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Breaking: party seizes Young Labour communication channels

Regime’s war on members now extends to direct interference in directly elected committee, while Starmer pushes toward real war with Russia

The Labour party has locked its official youth section and its democratically-elected committee out of its social media accounts in the latest phase of its war on members and their democracy.

A terse announcement on the Young Labour Twitter account, clearly written by the party machine, informed followers this morning:

‘Transparency and accountability’ – typically Orwellian of the Starmer-Evans axis

Young Labour has long been more or less the only unit of the party still functioning as an actual Labour group – and it seems the regime has decided it will not allow this to continue, despite the massive democratic mandate of Young Labour’s elected committee.

The move appears to have been triggered by Young Labour’s recent tweet condemning Keir Starmer’s eagerness to push for war with Russia over Ukraine and his eagerness – yet again – to side with Boris Johnson and let Johnson off the hook for his repeated lies leading to the ‘partygate’ scandal. That Young Labour chair Jess Barnard’s powerful media appearance to defend the group’s comments put Keir Starmer’s abstentionism and collusion to shame was no doubt a major contributory factor.

But Skwawkbox warned at the beginning of this month that the regime would escalate its long war on Young Labour after the group was the only official Labour unit to stand up for the rights of Palestinians and against the apartheid of the Israeli state condemned in an Amnesty International report as well as by Israeli and other international human rights groups.

The attack is naked and shameless – and couched in typically Orwellian language of ‘transparency and accountability’, two ideas that are anathema to the Starmer-Evans regime.

Young Labour chair Jess Barnard, whose social media passwords the party has presumably not been able to access, tweeted a statement on behalf of the group condemning the party’s bullying assault on its youth:

“We are deeply disappointed by the decision of the Labour Party to block our social media access without any prior warning or discussion with the committee. The Young Labour committee was democratically elected by young members on a platform of socialism and autonomy and has fought to uphold those values throughout. We have tried to work with the Party at every stage and our efforts repeatedly rebuked. We hope to resolve this issue immediately and are seeking dialogue with the party. It is important that young members are not bullied into silence and we will continue to push for a democratic and autonomous Young Labour. We fear this move will have the effect of encouraging young members to leave the Party ahead of the Young Labour and Labour Students elections this summer. We strongly encourage young members to remain in the Party and use their voice in these elections.”

Skwawkbox stands in solidarity with Young Labour and condemns the party regime’s cowardice and shameless contempt for young people everywhere and in particular those in its own youth section, which dares to stand up for genuine Labour values.

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  1. “EASILY predictable” as OPENLY publicised once Jeremy won the leadership. The boiling anger of the parasites was made crystal clear THROUGHOUT to date. NOTHING has changed, nor should any of their doings surprise. “PREDICTED”. “Worse to come”. “Starmer is bad, Bad, BAD news”.
    I was “attacked” when expressing my surprise and unease when Starmer was given his first Shadow cabinet position and AGAIN after his TWO coups.

    I was disgusted when McNicol was gifted a Lordship and more so when the membership’s SOUND judgement to abolish the Dep Leader role being abused by Watson, and we the members called “F****** amateurs” for making a sensible action. INSULTING the membership is one polite way to describe the CHOICE at the very end … as a parting gift, to put Watson forward for a lordship. The circle of non amateurs to date pretend not to grasp the BASIC, that in the house of Lords Watson would have even more of a platform and profile to do more evil, AND at INCREASED public expense. No one is that dim to fail to grasp that EASIEST of basics.

    ALL strength to YOUNG LABOUR‼️‼️‼️ Being the TRUE Opposition. NEVER give up‼️‼️‼️

    “The show ain’t over till the fat lady sings”.

    1. Young Labour are socialists and antiZionists and won’t be dictated to . They are unwelcome in Starmer’s Labour on all three counts. Blocking their Twitter account is just the first move. It is only a matter of time until Jess Barnard and most of the others will be expelled for ” antisemitism” or some other trumped up charge.
      Solidarity with Jess and Young Labour . Don’t let the b******s get you down.

    2. I can assure every single person who follows skwawkbox that windchimes is a paid full-time shill, and his ‘job’ is to discredit and denigrate Jeremy and left-wing MPs and left-wingers in general, and he has posted literally thousands of such posts on skwawkbox during the past 2.5 years since he started posting on here two or three months before the 2019 GE.

      The PTB know of course that just about ALL left-wingers are fully aware that the MSM is their propaganda machine and, as such, their lies and falsehoods and smears are completely ineffective on the left, so they realised that the only effective way to manipulate left-wingers was from the ‘inside’ – ie by infiltrating social media platforms and the comments section of left-wing news blogs such as skwawkbox posing as left-wing Jeremy Corbyn supporters, and then proceed to falsely discredit Jeremy and left-wing MPs and left-wing members (and former members at the time they were members) on more-or-less a daily basis……… repeating the same falsehoods over and over and over again, as windchimes does in his above post. AND, as he has done on literally hundreds and hundreds of occasions, getting his comment – his black propaganda – in at the top of the comments section – ie the first comment posted.

      He is, as such, a totally evil piece of Nazi shit!

      1. Allan Howard has accused me of lying through my teeth in the past, completely without evidence, after I reported the content of a long conversation with Chris Williamson outside Central Station, Liverpool & witnessed by Jack T.. Now he accuses ‘signpost not windchimes’ of being a shill. Starmer is BAD BAD news. Too easy to make accusations & call people really offensive names, without evidence. Who is the shill?

      2. How funny, I was just thinking in the last day or two how you haven’t posted on here for quite a while, and then, lo and behold, you suddenly turn up out of the blue under a different user-name to defend the serial liar shill who posts as signpost! Yes, it was interesting how in your initial post about the demo in Liverpool you didn’t say a dickybird about having a conversation with Chris Williamson, or that Jack T was present when it happened. Needless to say, if you really HAD, you would OBVIOUSLY have mentioned it – ie that you had a conversation with CW! Here’s a direct link to Steve Richard’s comment:

        And as you know damn well 101704, I have called signpost out on numerous occasions about falsehoods he’s dissembled on this site. I’ll make a list of them sometime and post them on here to remind you!

    3. Young Labour still fighting. Solidarity. I saw the tweet and initially thought it was a sick joke by someone posing as Labour.

      But it’s worse. It’s Starmer, Evans & co.

  2. There has been good news though – the Whitworth director
    who put on an Art exhibition which was criticised by
    the usual suspects was subsequently asked to resign by
    Manchester University. The exhibition had been first
    taken off – then reinstated,

    The behaviour off the University has been criticised by the Museums
    Association as unethical –
    and the following gives some more information
    though mostly behind a pay wall ..

  3. SteveH “Have you looked at the (essentially Tory) policies, though? the (more or less) Thatcherite policies justify EVERYTHING Keir’s done. And My God, you can’t expect him to allow Young Labour to be young…or Labour!” How many more eggs will you break for this omelet?

    1. A Labour source said: “This is a small factional group that have taken over an official channel to spend their entire time tweeting bollocks. Their Twitter has been taken off them until they sort themselves out.”

      1. Wow. So Starmer and company have had their Twitter feed taken off them?

    1. Doug – Labour is consistently ahead in the polls, something his predecessor never managed against Johnson.

      1. SteveH
        Temporary Embarrassment is not ahead in the polls for simple reason he offers nothing to the electorate
        The cheap and nasties are staying home, no more no less
        No base, no trust, bent as a nine Bob note, makes Phony Tony bastard offspring of Thatcher blush

  4. fao Allan Howard ‘If I really did have a conversation with Chris Williamson?’ it should be beneath my contempt to respond to you but just this once I will answer your nasty accusation & yes I have had more than one conversation with Chris Williamson but at that time he expressed his ‘disappointment’ at not being allowed a platform to speak.& if you don’t believe me then ‘tough’, however your accusation that I was ‘lying through my teeth’ says more about you than I care to!

    1. As I said, if you really had HAD a conversation with CW you would of course have mentioned it in your initial post, and NOT five days later when youjust happened to bring up the demo again. You are of course a shill, or a secondary persona of one of the shills, and your ‘job’ of course is to do everything you can think of to try and discredit Jeremy in the minds of subscribers to this site.

      As for your alleged conversation with CW being ‘witnessed’ by JackT, it’s very odd that in a post a day or two after you made the claim, the following happened:

      Comrade JackT there seems to be some doubt expressed by at least one Skwawkbox contributor that when I said I had been talking to Chris Williamson at the Arms Fair Demo & reported that Chris was disappointed at not being given a platform, was I in any way ‘lying through my teeth?

      And JackT responds shortly after (Yes!, JackT just happens to see his post shortly afterwards, but it was just coincidence of course!):

      Steve Richards, from my own conversations with CW I’d say you were spot on. I missed your original post.

      Needless to say, if JackT was present when you had this conversation with CW and ‘witnessed’ it, he would have said so when he responded to you! Don’t you check your notes first to see what you both said at the time!!

      1. AND, if JackT had been present (and ‘witnessed’ the conversation), you would OBVIOUSLY have said that to him in your post – ie you would have asked Jack to confirm that he was there when you had the conversation with CW and, as such, heard what CW said to you!

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