Breaking: right-winger Forbes to leave politics after ‘landslide’ deselection

Newcastle Council leader and right-wing NEC member to depart political scene

Nick Forbes and fellow right-wing local government NEC member Alice Perry

Newcastle Council leader Nick forbes has announced that he will quit politics when his term as a councillor ends in May.

Forbes was deselected earlier this month in a ‘landslide’ vote by members in his ward to replace him with a new candidate and his hopes of being selected to stand in a different ward have apparently evaporated.

In May last year, Forbes survived a challenge to his leadership but his deputy lost. Newcastle will need a new council leader after May’s elections – and Starmer a new ally on the NEC.

In 2018, Forbes pleaded with council leaders around the country to sign letter supporting fellow right-winger Clare Kober when the party intervened in Kober’s ‘HDV’ gentrification project that was widely hated among Haringey locals. Yet the motion against which the letter protested was Forbes’s own motion, which he had pushed through as a watered-down version of a much stronger one originally tabled by the then-Corbyn-friendly NEC.

In 2016, the Forbes-led council tabled a pay-cut of up to almost £4,000 a year from the incomes of ‘middle managers and blue-collar workers’.

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS on those in the Newcastle ward there to bring about his deselection.

  2. As an aside, Starmer has just agreed with Johnson in the House that free Covid tests cannot go on forever. But spending £35 billion on a useless app can be forgotten about. The money spent on that app is the equivalent of one million pounds every day for a hundred years.

    1. The money spent on that app is the equivalent of one million pounds every day for a hundred years

      But nevermind, eh? Seeing as keef has handed the ‘rags the keys for the next decade or more, that million pounds a day won’t even buy you a friggin mars bar by the time they’re finally ousted, the way they’re carrying on.

  3. Ending free tests is a bad public health move.
    But Neo-Liberals hate anything that is free but funny that the rich stash trillions in offsite banking and do everything to avoid paying tax – the Real Global Scroungers – but then freeload on public services paid for by us tax papers.
    Read a great piece by Alain Supiot in the latest New Left Review on how the the ‘Washington Concensus’ sanctioned the WTO, the IMF and the EC to break the three pillars of the social state – Labour laws, social security and public services.
    The Neo-Liberal Tories are for a small state, privatisations and outsourcing in their drive for Cheap Labour and Starmer is part of that club as demonstrated here!
    The irony is that with cheap Labour, Neo-Liberalism has painted itself into a corner by restricting commodity purchase.
    The answer was and is Corbyn’s programme with the added Green New Deal.
    Lightweight Starmer and Lightweight Loser Reeves’ economic timidity is not enough, it’s an ant taking on the elephant but they won’t win, they’ll be lucky to get the 9.3m Timid Labour got in 2015.
    Which is why we need a new Left wing democratic socialist party like Breakthrough to give diverse working people something to vote for.

  4. He’s got a nice smile, though. Very professional. A proper politicians smile.

    What a waste. *chuckle*

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