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Right-wing fixer Akehurst’s local party goes overwhelmingly left

Right-winger Luke Akehurst has been one of Keir Starmer’s favourite hatchet men since the beige barrister took over the Labour party – and Akehurst’s Labour First faction has boasted of Starmer’s ‘enforcers’ tightening their boss’s authoritarian grip on the party, while Akehurst himself was imposed on left city Liverpool to ensure only right-wing candidates were selected for recent local by-elections.

So it must have come as a bit of a blow when Akehurst’s own ‘CLP’ (constituency Labour party) yet again went overwhelmingly left, as left-winger Patricia McLoughlin reported this morning:

Perhaps stung by the observation, Akehurst has since resumed his Twitter feed, sadly. But in all the blighted toxicity that is the Labour party in its current hollowed-out form, there was one small ray of sunshine in Oxford this weekend.

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  1. 🙂 There’s so much I want to say, here, I don’t know where to start.

    Probably, the most startling news, I heard, today, was that Akehurst’s married. He’s, actually, got a wife.

    She was one of the candidates. No, she didn’t win.

    I’m not sure which is more thrilling – Akehurst having a wife, or Ireland – finally – winning.

    1. Well good for his CLP soon to be in special measures as they haven’t been paying attention to the rest of the destruction of socialist Labour. Especially as they have now displeased and rejected the wife!

      Sadly it’s too little way too late and a few feeble wins won’t reverse the terminal right-wing cancer infecting the so-called Labour party. This zombie party just because it wears the same rosette the body is pure Tory lite now I bet the CLP will either be as I said special measures and administrad by the right wing true believers in regional.

      I bet he can get the wife in on that one bet he has thought this already? Or they will be picked off one by one deselection with BS Anti Semitic or being a member of proscribed group etc there favourite way of getting rid of any remaining socialists…

      I can’t fathom why any socialist stays personally I could not keep on giving them my money when there ideology’s are Tory. Especially as we have PAL and real socialist parties now that need there help far more than wasting your vote on this lot.

      This I will keep on voting Labour just because I alwase did excuse may have worked under Blair now they have no left wing policies or beliefs to even try and convince socialists to vote for them! They expect we will be forced to vote for them as we won’t vote Tory well they are in for a huge shock next election…

  2. Luke Akehurst, otherwise known as ‘A Labour Source’, usually by Labour List.

  3. Probably one of the reasons why Akehurst hasn’t been posting on social media over the last few days is, he’s been searching the social media of those left candidates who won to see if he could conjure up faux allegations to pass on to his mates on the disciplinary panel.

  4. Akehurst’s local party are clearly just the same as the rest of us – sick to death of him

  5. In every pic I’ve seen of Luke Akehurst wearing a tie, he seems to be wearing the same one. This one, the Old Etonian Tie.

    Touch of the Cyathinth Bucket about our Luke Akehurst – or did he attend? Was he maybe a shared fag to the Bullingon Trio (Boris, Dave and Mr. Osborne) – or was he a fourth ‘secret’ member?

    He hasn’t got a wiki page you know so must be very well connected to something or someone in the powerful elite and therby getting their lackeys’ (CIA/MI6) proitection. Is he in the Labour party solely to give Sir Oik Starmer an inside line to the furtive elite? But isn’t that Madelson, Blair and Reeves’ jobs?

    Stranger things happen at sea…

    1. Reply to Qwertboi
      Your post is the most interesting and enlightening on this thread.
      As only an Old Etonian can wear the Old Etonian tie, you have told us, in a few short paragraphs, everything we need to know about Luke Akehurst and his vicious vendetta against the Left.
      Thanks Qwertboi.

  6. This is going to sound really spiteful & petty, because that is what it is, but………..he must be the ugliest man I’ve ever seen & I feel so sorry for his wife having to lovingly gaze forever into that face! I take little or no pleasure in knowing that he has been & will be ugly for the rest of his life! (there goes any credibility I may have had previously).

    1. Not at all steve101704. It might seem petty or spiteful, but is appropriate (and edifying) when something or someone that is harmful looks unappealing to its victims (unlike fluoride or vials of experimental and inadequately-tested mRNA-altering chemicals fraudulently labeled as ‘vaccines’).

      1. I’m surprised he actually has two eyes – they’re so close together they may as well be one, the ginger mutant.

    2. Reply to Steve 101704
      Luke Akehurst’s looks are unimportant. I don’t think he looks ugly and even if he is ,there is very little he can do about his physical appearance anyway .
      What is very important is the terrible ugliness within him – the ugliness that you cannot see. Its that internal ugliness that makes him the spiteful, malicious and somehow very pathetic , socialist finder general that he is and which clearly his own CLP now recognise and are appalled by.

      1. Smartboy – you are quite right, his looks are unimportant & you should judge a person’s character by the company he keeps.

  7. Akehurst looks like a photoshop where his facial features have been scaled down but the size of his head hasn’t.

    …Or his head’s been expanded while his face stayed the same size.

    1. I’ve noticed the same in several people (all ages) that I’ve known for more than 15 months/2 years. I conclude that it is so common/widespread, it must have something to do with the covid “emergency” lies we have all been subjected to for 2 years now. Lockdowns and near-constant fear-mongering and excessive mask wearing are affecting peoples’ metabolisms and energy levels. Heart-health and mental-health issues – as well as weight gain – are the immediate effects of this.

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