Labour’s Erdington campaign bombs as campaigners stay away and right rages over candidate

Party begging for support on ground and turnout expected to be low as new regime inspires apathy at best and right’s racism comes home to roost

Sources in the area say that Labour’s campaign in the Birmingham Erdington by-election is ‘bombing’, with even the party’s right unenthusiastic about the candidate and the left staying away en masse.

The absence of Labour campaigners apart from local councillors and a few MPs drafted in from outside has already been documented – a stark contrast to the grassroots support for socialist candidate Dave Nellist. But local sources say that the response ‘on the doors’ when Labour does manage to knock has been tepid at best, with a mix of outright hostility as residents of an area where more than a quarter of the population is black or Asian bridle against the rampant Islamophobia and racism of the Labour right.

And Skwawkbox has been told that those right-wingers are ‘livid’ about the candidate, as their favourite ‘f***ed up the hustings’. But that has generated no enthusiasm among the left, as Hamilton is seen as too keen on NHS privatisation and has been accused of participating in attacks by the council on its refuse collectors and care workers.

As a result of the failure of the party to generate any enthusiasm and the backlash against the right’s discrimination, turnout is expected to be low and in a seat it has held since the 1940s the Labour regime is reduced to desperately hoping that the apathy among Tory voters will be enough to allow it to scrape through.

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  1. In 2018 I would have travelled the hundred or so miles to Birmingham to canvass for Labour. Today I wouldn’t walk the hundred or so yards to my polling station to vote for them.

  2. When the spiteful Starmerites thought it was a brilliant idea to start suspending the left it was predicted they would struggle to find activists who’d be willing to door knock. Yet they still went along with it.

    Now they are reduced to relying on apathy amongst Tory supporters. Surely this reliance is misguided, especially now with the war in Ukraine and Johnson acting a Churchillian big dog may well only encourage them to get out and vote and no doubt Tory canvassers have been badmouthing Dave Nellist to scare them. If they lose it’ll be Corbyns fault anyway.

  3. Wait until you read about Southside Labour taking over @YoungLabour’s Twitter account. You should be furious.

      1. There’s a Skwawkbox post today. Talk about p****g on your best assets.

  4. What is happening in Erdington will happen everywhere else too. Starmers Labour has suspended ,expelled or alienated so many people because of the vindictive campaign against Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters and because of the total distain with which our BAME Muslim Irish and Kashmiri brothers and sisters have been treated.
    Starmers Labour does not do empathy. They cannot put themselves in the shoes of e.g. a Muslim of Arab origin who sees members, many of them Jews, being expelled wholesale from the party for “antisemitism” when all they did was protest about the human rights abuses visited on Palestinians by Israel.
    They can’t understand how a black person feels when local Black members are deselected solely on the grounds of their race . They do not understand the resentment of our Irish and Kashmiri members and supporters or realise how appalled most people are by the way Jeremy Corbyn and other socialists have been treated.
    They seem to think that they can be as unjust and as dictatorial as they like without consequence. They are starting to find out in Erdington that this is not the case.

  5. If right-wing Labour thinks that left members like me are going to turn out to assist a right-wing stooge in a by-election, they must be deranged.
    Nellist is head and shoulders above all of them.
    Respect to the guy !

  6. Labour is defending a majority at Erdington that is just slightly smaller than the one that it had in Hartlepool. The alt left have a strong candidate in Nellist & some of the Brexit Party supporters from the last election are bound to go back to the Tories. The writing seems to be pretty much on the wall.

    I am betting that Keith will blame the defeat on Corbyn’s invasion of the Ukraine

  7. The torys always turn up to vote.We need a good turnout and boots on the ground to maximise yes “and poss” voters….We can win this ….

  8. The Labour Candidate would – I suspect – in normal circumstances
    be supported***. However she is now a Patsy – sidelined because of
    the machinations of Evans and his stooge.

    *** I am going by what I read about her in Labour List for she seems
    like a well-meaning person.

    1. Dave Nellist’s recent track record doesn’t inspire much confidence.

      1997 Coventry South Socialist Alternative 3,262 6.5% Not elected
      2001 Coventry North East Socialist Alternative 2,638 7.1% Not elected
      2005 Coventry North East Socialist Alternative 1,874 5.04% Not elected
      2010 Coventry North East TUSC 1,592 3.7% Not elected
      2015 Coventry North West TUSC 1,769 3.9% Not elected
      2022 Birmingham Erdington TUSC (will he manage to hold onto his deposit this time)

  9. Why is BBC West Midlands excluding
    Dave Nellist from Erdington radio hustings?
    The socialist former MP Dave Nellist is standing in the Birmingham Erdington by-election
    for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 1 .
    Dave has pledged that, if elected, he would only take a worker’s wage. The BBC has
    recognised his outstanding record on this issue, describing him as “the MP who gave away
    half his salary”. 2
    Dave’s campaign has generated a lot of local enthusiasm, with the biggest election launch
    of any candidate. Yet he has not been allowed to take part in the BBC Radio WM hustings,
    unlike the Reform UK, Liberal Democrat and Green candidates. This is hardly an
    evidence-based approach. Whereas Dave’s campaign has put out three leaflets across
    the constituency, these candidates’ campaigns have been extremely low key. Perhaps,
    however, this decision says something about who the real anti-establishment candidate is
    in this election.
    Dave explained:
    “In a by-election we don’t get to change the government, but we can shake up the
    establishment. Red Tory, Blue Tory, Yellow Tory – there’s no difference. We need
    someone on our side. Someone the system can’t buy. If I am elected I will shake up
    the establishment and provide a fighting voice for working-class people. And I will
    only take a worker’s wage, just as I did when I was an MP in Coventry.”

  10. Anyone have any info on the Militant Bus-Pass Elvis Party candidate and what they’re standing for?

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