Huge event Sunday: Lowkey, former ANC MP Andrew Feinstein, Craft-D and others on Labour’s attacks on freedom of speech

Musician Lowkey and former ANC MP Andrew Feinstein headline a major online event on Sunday evening, looking at the question “Freedom of Speech for the few, not the many?” The Red Labour event will be hosted by Paul O’Connell and will feature an exclusive performance by rapper Craft-D of his hit track ‘Letter to Corbyn’ and will discuss recent attacks on free speech by the Labour hierarchy and others.

The link for the event will be published shortly, but anyone who wishes to submit a question to the panel can already email the organisers.

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    1. Self evident I would have thought it one of the classic coming together of comrades to support a victim of the AS scam now rampent amongst the barbarians as a weapon of war…okay with you joe ?

    2. Chris Williamson’s ‘Resistance TV’ live on YouTube at 7pm. ‘Socialism in the 21st Century’

    3. Stay indoors Joe. It’s the safest way to show support for freedom of speech.

  1. I’m definitely looking forward to this. Lowkey is a brilliant artist. Any decent socialist should know the album “Soundtrack to the Struggle“!

    1. and yet when Jennie was in office she was the one showing off about how many members had been kicked out of the party.

    2. sorry Richard my above comment was intended as a response to noelstevenson12 18/11/2020 at 3:23 pm comment below.
      Starmer’s Labour Party has been quite deliberately transformed into a place of fear,

    3. No idea about all of that Richard, I’m all for young people creating artistic rebellion. I will investigate. Gotta admit I am a Delta and Chicago boy, oh and a Deadhead since 1974. Old and in the way. All the best to you and yours. Gonna roll me a fat one and drop a mic. ✌ ☮.

  2. Starmer’s Labour Party has been quite deliberately transformed into a place of fear, McCarthyism returned, with accusations of anti Semitism instead of communism. Netanyahu and the Israeli deep state assisted by the puppet Chief Rabbi and RW Board of Deputies have done a good job. Having a prominent British politician so strongly opposed to Israeli thuggery and supporting the oppressed Palestinian people was inconvenient. Now not only have they managed to get rid of him, but they’ve made it a sacrilege to say anything against Israel by making it all anti-Semitic. And they really didn’t have to work too hard at it, with the corrupt RW Uk media and the Tories loving every minute , distracting too from the far more entrenched Tory problem of Islamophobia . . . sheer brilliance.

    1. noelstevenson12 – ……and yet when Jennie was in office she was the one showing off about how many members had been kicked out of the party.

  3. I think that there maybe a lowkey turn out amongst the Socialist group of mps.IT will be interesting to see how many of our brave mps stand up and be counted(thats not a invitation to SH to make a list)and I am sure the support from the membership will be good though..ITs not the position that any decent socialist would wish to see an old man in just for saying the bleedin obvious..But then the knight never claimed to be anything other than his title suggests.Sir Rodney Starmer you plonker…!

  4. Posted twenty-one hours ago.

    Expected four and a half years ago when Sir Max Headroom was gifted a place in Jeremy’s cabinet.

    Distressed when Sir Max Headroom was
    A G A I N invited to join Jeremy’s cabinet despite Sir Saboteurs treacherous nasty plotted synchronised walkout.

    MORE than obvious evidence of the determined plotting when Sir REMAIN Max Headroom contradicted Jeremy’s Brexit stance via the MSM and at conference.

    What is one to think re icing the cake of PAIN with Jeremy’s gift of a peerage for McNicollickspittle thus ensuring spit continued to have the funding, platform, parliamentary access to continue treating Jeremy and us as a spittoon ?

    Who knows why the giant cake of barbs, nails, liars, pure wickedness was given another layer of icing by Jeremy asking for Twatson to be made a “Lord” … to gift Twatson the means for the REST of HIS LIFE to commit Carl Beech 2 3 4 …❓❓❓

    1. windchimes – Why didn’t Jeremy accept McNicol’s offer to resign as GenSec. If you choose to ignore that Jeremy wilfully pissed all over his fabled USP with month after month of Constructive Ambiguity (how Blairite does that sound). By the time he’d finished nobody believed a word he said.

      1. SH – Did McNicol offer to resign? Did Jeremy refuse to accept? Have u made that claim previously?
        So much has been left for so long. So much, sat on, like the internal report. Members who understand the necessity to make the best diagnosis to Rx progress

      2. … would have appreciated knowing of this earlier🛑

      1. SH, it is a choice to choose choices of others🌹🌹🌹

      2. eg SH it is your choice to choose a saboteur Max Headroom.

      3. Max Headroom’s choice is yours SH. It must be your own choice or your Sir Saboteur’s choice.

    2. We all know the old chestnut about keeping your enemies closer than your friends but that is no excuse for buggering them.

  5. 21 hours ago – “Expect more, expect more, including even a CW debacle of suspend, un suspend, re suspend, expelled.
    We have been all “knifed in the front”…
slowly and with a twist
🥀🥀🥀 ” ✅🧧202011181622w

  6. Starmer’s ideal scenario would presumably be Jeremy retiring ‘gracefully’ and keeping his mouth shut, thereby exonerating Starmer from any blame.
    He seems prepared to go to any lengths and plumb any depths to stop Jeremy standing on a Labour ticket again though.

    Snap elections occur when Tory PMs (rightly or wrongly) feel confident of victory – a successful vaccine and businesses reopening will give the country an economic and emotional boost – what better time for Johnson to call a snappie, hoping to ride a short-lived wave of euphoria and avoid leadership challenges before all the critical documentaries are broadcast?
    The sooner the better from Johnson’s point of view, and what more ‘exceptional circumstances’ could there be to justify going to the country?

    Jeremy can either fight Starmer from inside Labour, retire to his allotment, be banished to his allotment or fight from outside Labour with a new party (I think the Greens would likely reject him in these circumstances).
    Inside Labour his fighting prospects are worse than they’d be with a brand new socialist party I think – and win or lose in a GE, a new party would at least be a chance to get socialism back into politics – because as of now there’s a very obvious vacuum on the left.

    1. David – I don’t see that he has left himself with many choices. If Jeremy chooses to end his political career in defeat and ignominy then that is entirely his decision. To be honest given what has passed and his age I can’t see Jeremy’s CLP selecting him again, they nominated Starmer for the leadership.

      1. You “don’t see that he’s left himself with many choices,” do you?
        All Jeremy’s fault was it that he couldn’t overcome the Tories, the MSM, Israel, the BoD, JLM, most of the PLP – AND QUISLINGS LIKE YOU – undermining him CONSTANTLY for four years, you rat fink bitch?
        Anyone else would have folded their tent in weeks. Starmer would have caved within minutes, the weak, pussy-whipped little runt.

      2. ….. and meanwhile admirable though his ideas were, what did he achieve.

      3. “and meanwhile admirable though his ideas were, what did he achieve.”?

        Well, he’s hopefully not finished yet – unlike the Labour party under new management and by appointment to the trilateral billionaires

      4. qwertboi – My apologies for posing such a difficult question.

      5. What did he achieve?
        We’re still here discussing him, he’s still a thorn in you fuckers’ sides and you’re still terrified or you’d have fucked off to the Caribbean already.
        In 2017 he proved the left wasn’t just a couple of radical weirdos who had no chance of becoming relevant – he came that close to winning a GE 2 years after winning the leadership.
        Count the left wing websites and blogs, dummy.
        Count the attacks still being made against him.
        By your enemies shall you be known.

      6. David – Wow! and it took you more than a day to come up with that😏

  7. It’s great that the Party’s attack on and curtailment of free-speech is a serious focus of this near-spontaneous event.

    It would be earth-shatteringly powerful though if an actual Labour MP or twenty) were in attendance. It would also indicate that the attending Labour MPs are not just party apparatchiks but committed democrats who can act on principle.

    The event will also be an great expression of support for JC (and probably, therefore, ignored by the MSM and broadcast media), so Jeremy’s presence would make it a historically important event.

    No matter how ‘successful’ the event is judged to be, it ’s principally an act of demonstration, when what most people want is an act of abject determination to create and produce something fresh, new and relevant. A new initiative that takes no shit from the brain-dead bullies currently causing Labour to abandon the many for the favour of the few.

    We can dream.

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