Right-winger Perry to step down from NEC and as councillor ‘so proud of everything we’ve achieved’

Starmer will need to find two new local government reps come September

Alice Perry and fellow right-wing local government rep Nick Forbes. Both will be leaving the NEC and local government

Alice Perry has announced that she will step down as a councillor and will leave the party’s national executive (NEC) in September when her current term ends – and says that she is ‘so proud of all that we achieved’. Perry sits as a local government representative on the NEC.

According to Labour insiders, Perry has consistently voted in the interests of the party’s right – including in the cowardly decisions to purge left-wingers from the party for links to groups they were allowed to support at the time and last year voting to retain an all-white panel to select council candidates in the West Midlands borough of Sandwell, where more than a third of residents are from black and ethnic minority communities. Two Muslim NEC members were blocked from sitting on the panel.

An NEC member representing party members told Skwawkbox at the time:

There is going to be a joint panel to select the council candidates for Sandwell Council. The area has a sizeable BAME population. The grassroots representatives asked one of the two white male candidates to stand aside in favour of [fellow NEC rep] Yasmine Dar – so the NEC’s representation would be gender balanced and there would be BAME participation.

They refused to stand down so it went to a vote. The left lost.

Angela Rayner voted in favour of keeping two white men. So did the NEC BAME representative Carol Sewell. So did [right-wing former councillor based in Sandwell] Gurinder Singh Josan. So did Alice Perry, another councillor. It was absolutely disgusting.

After losing control of Sandwell as numerous scandals came to light, the right used the all-white panel to bring back various right-wingers to stand – including a former Tom Watson fixer who had resigned from Labour in 2019 and tried to join the Tories (but was rejected) and who was recorded boasting of arranging an undeclared loan of almost £26,000 to save the candidacy of right-wing MP Naz Shah.

Keir Starmer claimed that this was bringing a ‘new broom’ to Sandwell.

Perry’s departure will almost certainly leave Keir Starmer needing to find two new local government representatives to sit on the NEC, after Newcastle council leader Nick Forbes – one of the all-white panel in charge of last year’s Sandwell selections – was deselected by party members in a ‘landslide’. Forbes subsequently said he was leaving politics, but there have been rumours he may be parachuted in as the next parliamentary candidate for Hexham.

Forbes was also at the centre of controversy after trying to drum up signatures from councillors around the country against an NEC motion restricting a right-wing council leader’s plan to demolish council homes for a privatised housing development – despite having largely written the NEC motion in the first place. Some of the councillors whose names appeared on the letter against the NEC motion said they had not signed it.

It’s not clear what Cllr Perry is referring to when she says she is ‘so proud’ of what ‘we have achieved’. Sadly, given the state of local government Labour – even worse than before after a number of racist purges of black and Asian councillors – Keir Starmer is unlikely to find it difficult to secure a couple of replacements to his liking.

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  1. Surely ‘the left’ will be putting forward their candidates for these soon to be vacant posts.

      1. I see Labour didn’t contest any of the Local Council Elections, yesterday.

        Either couldn’t be bothered, or trying out, standing aside for other parties with more of a chance, or couldn’t find any candidates of their own, to stand.

        Perhaps, money was tight, so they decided to economise.

        Whichever, we’ll never know, for sure, seeing as they’re such a bunch of liars, in Southside, now.

    1. Hullo Steve, please tell me what would be the point of that? I left the party after reading about the second ref proposal, effectively before the GE so I am out of the loop. As an outsider I have noticed a worrisome trend towards Minority, left leavers, young people ( the idealists and lifeblood of any organisation, t.unionists of a certain type and JC supporters. These attacks include deselection, prevention of standing in council election interviews and the use of right friendly press agents all aimed a the creation of a one voice party. A party whose leadership revile the very class that put them in the various palaces of privelege. Why should the left waste their, time, money and energy to fight for places that they will never win? See, nothing personal or unpleasant, just asking for advice. Peace and all the best to you and your loved ones. From a Socialist. Wobbly.

      1. Wobbly – Well you all deserting Corbyn for a right wing Tory policy worked out really well for you all, didn’t it?

    2. Steve H…. “Is there any left..Left” ..your party looks more like a episode of the Wizard of oz “daily especially alice in wonderland in the caption above
      .How very clean and wholsome looking,but in fact just another mask to hide the abomination within.Your party takes us back nearly a century in veiws.about race and colour.

  2. Why did the Forbes fiasco and now this Perry story put me in mind of a ‘Palace Coup’?

    The ‘new management isn’t just denaturing and destroying Labour, it’s making Labour unelectable and irrelevant.

    The birth of a new party that even the billionaires’ MSM and FPTP cannot suppress is made inevitable by Sir Keir Rodney Starmer and his centrist clique.

    A new party will be his legacy, and could be spontanously happening all around us all the time.

  3. WTF!!!! Contemptable BS from 2 right-wing true believers! Well, it’s what 8 weeks to local elections? Let’s see what the UK people think of Captain hindsight and this vile mob then…

    I reckon you’re both getting out quick before the real carnage starts! It’s amazing watching these right wing scum getting wind of the true feeling Starmer has turned Labour into a unelectable joke. So all the rats are trying to run and hide then reappear and try and burrow back into the zombie party. When the smoke starts to clear.

    1. Well there is one thing we can all be sure of, the TUSC isn’t seen by the electorate as a viable alternative to anything

  4. Not one Labour candidate in my local elections yesterday……Labour is Dead…Killed by Keith, Sir Starmer Savile-Saver.

    And at the last local elections Labour took the Council.

  5. labour has become a shadow, always present albeit without substance. being in the game but unable to get in front and hiding when the sun shines and disappearing in the dark days.

    1. Whilst the self appointed guardians of ‘the left’ lost their deposit again.

      1. goldbach – Only if you regard the truth as ‘novel’. I was obviously replying to ‘charming64’ not you.

      2. Clearly I failed to make myself clear.
        I was alluding to the fact that I seem to recall that you may have made that comment once before.

      3. goldbach – Have i, it is no less true now than it was when I said it previously.. The TUSC have a long history failure.

      4. Indeed. To quote Basil Fawlty “Specialist subject – stating the bleeding obvious”.

      5. goldbach – Never mind, the next incarnation of a socialist party might work out better.

  6. I was watching a program on TV about the Greenham
    Common women and what they sacrificed in pursuit of
    their aim to get rid of cruise missiles.

    This was finally achieved in 1991 when the last missile
    was removed and the end of the program saw the
    women re-visiting the Common which is now devoted
    to wild life.

    Sometimes it takes a long time to build a better society
    and I think there are enough good people both within and
    outside the Labour Party to revivify the Labour Party. I
    for one am going to stay in the Labour Party and help
    where I can for our good local Election candidate

    1. Holby fan….can you give us a clue were this “wonderland” consituency is with happy ☺members with a wonderful mp and councillors and aspiring candidates backed by unique policies for the many “IT really is a place to behold from inside the wonderful labour party.?….share it please or is it the land over the hill and far away” Alice “???

      1. Don’t worry Joseph, the 7th cavalry is on the way, a man to advise the next Labour government and lead us all into the promised land.

        But first we need to erase from the collective memory banks, privatisation of schools/academy’s, tuition fees for university students, NHS privatisation/ foundation hospitals, non regulation of the city facilitating the 2008 crash, a bit of lobbying to stop a corrupt Saudi arms deal from being exposed and a couple of wars. This list is not exhaustive.

        Once we have acheved our collective amnesia, it should be wall to wall wonderfullness all the way.

      2. There is not just one – but many such constituencies and no I
        won’t tell you – because I don’t want any of us to be crushed by
        Evans and co. Don’t forget the resistance in war time who were
        careful what they said unless in safe company. I did not vote for
        Starmer but many did – and they feel betrayed ..

        WE are NOT happy with Starmer I assure you and are waiting for
        the time when he is replaced. He is so incompetent as a politician
        we hope it will not be long. There are already cracks in the edifice
        of the Labour Party leadership clique.

        Many previous Labour Party members have left or been
        chucked out of course and I hope they will soon feel able
        to re-join.

        No more time to post – Ive used up too much already so Ill push off
        for the foreseeable.,

  7. Nemtona….IT all sounds hunky dory in Holby fm land,and I was just curious as to what the constituency are doing that makes them all so much happier in this little gem that Holby fm has discovered.or is it another case of Alice in wonderland or the diddy men reincarnated under the new order..But then again maybe an individual enquiring from the Cambodian jungle could also appear delusional.although having decades of experience in all positions inside the labour party at local level makes for a unique perspective of somone on the outside looking in…and absolutely appalled at the deteriation of even the pretence of democracy and freedom inside the junta.

  8. Thanks nemtona and its basically more of the “New world order” from bliar and his cronys.This Ukrainian war has brought all the rats out on show and we are now getting a clearer picture of just how much power they have and the lengths they will go to for enslaving all of you in the west.I count myself out of it because we are of no interest to anyone within the machine…no oil no gas no anything of interest unless Blair and his world government want rice and bananas….?..that caption shows him rotting away nicely…!

  9. A really interesting new report has been jointly published by the Labour Housing Group and the Labour Campaign for Human Rights
    Housing is a Human Right.
    With 16 new essays from housing and human rights academics and practitioners, the paper seeks to present homelessness and inadequate housing “not merely as social problems, but as violations of our most fundamental human rights”.
    Shadow housing minister Matthew Pennycook writes in the foreword to the report: “If the right to adequate housing were taken seriously, there wouldn’t be families living in sub-standard temporary accommodation; social tenants forced to live in squalid conditions; and growing numbers of people without a home of any kind.”
    Pennycook describes the document as a “timely clarion call to the labour movement” and argues that the Labour Party can “draw extensively” on the ideas set out in it to make “decisive progress” on tackling the housing crisis.

    1. Well thats a bit rich coming from the labour party that slashed pay for the employees rejigged and made redundent at the same time as raiding jeremy Corbyns legacy of nearly fourteen million pounds and more spaffed up the wall.The multi millionare from Oxted(working class lad 👦)worrying about ordinary people now?…..Too too late stevie boy but nice try..!although you might have a few convert enablers on here nowadays.

  10. And too top it all the knights crowning glory is the Grand knight and leader of the Orange order has been elected to stand for the labour party in Scotland promoting hatred of Catholics in a society already riven by sectarian hate and violence.You can be sure that amongst working class Catholics the message of the labour party is loud and clear in Scotland and England.I would be very worried 😟if I was in the labour party and known racists organisation like the orange lodge are now a recruitment sergeant for extremist fascists to join.the party with the grand knight of the order a labour party candidate…Ku klux klan next I presume.?

  11. Anyone interested in Latin America might want to know:
    “Lula has been exonerated from all Lava Jato charges
    This week Brazil’s Superior Justice Court ordered the Justice Ministry to grant former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and his defense (sic) team access to previously sealed information on the existence of partnerships between the US Department of Justice and the  Lava Jato investigation task force.”

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