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Starmer thanks CLP for reselecting him – holding pic of Corbyn with boy positioned to hide him

Starmer so bereft of policies and decent photo opportunities he has to recycle old image with lad placed to disguise it – not the first such embarrassment for right-wing Labour

Keir Starmer has tweeted to thank Holborn and St Pancras Labour members for reselecting him to stand in the next general election – with an image showing him holding a campaign placard from Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership that features Corbyn on it, but with a young boy positioned to disguise the reality.

But sharp-eyed social media users recognised the design nonetheless and Evolve Politics tweeted the original:

Keir Starmer’s party is not, of course, putting people before privilege – in fact the right-ridden husk that now passes for Labour is thoroughly committed to protecting privilege, whether that’s Starmer’s sycophantic reflex ‘I support the government’ or his Heep-like toadying to Buckingham Palace residents.

The image Starmer tweeted of him holding the placard is not a new one. It dates back to at least 2020, according to a Google search. One sure giveaway is the prominent place of Muslim members in the image – Labour’s two-year war on supporters of Palestine and the entrenched, unrepentant and emphatically unpunished Islamophobia and racism of the Labour right mean that Starmer would probably struggle to find Muslim members willing to be photographed with him now.

So he presumably felt forced to regurgitate the old image – which even in April 2020 he felt obliged to disguise to keep his far more illustrious predecessor out of the frame.

And it’s not the first time that Starmer’s Labour has had to steal images from the Corbyn period to try to create an impression of excitement and popularity. The party has notoriously – and more than once – used an image from a Corbyn rally in which the pro-Corbyn message on a prominent placard had been photoshopped out and replaced with the word ‘Labour.

Starmer would have a fight on his hands to fill a phone box, let alone drum up mass attendance for a rally, so ‘needs must’ – but it’s still both hideously embarrassing and simultaneously a chilling reminder of the desolation of current one-party-two-rosettes parliamentary politics landscape.

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  1. SIR Keith was, is and will ALWAYS be bad Bad BAD news. He is a brazen liar, “benighted Saville saver” and Dame Dick admirer, Andrew protector and DESPERATE to protect SERCO, G4S, Deloitte, RADNOX, NATO and the Murderous MILITARY industrial complex. Sir Establishment Keith Starmer is DESPERATE to prove to his bosses that he will do EVERYTHING to protect and serve them.

      1. That’s like saying the prey of a stalking pest is unable to recognise that it is different from the pest. So you all r trying your usual tricks davidH SteveH little SH. Try harder

      2. windchime – I don’t need to. I’ve already said what I wanted to say.

      3. stevieH,“windchime – It takes one to know one

        He’s called ‘signpost not </b) windchimes’, so where does this “windchime” thing come from? Do you go out of your way to get everything wrong and to try to irritate everyone here? You’re succeeding.

        @signpost – you enjoying BBC R3’s ‘composerof the week’ this week? They’re obviously down-playing Alan Bush’s fine marxist’s creative genius (a bit like Sir Keir Pillock finding an ‘ethnic moment’ child to hide the reminder of Labour’s strong and attractive days, the wonderful Jeremy C).

      4. If you’ve already said what you wanted to say then fuck off and when you’ve fucked off, fuck off again!.

      5. No it doesn’t.

        Or else how did you know about savile? 🤔

    1. SIR LIAR STARMER has no shame. Everyday a new low. Today he pledged TOTAL support for Johnson & Tories re encouraging military activity of bombings death and destruction re Ukraine. This weekend Lammy was saying the same without a shred of shame. THEY are DISGUSTING bloodthirsty parasites.🪰🦟🪱🪰🦟🪱🪰🦟🪱
      The tragedy is that too many CHOOSE to repeatedly remain BLINDED by the abuse of a ted rosette and the LABEL “Labour”.

      1. In the thread prior to this one, windchimes posted a comment (at 5.32pm yesterday) in which he said the following:

        I posted to about my distress re Jeremy not only enabling Keith with a Shadow cabinet post, but continuing the enablement after Keith launched the FIRST coup within TWELVE months of Jeremy’s tenure. Then ASTONISHINGLY after the 2nd coup. And to date, yet to state what Keith is. I heard him only approx two months ago describing Keith ( SIR ) as “Kier is a freind” “i worked with him etc”.

        When I saw his comment a couple of hours later I posted a reply to it asking him where Jeremy said this, and shortly afterwards windchimes posted the following:

        ‘….. search for Jeremy’s HOUR LONG appearance on Iain Dale’s LBC 19:00-22:00hrs prog approx two months ago.’

        Well I DID, and I didn’t find anything about Jeremy doing an interview with Iain Dale on LBC a couple of months ago, The most recent thing I found in respect of LBC was from September last year, and at around 2 mins 10 secs into the video Jeremy says how he and Starmer worked together (when Jeremy was leader), and his assessment of Starmer’s leadership wasn’t exactly flattering (click on link below). So, windchimes, given that you made such a claim, could you provide proof that this interview with Iain Dale happened a couple of months ago, or better still, provide a link to the actual interview. Thanks

    2. So the fools at Labour list and Labour first them right-wing true believers will eat up this load or recycled garbage. That’s who is trying to pander too not anyone with independent brains and critical thinking!

      Sigh it’s just so him tawdry, recycled second hand and disgusting no thanks still not impressed old chap. Here is an idea of how about some policies, some fight and stop bleeding abstaining for a start!

  2. Jeremy seems to haunt them, Labour right and the Tories alike. They fear him (or the working class that stood behind him as leader of the Labour party). Front page of today’s Daily Telegraph, Suzan More – “If he really loved his party Jeremy Corbyn would retire” (article on Corbyn inside the paper I’ve not read). They’re still frantically trying to bash him into the ground.

    1. Yes Charlene Like I said in a different post they still fear him because they know the affection and esteem he is held in by so many and of course Starmer knows that if Jeremy stands as an independent in Islington North he will wipe the floor with Starmer’s Labour candidate. That’s why they are trying to pressurise him into “retiring”- to save Starmer’s face

      1. Labour also knows that if Corbyn is forced to stand as an independant the press will follow events in Islington very closely and focus on Labour’s disunity and infighting.. With that and the likely press exposure of the Forde Report (of course they know all about it) in the run up to the Gen election should pretty well do for Labour.

    2. Suzanne Moore’s article is behind a paywall (and only the first several lines of the article are visible), but the headline to what no doubt is just more character assassination is:

      ‘Jeremy Corbyn is too much of a narcissist to retire’

      Yep, the fascist psychopathic black propagandists just LURVE ‘transforming’ Jeremy into the VERY opposite of what he actually is!

      Hitler and Goebbels would have been full of admiration for them all!!

      1. If I could be bothered to read her drivel, I would look it up (the article) on Waybackmachine. Nasty creature, the usual journalist of the DT.

  3. Toffee always refers to Starmer as Temporary Embarrassment and that’s exactly what these antics demonstrate – Starmer is a total ( hopefully temporary) embarrassment.

  4. Sorry to deviate from the main message –
    but Ken Loach’s brilliant “Kes” is on next Saturday
    9.05pm Talking Pictures.

      1. Yes it is! It features old films, some good some not,
        old TV shows, short “information” films .. and lots of
        other goodies.

        It is on Channel 81.

  5. Why did they have to use a two-year old placard?

    Couldn’t they afford a new one?

  6. Seems Starmer is out and about in public, desperately trying to make himself relevant.

    Seems his achievements were shafting millions by driving out Corbyn, replacing newer MPs with tired old blairite tools, being a warmongering bastard by backing NATO who sole job is to chase GOD (that’s good oil and drugs btw) and working hard against anti semitism or more accurately, shutting down debate they don’t like.

    The man is a turd, he stands for nothing except his master’s. I cannot believe I’m saying this, but Boris is actually better than Starmer. Boris does what Boris does for his own interests. It’s all about Boris.

    Whereas Starmer is nothing but a whore. A grovelling fawning whore.

    1. Nvla
      But in these days of doublespeak Temporary Embarrassment would have you believe he is the only virgin in the manwhore house
      Piers Morgan is another example, hacking, what me, no nay never

  7. This is the actions of a party beyond redemption ffs!
    I wonder what the filthy little Scabby right winger SH will spew on us this morning???

  8. Labour will put people before “privalage” Says the leader of the Labour party and knight of the realm “…I had just got home from a long hot drive even with the aircon on.I must say that usually Toffees poetic put downs usually give me a lift and a laugh but the picture of the knight using a second hand old board saying We will put people before privalage had me falling of my chair laughing at the irony of that statement and the bare faced cheek.coming from a hypocrite with the title.No wonder he doesn’t like the Sir keir starmer handle.and most sensible people recognise that its just a vanity project that opens doors for the aspiring upper class.and identifys US and Them”
    “What a plonker Rodney”

  9. I wonder if any branch in Holborn & St Pancras vote in favour of triggering him. Can we have details?
    Also do we know the number of members in December 2021 in comparison to the number of members in December 2018?

    1. Maria – Sorry I don’t know the figures for Dec20 but there was a very marked drop in the membership numbers during the latter half of Jeremy’s tenure

      Jul 2017 – 538,606
      Nov 2017 – 525,779
      Jun 2018 – 506,320
      Nov 2019 – 430,359

      1. What is it now Steve H – 50,000?100,000? It must be very low because they are keeping the membership figures VERY quiet

  10. According to Lindsey German, Starmer did indeed march against the Iraq War. So, he was not lying in this respect.

    1. Tony in the same way Sir Keith HIJACKED Conference, blindsided + undermined Jeremy, then as soon as their “STOP CORBYN” Remain plot worked, Keith & co PROMPTLY … prompt = in the very early hours of election morning, infested the airwaves saying “The Brexit argument is SETTLED”. WMD Blair said it, ditto Blunket, Starmer, Streeting, SH’s “Mandy” … they ALL new it would undermine a TRUE Labour victory. THAT was their plan. It worked better than even they expected.

      Interestingly while trying to find links for the little SH despite them having TONS of staff & endless funds, i came across a quote of a very loud FEMI … the browbeating zealous Remainer saying Starmer DROPPED them the overturn Ref lot.

      Starmer is a calculating snake. Mr Remain as Dianne Abbott dubbed him used that PRIMARILY to lead Jeremy to sacrifice our victory. They obviously expected Jeremy to “do EVERYTHING they ASKED” as John McDonald whined. Note well, not SOMEthings … “EVERYthing” also note well “ASKED” not begged, bargained, negotiated quid pro quo, not FORCED on pain of death nor injury … eg Alexander of Piffel Johnson getting his Eton convicted criminal fraudster Darius Guppy to “break a few bones”. NO‼️‼️‼️ Parasites assessed their prey correctly. I was COMPLETELY wrong expecting even in the last days of the campaign Jeremy would play a blinder. How wrong i was.

      Johnson ended up with an EFFECTIVELY unified party to take our win handed to him on a silver platter. He dismissed the so called “BIG BEASTS” like SERCO director’s brother Nicholas Soames’ and Ken Clarke. THAT no matter what the oh so “politically educate” set bladder on about … THAT is leadership‼️‼️‼️

      Not bad enough, still REFUSING to see and learn, Starmer then was allowed to deceive the membership, and we may be cursed by Johnson losing favour -> Keith the beneficiary to DESTROY the soul of Labour. FACT.

      Question: Hands up all, who DESPITE having knowledge of the nature of Jimmy Saville, Rolfe Harris, Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislane Maxwell, Airmiles Andrew, Hodge, Blair & Starmer would refuse to let those who trust you to guide them… who would CHOSE to keep their critical KEY intelligence secret claiming “not to want to be personal”❓❓❓Who CHOSES not to tell friends that their new babysitter is a child murderer❓❓❓ WHO DOES THAT⁉️⁉️⁉️

      We need basics … Little Red Riding Hood, a, b, c. 1, 2, 3, CHILDREN understand that. DOWN TO EARTH BASICS. Suss out frauds and spy cops by not being seduced by obvious deceitful inconsistencies. Also children LEARN from their mistakes. No successful enterprise is controlled by those who REFUSE to learn and seek out only nice nothings.

      Children could suss SIR Keith as a TOTAL DECEITFUL FRAUD.

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