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Yet another Newham chair resigns post, quits party over Starmer-Evans regime’s ‘Tory policies’ and Islamophobia

In the last week or so, a wave of resignations by senior elected officers has hit Newham Labour party as chair after chair of constituency and branch parties have resigned not just their position but their whole membership in disgust at the conduct of of the Keir Starmer-David Evans regime.

And on Thursday night, the chair of the borough’s Plaistow North branch also resigned in protest at Starmer’s betrayal of his ‘false promises’ – ‘outright treachery’ – to Labour members to persuade them to support him in the party’s leadership election and the Labour right’s ‘blatant Islamophobia’.

Sidra Farooq’s resignation letter to Evans explains:

Membership No: L1186516

Dear Mr David Evans, I am writing to inform you that I am resigning from the Labour Party membership as well as Chair of Plaistow North branch in protest at its abandonment of socialist policies. Along with hundreds of thousands of others around the country, I was inspired to join the party by the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. The current leader won office on false promises that he would continue to advance the radical policies of his predecessor – promises that he has flagrantly betrayed, even to the point of personally blocking his readmission to membership of the Parliamentary Labour Party. This is outright treachery.

Given that Newham has a directly elected Labour Mayor, a 100% Labour council, and two Labour MPs with massive majorities, I am appalled to witness Tory policies being imposed, including the suspension of both CLPs; the expulsions of local activists; the imposition of unfair parking charges; the proposed closures of community amenities like Stratford Circus, the City Farm, Durning Hall, etc; the gentrification of the borough with the building of luxury flats for billionaires at prices way out of reach of working-class residents; and swingeing cuts in local services. I have also witnessed blatant Islamophobia among right-wing elements in the party.

For these reasons I totally support the resignations of the respective chairs of West Ham and East Ham CLPs along with several other members and office holders and am proud to join their ranks.

Sidra Farooq
Chair Plaistow North Branch

Ironically, this condemnation of his broken promises and betrayals comes on the same day Starmer spoke at the ‘trust barometer’ launched by the PR firm employed to rehabilitate the reputation of Rupert Murdoch after the phone-hacking scandal, yet another gross insult to Liverpool, the Hillsborough victims and their families and to the vulnerable people of this country demonised for decades by the S*n rag.

Not much will be left on the ground for Starmer’s Labour by the time this is over – an outcome entirely fitting to the hollowing-out of the party by a Labour right so ideologically entrenched and simultaneously insecure that it cannot tolerate the idea of fair treatment of the left members who formed the majority of the membership and the backbone of the party’s campaigning.

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  1. Now then now then
    Temporary Embarrassment before and after the leadership election

  2. Keir Starmer doesn’t care about people like Sidra. If they resign that’s one less socialist for him to expel for “antisemitism” the catch all grounds for expulsion of Socialists, AntiZionists and those who refuse to be his nodding dogs. He has not (yet) started the wholesale expulsions of our BAME, Muslim, Irish and Kashmiri brothers and sisters, our lifelong supporters in Liverpool or our youth wing . He is content for now just to alienate them.
    Starmer is well on the way to mission accomplished – the complete destruction of the Labour party. The way things are going we will be unelectable for the foreseeable future so he can now tell his backers job done.

  3. “But…but…Keir used to know how to SPELL ‘socialism’! True he had brain tissue removed-at a private clinic in the States- so he’d no longer be able to spell it, but STILL!”

  4. This is not about conservative and Labour anymore its about the hijacking of Britain by unknown individuals.Boris Johnson I blame for the death of my brothers in care homes and I have no love for him or the ruthless people he works for?But suddenly the knights a hero who didnt ignore the saville molester and didnt fit up Assange like a xmass Turkey oven ready for the Yanks.He was never the man to go to for bent coppers and hes not a liar and a thief who disappeared millions of members money.Hes not a beer bottle swilling criminal who ignored the strict rules everyone had to abide by with the “virus” ??…..and he didnt set up Jeremy Corbyn with his funders to destroy a decent human being because he was a socialist and a trusting individual.
    I think I know a fit up when I see it and Boris is the patsy and its certainly clear because weve seen it all before and I have learnt from it.The media are under orders and one of the most dangerous individuals to ever attempt to grab power Sir keir Rodney Starmer is ready and waiting for the keys to downing street…..This is not politics its almost a coup.and all the evidence is out there just like it was with Jeremy Corbyn and they get away with it because fascism rules Britain.and good decent people know nothing about it because unlike most of us they dont look and check or investigate what they are told
    .Jeremy Corbyn was a racist anti semite IRA terrorist supporting enemy of the State?…thats what the public believe and thats clear evidence of just how ruthless they the “unknown” who control our parliament and the public
    .God help us because nobody else will.?….

    1. Joseph, unless they do something really dodgy with the GE, or maybe not even hold an election at all, I really cannot see how Barney Rubble Starmer can win. There are no members left, and no money either for that matter.

      We shall see.

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