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Johnson reels over partygate – but Starmer’s benefits betrayal shows English working-class has no alternative to turn to

Many insiders think Johnson will be lucky to last the week. He’ll be replaced by another horror from among the Tories – but only horrors sit on the front bench opposite to replace them

Sir Keiris Jormer: no alternative

Boris Johnson stuttered and stammered through Prime Minister’s Questions today and is under more pressure from his own back benches than from Labour’s front bench as his toxicity climbs in the face of ‘partygate’, the scandal of the multiple parties at Number 10 during lockdown. Many parliamentary insiders say that his ‘Teflon coating’ has finally come unstuck and that the murderous blond fool will be lucky to last the week.

In the short term, Johnson will be replaced after his fall by another horror – perhaps one even more monstrous, with Priti Patel and Liz Truss considered in line to succeed him. But the people of this country do not face a meaningful choice between genuinely different alternatives that they had and squandered when Jeremy Corbyn was making and winning the arguments on the need for real change.

Keir Starmer’s decision this week to whip MPs to abstain (yet again) on a bill of vast importance to the struggling and vulnerable people of this country – the Tories’ wish to put another cap on benefits spending after already cutting £20 a week from the meagre support for those worst off – the people the Labour party supposedly exists to serve and protect.

Only 14 brave Labour MPs had the courage and principle to refuse his order and vote against the Tory measure – and it’s a certainty that the Labour right has already mobilised to deselect them before the next election. Trigger ballots are already in preparation.

Meanwhile, having shredded every one of the promises that persuaded Labour members to gamble on electing him as party leader, Starmer is desperately trying to persuade billionaires that they can trust the party he has almost bankrupted not to do anything that will inconvenience them or force them to pay their fair share.

As a result of this ongoing political cowardice and emptiness, Starmer’s personal approval ratings continue to tumble even in the face of Johnson’s self-inflicted implosion. It’s a staggering ‘achievement’ to grow less popular than the buffoon opposite when the buffoon is responsible for mass needless deaths and is drowning under a sea of his own lies.

If a change of government does come at the next general election, it will merely be a question of rosette colour, not of genuine difference. That blighted political desert is a tragedy for this country and particularly for the millions suffering poverty, hunger, cold and insecurity in the face of an Establishment on both sides of the Commons united in its contempt for them.

But it is more than tragedy. It is a knowing and unforgivable betrayal.

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  1. My MP Preet Kaur Gill abstained on the welfare bill. You don’t give this government an inch, you fight all the way. Even if you don’t win the vote you at least can tell your constituents you’re on their side!

      1. As I said to Andy, it’s looking like the WEF, via the MSM “partygate” shit-stirring, are trying to get rid of Johnson in favour of a more vaccine passport-friendly PM. The UK is currently a big spanner in THOSE works!

    1. That’s the kind of soft betrayal that has been going on all my adult life
      until the crescendo that is, when the majority of those dirty cheating fake labour MPs came out as Apartheid racist zionist swines. They lined up and lied about a man of peace for 6 years. We need a new party devoid of the Scabs.

      1. Andrew – Apart from a lack of support, what’s stopping you?

  2. 👏👏👏

    Well written, and accurate too.

    Rishi Starmer or Keef Truss next?

  3. When I look at Boris Johnson and think of the hurt and damaged he has caused, his arrogance and incompetence it makes me sick to realise that he is there in government thanks to the combined efforts of the PLP Southside the BBC, the MSM , the establishment and the Zionist Lobby who unjustly and unjustifiably demonised Jeremy Corbyn to the extent that the electorate handed Johnson an 80 seat majority on a plate.

    1. Yep, they put him there and now the Labour party is neutralised and in safe establishment hands, they’re happy to unravel his lousy premiership.

      We are all like pawns to these people, sheep, to be herded into their red and blue pens.

      The whole Westminster and London media system stinks. We need proportional representation.

  4. Trigger ballots are already in preparation.

    Implement them then, ffs. They should have done so a looong time ago and sent a clear & concise message to the feckin invertebrates infesting the PLP.

      1. Exactly right. When it came to triggering, the Labour Left couldn’t find the gun. There’s no problem when the Labour right find it.

      2. Exactly right When it came to triggering, the Labour Left couldn’t find the gun.

        Not quite…

        The left had the bullets, but the right stashed the firing pin(s).

      3. Toffee – Yet more excuses, the reality is that ‘the left’ couldn’t even get their act together to get rid of Hodge when the RW were kind enough to trigger her.

      4. Interesting – that you’d use BNP AND pederast enabler hodge to try to score a cheap point…😗🎵

      5. Toffee – Which makes it all the more significant that the self appointed guardian’s of ‘the left’ failed again. Maybe the reality is that they are only a small but shouty minority section of the membership who just don’t have the numbers when it comes to a OMOV ballot.

      6. Which makes it all the more significant that the self appointed guardian’s of ‘the left’ failed again

        Which makes it all the more apparent you’d happily see a pederast AND BNP enabler within the party ranks than any socailist…AND that you crow about it, too.

        🎵We KNOW what you are….We KNOW what you arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre 🎵

      7. Toffee – I didn’t say that I was happy about the situation. I have simply pointed out the facts.
        Fortunately Hodge is now yesterdays problem, she’s already announced that she won’t be standing at the next GE.

      8. No – you didn’t say you was happy with the situation….

        But we know you’re fucking ecstatic about it as you delight in using it as a stick to beat the left with, and crow about it, rather than face up to any shithousery by you and the rest of the smarmerite cult.

        Your type are easily spotted. It’s just a case of making the innocent aware of what you are.

      9. Toffee – Unlike you I’ve accepting the reality that the self appointed guardians of ‘the left’ don’t have the numbers to have any real influence in the party. What did Corbyn and Formby ever do to rectify the situation.

    1. SteveH “The new rules make it harder to trigger all Labour MPs”

      Dun’t stop them trying tho.

      1. qwertboi – As they are entitled to if they are not happy with their MP, that’s democracy.

      2. Qwertboi, I expect Labour HQ will soon start using two tactics to get ride of unwanted socialists MPs:
        1-Remove the whip so officially their are not longer an incumbent labour MP
        2-if HQ cannot guaranty that their choice for PPC will win the votes of the majority of labour members in a given CLP to suspend the CLP and then the Regional Executive and the NEC will choose the PPC, Hence, effectively by-passing the CLP
        I believe that the only way that HQ can guaranty that Mary Creagh would be elected as PPC in Islington North would be to suspend the CLP.

      3. Maria – and yet it was Corbyn’s administration that repeatedly delayed the trigger ballot and selection processes prior to the 19GE to cut CLPs out of the selection process. Contrast this with Starmer who has started the process nice and early so that the same thing doesn’t happen again

  5. That poll explains the press and wider media pile on against Johnson.

    Starmer is an electoral deadweight, primed to drag Labour down into an electoral abyss.

    Corbyn may have been unpopular, but he could rely on a bedrock of solid, ultra loyal, enthusiastic support. Starmer’s appeal was supposed to be with Tory voters, with him kicking against Labour’s traditional support base. But New Labour 2.0 isn’t happening and the press know Starmer is incredibly vulnerable should Labour get smashed in May. The establishment are worried for their man.

      1. He was unpopular. That isn’t a comment on whether it was fair, it’s just a factual observation of his personal polling.

        My own opinion is it was unfair, and largely due to the vicious press campaign of character assassination waged against him and the left. But nevertheless that MSM gaslighting worked, damaging his public image.

      2. Andy – Really, how would you describe ⅔ of the electorate consistently expressing a negative view of Corbyn?

      3. SteveH

        Corbyn faced the constant flow of daily attacks and nitpicking stories(bogus antisemitism claims) to discredit him and his supporters. The BBC and other MSM worked hand-in-glove with the PLP saboteurs and others to damage and discredit him.

        What would Corbyn’s personal polling have been with a fair, truly free press that other European countries with socialist leaders enjoy?

        We’ll never know because it simply isn’t the case in the UK. We have a very pernicious establishment and press.

      4. Andy – I don’t really care what your excuses are the fact remains we went into the 19GE with 66% of the electorate disliking Jeremy and surprise, surprise we lost big time.

      5. SteveH –

        “we went into the 19GE with 66% of the electorate disliking Jeremy.”

        Erm… are you seeing the polling above? What’s Starmer’s excuse 2 years into his leadership?

        Corbyn was under constant press attack and Starmer and Watson saddled the party with the unsellable 2nd referendum policy making Corbyn unpopular in Leave seats.

        The current press frontpage witch-hunt against Johnson, remind me of the headlines Corbyn endured for years. A fact you either forget or dismiss.

      6. Well, well, well….NOW wee stevie realises what the ELECTORATE is….And he still manages to fuck his own argument up, now he’s done so

        This is the same wee shite that was convinced that his precious 70% of labour membership (Fuck knows where he got that one from as well) was more than enough to win the 2019 election; at the time when people were sick to bastard death of being told they must keep voting until the nation arrives at the conclusion THEY (Keef and fat twatson and wee stevie’s middle class ilk) demanded.

        And after all the repeated warnings, and even when the rags got their 80seat majority because of THAT keef rewarded them by shitting all over their wishes and voting FOR a TORY brexit.

        But hey! keef’s STILL more popular than Corbyn – isn’t that right, soft ollies?

      7. SteveH


        Corbyn-led Labour achieved larger poll leads vs the Tories and higher real figures(mid-40s) than Starmer has managed to date.

        And Labour’s support is very soft under Starmer. Will people bother to get photo-ID in order to go cast a vote for Starmer’s Labour? I think deep down you know the answer to that SteveH.

      8. Andy – What happened in the 19GE. We’ll see what the results are in the next GE.

      9. In his 2.53pm post the resident shill said: ‘Did you miss all the polls that are showing that Labour has been consistently in the lead over Boris and the Tories for the last month, something that Corbyn never managed to do’. Well we all know why the LP is ahead at the moment, and it has nothing to do with Starmer of course, and whilst the LP was never ahead of the Tories in the few months between Johnson being elected leader and the 2019 GE, there were TWO periods when the LP were consistently ahead of the Tories when Jeremy was leader. Scroll down to the beginning of the 2017 table (as of just after the 2017 GE), and then scroll up through the results:


  6. This piece of Right Wing Garbage will be replaced with another piece of Right Wing Garbage Probably Red Right Wing Garbage !!!

    1. The Tories have a majority to do a full term of five years, which gets them to December 2024 and they will if the polling isn’t going their way. As bad as Johnson is, he’s a known quantity, I can think of worse Tories who could be PM. IThose demanding Johnson go, need to keep this in mind.

      The tank riding, ‘poundshop Thatcher’, hawkish Liz Truss for the remaining 3 years would be worse than Johnson, believe me. Change isn’t always better, it’s merely different.

        Tory insiders say campaign teams for the Chancellor and former Health Secretary have agreed a “non-aggression pact” in their bid to succeed Boris Johnson as PM
        Allies of Tory leadership hopefuls Rishi Sunak and Jeremy Hunt are stitching up a deal to squeeze arch rival Liz Truss out of the race, it is claimed.
        Tory insiders say campaign teams for the Chancellor and former Health Secretary have agreed a “non-aggression pact” in their bid to succeed Boris Johnson as PM.
        They say the plan is to get Mr Sunak, 41, and Mr Hunt, 55, as the only candidates put to Conservative members who make the final decision on who will lead them.
        Party members do not get a say in the contest until MPs have whittled the field down to two names.

      2. SteveH

        Unless new stuff comes out I think Tory members will smell a rat and rally behind him. The press and BBC are overreaching trying to force him out. What’s with this sudden haste and deluge of negative stories? This is a man who ‘walked on water’ previously, the press ignoring all his personal negatives to give him a big undeserved majority.

        Imagine if he’d had one tenth this scrutiny before the 2019 election. Something is off here, in this frenzied MSM drive to remove him. It reminds me of the effort the MSM put in to destroying Corbyn, and that makes me instantly suspicious.

      3. Andy, there is no one in the Tory Party with a chance of leading them worse than the Dangerous Clown. In politics you need to take your wins as soon as you can and not try and be too clever. Anything can happen before you get the chance to cash in, such as a ‘war’ which breaks out for ‘no apparent reason’. The right wing are masters at exploiting these situations.

      4. JackT

        Yes, he’s an unserious fella and more suited to clowning about on HIGNFY.

        But do you really want some fresh new hawkish PM using their seriousness and credibility to support some war? There will be a hidden reason behind these moves to oust him, and none of them will be good.

        if you are anti-war, believe me it’s better the clownish Johnson remains.

      5. Andy, I am well aware of the motives of those on the right, including the BBC who want to get rid of Bozo but when he is gone we can pocket it as a win and then deal with whoever takes his place. I am also aware that there are some on the Labour left who want him to stay, in preference to others in the Tory Party, simply because he is a Brexiter.

      6. JackT

        Many of those in the BBC and press who are suddenly being hyper critical of Johnson are self-outed Zionists. The Iran deal (JCPOA) is on the brink of collapse and the US is talking about military action. Johnson is the last person they want selling such military action to the UK populace.

        Does this give you a different perspective on the moves to oust Johnson?

    2. Andy, No is my answer. The right wing, Tory or Labour, will always support belligerence in support of the flag, no matter who expresses it.

  7. During PMs questions, Starmer demonstrated just how useless he is, he never laid a glove on the dangerous clown and neither did most of the other useless Labour MPs..

    1. Really? Was the version of PMQs that you watched broadcast in a parallel universe.

      1. SteveH the parallel universe is the one you and Starmer inhabit. Where were all the ‘forensic’ points and questions?

      2. Jack – Like you I’m struggling to understand what your argument is, do you have one?

      3. Toffee – It is not my fault that you’ve run out of things to say

      4. Says the dick-head who wont answer ANY simple question put to him.

        Away and shite, smarmer- obsessed, attention seeking weirdo that you are.

  8. 32 SNP members voted against the welfare cap,three independents including Mr Corbyn but only 14 Labour MPs voted against a measure so fundamentally repellent to socialists. For a list of who voted go to votes in parliament _ welfare cap

    1. Jim I counted only 13 and two former Labour MPs, Jeremy Corbyn and Claudia Webbe, voting against too.
      I found interesting that Margaret Greenwood and Marie Rimmer although no members of the SCG voted against and defied the Labour whip too.
      This isn’t the first time that Margaret Greenwood has defied the whip, she did so too by voting against CHIS. She has grown in my respect. She was the only MP resigning from the Shadow Cabinet in 2016 that I believe had a genuine reason for doing so.

      1. Still getting 14 but then if I got 50p every time I got a sum wrong I would have £7.20 by now . Sorry I know that’s an old one.

      2. Well! I’ll go to’t foot of our stairs. The well known self referencing progressive left member for Sheffield Hallam abstained.

        Perhaps it’s part of some cunning strategic manoeuvre like the one where as Deputy Council leader they led a mini revolt with their little clique by resigning positions in the Council leaving the dinosaur fat blokes club of the extreme centerists to take over?

        Or perhaps it has something to do with their partner trying to secure the Party nomination for Dan Jarvis’s Mayoral seat from which he is standing down? Maybe a deals been done?

        Who knows with these twelve year olds?

      3. Dave – Who knows with these twelve year olds who appear to be running rings around you.

    2. Not me son. I’m just letting the rope out while I sit in the deckchair supping a decent wine watching the show go tits up. Which it will because I’ve watched the same scenario so many times.

      Tick Tock. Tick Tock.

  9. Please DO tell us, O! Enlightened one – Why the absolute fook ANY working class voter should elect a smarmerite MP?


    WTAF is ‘good news’ about a supposed smarmerite lead in a poll?

  10. An aside – the JVL website has suddenly become unavailable.
    Is this a “glitch” or a rat?

      1. clear your cache and try again Toffee. I can’t download it.

      1. How about you TRY explaining to us plebs here in blighty WHY we should vote smarmerite labour, instead of obsessing about your delusion that keef’s more popular than Corbyn ever was?

        Let’s hear it, or shut the fuck up.

      2. Toffee – I don’t need to, just look at the polls (their accuracy were born out by the 19GE results)

      3. That’s NOT what you were asked, gobshite.

        You were asked WHY should people like me (And me in particular) vote smarmerite labour? HOW will it benefit me?

        You consistently refuse to name ONE difference between smarmerism and conservatism.

        You won’t, and you can’t. Because you’re a shithouse. Every bit the slimy, backsliding shithouse that the object of your hero-worship is. Hurry up and die.

      4. The Toffee

        Labour and their press friends whole strategy is that your anger with the Tories is supposed to force you into the red sheep pen regardless of the crap policy offer. It’s the way the ‘red sheep pen or blue sheep pen’ system works.

        It’s supposed to give you the sense your vote actually counts and you’ve effected change. The fact you haven’t and it’s all an establishment sham, like rigged, pre-choreographed WWF wrestling, that fact you aren’t supposed to notice.

      5. Still no answer….To the surprise of nobody, ever.

        If you’d have had one, you’d have given it instantly because you think you’re so fucking smart.

        And it doesn’t take an ounce of effort from this dunce to completely stump you. All TOO easy.

        Keep making a complete prick out of yourself, why dontcha?!

      6. @TheToffee(597). Thanks. Your direct questioningi s hitting the starmer bull / bullseye.. Starmer is the reason to not vote Labour.

      7. They certainly did in Bristol West. They lost the Council seat to the Greens.


        You really are the ammunition gift which keeps on giving.

        Tick Tock.

      8. @Andy

        I understand how it works, believe me. I expect it from the careerist politician types. It’s inherent to them

        What I point-blank refuse to accept, is some imbecile beyond redemption what lives on the other side of the planet. continually attempting to lord it over me and others, telling us we don’t know our arses from our elbows – when he himself has not had a single fucking prediction right (Brexit, 2019 GE and smarmer’s shithousery since shithousing his way to the leadership); claims to know more about the public feeling in the UK than me – despite living thousands of miles away, and tries to tell me what’s good for me???!!!

        Wee steve h has serious delusions that he can play a politician’s role. He can’t. He’s shite at everything. demands everyone else answer HIS questions, but point-blank refuses to answer anyone else’s – then tells them he has.

        The fucker wouldn’t dare attempt to treat me – or anyone else for that matter – with such contempt in a face to face situation, else he’d have great difficulty picking his teeth out of his shite with broken fingers. I’ll be greatly wusprised if he hasn’t already been chinned…But then again, twunts like him have never had a social life; hence his inventions about the life he’s allegedly living now.

        He is all-important. But only to himself, and second only to keith smarmer.

        FFS most of the time people cant even make a post without him making it all about him or the object of his troubled infatuation.

      9. Toffee – But you are the one who has run out of arguments and is threatening physical violence.

      10. Toffee – But you are the one who has run out of arguments and is threatening physical violence.

        Still no answer.

        Makes me wonder why I should bother asking you to point out just where you’ve been threatened?

        (Bet you’ll have a go at answering that though, eh, shithouse?)

      11. Toffee – “The fucker wouldn’t dare attempt to treat me – or anyone else for that matter – with such contempt in a face to face situation, else he’d have great difficulty picking his teeth out of his shite with broken fingers

      12. Thanks for irrefutably proving my point. Avoid the original question, and make it all about YOU.

        That isn’t a threat….It’s a fact. You take the attitude you do towards people in a face-to-face situation and you’re inevitably gonna get sparked clean out.

        Now try answering the original question if you think you’re clever enough, or have the bollocks – or even AN answer to…WHY should I vote smarmerite labour?

        …But true to form, you won’t. That’s why you’re universally despised.

      13. SteveH
        Restore whip to JC and allow him to stand against Temporary Embarrassment in a leadership contest, winner takes all, losers leave the party and take their followers with them

      14. Doug – In a vote by the current membership Corbyn would lose.

      15. SteveH
        Will never happen for simple reason you and Temporary Embarrassment are a pair of frauds

      16. Doug – There was a poll of Labour members during the Leadership campaign which asked the question How would you vote if Corbyn was on the ballot paper alongside KS, LN and RLB. Keir Starmer won with Jeremy trailing a distant second.

      17. Stevieh “You are just another Tory enabler….”

        Indeed! It tells us how vile and despicable Sir Keir Rodney Starmer and his RWLabour gang are when democratic socialists prefer class-enemy Conservatives to the supposed leader of Labour

        (bfwiw, I’d never encourage anyone to vote Conservative and will simply do my darnedest to ensure no one votes for Starmer or his ilk)

  11. just guessing, the lacuna brought about by the brexit fiasco is lurking behind the condiment covid and will shortly reveal the political black hole that faces both parties. Meanwhile, tories and labour will continue to cha cha coincidently while the union disintegrates and the streets fill.

    1. charming64 – I guess you must have missed all the numerous occasions that Starmer and Labour has attacked Boris about Tory cronyism.

    2. Charming, and they haven’t started the fuel/green new rules. LOTO, Leader Of the Order. Know what I mean..?

  12. BREAKING: High Court finds Government PPE ‘VIP’ lane for politically connected suppliers ‘unlawful’

    This imho, is far, far worse than the party for civil servants held nearly 2 years ago. Because, literally tens of £billions were involved, think of the opportunity cost of that waste and possible graft implications.

    But I doubt Starmer will go big on it because he and his centrist mates are chasing the same wealthy lobbyists and corporate sponsors..

    1. Andy – You obviously don’t take much interest in what goes on in parliament. Keir and Labour have repeatedly challenged Boris about Tory sleaze and corruption. It is a matter of public record.

    2. It’s just another whitewash FFS…

      “The ruling says it is highly likely these offers would have been awarded if they were processed through other channels also used to process offers. All contracts underwent sufficient financial and technical due diligence and the court found that we did not rely on the referral to the high priority lane when awarding contracts,” they said.

      A spokesman for Matt Hancock, who was health secretary at the time the contracts were awarded, said he was delighted that the court found that the priority treatment was “justified”.

      I’ll bet he is, the smug little prick.

      1. Sorry Toffee. Who are we talking about here in that final comment?

        Mr Hancock or Mr Heep?

      2. I’m not gonna spoil you for choice, Dave. 😉

  13. Meanwhile, on the matter of those who do the donkey work downing tools and people noticing that in sufficient numbers to lose seats – Bristol West being just one example – the observation occurs that ‘its all gone quite over there.’

    1. On another matter, one of the Bristol 4 was on Politics Live this week and she was brilliant, would annihilate Temporary Embarrassment in a leadership contest
      But then again so would my dog, he’s called Elvis,
      Patterdale/ Jack Russell/ Border terrier
      Just imagine after the leadership election we could celebrate Temporary Embarrassment leaving the building

      1. Doug, a bit of border collie? More than enough. He’ll hammer Headroom to the wall.

  14. Labour vote in the last four general elections:
    2010 Brown 8.6m.
    2015 MILIBAND 9.3m.
    2017 Corbyn 12.8m.
    2019 Corbyn 10.2m.
    (2019 BREXIT effect, two third of Labour seats in Leave areas – Right Wing Labour pushed for 2nd PV and electoral suicide).

    1. Chief Rabbit and Arch Bish slander JC, every media outlet and establishment puppet slag him off
      RED TORIES CAMPAIGN FOR WORST CHEAP AND NASTY GOVERNMENT rather than the best Socialist government
      I’m sure they could still be hung for this level of treason, can someone ask Betty, orf with their heads

      1. Doug – Would that be the same Betty who failed in her constitutional duties by allowing Boris to illegally prorogue parliament.

      2. There is no constitution and shes the reason…wake up Steve H and look at your leader and be very worried that the anointed is about to be unleashed on the country…Look at the World bank and the future for the western world and be very worried 😟especially about your pensions and savings
        You may soon become disenchanted living in a rich mans paradise without the infrastructure to fall back on.Better get the pool filled in and look for an allotment instead.Jeremy’s might be able to help you out there with a bit of advice on how to be self sustainable as we are the third world..

      3. Joseph – Thanks for your concern but whilst we are of course connected to the grid for water and electric we pay little more than the meter rental charges because we are self sufficient for water, power, food and communications.

  15. Question
    If CLP’S can be captured by a few hundred members why havn’t we done it, you could kick out every Red Tory MP with a few thousand activist members
    Am i missing something

    1. Doug – You mean apart from the self appointed guardians of ‘the left’ only being a small minority

    2. Here’s how it works Doug:

      The Party managerial and administrative machinery at every level – Regional, District and National, is staffed by people put in place during the Blair years. Many of them straight out of University with zero life experience and even less of a clue. Never mind any gumption.

      They are carefully picked and put in place on the basis of ‘being one of us’.

      If they want a bad election result to put pressure on anyone not ‘one of us’ they simply don’t release the resources or organise effectively. Lets take the last Euro elections.

      I received an email in error to collect two thousand campaign leaflets sent to the city Labour club by Region. The system mistakenly had me down as a CLP Campaign Organisor.

      Now it was bad enough that the well paid Rupert at Region couldn’t be arsed to do what he was paid to do by rectifying the system error – he expected me, a volunteer member who had spent the previous several years tearing my hair out with a totally useless Technical Support because even though I was on the system Organise never dispatched local meeting and other notices to me when the Branch or CLP Secretary used it to send them out to the local membership, to sort out the error.

      What was worse was that the two thousand leaflets were the Regional allocation not for a single Ward with over 8,000 households in a six Ward Constituency but for the whole Constituency. All I could do was distribute what few campaign leaflets they allocated around our Ward whilst the other five Wards in the constituency never received anything and neither did the electorate.

      Amplify that around the Country and its not difficult to work out what was going on. Particularly given the gerrymandering and deliberate sabotage which took place in the 2017 GE.

      Candidates for local panels are vetted in the same manner before ever they get to make a pitch to members in the Branches at selection meetings. Forget political left/right in terms of individuals. because its all about getting a foot on the career ladder.

      So you get self-referencing as left candidates sitting down together with local establishment cadre in a Chris Williamson CLP roadshow rather than with local left activist members once they’ve got what they wanted from you. Conversely, you get people – no names, no pack drill – de-selected because they are useless complaining its a result of Momentum activity one week and then a week later joining momentum to get back on the career ladder in another Ward.

      You start organising effectively and Region, through the hand picked functionaries system which exists, will simply come in an shut you down. Cancel meetings. Gerrymander votes. Remove whole CLP Executives. Issue suspension letters and so on.

      Its no good blaming this on Corbyn because the only way to deal with it would be to sack every functionary put in place and replace them with people who know how and are capable of doing a proper professional job wiothout reverting the kind of malevolent sectarianism which is endemic in the system.

      What’s worse, having lived and worked with this mindset in other spheres, there is no doubt that should those who are currently purging the membership ever get into government they will most certainly do the same to the voting electorate when it suits them. This type do not take kindly to having anyone challenging or contradicting their fantasy narratives.

      They would rather destroy everything than give up the control they enjoy. Because the majority of them are total sociopaths.

      1. Dave – ……and what did Jeremy do to rectify this situation when he was leader for nearly 5yrs, SFA.

      2. Which bit of “the only way to deal with it would be to sack every functionary put in place and replace them with people who know how and are capable of doing a proper professional job without reverting the kind of malevolent sectarianism which is endemic in the system.” are you having difficulty comprehending Mr Heep?

        Are you seriously arguing that this would be possible in the present context? You would be fighting the entire British Establishment from the PLP through to the Corporate media from a position of opposition. The hue and cry would be off the scale and dwarf the manufactured AS psyop.

        But come on son. Your turn. We are all ears. Waiting agog with baited breath for you to demonstrate how to go about and achieve it.

        Or will your best shot turn out to be the usual damp squib one liner which avoids the question?

        Tick Tock. Tick Tock.

      3. Dave – I suppose that depends on whether you think Jeremy was in office or in power. As I said above he did SFA to rectify the situation when he was leader.

      4. 1. Your evidence for the assertion?

        2. Answer the question.

        You won’t because you can’t.

        All you can offer is deflection, re-framing and pathetic excuses. You really are embarrassing yourself this evening.

      5. Dave – It is quite difficult to supply evidence that he did SFA, do you have evidence that he did anything to rectify the situation.

      6. You made the assertion.

        Back it up or withdraw the statement.

        Your choice.

        Tick Tock.

      7. Dave – Oh for goodness sake get over yourself, I’m not withdrawing anything. If you have any evidence to the contrary then present it.

      8. I did not make the evidence free assertion.

        You made it.

        I asked for evidence.

        You prevaricate.

        Put up or shut up.

        But spare us these pathetic puerile embarrassing excuses, deflections and the projection of your own inadequacies onto others.

        You’ve been called out on your bullshit. Lie in the bed you’ve made.

        Tick Tock.

      9. Dave – I’m not prevaricating, I’ve answered your posts quickly and I have made my position clear on each occasion. If you don’t accept what I have said on the false premiss that I can’t prove a negative then that is your problem, not mine. I’m guessing that you are having some difficulty in finding any evidence to prove I’m wrong.

      10. You’ve not been asked to prove a negative.

        You’ve been asked to substantiate an assertion you made.

        Get on with it.

        Tell you what. Seeing as I like you today – because I might not like you tomorrow – lets play by YOUR rules. We will have have a poll seeing as you like to hang your hat on them all the time.:

        To anyone reading this could please reply with a simple yes or no:

        Mr Heep here has made an evidence free assertion. I on the other hand have made no assertions whatsoever. Should Mr Heep here provide the evidence I asked him for to substantiate his assertion?

      11. SteveH
        The evidence is in the internal report, Red Tories worked night and day for the cheap and nasties, the Labour party is at war, it will not stop until those who betrayed us have gone
        No matter what the question the answer is ‘off they must fuck ‘

      12. Doug – That isn’t the issue that David and I were discussing but as you brought it (erroneously in my opinion) into our discussion. What did Jeremy do during his tenure as leader to rectify the situation. Many of Corbyn’s decisions (or more likely the decisions he failed to make) appear to have exacerbated the problems

        ps – I too am anxious to be able to read the Forde Report, hopefully we’ll see it before the end of the month.

      13. SteveH
        It’s the only issue in the Labour party, the Forde report will change nothing, Red Tories shafted the party, unions, members, supporters and the country
        I’m serious, is this betrayal of democracy not a matter for the electoral commission and plod
        But you carry on kidda, how’s the weather on your planet

      14. Doug – Sunny and warm at the moment but it will be dark within the hour. I’ll reserve judgement on the veracity of the ‘leaked’ internal report (which I’ve read) until I’ve read and assessed the contents of the Forde Report. We can discuss the significance of both reports once the Forde Report has been published if you like.

      15. @Dave Hansell


        But it’s the wee shite’s favourite MO and he simply won’t change because he has no scruples whatsoever.

        I suggested a poll a while back to determine whether he tells lies with the forfeiture of any further posting dependent on the result.

        I knew nobody’s bother with it but wee fella made it clear he’d continue whatever any result was.

        For someone who has freely confessed he goes out of his way to get a rise out of others and finds it ‘entertaining’ when they do, he should really be banned.

      16. Toffee – but you are the one who constantly follows me around like a needy stray. You could just ignore me, the choice is yours.

  16. So the Phantom Chief Turd Polisher manages to turn a critical Starmer post into a Corbyn bashing post, nicely sidetracking the real subject matter……

    Earning his salary today by the looks of it. Fair Play…..

    Meanwhile Starmer soft soaps Johnson at PMQ’s and everybody is happy.

      1. SteveH
        It was bread and butter stuff, that’s not why we pay the big bucks, nothing forensic about it, no knockout blow, all very predictable from the fraud that poses as leader of the Labour party

      2. Doug – So you keep saying whilst the headlines in the press and TV and Radio News all tell a different story. Have you actually watched the whole of Keir and Boris’s encounter at today’s PMQ

  17. Covid in schools
    HEPA filters are the answer and that’s the end of it
    But then again there wasn’t a problem in the first place
    Omicron is good news
    Panic over

    1. You only need filtering if the air is circulated back into enclosed spaces, ie a standby breakdown air circulation would come with those, but with placement design you wont need any Filters two ceiling inlets at the front of class, air source directly outside the class.
      Two lower exit points also to encourage flow and movement. That really is all that’s needed just fresh air in stale air out. I think any possible slashing we could make from Mah Mate, John, Jim, Dan,Andy, Sam etc, could hopefully go back to the kids

      1. Maybe not nellykskelly. Even their own Covid Narrative” is threatening them now.

        Once a virus has transmuted fundamentally five time (alpha variant to omicron variant), it is not “strong” enough to survive longer than about 4 – 12 mins at the very most without a protein cell to protect it. Even those people it manages to ‘infect’ (mask-wearers for example), it has unsufficient pathogenicity to make them “ill”. This is why it is not in the slightest dangerous to most children or most adults anymore.

      2. Even when the air is sucked in from directly outside? No other sources just directly outside and a constant Airflow Hygiene and infection tests?
        Poor little sods essentially can not and should not go outside without Vira/Heppa Filtration Masks.
        Obviously many regs will apply like how high above people the inlets must be and how far away and high the outlets must be

      3. nellyskelly – I am quite happy to let people make their own minds up about whether they believe the scientific evidence or your ramblings

  18. Well it’s as simple as what do you want?
    A Kick in The Teeth
    A Kick in the Teeth and several more Rusty Nails in your eyes”!?
    Entirely your choice suffer the Shitshow TORIES another 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, etc years OR suffer The Shitshow TORIES no more, get the rusty nail out your eye and get rid of Thatcher’s Neoliberal Parasite TORIES, ‘The Neo-Labour Party’ who keeps shoving those Rusty TORY Nails right in your Eye!!! UNLESS YOU REALLY LOVE THAT!



    1. nellyskelly – Oh dear, shouting won’t change the fact that you don’t have the numbers to make any difference.

      1. SteveH
        Temporary Embarrassment is the most dishonest and useless DPP this country has ever known
        All he had to do to blow Baby Trump out of the water was read the email to him then ask why he allowed the party to go ahead
        Then 8nsread of hiding behind the public call him a serial liar and a charlatan

      2. Doug – You’re of course entitled to your opinion. Strangely most of the media think that Keir’s attack on Boris went quite well.

  19. PMQs is just Westminster bubble stuff. Nobody who has anything else to do watches it or listens to it. Most people who have nothing else to do would rather do nothing than listen to it. It’s only the media and a few nerds who think that it is riveting. It was entirely predictable stuff from both Johnson and Starmer. ………… and I do wish he’d get some voice coaching so that he doesn’t sound like a third-former moaning that Johnson Minor wasn’t in class when he should have been.

    1. goldbach – Anyone watching or listening to today’s news will have been alerted to fact that something of significance happened in parliament during today’s PMQ

      1. The significance being that the establishment is on manoeuvres, looking at whether it would be best to put in a new PM well before the next GE. It would be nailed on if the LP was led by someone with the political dexterity of Wilson or Blair ………………………… or Callaghan, or Smith, or Brown. Corbyn could have managed it too if he had a PLP that wasn’t prepared to foul the bathwater. Even Kinnock could have had a decent shot at it.
        As it is there is a reasonable chance that Johnson could reinvent himself again.

      2. goldbach – I’m quite happy for Boris to remain in office and fight the next GE.

      1. At last. Two sodding days and umpteen attempts to get this posted.

      2. Dave – The question is will anybody spend nigh on 20 minutes reading it. 🤔

      3. Steve H…some of us try to learn somthing from others,you insult and denigrate posters who have something important to share with us.I hope you never get near a classroom of children to impart your narrow ignorance of the reality of real life..Thanks Dave Hansell for your insight into the modern day world of the Labour party .and the ramifications of idiots planted in positions of authority local and national level.

      4. Dave
        Dont disagree with anything you say, except the idea that there’s nothing we can do
        New New Labour are losing votes, members and money because they always do, the electorate want clear Red Water not a choice of Tory parties
        We know that the demographics are all on our side, it’s how we harness them to regain control of our party and the country
        Betty on her way out, Tories disappearing up their privileged arses, financial system about to fail and world recovering from a Pandemic exacerbated by snouts in troughs
        The Unions and Momentum could flood CLP’s with activists, paid Red Tories can be pursued individuality through courts if they act illegally, see JC legal fund as an example of how much can be raised
        The threat would then hang over anyone else doing the dirty work
        The resources are their what is missing is coordination and belief we can rid ourselves of this plague in our party

  20. Right Wing Labour sells out the poor cos they (a) lack the political acumen and (b) courage to counter the Right Wing Dominant Narrative on Welfare, as the the upper class welfare state recipients laugh all the way to the bank!
    Have to admit he was a useless Leader, but I never criticised Miliband in public for years to give him a chance.
    When Jeremy Corbyn got a record vote for Labour in 2017 with left wing Democratic Socialist ideas one wonders if we would have got over the line if some Right Wing staff (Forde Report) and hundreds of Right Wing careerist Labour MPs hadn’t slagged the Labour Leader off in public for years!
    I would argue the millions (and in increasing numbers) of diverse working people are suffering because of the treachery of the Labour Right?
    They went on to crush the Left in Labour (whilst many of us who knew what was coming left) so time for a new Left Wing Democratic Socialist Party ideally with some union support.
    And before people ask, we are on the case.

    1. If you knew what was coming it is rather surprising that you weren’t better prepared.

  21. Dear Readers,
    Comrades this post is for you.
    Blairite Brown Labour vote in 2010 8.6m.
    Miliband/Reeves Centrist Labour vote 2015 9.3m.
    Corbyn Left Wing Democratic Socialist Labour vote 2017 12.8m. (After some Right Wing staff (Forde Report) and Right Wing Labour MPs treachery?)
    Corbyn Left Wing Democratic Socialist Labour vote 2019 10.2m (post Right Wing Labour BREXIT treachery?).
    Things are bubbling up nicely for a new Left Wing Democratic Socialist Party, some unions cutting funding to Labour (Unite, GMB), the Bakers Union has disaffiliated, and the FBU might, Breakthrough a New Democratic Socialist Party and Resist have formally registered as political party’s, if the Left unions could come on board with some of their funding (and why should Right Wing Labour have a monopoly of Labour funding for crumbs?) we could keep the dream we had under Corbyn alive!
    Ignore the apologists for Right Wing Labour treachery (?) on here.
    This post is for you comrades.
    We can win!

    1. Bazza – Win what, you don’t have a leader and you don’t have a party. Can you point to any successes by lefty parliamentary candidates who have stood against Labour. The problem you have with the Unions is that nobody wants to be associated with failure. You’ll need to prove that you are viable first, good luck with that under a FPTP system.

      1. SteveH –

        You’ll no doubt love the latest poll, which puts the Tories on 28%.

        But just consider how Johnson and Tory support has wilted so quickly when subjected to the hostile media treatment Corbyn endured for years, plus he had PLP & HQ activity further undermining him. Doesn’t that Corbyn’s strength and electoral resilience into some sort of perspective for you?

        How do you think Starmer would get on if the entire MSM were gunning for him, and calling for him to quit?

      2. Failures like Brown 2010 8.6m votes, Miliband/Reeves 2015 9.3m votes.
        Yet Corbyn in 2017 got 12.8m votes (despite some right wing Labour staff sabotage (see the pre-now heavily censored Forde Report) and Right wing Labour MPs public sabotage which aided Labour’s political opponents) but still a success as the Tories lost overall control and depended on as some suggest bings to the DUP?
        And 10.2m for Corbyn in The BREXIT Cloud GE in 2019 when Right Wing Labour and the likes of Starmer some suggest stabbed working class people in the back (?) pushing for a 2nd PV when two thirds of Labour areas were Leave, thus causing electoral suicide.
        But Corbyn still got way more votes than the Losers Brown, Miliband and Reeves in 2010 and 2015 respectively.
        Oh a Left victory (?) – Galloway in Bradford though I have no time for him.

  22. The media really are trying to gift wrap Johnson’s scalp for Starmer to claim, aren’t they. Unthinkable when, albeit briefly, we had a real opposition and not this current Tory-lite outfit led by an establishment yes man.

    As much as I dislike Johnson, any Tory MP being guided by these media hyenas to go in for the kill – a media trying to shape events rather than report them – well, let’s just say you’d have to be a bit dim.

    It’s so obviously bloody orchestrated this ‘get Johnson out’ operation across the press and entire media. It’s as though the order has come from on high. ‘Johnson on the brink’ , ‘How long?’ ‘The end?’…. This isn’t reporting its an attempt to force an outcome someone or some group are demanding. Our media are a bunch of cowards, who refuse to report all sorts of stuff for fear of upsetting establishment figures, they don’t act like this against a sitting PM without being told to.

    1. Andy – Or maybe the month after month of Labour persistently chipping away at the Tories and Boris in particular building a picture of Boris’s incompetence, dishonesty and lack of judgement has been a significant contributory factor to the dam finally bursting. Keir’s strategy has worked out quite well.

      1. SteveH-

        Starmer has made zero impression with the public. That isn’t just me saying that, it’s the wider public view (see the poll above).

        Someone could possibly get away with centrism and moving the Labour party way to the right in 1997, but it would take a really charismatic individual who garners a large personal following now. Something Starmer will never obtain.

        There’s no doubt the establishment and corporate/banking/ military/ security elite would prefer a trusted predictable , plodding establishment figure like Sir Keir Starmer at the helm. The problem they’ve got is Starmer has zero charisma – no political wow factor like say Blair c.1994-1997, unlike Blair, Starmer can’t think on his feet.

        The media can shill for him all they want, but they can’t make him into something he isn’t. I think Sunak will have the same problems, as will the uncharismatic Truss. People like Bill Clinton(famous for financial deregulation), Mr ‘Hope and Change’ Obama and our own Blair – charismatic ,fake progressive actors, willing to do these various elites’ bidding, are a very rare breed. And people have wised-up to how these media games go.

      2. Bojo the Clown does it all himself.with the help of the BBC & other MSM, nothing to do with Stasi Starmer.

      3. Or maybe the month after month of Labour persistently chipping away at the Tories and Boris in particular building a picture of Boris’s incompetence, dishonesty and lack of judgement has been a significant contributory factor to the dam finally bursting

        Yeah, alright oddball.

        Nowt to do with fuckup, after lie, after fuckup, after lie – and STILL keef can’t even manage a double-figure point lead over the fat toff scruff.

        Painting a picture of decpiffles incompetence?? What fucking planet are you on? Keefs’ been voting WITH the rags and saving de piffle’s bacon previously. FACT.

        Or else he’s ABSTAINING on other votes instead of OPPOSING.


        Try addressing the reality of what’s really been going on instead of peddling your usual risible, delusory bullshite.

        ‘Chipping away at the tories’ indeed

        Jesus H Navas. 😒

      4. Toffee – Have you seen the latest YouGov poll?

        Henry Zeffman
        EXCLUSIVE Times/YouGov poll gives Labour their biggest lead since Dec 2013
        Lab 38 (+1)
        Con 28 (-5)

        LDem 13 (+3)
        Green 7 (+1)
        RefUK 4 (-1)
        Defiant Boris Johnson refuses to quit as polls slip further
        Boris Johnson has defied calls for his resignation over lockdown parties in Downing Street as the Tories fell to their lowest poll rating against Labour in almo
        10:26 pm · 12 Jan 2022·Twitter Web App

        Henry Zeffman

        Replying to
        Who would make the best prime minister?
        Starmer 35 (+2)
        Johnson 23 (-5)

        60% of people think Johnson should resign, including 38% of people who voted Conservative at the last general election

      5. For complete fuck’s sake – WHAT is your major malfunction?

        It is NOTHING that keef has done that has seen de piffle’s stock plummet.

        Smarmer has IN NO FUCKING WAY earned that lead.

        Of course we’ll never know, but Corbyn’d have had a far greater lead despite persistent media antagonism.

        And what’s more….He’d have earned it by providing actual opposition instead of being a constant lifebelt for fatbollocks.

      6. No. Don’t bother second guessing because I’m right.

        What matters is keef has propped up Johnson. He has yet to vote against him and won a vote against him. Corbyn AT LEAST managed THAT much.

        And the ONLY reason keef enjoys a paltry lead is BECAUSE of Johnson’s fuckwittery.

        It is NOT because keef has EVER outwitted the dunce at ANY time.

      7. Can you point out ANY Facts and Strong Proof that The Neo-Labour Party TORY SCUM chipped away at anything other than Finances and Membership of The UK Labour Party Black, Muslim, Other Minorities including Black/”Fringe” Jews?

        ” building a picture of Boris’s has been a significant contributory factor to the dam finally bursting.”
        You’re in an Alternate Universe where only what you want to be real is real, if you don’t like it, it becomes deranged, ineligible, blah, blah, blah.
        Or get a get out of jail Free Patronising ‘Calm Down’, and when pressured for an answer a ‘Don’t be silly’ followed by the vanishing act!

        If ANY ” building a picture of Boris’s incompetence, dishonesty and lack of judgement has been a significant contributory factor to the dam finally bursting.”, was done without anyone needing to Chip Away then it is The Neo-Labour Party TORY SCUM! They have done nothing BUT to build picture after picture, after picture of their TORY incompetence, dishonesty and lack of judgement.

    2. There was a hashtag #ScumMedia trending on twitter yesterday. It was mostly right wing Boris voters complaining of a hatchet job on Boris over the parties. Many on the Corbyn left were telling them they were in denial, and defending the media, claiming they had found their moral conscience. As if! I found this insane. I mean the left should know better than anyone that the media can’t be trusted, always do hatchet jobs and have zero conscience or concern for democracy. Of course Boris is a prick and shouldn’t be allowed to get away with the lies he told, but anyone who thinks that’s what the media is trying to put right for the good of our country is a bigger moron than Boris himself. And that’s as moronic as you can get. I wanted to promote the hashtag #ScumMedia, its important to let the right think the media are scum, because they are! But strategically it puts us on the left in a better position to call it out next time they do a smear campaign on our candidate instead. If we ever get a leftwing candidate that is! The media is a greater enemy to democracy than any individual MP or prime minister. And greater threat to the left than Boris having parties, especially when he’s 100% likely to be replaced with someone worse!

      1. M-

        The real question is : Who are the media preparing the ground for?

        My bet is Liz Truss or Jeremy Hunt. But it also helps Starmer survive until the next election, in theory avoiding a drubbing in May.

        The US is talking ominously about bombing Iran if the current nuclear talks fail. And centrist President Biden is in real trouble with his personal polling numbers. It could be the US want someone in No.10 with more gravitas, credibility than Johnson to back them up and ‘sell’ the conflict. Supporting military action will also put Starmer in a v.difficult position with members and Labour voters, given New Labour’s awful record in the ME.

      2. M The danger of a out of control media to set agenda and decide who runs Britain cant be ignored by anyone who struggles for a democracy in Britain.

      3. Andy, my money is on Hunt. He’s been keeping quiet an keeping his head down.

      4. Andy –

        I honestly don’t know who they can replace Boris with. Rishi won’t appeal to the racist Tory voters and the rest are more uncharismatic than Starmer (OK I’m exaggerating ). Many voters like Boris for his Charisma. My bet is his replacement will be Rees Mogg. They’ve kept him quiet for a long time, he supports brexit and he has that rebellious eccentric streak Boris voters like (in his messed up way). I also have to add he’s pretty good at the dispatch box, he’d wipe the floor with Starmer. I could see it. And he would look competent enough to push WAR. God help us. HOWEVER I’m not sure the one party state cares for another Tory win. It might delegitimise the entire system if they don’t help Starmer win. Boris is already doing that and thats why they need him gone now.

      5. M – I doubt that JRM would get much support north of the border.

  23. Andy is on the money with every single one of his comments on this page. The media can turn the population on any politician they like, overnight. Hostile media decides everything, who we elect, when we go to war, who we go to war with, they can make you love what you hated yesterday and hate tomorrow what you love today. There is no democracy, no real understanding of what’s going on. Its all controlled. Thankfully its getting much easier to spot since the Corbyn years exposed every single shitbag journalist, fake politician and scumbag propaganda trick in the book. Only a little critical thinking is now required,. Just a little.

  24. Andy
    Who are the media preparing the ground for?
    Whoever the WEF think can be relied upon to impose vaccine passports on the UK, I’d say…

    1. Yes I think this is part of the equation. Boris is more opposed to passports than the neoliberal Tories and their masters at the WEF would like. They need him to fall in line with the rest of Europe, America and Australia.


    For someone only TOO eager to remind is he was director of public prosecutions (But did NOT prosecute any bankers, murdering plod, high profile pederasts OR corrupt Tories, despite having ample evidence) it came is NO surprise that he refused to call for CRIMINAL prosecutions of those present at that ‘do’.

    The ‘man’ (And I employ that description extremely loosely) is a slimy establishment invertebrate of THE lowest order.

    If he had any redeeming characteristics whatsoever, he’d be 40pts+ clear in the running now…. just like you promised he would be.

    Instead he’s about as meaningful as a fart in a hirricane.

  26. Breaking: Saudi lickspittle Daniel kawczinski suspended from the commons for….A DAY.

    WHAT is the bastard point? 😕 It’s gone beyond a piss-take. And they wonder why they get ‘abuse’.

  27. “Or maybe the month after month of Labour persistently chipping away at the Tories and Boris in particular building a picture of Boris’s incompetence, dishonesty and lack of judgement has been a significant contributory factor to the dam finally bursting. Keir’s strategy has worked out quite well.”
    Utter nonsense. If Johnson does go it will be because of his propensity for causing chaos and his lack of familiarity with the notion of truth. The LP has simple provided the background MUSAK to the show, and we all know that our minds are well able to switch off to the musak because we find it irritating and with no merit.
    And as regards “strategy”, there ain’t one.

    1. On the contrary Labour raising the electorate’s consciousness about Johnson’s shortcomings for months whilst making sure that Boris’s cronyism, dishonesty and lack of judgement are on the public record.

    2. goldbach – I’m quite happy to stand by what I’ve said, time will tell which of us is right.

    1. AWL fellow traveler and phony Nadia Whittome toes the Starmer line and abstains.
      Biggest surprise I’ve had since I found out that Max Boyce was Welsh.

      1. Do you mean this Nadia Wittome

        When I stood for Parliament, I pledged to take a workers’ wage. I’m here to represent workers, so I don’t want to be on a salary that massively separates me from my constituents and their standard of living. I choose to take home £35,000, which is still far more than many of my constituents get.
        The rest of my salary after tax goes to local causes. From trade unions fighting for gig economy workers, to a community centre offering food and benefits advice, to organisations supporting refugees and sex workers, I give this money in solidarity – not as charity – with those resisting austerity and standing up for, and with, marginalised people.

      2. This is what she said on Twitter

        Nadia Whittome MP
        The welfare cap is cruel and it should be scrapped.
        Tonight’s vote was on whether to raise the cap or keep it the same. Labour abstained because we are against the entire principle of a cap but would not oppose a rise.
        10:27 pm · 10 Jan 2022·Twitter for iPhone

  28. John Curtis reports uplift nothing to do with Temporary Embarrassment because he offers nothing
    MSM and toilet papers can be regulated out of business, particularly papers, all very close to edge, kept going by ownership purely for political reasons, use them as cash cows for new media
    FPTP is part of the solution in short term, it exaggerates small movements in key seats
    Now is also the time to blow Tartan Tories out of the water, if you cannot consistently poll above 60% then there will NEVER be another Scottish referendum
    Instead you will be part of the Devo max revolution that will sweep all the nations, not least the Kingdom of Northumbria
    Red Tories are our problem, if we cannot deal with them what chance the kleptocracy

  29. Sir Keir cannot wipe the floor with & defeat Bojo the Clown? Any replacement will be even more dangerous.

  30. All this tabloid hostility to the Johnson and the Tories has to raise expectations for Labour in May’s big electoral tests. If Starmer can’t win with this political backdrop, when can they win?

    It puts the left in a strong position to hold Starmer to account either through abstention or voting Green(the Greens are well to the left of this current Labour incarnation) they also seem VERY union friendly:

    If Labour underperform in May, there’ll be no excuses and nowhere to hide for Starmer & co.

    1. ‘If Labour underperform in May, there’ll be no excuses and nowhere to hide for Starmer & co.’

      Success for labour will only be a protest triumph, again. and repeat.

  31. tony the mass murderer was the last hope for a fair and democratic voting system and it amazes me that socialists didn’t see that from the first and second labour victories. having just read Revelations the labour party appears, unlike the tories, fails to treat the control of power as the first and only goal. since the 50’s labour has failed to win hearts and minds but got to power thanks to to scandals of utter negligence, national louche and droite de seigneur. Why isn’t there a cross party temp party comprised of labour/lib/green/brexits/remainers,regionals et al who take on tory ministerial seats at all elections?

  32. All these Tories commenting in the Mail and Telegraph calling Johnson a ‘chancer’, ‘a rogue’ and ‘useless’ today. The fact he’s gone from their ‘hero’ to ‘zero’ so quickly, due to one frenzied press blitz against him, says more about their shallowness than his, tbh.

    And while Johnson should resign over his many misjudgements,not just this, the fact Blair never resigned over lying the country into war with all the death and chaos that entailed, and importantly nor did the press demand that says much about the MSM in this country.

    And I don’t know how Alastair Campbell has the cheek to pop up on TV claiming it’s ‘unprecedented’ how in partygate ‘crimes may have been committed’ in Downing Street.

  33. If I seem sympathetic to Johnson in my posts, that isn’t the case, or my intention.

    As journalist Jonathan Cook pointed out, journos sit on or suppress stories like this and far worse all the time. If Johnson hadn’t fallen out of favour this wouldn’t have even been reported. The journos would’ve said it was ‘work related’ involving the civil service therefore a nonstory. There’d be no public discussion, no mention on the news, nothing.

    We are being manipulated, worked up in frenzy because it suits others to make us furious and demand Johnson’s resignation. As much as I dislike Johnson, I detest the idea of political interference and manipulation of the public even more. Basically because I like everyone else here witnessed the MSM machine go after Corbyn.

    1. Exactly, which is why I want Johnson to stay right where he is for the time being. There are currently no better alternatives.
      Better the devil you know…

  34. agree. did we see queues of journos knocking on nursing homes to count the dead when covid patients were dumped? has there been an enquiry, no. the media news appears to have a partial twelve hour expiry date. except JC life sentence though.

    1. Charming64 – WE had Sky News reportage from INSIDE a Nursing home
      as this was going on – watching carers as they opened up cupboards showing
      lack of PPE etc. The reporters were already there on a pre-arranged visit – before
      COVID started – an d they confirmed the fact that the home were told to accept
      these poor souls.

      They also showed something which was never – so far as I know – reported
      elsewhere ie the shortage of medical supplies for the residents – oxygen etc.
      to at least keep them comfortable.

      The carers were in tears over the situation.

      Agree about the 12 hour expiry date of NEWS – the memory banks are regularly
      wiped ever day

      1. Holby fanmw I should have replied yesterday to your and charming 64
        comments but I honestly couldnt after the situation you describe happened to my elder brothers who were essentially deliberately murdered by the government knowing full well that elderly with chest complaints should never have been dumped with sick patiants from the hospitals into care homes.ITs nearly two years since they died of pneumonia although they were all down as covid 19virus as was the procedure then and were given a lonely funeral and none recieved the last rites as Catholics.
        IT is a disgrace that nobody will ever suffer for this state led Homicide.against the elderly and vulnerable.

  35. Yes and as the Labour Right try to rewrite recent history, remember:
    2010 Blairite Brown 8.6m votes.
    2015 Centrists Miliband/Reeves 9.3m votes.
    2017 Left Wing Democratic Socialist Corbyn 12.8m votes (despite sabotage by some Right Wing members of staff (Forde Report) and 2 attempted coups by Right Wing Labour MPs and a significant number of these slagging Corbyn off the the media for years thus aiding Labour’s opponents).
    2019 Left Wing Democratic Socialist Corbyn 10.2 m votes (despite the Brexit cloud and again Right Wing Labour sabotage calling for a 2nd PV and thus with two thirds of Labour seats being in Leave areas, causing electoral suicide).
    As far as I am concerned the actions of Right Wing Labour are responsible for millions continuing to suffer under the Tories and we on the Left need to keep the dream we had under Jeremy Corbyn alive.

    1. Starmer is a political idiot not even trying to hide his RW agenda.

      I mean, Blair had the good sense to keep certain leftwing figures close. John Prescott did the heavy lifting at conference for him on scrapping Clause 4, for example. And going into 1997’s GE he had left-wingers in key shadow ministerial positions. It was only in power, he revealed he was no socialist and into his second term he really broke cover and fully revealed himself. Blair’s 1996 speech to conference absolutely eviscerated Major’s Tories, in a way that would be deemed almost too aggressive now, it was George Galloway-esque.

      Starmer can’t even ‘fake it till he makes it’…. to No.10. He’s lost a big chunk of the left already for good. And no I don’t think the polls are accurate – they don’t factor in the incredible apathy about Starmer-led Labour and the lack of canvassers to get the vote out.

      1. Tony Blair had Campbell to tell him straight like it is “we dont do religion” and frame yourself around the idea of them the Torys and us the Labour party.distinctive in the middle way broad church able to accommodate.
        The knight of the realm employs soothsayers who are doomsayers.The day of reckoning fast approaches especially if the clown remains PM which is entirely in his hands….my moneys on Johnson’s survival with the weekend coming and the old “I have had to isolate trick” coming to the rescue.

        No 10 staff told to ‘clean up’ phones amid lockdown party allegations, sources claim
        Downing Street staff were advised to “clean up” their phones by removing information that could suggest lockdown parties were held at No 10, The Independent has been told.
        Two sources claim a senior member of staff told them it would be a “good idea” to remove any messages implying they had attended or were even aware of anything that could “look like a party”.

      3. Steve H… Shock horror Johnson trys a cover up and treats his party like idiots and then on Thursday goes into “covid isolation” sounds familiar
        I wonder who trys that old trick like the independent Tom peck said
        “This must be the eighty eighth time Starmer goes into isolation” ?.Maybe Boris is learning from the old con man Smarmerite..?

      4. I know people in and out of the party who voted or said they would vote for starmer. Every single one of them says they think he is hopeless and awful. Nobody likes him except his wife. Allegedly.

  36. SteveH

    NEC members (from across factional spectrum) still expect to see a (redacted) Forde Report.

    The leadership are allowing the party’s executive body to only see the parts related to the leak investigation.

    This is outrageous and looks like a factional whitewash. How can you support or justify such behaviour? Is the party now the personal property of the leadership?

    1. Andy – Let’s all shout about it when we have actually seen the published report.

      1. That’s just it though. You, and those elected to the NEC won’t be trusted to see and judge.

        According to LabourList, if the redactions are real, the saboteurs are in the clear. As all reference to them and their conduct is removed. These people are secretly heroes to the RW PLP for helping to scupper Labour’s chances. you didn’t seriously expect Starmer /Evans\ to just throw them to the wolves?

        Anyone going along with this concealment exercise on the NEC, is just facilitating a factional coverup.

      2. ‘Let’s all shout about it when we have actually seen the published report.’

        Now then…..Where’ve I been hearing this other than from you??

        Oh, that’s right… Somerhing to do with toerags having parties in gardens during lockdown…

        If it waddles like a duck, eh, wee fella? Spoken like a proper toerag when they’re collared bang to bleedin’ rights.

        If it waddles like a duck…eh? Eh? EH??

      3. Toffee- You can shout and scream to as much as you like but it’s not going to make FA difference. Have fun.

      4. I’m well aware whatever I say won’t change the fact that you’re nowt but a toerag establishment stooge woth delusions that you’re a politician.

        …But I’ll say it anyway.

        Tough titty.

    2. Andy The NEC will also be debating a motion sponsored by Ian Murray & Nadia Jama that urges the Chief Whip to restore the Labour whip to Jeremy Corbyn.

      1. Yeah, and the NEC imbalance favouring the Starmerites means that will be rejected.

        Just look at some of the people on the NEC. If those who put them there knew their views, I simply can’t believe members would have endorsed them. They the very worst of reheated Blairism.

        Labour is a lost cause at the mo.

      2. Andy – It would be difficult to claim that the CLP reps who were elected using STV are not representative of the membership. The mandate of the many Union appointees is more questionable.

      3. Yep. And the right only introduced that voting system for factional advantage – the left were mopping up.

        The right see everything through the prism of factional self-interest. If Corbyn had been as ruthlessly selfish as these people, the right would have been completely eradicated from the Labour party.

      4. Andy – It is a more representative voting system, what’s not to like.

        If we had a PR system a Socialist Party would have about 15 to 20 seats in parliament at the next GE

      5. The right voting system introduced for the wrong reasons.

        You can see how disingenuous they are, with the fact they won’t carry the same arguments across to support STV for Westminster. if it improves representation, why not back it everywhere?


        Also, there’s another reason why the press attack on the Tories/Johnson now makes sense. Labour are reputedly in grave financial difficulties according to all reports. There’s nothing like decent-ish poll lead to boost corporate/ rich individuals’ interest in becoming donors, and boosting party coffers.

      6. Andy – With 83% of the membership being in favour of the change and now that Unite have voted to change their policy to support PR (it was the Unions that scuppered this year’s vote) then I fully expect that PR for General Elections will become Labour Party policy at our next conference.

      7. SteveH

        “I fully expect that PR for General Elections will become Labour Party policy at our next conference.”

        You’d think internal LP democracy would prevail, indeed.

        But that fails to take into account the ‘protect the status quo’ nature of Starmer’s leadership. he’ll be working to prevent the Labour party making any radical changes, including to the voting system. He’s already backtracked on HoL abolition.

        Tbh ,I’d be absolutely astonished if a party led by Sir Keir Starmer formerly backed PR for Westminster. Wait and see, but bet he fights it tooth and nail.

  37. SteveH

    On your other comment. You nor I know what a new socialist party could achieve.

    It depends on lots of factors; such as youth engagement and pull of attractive policies + voter friendly people fronting those policies. If Corbyn formed a new party and the likes of Owen Jones, Bastani and all the other people associated with the left promoted it heavily, it could easily become a big deal and an electoral force. Especially if Starmer’s Labour backs some war, and the anti-war movement takes off again.

    The fact Paul ‘Stay and fight’ Mason has come out firmly against it. Shows they know what the left could achieve and how vulnerable this RW led New Labour party is to a challenge from the left.

    1. Andy – I was basing my estimate of the number of seats on a new party being able to attract roughly the same number of votes as The Greens. This could well prove to be too low or too high but I thought it was a reasonable starting point which could give them real influence in a hung parliament.
      From there on it would be up to this new socialist party to prove their worth and build support.

      1. SteveH

        Incredibly difficult to predict what the public response would be. A new socialist could fail to gain any public recognition and barely register in the polls, or alternatively, gain huge traction, union support and the next thing it becomes a real challenger? There is a precedent; in Spain(Podemos) and Greece(Syriza) – populist left-wing parties emerging and challenging the status quo to varying degrees of continued success.

        Look how Corbyn was written off at the start of the 2017 campaign. His PLP critics mocked his solo campaigning efforts, but the public responded.

    1. Yes steve H another establishment flunky….miller I mean not you and it doesn’t much matter which party representing the one percent establishment.Talking about the establishment I see your queen has dumped her own son under a bus following the media agenda and narative.Ruthless family full of peadophiles murderers and molesters.Far be it for me to say especially has I hate everthing that family stands for but Andrew would not be on trial in Britain because the age of consent means a girl of seventeen is a women in Britain and many other countries .I am unsure of the federal laws in the states but even so I doubt our Royal parasite will end up facing an American jury…much like the spook who fled Britain who committed a hit and run and the death of a young biker in Suffolk.and one day will call in by video link from the USA were she fled on a CIA flight out of Suffolk.Farcial and should help with the drowning street fiasco and give boris a breather in adopting smarmites covid isolation wheeze.

  38. John Pilger once said the BBC is the most subtle propagandist.
    Today suddenly we have two scare stories “Chinese Spy” (?) and ‘Havana syndrome’ (wonder if the battle for the Johnson succession is on?) but the BBC showed the Chinese suspect in a photo and oh there was Jeremy Corbyn, guilt by fake association?
    If we can get a Socialist Govt, with our plans for MORE DEMOCRACY, we should turn the BBC into a cooperative – one license holder one vote and we elect regional and National boards plus senior posts.
    With Jeremy Corbyn as PM we would have treated countries as equals and with respect, and working people of no countries are our enemies!

  39. Just tried to complain to the BBC concerning the dreadful news report as above and complaints won’t let you in!
    BBC News not fit for purpose?

    1. The Telegraph claims the Chinese were seeking ‘intelligence’ – no wonder they gave the Blairites a wide berth.

      Remember Shai Masot, the Israeli spy, covertly filmed boasting about establishing several groups, one of which was intended to influence Labour party, also caught boasting about how he could ‘take down’ senior MPs?

      Don’t remember our intel agencies or the BBC making a big story out of that. Surely those boasts were far more troubling from a national security perspective? Even now Starmer’s employing someone who served in the cyber warfare unit of Israeli intelligence. Maybe the Chinese should go to Israel and negotiate a price for the necessary info?

      Joking, but you see the absurdity.

      1. ITs all nonsense about China and if that Chinese lady was a Spy then she needs a medal for the most filmed spy in existence and I am suprised her and her son didnt get a shot in the new james bond film.The China syndrome is very simple to explain.China has become the world’s no1 trader and is increasingly becoming no1 in Technolgy,space exploration and weapons development.Luckily China like most socialist partys are only interested in The People “and their expansion in Asia \Pacific.The British poodle are lackys of the USA who realise that they and their standing in the world including influence is no longer attainable because of the rise of Asia the most populace area and developing area on the planet.China leads and the USA feel the reigns of supreme power disappearing.Hysteria generated should be brushed aside and Gardner must realise that when he goes to the Labour friends of Israel mtgs that those around him including his fellow mps are part of the problem that fit up Jeremy Corbyn and will fit him up as well.Spying is a dangerous occupation and the Labour party are part of the infiltration by foreign intelligence operators and its certainly not China.or any other Asia\pacific country who by tradition look inwards.

  40. Getting back to report about Chinese Agent – yes the MSM are correct in reporting it
    but NOT at the expense of Barry Gardner (see other skwakie post) who has been
    liaising with MI5 about the issue.

    AS for the Israeli Spy Shai Masot – who was later withdrawn from the Embassy
    his activities were reported by the Guardian, the Independent and the Irish Times .

    Alan Duncan was targeted by Masot and the Embassy apologised to him -and he
    writes about this in his book. He still accuses Corbyn of being antisemitism so far as
    I remember!!

    1. Miss lee was part of a parliamentary committee liason with the Chinese community in Britain and to foster a understanding that China are not the enemy..miss lee even recieved a award from teresa may when PM.and was also seen in parliament on a regular basis including her son working for Barry Gardener.I don’t agree with the peculiar system of lobbying in Parliament by anyone and most importantly when money is offered to mps even if it is only to run the office for mr Gardiner.Make no mistake on this because we have the hypocrisy of a Chinese lady lobbying a mp is considered Spying ,but if they were Israeli citizens they are lobbyists .I dont believe that the Chinese have done anything wrong in trying to put forward the Chinese position in a world context or the position of its citizens living in Britain.The lobbying system stinks and especially those that approve of the corruption
      .Barry Gardner or any mp should not take money from foreign governments including the friends of Israel of which he is a member that have destroyed the Labour party and Jeremy Corbyn and Britains best hope ….
      Gardner now has been working with MI5 for as long as miss lee as been in the House of commons….he can now be considered nobbled and hobbled by the security services of the British establishment and not to be trusted by true socialists.

  41. I see that the bank of England..a private organisation and not government are about to launch a digital currency line with even more “fiat” money..and the smoke and mirrors economics
    IT cant carry on like this and even a uneducated person like myself can see how desperate a situation the western world is in.
    Fiat money and property bubbles are the real threat to the Western world not the Chinese government.They too will see their fingers burnt in lunatic property a world gone crazy…..were a office and factory are not a place of work and a house is not a home and many others are unable to afford even the basics of a roof over their heads or food in their mouths
    .IT must be the fault of those “Commy barstewards in China.?..?

  42. MSM shock-horror – “foreigner makes contributions to UK opposition politicians”.
    I wonder where the funding to support Juan Guaido, Alexei Navalny, Joshua Wong, Maria Kolesnikova et al came from.
    Surely not from foreign countries.

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