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Breaking: Hancock’s ‘home’ council passes vote of no confidence in him

Former Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s ‘home’ council has passed a vote of no confidence in him over his conduct during the coronavirus pandemic.

In passing the vote Newmarket Town Council, the main town in his West Suffolk constituency, stated that hypocritical and hubristic Hancock ignored the best interests of constituents in favour of what was best for him:

He neglected the best interests of his constituents. As Secretary of State for Health he has demonstrated hypocrisy and hubris in the pursuit of his own interests.

Newmarket is home to the eponymous horse-racing course and a key centre of Tory voters in the constituency. Tory councillors opposed the no-confidence motion, then all walked out when the motion passed.

The Tories’ response to the pandemic, which led to more than 150,000 needless deaths and massive economic damage, has been described as ‘social murder’ even by the usually cautious medical journal BMJ.

Tragically for the country, Hancock’s successor Sajid Javid is already proving to be even worse.

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  1. And it took them how long to tumble to the consensus of millions of people in the country?

  2. Hypocrisy and hubris…at least they didn’t call him a liar! That would have put the cat amongst the pigeons. It was a given that the Conservative & Fascist Councillors have their heads up around their transverse colons.

    1. What Opposition!? The UK Voting Public has Zarah, Apsana, Bel, Claudia and Jeremy as the only form of Active Opposition, who are not self serving and always stand up For The PEOPLE! That there is the most extraordinarily frightening reality of Parliament Today!

  3. Both Parties would end up with about 3 MPs each if VONC was opened to The Voting Public AND we secured the Transport of The Ballot Box from Poll Station to Counting Centre!

  4. It’s ironic. The explicit duty on the Secretary of State to provide or secure the provision of a comprehensive health service was removed by the toriehys’ 2012 Health & Social Care Act. Eight years later, the same vile administration causes more than 150,000 unnecessary and needless deaths by pursuing a commercially-driven and epidemiologically ineffective – and possibly counterproductive – pandemic management.

    Matt Hancock’s is only one of the names that could be put forward to a war crimes commission on this government’s mis-management of the coronavirus emergency.

    1. Just seen this report.
      Yes, it is baffling.
      Newmarket Tories have voted no confidence in Hancock and they haven’t been expelled from the party?
      Yes, SM, they’re lucky they’re not in a “DEMOCRATIC” socialist party.

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