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Exclusive: NEC right-wingers also blocked BAME male member Rahman from selection panel, as well as Yasmine Dar

Mish Rahman also prevented from participating in selection panel for council candidates in 24% BAME borough, leaving all-white, all-male representation

West Midlands-based NEC member Mish Rahman

The SKWAWKBOX reported exclusively last night that right-wing National Executive Committee (NEC) members had blocked Asian member Yasmine Dar from sitting on a panel to select Labour’s council candidates in Sandwell – the West Midlands borough with almost one in four BAME residents – in favour of appointing two white, male councillors.

But Dar was not the only NEC member blocked in this manner by the right, which has had a majority on the committee since Keir Starmer became Labour leader.

Mish Rahman is another left NEC member – and based in Walsall, right next to Sandwell, so with plenty of knowledge of the local communities and dynamics. Yet he was also prevented by the right from sitting on the selection panel in favour of white male councillors who refused to step aside – one from London and one from Newcastle.

In fact, according to NEC sources, right-wingers used the fact that Rahman is local as their excuse for barring him – yet when Rahman asked whether blocking members local to a selection was going to be the precedent for future selections, he was told no: just on this occasion.

Yet Yasmine Dar, who would have brought both ethnic and gender balance to the panel representation, is a councillor in Manchester – and was still voted out. In her case, the alleged excuse was a lack of experience – despite being a sitting councillor and a long-time NEC member, as well as the recent chair of the NEC’s important ‘Disputes Panel’, until she was voted out as part of a right-wing coup to remove all NEC subcommittee chairs from the left of the party or elected by Labour members.

Meanwhile, the right’s justification for selecting two representatives from about as far away from Sandwell as you can get in England was that they had local government experience – as they are councillors. One of those selected, ironically, was recently elected by the right to chair the NEC’s ‘equalities’ subcommittee. Both have been contacted for comment before they are named.

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      1. and over half a MILLION members 🌹🌹🌹

      2. But the priority was to let Hodge, Jess Phillips, Twatson, Ashworth, Coylye, Streeting get away with anything. And give a peerage to McNicol and recommend Tom Watson got one too…. why… the MSM, and Zionist MADE us do it. We are perfect. It’s the big bad girl made us do it Miss, and the big bad wolf too. We had no choice to tell Margaret Hodge “I’m sorry you feel that way.”

    1. Exactly different frank, the deceit and their record in and out of the house was plain for all to see. They were allowed to get away with anything. Since the MSM is against then surely, what was there to lose by acting with self-respect??? What was there to lose if that is the defeatist victim argument??? What was there to lose??? The Can’t do brigade offer nothing credible. We had our chance. An EXCELLENT chance. It was not defended. Even now with nothing to lose it is being defended by a few here. Not a word from those who were silent before.
      Even now s i l e n c e …

      If there was no alternative, then what’s the point of moaning or Steve’s tireless efforts???

      When i reached out for help to the “Left” outlets … to help with Right Wing shenanigans in my CLP, Skwawkbox was the ONLY one to even reply. Despite being very busy Skwawkbox gave encouraging moral boosting practical help. Why would anyone work as hard if there was no point.

      I say, send the Can’t do brigade packing!!! They have nothing constructive to offer or have no idea or instinct that they could be constructive.

      We had an EXCELLENT chance and it was blown. We must not repeat the same errors. There is no logic in that. All we see now is a direct result of letting the Right Wing get away with everything for FOUR WHOLE YEARS. Not one year.
      F O U R. It does not have to be that way.

      1. FFS one and for all it wasn’t blown or anything else of the dam type. Let’s have real truth the right-wing press alongside this cult of new Labour 2.0 did every dirty trick in the book to prevent us from getting into power. It wasn’t lack of paying attention we were so exhausted always having to fight this right-wing cancer that has turned Labour into a zombie party with a nametag.

        So no I will never allow someone to claim we blew it we did not yes sometimes we appeased when we should have attacked but the relentless lies and briefings of the antisemitic smears all turned the sheep against Labour.

        Even if JC and the whole shadow cabinet were on the TV refuting every lie and deception 2 more whould have popped up that’s why we can NEVER turn Labour back to a socialist party when 95% of the PLP and party machinery is right-wing. The game is rigged the house always wins the only smart play is to stop fighting for scraps in Labour and set up a socialist only party we control and ruthlessly defend it against the right-wing media and saboteurs.

      2. And just how exactly would this socialist only party you envisage defend itself against the MSM (ALL of whom conspired against Jeremy and the left, and it wasn’t just the ‘traditional’ right-wing media) and the saboteurs DG?

        If the enemies of the left own and/or control the MSM, which they DO of course, then they control the narrative, and can spin and distort and dissemble whatever they like. And no doubt they would dub such a party the ‘Corbynista Party’, whether Jeremy was involved in it or not.

  1. What’s McNiven’s plan to improve the party he is NOT a member of??? A long drivel that fails to address what we did wrong. And try to ridicule and shut down suggestions from someone who is. Pull another one Smarty Plants. U and Ace Shill Hunter hoodwink some, but u can’t hoodwink all.

    1. Signpost KEEPS on reiterating his falsehood about people trying to shut him down…… So since when did someone disagreeing with you or criticising what you said amount to ‘trying to shut you down’? It’s classic black propagandist tactics – ie try and make it apear to readers of skwawkbox like the person who is disagreeing with what you said or criticising what you said is trying to shut you down. Funny how signpost keeps on saying it BUT it doesn’t shut him down.

      Needless to say it’s a tactic to try and discredit the other person AND their criticisms. And if you’re not aware of it, signpost concocted a Big Lie about Robin Lees – the guy who spotted Dominic Cummings in Barnard Castle during the first lockdown – taking legal action against Cummings, and concocted it so that he could praise Robin Lees and THEN go on to criticise Jeremy by comparison.

      Only a black propagandist shill could – or WOULD – dream up something like THAT, and THAT is precisely what ‘signpost’ IS – ie a fascist shill posing as a left-winger so as to try and dupe readers of skwawkbox – ie left-wingers. Here’s a link to the post I’m referring to:

      PS Funny isn’t it how ‘signpost’ has got so much time to post dozens and dozens of comments of comments on this blog….. over one hundred a week on average, and often really long posts. I’m not asking you to read them, but just check how long most of his posts are in the thread I linked to.

      1. In the post I linked to above, after dissembling his falsehood about Robin Lees taking legal action against Cummings, signpost then goes on to say that ‘Party funds should have be used to pursue every single slander in court. From day one’, and goes on to cite Margaret Hodge as an example, saying that she should have been suspended for life. Signpost says what he says about pursuing ‘every single slander in court’ knowing damn well that there is a law that was enacted primarily to protect journalists from legal action on the grounds that if what they said was/is their ‘honest opinion’, then they are entitled to say it.

        And needless to say, Hodge wouldn’t have said what she said to Jeremy if she’d thought he could sue her for slander, and she obviously did so knowing that he couldn’t, and no doubt Jeremy was advised that THAT was the case, if he didn’t know already, which he quite likely DID. As for suspending Hodge, all hell would have broken loose with the MSM and the Jewish newspapers and the JLM and CAA and BoD et al piling in with their false outrage and vilification and demonisation, no doubt comparing Jeremy and his team to Hitler and the Nazis. Come to think of it, THAT is precisely what Hodge did DO:

        ‘THEY’RE COMING FOR ME’ Margaret Hodge compares Corbyn’s Labour to the Nazis and says party probe reminded her ‘what it felt like to be a Jew in Germany in the 30s’

        The veteran Labour MP has said the party’s disciplinary investigation of her made her think of what it must have been like to be a Jew in 1930s Germany

        And it wasn’t only the Sun, and just about the whole of the MSM went with her big Nazi-type lie/smear! Oh, right, but THAT was her ‘honest opinion’!

      2. Howard , I for one am sick of your paranoid attacks on other contributers here. A period of silent reflection from you would be most welcome.

  2. I’m sorry Skwawk but you’re in danger of getting hoist with your own identity politics pétard.

    Angela Rayner didn’t vote against Yasmin Dar because she’s a racist or self-hating woman; she voted that way because Yasmin’s on the left and Angela’s got into bed with creatures who live under stones.

    Gurinder Singh Josan didn’t vote against Yasmin because he’s a self-hating asian or misogynist; he voted that way because he’s a right wing stooge of Luke Akehurst.

    There’s nothing intrinsically balanced about putting women, BAME or LGB people for that matter on committees. If the only two left candidates were white men, I’d vote for them.

    The fine old mess we’re in now is because in the Blair era all-women shortlists were used to parachute right-wing trash into safe seats (Luciana Berger springs to mind but the PLP is littered with them; women by biology, capitalist by inclination).

    The vestiges of this right-on attitude on the left are why we ended up with RLB as the left candidate, when there were men like Burgon and Lavery who were far more impressive in my opinion.

    Give me an anti-racist such as Corbyn or Williamson over any number of Shabana Mahmoods and Harriet Harmans any day.

  3. Well if your not white middle-aged and a member of good standing of the cult of new Labour 2.0 why are you surprised? It’s been a stitch-up, especially in the blinking midlands for years.

    The only way your have true socialist ideas and respecting all sexualities, religions and pigmentations of human beings and respect for every other box we can divide ourselves into is in a socialist party and this cult sure as frig isn’t one!

  4. Interesting concept in a representative democracy……ethnic & gender balance. You cannot vote for a person because of their gender or the colour of their skin because it would upset a failed sociology student’s ‘balance’. A little like voting for Margaret Thatcher because she was a woman.

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