Stanger ‘abusive behaviour’ case referred to Labour’s senior disciplinary committee

Late last year, the SKWAWKBOX reported the suspension of Luke ‘Lukey’ Stanger over complaints of ‘abusive behaviour’ toward fellow members, including female members.

The Labour right-winger and Labour First member is considered one of the least pleasant anti-Corbyn trolls by many on the left. His Twitter timeline is often a sewer of retweets by antisemitism-troll accounts, hardline anti-Corbyn MPs and even Tory columnists like ‘Desperate’ Dan Hodges, while he appears to be on very cosy terms with Simon Cobbs, who has been filmed behaving aggressively toward elderly pro-Palestinian protesters.

Luke Stanger, left

Stanger – who, unconnected with his suspension, has been accused of
‘obsessive, fixated behaviour’ by female Labour members from Asian communities and has also had to apologise for a racist post about Travellers – promoted calls last autumn for the expulsion of Novara Media journalist Aaron Bastani.

So it’s interesting that Stanger regards the disciplinary process against himself with a distinctly self-pitying tone – and especially the news that Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) Disputes Panel has referred his case to the National Constitutional Committee (NCC), the party’s senior disciplinary body, which has the power to expel Stanger if it decides he merits it.

He posted a lengthy message to Facebook – and included a mention of the SKWAWKBOX:

The two blacked-out sections have been redacted by the SKWAWKBOX because they contain potentially defamatory accusations against Labour officials – it’s noteworthy that while right-wingers like to complain that Labour’s disciplinary process takes too long, when a case against one of their own is dealt with quickly, that’s ‘ramming it through’ unfairly.

In fact, Stanger seems conflicted even in his own case, as on the one hand he attacks the ‘ramming through’ of his case yet on the other laments it ‘remaining unresolved for potentially years‘.

Stanger has also publicly accused the SKWAWKBOX of ‘baseless and defamatory slurs‘ against him – but when challenged to provide any evidence, or even to specify what he considers ‘baseless and defamatory’, he has repeatedly declined, as on the two occasions shown below, which he was aware were for publication:

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Labour’s disciplinary process must take its proper course and the NCC will judge as it considers best on the evidence before it – but if he does find himself expelled, it’s the opinion of the SKWAWKBOX that he will not be much mourned outside a tiny right-wing circle.

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  1. Democracy has to be primary in the parties development and those who not only refuse to acknowledge the parties change to being a proper socialist one and are abusive in what ever way have to go. Well done Steve for pursuing these people who have to get the message or go.

  2. ”I’m so desperately sad…”

    Never a truer word spoken by the elephantine oaf.

  3. I think he’s starting to understand vindictiveness and factional motives can come back and bite you on the arse.

  4. “Labour’s disciplinary process must take its proper course”

    I think that’s what is important. The problem has been the recent distortion of the process, such as had led to the suspension of Jackie Walker and hounding of Marc Wadsworth.

    There is no redress by pre-judging allegations of misbehaviour regarding right-wingers, and further discrediting the process – allowing alternative accusations of manipulation.

  5. Refreshingly it has taken a long time to finally sort out where the real problem lies in the party, but at long last the tables have been turned and our party can only go forward from here on in.

  6. @lukey_stanger 8:03 PM – 25 Jan 2019 Twitter:

    “Since 2010, I’ve been an obsessive party activist + worked as a Labour Party staffer on two elections, both of which have seen swings to @UKLabour nearing 10%. That Walker gleefully talks about me being expelled, shows the disinterest he has in the party’s electoral success.”

    I had no idea we owed 2017’s gains to his hard work.
    We should apologise and reinstate him quick if we don’t want to lose the next election.

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