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Baseball-capped police detailed to film speakers at Liverpool anti-weapons fair protest

Camera pointed at fire engine used as stage for speakers throughout

The Liverpool Against the Arms Fair (LAAF) protest on Saturday calling for the cancellation of the ‘AOC’s ‘electromagnetic dominance’ weapons event to be held at the city’s ACC convention centre was attended by thousands, who marched through the city perfectly peacefully and heard rousing speeches from an array of speakers including former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, his Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and former front-bencher Dan Carden, actress Maxine Peake and representatives of the city’s Palestinian and Yemeni communities.

There was a significant police presence managing traffic along the route, but everything passed – unsurprisingly – without incident nd in a good-natured fashion. But there was one potentially sinister aspect of the event.

Throughout the speeches at least one police officer had apparently been detailed to film the speakers, with a camera pointed at the fire engine being used as a makeshift stage throughout the proceedings:

Not filming the crowd, where authorities might argue they want to help identify anyone who might start trouble, but at the speakers – recording what they said. Orange epaulettes denote an ‘evidence gatherer’ and the cap worn by the camera-officer lacked the usual checkerboard side-flashing seen on Merseyside Police armed officers:

Whatever the officer’s unit, the fact that the authorities were making their own recording of what was said by a group of peaceful anti-war activists, including elected MPs, raises ‘Big Brother’ concerns.

Merseyside Police has been contacted for comment.

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  1. Yes, well THAT’s what happens when you live in a fascist state, as we DO!

    The Stasi are everywhere!!

    1. And talking of fascists and the Stasi, I came across the following article yesterday. Here’s a couple of clips from it:

      Some police forces made the CAA aware that their keywords method is not a reliable way to find anti-Semitic crime. “Not all incidents where ‘Jew’ is mentioned are anti-Semitic,” wrote the Northumbria police force. It also refers to the CAA exercise as a “fishing expedition”.

      Is the CAA a dysfunctional body of incompetent and clueless characters or is the CAA a group of consciously deceptive Zionists who deliberately deceives the British public? The following evidence suggests the latter.

      1. It is of course a truism that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, but the reality is that the majority of people who attain power were corrupt human beings in the first place – ie devious and duplicitous and totally devoid of empathy and a conscience – and it’s precisely because they were that they attained a position of power.

        Anyway, here’s a link to some other points I made about the CAA in a post on JVLs website a couple of days ago:

      2. PS I thought the above link would go straight to my comment, but I just clicked on it to check if it works OK, and it goes to the beginning of the article. Anyway, it’s the last comment in the Comments section (at the time of writing).

  2. Armed police,stasi snoopers and computerized lists of the “enemy within” as they the government and the Labour party see the left and almost certainly socialists.Occupied Ireland was the training ground for tactics,weapons and control of a civilian population.At the time I was there many volunteers warned me that the sandbagged police barracks and the internment concentration camps were just a taster of what was to come for the British civillian population.Many of these volunteers that I new are now dead murdered by crown forces and secatarian militia groups who also murdered ordinary civilians on the list of the hated RUC and many were socialist including the volunteers.Now to look at that picture 📷 takes me back to the very real evil that stalked the streets there in Ireland and is now coming for you in Britain and even for me were I am its a terrifying glimpse of life in Britain for a Socialist.Take care and watch your back especially from the real right wing enemy within.comrades.

    1. Joseph – “Armed police,stasi snoopers and computerized lists of the “enemy within” as they the government and the Labour party see the left and almost certainly socialists”

      I guess they should thank their lucky stars that they don’t live in Cambodia,

      1. takes me back to the very real evil that stalked the streets there in Ireland and is now coming for you in Britain and even for me were I am

        I think the least you could do is actually do Joseph the courtesy of reading his post before you make your pathetic, cheap hypocritical jibes.

        You’re meant to be a teacher? Yeah, alright Walter.

      2. Toffee – You really should try and keep up with current affairs. I’m referring to what is happening now in Cambodia the ‘elected’ dictatorship that corruptly rules over modern day Cambodia

        “Prime Minister Hun Sen, whose 35-year rule makes him one of the world’s longest serving leaders, used the Covid-19 pandemic as a pretext to further tighten his grip on power. During the year, the government repeatedly resorted to violence against peaceful protesters, and arrested human rights defenders, journalists, opposition party members, and ordinary citizens for peacefully expressing their opinions. At time of writing, Cambodia held over 60 political prisoners.
        Joseph is the one that is being hypocritical

      3. So, the standard is “at least we’re not at the mercy of the Khmer Rouge in 1975”?

        Can you think of ANY possible reason that speeches at a peaceful protest rally should ever be treated as “evidence”? If so, as evidence of WHAT?

        In any case, the war industry doesn’t benefit anyone who’d even consider voting Labour, so why should any Labour council do anything to encourage any rises in war spending?

        Why shouldn’t Labour be pushing hard for economic conversion of ALL UK defence production to production for civilised, non-murderous use?

      4. Sneer mr Steve H Hall but what happened in Cambodia a relatively modern day Genocide is no laughing matter especially coming from a paid ?I will leave the description to others.

      5. Joseph – You know full well that I’m not referring to the tragedy that Cambodia suffered in the 70s. Your accusations are a cheap and cynical ploy. The idea of sneering at the genocide that occurred half a century ago never even entered my head.
        I am referring to the ongoing modern day tragedy that the oppressed Cambodian people are currently suffering

      6. kenburch – Don’t be ridiculous, I am referring what is happening now, not to what happened nearly 50 years ago. You really should make an attempt to keep up with current affairs.

        “hnom Penh, Cambodia – A Cambodian court on Thursday commenced the first of two mass trials against members and supporters of the country’s outlawed opposition party for allegedly plotting an attack against the government in 2019.
        Sixty people linked to the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) were on trial on Thursday and another 77 individuals will face the same charges at a March 4 hearing.

      7. Are you completely thick? (Rhetorical)

        Before you advise anyone to keep up with current affairs, you need to keep up with posts made just a few hours ago.

        What part of is NOW coming for you in Britain and even for me were(sic) I am , has escaped you?

        is NOW



        Got that? Has it registered yet, Walter?. Stop trying to obfuscate and desist from conflating Joe’s post with kenburch’s.


      8. OK, SteveH, so you’re referring to Cambodia in the present. Even with that clarification, why is the situation in another country on the opposite side of the planet anything close to relevant in discussing the topic we’re on here? It’s always possible to find someplace worse than wherever you are, but…so what?

      9. Just to confirm your bias Steve;

        Cambodian government beats people=bad
        French government beats people=okay
        British government beats people=okay

        (French yellow vests for example. Also, bill protestors and women’s vigils here)

      10. Like Howard Beckett said, Deport Priti Patel. Before she out-Modis Modi!

  3. interesting article especially the US and Canadian perspective of CAA and the thinking of some Canadian jews. How much ordinary Jews are in danger in Britain the US and Canada is unknown.What is known is that they have formidable forces to protect themselves from intimidation and even violence.and have learnrd the lessons of the wars in Europe.ITs shameful that one of the biggest fighters against racism and AS the Labour party are now pilloried by the media and groups that only represents a small minority of right wing non religious fanatics ably assisted by the Labour leader Sir keir Starmer himself a recent convert to morosi Judaism and a long term believer in Zionism Most of the funding for this so called leader came from Israeli government sources and even his election funding by well known Trevor Chinn the runaway Israeli snooper.All of these was unknown and more importantly undeclared prior to the election of Sir keir Starmer QC.How can this election be allowed or even legal and when its clear to any unbiased opinions that a travesty of justice was done in the fraudulent election of this lunatic leader of the Labour party.

      1. What the fuck you are going on about. Why are you making snide remarks? What EXACTLY has got you upset?

  4. If you would like an explanation of the wee fella’s hypocrisy, well he delights in making it known that Joseph is an ex-pat, living in Cambodia.

    Wee stevie seems to think this is some sort of a disqualification to talk about the UK stammerist labour party. (He does the same for non-parity members like myself, but forgets I’m a UK resident)

    Yet wee stevie lives in the Caribbean (He’s never said exactly where, but nevermind) and had his say on just about everything.

    He’s been (allegedly – we only have his word for it like we do a lot of other things) headhunted to teach at several schools. No mention of subject but you can bet your bottom one it’s NOT English, maths, science or anything useful.

    For all we know (or care) he could well be living in Haiti or some other basket case Caribbean nation where state corruption is rife.

    But my guess is he’s living in a bedsit just outside Wolverhampton, and has nothing better to do than sit there in his piss-stained y-fronts, annoying people just for the hell of it.

    1. I hope the explanation from Toffee was clear enough mr Andrew jenkinson and be aware that no animals or fake cosmetics were used in the making of this answer from Cambodia….No crimes against humanity were made in e-mailing an opinion from the middle of nowhere in Cambodia which is in the development stage of rising from povertywith the help of our close alliance with China and without the help of fake right wing trolls or CIA trained and paid so called Opposition parties in Cambodia …The knights shadowy misfit SH Hall centrist Dad has a fixation on poor countries from his Caribbean bolt hole in the appropriate named Windys.

    2. Toffee its very worrying if you go off his posts that he mr Hall centrist Dad Steve H should be allowed to teach impressionable young children?Are they by chance “locals?

      1. So why the hell didn’t you say that? You think everyone is a mind reader? Your snide remarks without explanation paint a very poor picture of you. And why all the guesswork? If you suspect and condemn without evidence isn’t that exactly what we are accusing the Labour Party of?

    3. “He’s been (allegedly – we only have his word for it like we do a lot of other things) headhunted to teach at several schools. No mention of subject but you can bet your bottom one it’s NOT English, maths, science or anything useful”.

      There’s probably quite a few public schools who’d employ him as a games teacher!

      1. Timfrom call me old-fashioned but I wouldn’t want to be trapped with “lurkio Steveie h in the locker room,it doesn’t bare thinking about.But on the other hand games teacher might be the neach hole hes been looking for since being let go as a snr jobs the jobs centre.ITs a jungle out there for unemployed middle class white men of advancing age ABC 12 or 3.catogary types.on the social scale.of genetic code..I am sure that Reigate independent school have jobs available but from enquiries I have made I doubt “janitor” would be the most suitable job as leadership and a certain amount of skills are essential with of course the “can do attitude to hard graft thats required…I shall of course keep looking for him..!but I am afraid other than a shuttering carpenter theres very little in the windys. ps I hope he notices the way I have tried to big him up by promoting him to senior jobs advisor.rather than front bench advisor.

  5. Oh and did I mention his unwavering support for keef stammer – persecutor general of Julian assange and a free press?

    1. Steve H quoted verbatim from the article he linked. Are you saying the article was untrue? Can you provide an alternate reliable source which says that the article was untrue? I get the impression that some people here are doing a Starmer.

      1. You’re obviously unfamiliar with the modus operandi of the poster calling himself steve h, Mr Jenkinson.

        It might be beneficial** for you to read a few older threads at random, or to stick around and observe the tactics of wee Steven hall.

        **I accept NO responsibility for medical problems that will be exacerbated by the content of his postings.

      2. Steve h goes on about govt oppression in Cambodia.

        How many cctv cameras per 100k people do THEY have?

        Are Amazon giving THEIR police facial recognition technology in return for governmental favours, thereby making Cambodia a corporate fascist state?

        Is stammer an avid proponent of the ‘spycops’ bill that will put this nation on a par with the Cambodia he roundly sneers at?

        Is stammer the biggest cheerleader of all UK politicians for the extradition of Julian Assange – whose ‘crime’ was merely whistleblowing on illegal/unlawful governmental practice(s)?

        And does wee steve h avidly support stammer and everything he stands for?

        Ask yourself those questions before you decide you’re gonna judge that I’m as guilty as stammer, mister jenkinson.

      3. Mr Andrew jenkinson…..Can you provide a alternate reliable source?are you kidding us.Do you actually study the media and if you do then name one alternate reliable source other than the left media which struggles to exist .This is not a court and these days you have to make a judgment on whos genuine and if I was you I certainly wouldn’t look at the paid grifter steve H the man with numerous aliases.davidh sh..Steve Hall…Centrist dad..and my favourite is centrist Dad from bot sentinel were they’ve recently tumbled the identity con.So lighten up comrade and lets have some opinions instead of kicking off with a question.

  6. It’s a pity that the discussion became diverted from the report of the Liverpool protest by SteveH having a dig ar Mr O’Keefe about Cambodia. Rapidly, a number of contributors have become annoyed with each other. He hasn’t had such success with a diversion for a long time.

    1. I was on the march from the very start at Princes Park, all the way through to the end and Corbyn’s speech. Those cameras were all along the route and I must admit seemed a little intimidating. The police I spoke to were friendly and escorted the march with good humour.

      1. Jack T I noticed that some of your police were armed and ready for battle with stab jackets and the usual. They are all friendly till they open up with live rounds.fired at you.The type of arsenal your friendly bobby carrys could turn you into a collander dish in under a minute.After a attack more people are injured from the stampede than the actual bullets.No armed forces should be anywhere near a legal civilian demo and the day its normalised is the day democracy is over….Thanks again Skwawkbox for highlighting just what and who we are up against.

    2. That’s his Modus Operandi Goldbach. That’s the way paid Trolls operate. They take over the narrative and divert from the real topic. Just ignore the jerk, because he’s wound everybody up again. I suppose he has to earn his Turd Polishing salary somehow. However all it does it make folk more resolute and determined to fight the racist corrupt scum in the Labour Party.

  7. Had it not been for the pandemic, I have to wonder if the plod would’ve been browbeating people to uncover their faces for that facial recognition technology…

    Mind you, I was on town on Thursday. More people not wearing masks (indoors) than were wearing them 😕

  8. “That’s enough bitching for tonight children! Am I allowed to say that in this ‘woke’ culture?” Meanwhile back in Liverpool (the centre of the conscious mind?); there are more important questions to ask such as why wasn’t Chris Williamson given a platform to speak on the bus, as others managed to mumble out some private messages with Jeremy Corbyn watching & waiting for a better time to address a larger audience as the march moved on. It would seem that Jeremy is not keen to be associated with his old friend Chris Big highlight, Dan Carden’s speech was impressive.
    I personally distrust Lowkey as I believe he holds racist views about white supremacy. He did not attend the protest, citing family problems’, but sent a letter of support in which he identified BAE Systems as a major ‘British’ arms dealer with gov’t connections; on this subject he is dead right.
    In a previous life (circa 1970), I was invited by the dole office to attend an interview for a job @ BAC site, Filton, Bristol. I arrived by bike & motorcycle leathers, with my hair neatly tied back in a pony tail. There was no way they would employ me? They must have been desperate, but I stayed for 2 years B4 going off to art college on a bigger & better motorcycle. During my time @ BAC I dealt with the ‘Guided Weapons’ Dept. (I refused to work for them & showed nothing but contempt) but had to attended meetings in which the business agenda often mentioned BAE Systems & the support they enjoyed from both Tory & Labour ministers (especially Geoffrey Howe) as they always were the preferred option & usually able to dispense with the inconvenience of having to tender contracts..
    Meanwhile back @ the demo in Liverpool, Police cameras were often turned on the crowd. Why would they film a crowd of peaceful protestors?

  9. Steve Richards
    I’m colour blind I don’t see racist views on white supremacy, with me it’s numbers and pieces of the jigsaw, most problems in a society are class based, we are being shit on from a great height
    Whether it lands on a black or white head I care not a jot

  10. Tennis is the middle class version of boxing and fair play it consistently turns out some wonderful champions
    How often in tennis do you see the Ali stare, as they look down the barrel of defeat and then to pull it out of the fire and win takes the human spirit to Elysian heights
    Raducanu has the stare and the spirit to overcome and now we can all take a time out to celebrate a true champion

  11. These arms fairs are, apparently, ubiquitous. I have just learnt that there is one some time in November at the Three Counties Show ground.

  12. The pigs were filming us just because we held a rally to support Corbyn outside of a TV studio at the last election. They, and their notions of a threat to national security, are utterly pathetic.

  13. Tbh, it’d be surprising if they didn’t film.

    Any speaker urging unlawful protest tactics or activity, and they’d have them bang to rights.

      1. It’s not a new phenomenon. Reported today how CND were infiltrated(link below). 1,000 groups were spied on – mainly progressive political groups over more than four decades in lengthy deployments that started in 1968.

        Glaringly obvious that there needs to be better oversight of these highly-political deployments and more transparency around the criteria used to justify. Secrecy has always been the enemy of democracy.

      2. PS I inadvertently copied the ‘Hardcover’ bit…… it’ll also be available in a kindle edition.

  14. Many thanks for this.

    Disturbing. However, let us look at it another way: It does show that protest works. They would not bother to do it otherwise.

  15. The right wing agenda in this country dominates in every area of life. Paranoid and extreme right wing security services prefer to chase the mirage of left wing extemists and treat the right extremists as naughty they have more affinity with them.

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