical or progressive inclination or force that challenges it.

      * Except that it would deny them their secretive, surreptitious; sly, sneaky, wily, underhand, corrupt, clandestine, conspiratorial nature, the CIA should own the patent/IP rights to “centrism”.

  4. Off Topic…. Here’s several clips from a piece posted yesterday by Caitlin Johnstone:

    This was all orchestrated by the empire, from root to flower. The goal is to use economic warfare and a costly counterinsurgency against western-backed Ukrainians to either collapse and balkanize the Russian Federation or foment enough discontent to secure regime change in Moscow.

    The western empire could not possibly care less about Ukrainians beyond the extent to which they can be used to roll out this agenda. There hasn’t been nearly enough public rage about the fact that the US government knew this war was coming, knew exactly how to prevent it with very low-cost concessions to Moscow, and chose not to. They made that choice in order to advance this agenda.

    Russia invading Ukraine doesn’t magically erase the fact that the western empire has spent the 21st century slaughtering people by the millions in wars of aggression and working to destroy any nation which disobeys it.

    And the following is from a recent interview with Noam Chomsky (reposted on JVLs website):

    The flood of invective might be accurate, but perhaps other possibilities might be considered. Perhaps Putin meant what he and his associates have been saying loud and clear for years. It might be, for example, that, “Since Putin’s major demand is an assurance that NATO will take no further members, and specifically not Ukraine or Georgia, obviously there would have been no basis for the present crisis if there had been no expansion of the alliance following the end of the Cold War, or if the expansion had occurred in harmony with building a security structure in Europe that included Russia.” The author of these words is former U.S. ambassador to Russia, Jack Matlock, one of the few serious Russia specialists in the U.S. diplomatic corps, writing shortly before the invasion. He goes on to conclude that the crisis “can be easily resolved by the application of common sense…. By any common-sense standard it is in the interest of the United States to promote peace, not conflict.

    None of this is obscure. U.S. internal documents, released by WikiLeaks, reveal that Bush II’s reckless offer to Ukraine to join NATO at once elicited sharp warnings from Russia that the expanding military threat could not be tolerated. Understandably.

    I did a search a few days ago re >the invasion of ukraine could easily have been prevented< to ascertain if any of the MSM had posted any such articles, and the only thing that came up in the results as far as the MSM is concerned was an article on MSNBC:

    Russia's Ukraine invasion may have been preventable

    The U.S. refused to reconsider Ukraine's NATO status as Putin threatened war. Experts say that was a huge mistake.

    1. Tulsi Gabbard no doubt figured that if Putin was going to invade it would be more-or-less as soon as the Winter Olympics in China were over. And she no doubt picked up on the fact that none of the MSM were giving a voice to any of the experts who have been saying for years that NATO expansion eastwards will end badly, and so THAT is why she herself has been doing what she can to get that information out there, as in the following interview on Feb 16th:

      1. Thanks for Tulsi Gabbard’s excellent analysis Allan H.

        related point – That the clip you linked to is a Fox News Channel piece makes the rest of the MSM’s inability (unwillingness?) to offer impartial and honest analysis, all the more obvious. It shows us how unreliable and dangerous the synchronised-MSM is!

    2. Allan Howard…New World order “have been in control for decades in the western world,but may now have ambitious plans for this side of the planet.Starmer is just another lacky bought and paid for.Try researching Nick Clegg its almost impossible to find his real family name since he became a” Meta “mogul and like starmer had his past” re written.

  5. Ann Black’s report on NEC business includes the ‘word of advice’ to readers and a warning that any expression of anger or disgust at the leadership’s endless begging letters – having almost bankrupted the party – to members is likely to be combed by party staff for any ‘unacceptable views and you may be suspended or worse’

    Unbelievable hypocrisy. Cancel your subscription. Give it to an aggressive beggar on the street instead.

    At least they can’t kick you out the party…Unless it’s keef, casing you for a few quid for a (taxpayer subsidised) spritzer with de piffle and the other toffs in the commons bar.

  6. Just a couple of quick questions…

    How are emails to Ann Black to remain confidential if the rodents can access WhatsApp messages and private emails?

    Also, isn’t this warning grounds for disciplinary action, in and of itself, given the previous from keef & dave?

  7. Quite seriously – can you imagine how a party who treats its own staff like that would behave if were ever entrusted with the Government of this country? The extremists who currently run the Labour Party have gone clean off their heads. There is absolutely no doubt that they are as a dangerous a threat to the general public as the Tories are

  8. Keir Starmer’s speech to Welsh Labour’s Party Conference, on Saturday the 12 Mar 22 :

    “Welsh Labour is the blue-print for The Labour Party, in power!”

    Well – no surprise – now, we can see the dishonesty and vacuity of that statement, with these actions of Southside Labour.

    It makes me wonder why he, even, bothered going to Llandudno, wasting everyone’s time, in the first place.

  9. Ann Black has moved towards the centre over the years,for her to be saying this is indicative of deep rifts within the Starmer regime.

  10. I see Phisher have de..listed on the New York stock exchange.preparing to abandon ship as the virus scam unfolds which could lead to even more companys delisting as any lawyer will tell you that directors are not protected from liabilities if fraud can be proven.,or maybe they know somthing we don’t know as there is ducking and diving everywhere..

    1. Joseph – If you could spell Pfizer correctly then you would find it easier to find their listing on the NYSE and NASDAQ.

  11. Phisher de…list on New York stock exchange and the virus scam unfolds which means that company directors are not protected from liabilities if fraud can be proven.How many more companys will abandon ship as the New world order neo liberal alliance crumbles as the truth will out eventually as we are seeing in the Ukraine with the Biden and Pelosi families up to their necks in money laundering and assets stripping in the Ukraine and other countries in the balkans.Even the public in the USA realise that somthing stinks in Washington dc….now about our so called government and parliament and the parasites infecting it?

    1. Joseph – Oh dear, if only you weren’t so gullible.
      Not only is Pfizer still on Nasdaq and NYSE, its stock price actually went up by 2.17% on 11 March 2022!

      1. You’re a bit of a chump yourself sometimes, aren’t you stevieh? joseph okeefe’s farts have more intellect in them than most chumps’ deepest thoughs.


  12. I’m a bit puzzled by this report.
    Does it mean that the LP is hacking members’ personal emails in order to see if any of them are expressing criticism of the Dear Leader? If it does, then I am amazed. How would the LP be able to do that when they are completely incapable of keeping members’ (and ex-members’, for that matter) data secure? And if they are hacking, then surely that is a criminal offence. Call Inspector Knacker.
    Or does it mean that members should be careful when sending private emails to other members in case one of the other members turns out to be a collaborator who will not observe confidentiality?
    Does any of our contributors have enough knowledge of such matters to know if the LP could look at the emails of, say, a contact of mine in the LP in the NE by accessing either his or my emails, without contravening the law?

    1. goldbach, they way I read Ann’s report is that emails addressed to Starmer or Rayners are not read by them straight away but rather by Party’s staffers that will decided as to whatever your email to the dear leader and his deputy are appropriate on no.
      I somehow doubt that the Party is hacking private email’s accounts, no because Starmer and Evans are against it but, people with such skills as to hack private emails expect to be well paid since they will be breaking the law too. Plus. I don’t believe the Party has the money to spare.

  13. Am I surprised at this? Not at all.

    In his submission to the North West Regional Office about my “conduct”, the CLP secretary used as evidence a facebook conversation in a private group. In it, I joked that an MP in a neighbouring CLP, wasn’t a socialist. I know the MP, having worked with him some 35 years previously and he is no socialist. I didn’t know that the person I was chatting to had previously stood as a TUSC candidate against the MP.

    In his submission the the CLP secretary said he didn’t know who this person was, but it was unlikely they were a Labour party member. In a supporting email, another CLP exec member showed her outrage, pointing out that I had been associating on social media with somebody who had stood against a Labour MP in a general election. I still have these emails and much more.

    So there you have it. Members must only associate with other Labour members even when talking on social media.

    1. Nemtona, can you enlighten me. I know nothing of how Facebook works. Can anyone see anything that people write on it, or is it only available to people in a particular grouping (as with a group email)? Did the CLP Secretary get a look at the conversation somehow, or did a member of the group “shop”you?

      1. goldbach at 1030am.

        There are computer programs that are quite easy to obtain, that use bots to search for certain words on social media. I beleve it’s called “data scraping”. The other option is that the somebody in the group, (which was a local forum), was telling tales. In my case, I believe it was a combination. A member who appeared at this time to be my friend, has since admitted to me he went along with the CLP, to keep in with a local group, He is now an ex friend.

        After two years of fighting the party, I eventually got a SAR (subject Access Request). When the solicitor who had helped me saw the social media “evidence”, he suggested that it had also been doctored. I have no way of knowing, but he seemed sure that it had. He pointed out to me inconsistancies in the posts, eg different fonts, variations on my name and twitter handle and such.

  14. In other news:
    “Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has called on Russian soldiers to surrender.”
    Has he, along with half of the world, become delusional? Has mass insanity gripped half of the planet?
    Maybe when I meet Tyson Fury I’ll tell him he’d better not mess with me.

    1. Why surrender when the few captured Russians are stripped naked beaten and shot in the head..Rules of war mean nothing to a comedian working for the Biden \Pelosi mafia…..Ref RT…as opposed to BBC fake news.

      1. Joseph – Is this as ‘accurate’ as your Pfizer exposé above?

      2. Thonkong, indeed 🙄

        Bloody phone keyboard’s far too small

      3. Toffee – I was alluding to an interview in the latter days of Gower’s captaincy, where a contemporary of Gower was assessing his performance. I will say no more than that. A challenge – anyone who can work out the connection receives plaudits from me.

    2. More Ukraine news – Queen hit by Russia sanctions.
      Sanctions imposed on Abramovich mean that his companies can’t undertake financial transactions in the UK. His pad in Kensington is owned by one of these companies. The land upon which it stands is owned by the Crown. Ground rent payments are now not allowed. So, just like those who will take a big hit from the huge rise in the cost of energy because of the Ukraine madness, HM will also find that she is on her uppers? Am I right?

    3. True story… I once told big daddy to eff off when I was a nipper…

      He was outside the floral pavilion in New Brighton in the early 80’s (signing autographs and telling kids to eat their greens if they wanna be like him) while me and a mate were having a debate about whether it was wrestling ring (as I said) or wrestling rink as he said.

      So I asked BD and he said I was right. I turned to me mate and told him to get it right up himself and BD started to scold me.

      Weren’t havin that off that fat arld Thatcherite 🤬

    4. “Has mass insanity gripped half of the planet?

      Well, we have been subjected to the massive global covid scam* for over 2 years now, so probably.

      * by the billionires, their synchronised-MSM and the W E F

    British and Iranian dual nationals Anousheh Ashouri and Nazanin Zaghari-Radcliffe could soon be released from detention in Iran after Britain reportedly paid a debt to Tehran of around £400mn dating back to the time of the Shah.

    1. the 7 British passport holders were set to be released by The Islamic Republic of Iran noths ago, until the USA turned the milk (as it’s prone to do).

      The UK of GB should not only leave NATO, it should tell the Americans to keep their distance from us.

    2. A link which has nothing whatsoever to do with the article being discussed here, and which does not in any sense justify Keir’s complete suppression of dissent within the party he illegitimately treats as his private property.

  16. Two excellent SKWAWKBOX stories follow this (posing disabled on both tho’ 😫).

    I’m pleasantly surprised at how restained SW is on the personality and actions of Benjamin Wegg-Prosser – and as for the featured apartheid measure of the land that is an insult to all living Jews….

    SW at his very best!

  17. Given this warning by Anne Black it seems reasonable to observe the sentiments expressed in Luke 15.7 are appropriate.

    Although it has to be said that the process at the heart of this – the rapidly increasing tendency to find ever more extreme ways in which to sanction and punish anyone who fails to enthusiastically parrot The Official Narrative (TON), whatever that Narrative happens to be at any one time, as though they were an outlaw with no due process rights whatsoever – is far from limited to the LP.

    Hot on the heels of the Canadians – who last month permanently froze the bank accounts of anyone and everyone who made even the tiniest donation to last months Trucker protest – the Australian Government, following the same process as Trilateral Asset Keith (TAK), has gone further by sanctioning people for sharing unauthorised thoughts:

    Not to be outdone the US has gone one better by declaring anyone not adhering to Today’ s Official Narrative – even if they were parroting Yesterday’s Official Narrative (YON) – as “treasonous.’ A allegation which carries the death penalty.

    (link in next post below as this platform does not enable a post with more than one link)

    As we all know, according to the doctrine of Rebecca Long-Bailey, when one is faced with an allegation defending that allegation is not an option and one should accept guilt and the sanction/punishment which goes with it (don’t you just love the cardboard cutout left).

    Entertaining as it is to see a Vietnam draft dodger (Mick Romney – whose sons were also draft dodgers) openly accuse a Iraq veteran who is currently a serving Lance Colonel in the military Reserves (Tulsi Gabbard) of ‘Treason’ all this does beg the question as to how far down the rabbit hole this Cancel Culture is going to go.

    For younger readers, back in the 1980’s the comedian Rowan Atkinson, as part of a popular comedy sketch show on terrestrial TV called ‘Not The Nine O’clock News’, starred in one sketch in which he played a world weary police inspector interviewing an over enthusiastic constable who was prone to arresting people in the street for the most ridiculous reasons. Mainly to do with possession of certain physical characteristics.

    Today, looking back, its not so funny any more simply because this is now the norm.

    In the space of less than five years, if The Official Narrative (TON) is not coming out of your mouth, we have gone from losing your job; moved on to being driven out of academic life by a bunch of witless teenagers being manipulated by a men’s rights movement; progressed to being hounded out of political parties and activism, censored on Social Media, doxxed and cancelled by purity spiral mobs, attacked on the street for being a biological women on International Women’s Day; and are currently at the stage of freezing bank accounts of anyone designated a dissident and seriously considering the possibility of the death penalty without trial.

    We cannot be too far right now from ducking stools, burning at the stake, and herding people en masse who don’t comply over the Dover and Flamborough Cliffs.

    And, The Official Narrative (TON) with a straight and serious face claims that everyone outside the Exceptional West is “Authoritarian.”

    As Roger Daltry might say: ‘Meet the New Government, same as the Old Government.’

      1. A supporter of the Vietnam War who made sure he avoided it himself.

  18. It’s because we need to challenge the loos of freedom of speech in Israel both in the Labour Party and elsewhere that we have set up the Campaign Against Bogus Antisemitism, which seeks to pick up the work that Labour Against the Witch-hunt left undone. Join them at their website
    It is only by pulling together that we can challenge to legitimacy of Starmer’s attacks on Labour Party members who won’t dance to his tune

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