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Exclusive: left groups announce slate for NEC elections to scare Starmer – but Momentum accused again

Grassroots left groups publish list of candidates for national executive elections to ’cause fear in the leader’s office’ after Momentum ‘refuses to back’ JVL member’s inclusion

A group of Centre Left Grassroots Alliance (CLGA) member groups have published their slate of candidates for the Labour National Executive Committee (NEC) elections – one that it says will ’cause fear’ in Keir Starmer’s office. A statement by the group explains:

This year the left will be doing things differently when it comes to the NEC elections. Aware of the fact that Starmer Leadership will pull any trick to undermine the left on the NEC. Left organisations including JVL, Grassroots Black Left and Red Labour have come together to endorse the following candidates for the NEC election including one candidate whose inclusion will cause fear in the leader’s office that candidate is Maryam Eslamdoust. Maryam was the Inclusion and stakeholder manager at Party Headquarters up until Starmer’s mismanagement saw her and dozens of other workers lose their jobs.

“Maryam knows the Party machine and will work tirelessly to ensure that grassroots members have a voice at the top of the Party. I’m pleased to support her”, said John McDonnell.

Starmer’s purge of the left in London also saw Maryam being deselected in London. However with Maryam’s knowledge and skill we know that Starmer and co will have to stop and think before continuing their attacks on the left.

Labour Grassroots is endorsing:

Gemma Bolton
Yasmine Dar
Mish Rahman
Jess Barnard
Maryam Eslamdoust
Deborah Hobson
Naomi Wimbourne Idrissi

The slate of six women and one man is also a powerful statement against the Labour right’s racism, misogyny and Islamophobia that have run unchecked since Starmer and his cohort took over the party. Bolton, Dar, Rahman, and Eslamdoust are from Muslim backgrounds, Hobson is a well-known black activist and Wimbourne Idrissi is a prominent left-wing Jewish activist.

But the slate has not been backed by the full CLGA coalition, with Momentum reportedly refusing to support the inclusion of Jewish Voice for Labour media officer Wimbourne Idrissi.

A Momentum source told Skwawkbox that this was because it wanted to include another candidate in preference to her, but in the light of Momentum’s history of attempting to veto JVL candidates under the management of Jon Lansman and pushing its own separate slate, it is not a good look and has incensed delegates from the groups backing her.

Another source close to Momentum also said:

Some organisations of the CLGA were backing Naomi but multiple others were backing a different candidate. As no agreement could be reached on this, Momentum will be, in the interests of unity on the left, proceeding with the four candidates around which CLGA agreement was reached. These candidates will be announced next week.

A further source close to the negotiations said that the Labour Representation Committee and Labour Against Austerity, which are also CLGA members, had also not backed the above slate. The groups supporting it had not claimed they were, however, and Skwawkbox understands that those two organisations are still deciding what they will do.

Even after the mass exodus of left members from the party in disgust at the right’s conduct, results at the last NEC by-election results show that the likelihood of mass support for such a slate of candidates will be hard for the right to counter by any legitimate means. In the past, the party machine has resorted to suspensions and expulsions to disrupt left campaigns and remove candidates it fears and the main threat to the success of the slate will be the regime’s shameless readiness to resort to such tactics again.

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  1. Thanks 4 publicising this Steve🌟🌟🌟
    As is said “The show ain’t over till the fat lady sings”.

      1. Also, seems strange you pop up just as Luke gets put back in it’s box…

      2. Needless to say, NVLA is one of the secondary personas of one of the full-time every-day paid shills!

        Yeah, why not invent a user-name that you can brain-wash people with every time you post a comment! Jeeze, it’s so goddam blatant!!

      3. PS I should point out the ‘NVLA’ was posting on here some months before Jeremy lost the 2019 election!

      4. To the village idiot.

        Email Steve and ask him if my IP or email address (which I’ve used often enough to contact the editor) matches anyone on your list. You have my permission.


      5. Now why would anyone defend a serial liar by way of trying to ridicule me. Yep, you see the shills have to ‘defend’ their main propagandist/shill, and THAT of course is why they do it. Oh, and I see that further down the page both timfrom and then JoKeefe are spouting their usual malevolent and malignant Nazi-type stuff!

        But THAT’s what fascist psychopathic shills DO! It’s an inherent part of their ‘job’ to attack anyone that exposes them for what they are!

        And what further proof does anyone need that NVLA is a shill than the fact that he happened to respond to me within five minutes! Needless to say, the shills are CONSTANTLY monitoring the site!!

    1. I left Labour coz they don’t support #EndFrozenPensions I think Labour is full of Pseudo Socialists.
      Labour is the party of working people not pensioners

      1. Steve Smith …the majority of the members have gone and whats left “literally” ?Frozen pensions and Frozen victims the vulnerable working class.

      2. Like him or loathe him, Jeremy Clarkson nailed the type you’re talking about…

        Raising awareness as they sip prosecco in Tuscany. They don’t give a rodents abouts you, me or anyone else they perceive as beneath them.

        If Tories are wolves, the labour party we have today are foxes. They lure you in with the smiles and then you realise, too late, that’s it’s just a smaller set of wolf teeth grinning at you.

  2. Me neither. I will raise that issue at the momentum meeting next week. And I fully endorse Naomie.

  3. Well colour me gobsmacked.

    Only a couple of weeks ago on the “Not the Andrew Marr Show” (every Sunday and well worth a look in), a spokes woman from Momentum (can’t remember her name) came in for some criticism over Momentums lack of support for members targetted for antisemitism. The spokes woman, quite young but still, eventually went away whinging about being bullied. There was no bullying, but genunine, heartfelt criticism of Momentum’s position of ignoring the witch hunt and for giving no support for Jackie Walker, or for other members that were targetted.

    So they are now throwing out thier toys. Again. At least they are consistent.

  4. As was mentioned in the article there has been a mass exodus of Left and this will undoubtedly affect the outcome of the NEC election. Everyday on this site and elsewhere we have paid trolls urging Left Labour members to resign. This is done in order to further diminish the Left’s chances of getting control of the party’s committees. If that’s not bad enough we have Momentum playing silly beggars and objecting to a JVL comrade and potentially splitting the vote for the NEC.
    I am still a member ( though it has been very difficult to remain so)and will vote the slate but I am not optimistic about our chances because of these issues

    1. I agree with every word Smartboy. I *did* leave and it saddens me that in doing so, me and around 200,000 others, have left the field open to the entrist neoliberals who are there only to destroy Labour’s socialist potential.

      They say that in desperate times only mad men can keep Hope alive, but in truth it is Desperate men in desperate times that give Hope its power.

      Peace, Justice, Hope – Labour will survive, but possibly in a successor party.

    2. It’s not so much ‘urging’ members to leave Smartboy as denigrating and castigating them for remaining members. And I have no doubt that the shills who keep posting their derogatory smears saw the two comments I posted a few weeks ago, saying how left-wing orientated CLPs do a lot of good, positive stuff in their local communities, campaigning for this, or campaigning against that, and bringing local issues to peoples attention etc, etc.

      The shills read them of course….. they read every single comment that gets posted!. THAT is part of their ‘job’, so as to determine if a comment needs responding to – ie whether to criticise it or endorse it or ignore it. But the shills just pretend they didn’t see my posts and, as such, continue posting their smears and discrediting them, as they’ve been doing for several years regards Jeremy Corbyn and left-wing MPs and left-wing members, dissembling the same falsehoods time and time and time again.

      And I must say that I find it simply amazing that Steve Walker hasn’t picked up on the fact that his blog is infested with paid shills and their secondary personas a long time ago, slagging off all things Left every-which-way they can think of practically every day in practically every thred. Simply astonishing!.

      1. Reply to Qwertboi
        I left Labour because of Iraq and as I could never support the Tories, I turned off politics completely.. I had no interest in the 2015 leadership election and it was only when I heard the likes of Blair Mandleson and the rest condemning Jeremy Corbyn during the coup that I, like tens of thousands of others, thought ” If they hate him so much he must be OK” I carried out some research and rejoined the party.
        Looking back I think the tens of thousands of us who left the party over Iraq and Blairs right wing agenda made a mistake. We gave him and the others free rein to do what they liked. Thats why I am still here now and every time I think of Blair or read the posts of fake socialists telling us to leave I know I am doing the right thing.

      2. Reply to Allan Howard
        I agree with you about the fake socialists/ paid shills and it does surprise me sometimes that posters are taken in by them. They are easy to identify – ignore the window dressing ( the pretend venom and hatred) and watch out for the sly undermining of Jeremy Corbyn and other Socialists. Also they never post any substantial criticism of Starmer – its all childish name calling and they go off topic to deflect attention from anything he has done which is indefensible. They also post in sequence. I noticed how one poster almost invariably follows another – once even agreeing with his post before it even appeared! They also are extremely nasty if challenged- that or they ignore the post altogether
        Steve can speak for himself but I suppose he has to let them post their drivel as he doesn’t want to be accused of preventing free speech.

      3. I find it simply amazing that Steve Walker didn’t boot you and your deranged, malignant ravings off this site years ago. Corbyn would be horrified to know people like you “support” him. In fact I think you protest too much. It’s a form of misdirection. It seems to me it is YOU who are the cancer here!

      4. And it seems you now have another patient to keep you company in your exclusive little asylum…

      5. If it helps I slag off Newcastle United quite a lot, tried to convince my bairns they are nor worth supporting
        Not least their total disrespect for the greatest football competition in the world The FA Cup
        But guess what JC Snowflakes?

  5. The default position is we know what happens if you don’t have a single slate
    So it’s time to eat shit for the team, momentum and anyone else open wide here comes the choo choo train

  6. And so as the world turns on its edge our very own judean popular front for the liberation of the labour party as decided to swop fables by deciding that Squawkbox is targeted by shills?..Theyre “nasty” says limp wristed boy 👦and theyre paid for it says the seriously delusional white flag man.Now this band or twosome are going to lead the charge of the labour light brigade..
    Back in the real world the Ukrainian puppet leader decides to aceppt the offer of a new life in the USA,volod the bod Levensky actor and comedian decided to give the best advice he could think of and advise civilians to fight the might of the Russian armys with petrol bombs and hand fighting to the last man or woman standing….Missiles tanks..fighter jets and helicopter gun ships and Volod the bod runs away like most politicians on a mission of personal enrichment like his former friends in the white house uncle joe Biden and son.

    1. @Joseph

      ICBMs on the move in Moscow last night.

      There is talk of personal sanctions against Putin, and he has said in the past he will interpret them as an act of war.

      He will not back down. Unlike the spineless signatories of that stop the war letter.

      By their actions ye shall know them.

      To others in this thread, keep drinking the labour kool-aid!

      1. NVLA, what happened with the STW letter signatories? Did they back down then? (Pussies, if so!)

      2. @timfrom

        They were told by Sturmer to support NATO or lose the whip.

        They chose poorly…

        Wonder how long they’d think about sending our kids off?

      3. So they chose the flash, showy grail, then! 😉 (Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade I’m thinking…)

      4. It seemed apt. They are all queuing up to sup from the poisoned chalice.

        Jellyfish and weathervanes…

      5. NVLA…..IF the plea comes to Stop the War and its genuine then I couldn’t argue with the sentiment.But then again it would seem nobody in the west other than a few gave a flying fig over the slaughter in the Dombass from the Nazi Asov regiment and bankrolled by the Ukrainian comedian out of his own stash .Whilst campaigning for the leadership of the puppet regime
        Nobody only the few in the west listened to the words of Russia that the expansion of Nato forces in their own backyard was a strong indication of war…Somthings got to give and it looks like once again the civilians will take the brunt of a war no sane person would want.Far too many risks with the alliance of the third superpower China being forced into a world war nobody wants.except the USA and NATO….And we still have allied warships sailing off the coast of Cambodia with impunity up and down the S.China sea.All of these warlike gestures from the chief warmonger the USA are always a long way off from any substantial fall out or inconvenience for the USA….not so for Britain Europe or us in S.East Asia because if it really kicks off theres no longer any hiding place for civilians.

      6. @Joseph

        I find myself repeatedly hearing Madeline Albright justify the deaths of 500,000 children in Iraq as “It was worth it”

        I have yet to find out what “it” was.

        As for civilians, there’s never anywhere to hide during war. And you cannot trust anyone either.

        Stay safe all

        @Steve Wilson

        It’s been obvious for quite a while that a new party is the only option. You gonna lend the new new labour crowd your vote after what they’ve done to you and yours?

        They seemed to have focused on Israel, Business and NATO. Let those three vote them in…

  7. Joseph okeefe, do you have proof of the flight of the president? This seems a rather hasty grasp at a narrative that would pander to the beliefs of some but, as yet, doesn’t appear to have validated.

    1. I suspect hes already on his way to Holywood comrade and the source RT and US news…with the confirmation of the offer of a government in the USA.Mind you its coming from uncle joe Biden whos literally thick as thieves with the Ukrainian Nazi volod the bod Zalensky…..Most of the airport’s and airspace are now under Russian control so you can be sure that he didn’t fly out today….but who knows what is happening apart from RT who seem to be in the centre of all the action from Ukraine.

  8. 48 hours to lose your country
    North Shields would put up a better fight and that’s just the Women
    Then again none of these muppets really want to die for the Yankee dollar

  9. It seems to me that Starmer and co will not let this slate anywhere near the NEC, I can only see two options left, accept what is Labour now under the present management or look for another party.
    As much as I admire Corbyn and his politics,
    clinging on to the idea that he might somehow come up with another party or whatever is a bit of a dream.
    Still I wish the left slate well and I hope I’m wrong. Solidarity. ✊🇵🇸🇨🇺

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