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LMN report exposes rife Islamophobia among Labour right

Report all the more damning for being balanced and measured report

A report by the Labour Muslim Network (LMN) has exposed the hideous extent of Islamophobia in the party – and it is clear the problem is generated by the right of the party.

While Jeremy Corbyn was hugely popular among Muslim communities, the report shows that Muslim members have little faith in Keir Starmer to set things right, with well over half saying they don’t trust him to tackle the issue:

That distrust may well be driven by the fact some on the Labour right who were most prominent in attacking Jeremy Corbyn as a supposed ‘friend of Islamic terrorists’ were also responsible for some of the worst expressions of Islamophobia, yet acted with impunity.

This inverse relationship is also seen in the fact that many Muslim members don’t believe the party takes Islamophobia seriously:

The conclusion is also supported by the recent finding of the EHRC report that the party’s focus on antisemitism, driven by media pressure, worked against the wellbeing of other minorities.

The report also indicates that, far from showing any improvement, the problem is growing – no doubt driven by increasing attempts to demonise supporters of Palestine:

And the report accuses Labour HQ staff of ignoring or dragging their heels on complaints of Islamophobia, in a chilling echo of the leaked Labour report that showed right-wing staff deliberately ignoring or sabotaging antisemitism complaints to provide fuel for media smears against the leadership.

The report, an example of balance and measured criticism which unsurprisingly has received scant media attention compared to accusations against the left, concludes with seven recommendations with which it is hard to take issue:

But the requirement to submit policies to equality assessment and to adopt the APPG definition of islamophobia is going to pose severe problems for a party determined to protect right-wingers and maintain its recent decisions, which the SKWAWKBOX will look at in detail shortly.

Read the LMN report in full below:

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    1. of course they won’t. they and SIR starmer do not care about equality. They do not care about truth. After all, the EHRC was excreted by the Warmonger Blair.

      They are quite satisfied with rampant anti-Semitism in the Tory Party, the Royal Family eg Lizzy, her sister Margaret, her mother and father all giving the Nazi salute in one of our gardens.
      The EHRC is quite happy for Muslims to be pressured, abused and provoked needlessly for cheap political gain. The EHRC just approved of the BBC to paying vastly overpaid men more than their vastly overpaid women.

      The EHRC, Starmer & cabal are happy for the victims of Jimmy Saville to suffer for DECADES. No human rights for them. Thatcher, Charles etc LOVED Saville. Starmer is quite happy to deny human rights to Windrush victims of Theresa May but allow Australian Rolfe Harris the pedophile to remain here AND hover outside primary schools still‼️

      These FACTS need saying repeatedly. We don’t change the narrative by wishing it changed. We must debunk it. And when we get any opportunity, turf the lying parasites out.

      Look at the record or the EHRC, Starmer and the other parasites Their records show that they will NEVER be other than bad news. It will take a miracle to get one millilitre of good from them. We must face facts. We are not miracle workers. Our battles are right here right now EVERY DAY return Starmer’s “loyalty” multiplied ASAP🌹🌹🌹

  1. Really why do we play with these untold pigs?
    Leave the bastards to it

  2. I’m struggling to see what else the Labour leadership could have done at this stage. They’ve accepted the report and it’s recommendations plus they are arranging to meet with the authors to discuss how to progress the reports recommendations.

      1. lundiel – I’m guessing that playground insults is all you’ve got.

      2. Heh heh heh. That’s not a playground insult. It’s witty and it’s funny, not to mention apposite.
        Your reply on the other hand is tedious and predictable enough that a bot could have written it.

  3. Islamophobia exist in Society in the same way that antisemitism does. So their is bound to be a few rotten apples in the Labour Party, that need to be sorted out and expelled.
    By all means, submit formal complaints with proof and if the Party fails to investigate in a timely fashion or fail to take robust action, report the matter to the EHRC for further investigation.
    However, in the same way that the EHRC’s report has reached the conclusion that the Labour Party isn’t institutionally antisemitic, I am fully confident that any report by the EHRC’s will find that the Labour Party isn’t institutionally Islamophobic either.

    1. I agree, but it’s long been a fractional battle with the left supporting Palestinian rights and the centre bowing to right wing pressure from organised, funded, vocal Zionists assisted by MSM which has left Muslim members and voters feeling distinctly at odds with the party and with no recourse to debate their fears freely without being labeled as antisemitic.
      Keith Stalin has now cemented those fears in stone along with latest NEC addition akehurst.

    2. Maria – I agree with you.

      Hopefully we will eventually come out of this with an independent disciplinary process that has been endorsed by the EHRC. A system that, at long last, everyone will be able to have confidence in.
      We will always need to be vigilant but having a fair and equitable system in place to deal with any problems effectively will make a massive difference.

      1. lundiel – Have I said something in my comment that you disagree with?

      2. Yes, like everything. EHRC hopelessly compromised and you know it. Acceptance of IHRA definition of antisemitism (by whoever and for whatever reason) is akin to acceptance of the thought police. How you of all people can talk of ‘vigilant’, ‘fair’, and ‘equitable’ is outright inversion of reason and logic.

      3. SteveH, thank you for agreeing with me. However, I don´t believe an independent disciplinary process is going to cut it.
        The EHRC has pointed out that we failed to implement the Chakrabarti’s recommendations. Any independent disciplinary process that doesn’t implement these recommendations in full, is doom to failure.
        Gordon Nardell QC was initially appointed to oversee all investigations into antisemitism, only to resign a few months into the position.Some how, I don’t see any reputable law firm bidding for this contract.
        The best way, would be for the Party to retain control of its disciplinary process but to ensure that legally qualify independent professionals are at hand to advice the members of the NCC during their deliberations.
        It is the way Sexual Harassment cases are been conducted and the EHRC is full of praise for our internal processes in this case.
        The EHRC’s reports points out this disparity between the way cases of antisemitism and sexual harassment are investigated by the Party. So in all honesty Corbyn did try to implement all the Chakrabarti’s recommendations across the board only to be sabotaged, time and time again..

  4. Can we have less abuse (no matter how frustrated and angry people are) and more analysis please? Skwawbox is a left-wing, well-researched and well-written website and deserves no less.

    1. Phony civil war is progressing much as expected
      Unison election will be thrown away at end of month if left dont get act together
      Legal cases still in pipeline
      Forde report should be an early Christmas present
      Conference, GMB and Unite elections and challenge to Temporary Embarrassment all to look forward to, see that more as Trojan Horse challenge to get rid then bring next generation through
      Lavery is my choice as hatchet man

  5. I have often wondered how our Muslim brothers and sisters feel when so many of our MPs are Friends of Israel. People should remember that this organisation posted an appalling tweet which it subsequently took down apparently supporting the mass killing of Muslims and the wounding of thousands in Gaza the Spring of 2018 Nobody was disciplined for this and as far as I recall no apology was ever made by anybody regarding this.I think only one Labour MP had the decency to resign from the organisation because of it.
    Our Muslim members must have also noted that when Labour leaders such as Ed Miliband and Jeremy Corbyn speak out about the cruelty inflicted on Muslim ( and some Christian Arab )communities by Israel they soon get sent packing.
    They must also have noticed how under represented they are among our MPs. There are approx. 2,500,000 Muslims in the UK which would, if proportionately applied, equate to approx. 25 MPs . I can only think of one Muslim Labour MP but I could be wrong and there may be two or three but certainly not more than that. I think the Tories do better than us on Muslim representation.
    Most Muslims are not well off and have little or no power as a result. They are treated with distain by our party as are our Black members, our Charedi and secular/socialist Jewish members (JVL) and our white working class members like me ( I have been called scum and worse).
    This report shames our party and action must be taken to ensure all members irrespective of race, religion or financial status are treated equally and with respect.

    1. Smartboy, I can think of at least 10 Labour MPs that are Muslims. However, just because they are Muslims it doesn’t mean that they are openly pro Palestinian, or do very much for their communities.

      1. Thanks for this Maria. I checked and you are right about the figures – there are 12 Labour MPs and 3 Tory MPs who are Muslim – still vastly under represented but not as bad as I thought

  6. “This report shames our party”

    Labour members I have encountered are the most polite and least judgemental people I have ever encountered. Sometimes I think if they have a fault it is that they are too polite.

    The shame is to turn truth on its head.

    1. Rely to ktmrichard
      Do you think this report is something for our party to be proud of? What truth has been turned on its head?

  7. Where I campaigned for Labour in the Midlands at the GE the Muslim working-class vote was very supportive – so pleased to be canvassed. Whole families were on the streets, going to vote. They are a minority twice over – in India and here. And in Birmingham there is a large Arabic population. The turnaround by KS on Kashmir’s right to self-determination is another issue. Such people will withdraw support.

  8. Dear Santa
    The new Red Tory troll we asked for
    Please can we have one that doesn’t murder the English language

  9. Just as anything a democratic socialist party member or MP said could become an ‘antisemitic trope’ to these people. I wonder if they even recognise their own hatred of islamic culture, politics and people?

    Did Sir Keir have any good reason to rescind the Labour party’s support for the Kashmiri people against Modi’s almost imperialisticc Indian expansionism, or was it just Sir Keir’ encouraging a return to a dislike (or maybe a hatred) of Pakistanis and Pakistan’s determination to protect their neighbour from Trump’s encouragement of Modi’s far-right expansionism?

    The Labour party is returning under the by-appointment Sir Keir to an age when Labour wore its Islamaphobia like its Sunday Best and racist apologism was its regular diet.

  10. Socialism was intended to lead the way to universal equality – it has no need of anything as paltry as the EHRC.
    A party with the ambition Labour was built on ought to be extending standards of civility, not asking people with entirely different agendas to do its thinking for it.
    Where are today’s socialist thinkers who’ll continue the work of guiding society through the coming technological changes to a future that works for the many? I know of none.
    If we allow profit to continue doing the planning, the future won’t last very long.

  11. The Torys would be doubled up with laughter at how the broad church brigade is once again the cause of internal dissent.Whilst the country desperately needs an Opposition party the inteligencia armed with degrees and inspiration decide that you need another internal debate on what should be classed has racism and bigotry.The fight against the knight and Digger Evans is now and its a real chance to rid the party of the broad church brigade…will it happen? Very much doubt it .Have another internal “soul search” like a clip from “The life of brian” debating and passing “motions” whilst brian(christ)is cruxified.The CLPs and the membership are involved in a witchunt and Corbyns left swinging in the wind..Tackle racism and bigotry,but you can solve most of it by clearing out the knight and his misfits ..who are just the vangaurd of the broad church brigade.

    1. Joseph – It is far more likely that the Tories couldn’t believe their luck when they witnessed Jeremy’s intervention, from the Tories’ perspective he’s the gift that just keeps on giving.

      1. SteveH, the Tories couldn’t believe their luck, that the right of the Party was willing to actively sabotage their own democratically elected leader.
        Has the Party managed to stay united without distractions (People’s Vote) Corbyn allowed to implement the full recommendations of the Chakrabarti’s report. Labour would have in a position to use the result of the 2017 GE and win in 2019 GE.
        I know you aren’t going to agree with me, but I consider Starmer one of the chiefs architects of the 2019 by conning many good people to believe that a People’s Vote was going to happen if they kept pushing the Labour Party to take a U turn.
        SteveH you were in favour of the People’s Vote, why don’t you put pressure in Starmer to continued with the policy? Why don’t you demand for Starmer to stand firm and carry on demanding a second Referendum?

      2. Maria – You know as well I do that these questions about the EU are nonsensical, we left weeks before Starmer became leader.

      3. SteveH, I am less nonsensical than Starmer putting in front of our noses the People’s Vote, when he should have been well aware that it was a mirage and it was going to cost Labour the General Election.
        Why Starmer isn’t protesting about leaving the EU? He didn’t accept the result of the Referendum didn’t he? Why he suddenly accepting that we are leaving? Why respect one vote and no the other?
        Come on SteveH, why are you taking no for an answer? Keep pressuring Starmer, you know how to do it after all, after the pressure you put on Corbyn to do a U turn on Brexit.

      4. Maria – This is getting silly. There was nothing wrong with fighting to prevent something that will cause economic hardship (as always particularly for the vulnerable) when according to Jeremy Corbyn 70% of the party’s membership agreed with Keir on this. Whereas it would be just futile and laughable stupidity to try and stop something that had already happened weeks (now months) ago.

      5. Maria – Prof Richard Murphy has written an interesting article today that seeks give some perspective on Brexit. Even if you don’t wholly agree it may give you some food for thought

        [This is an Extract, I encourage you to read the full article]
        We face meltdown with the EU, even if we get a deal. And the special relationship with the US is anything but that. This is unprecedented
        What has now happened in this mess? The architects of it, secure in the knowledge that the damage they sought to create has been delivered and their consulting futures are secure, have walked out of government. Is that by chance? No. It’s deliberate distraction.
        The Brexiteers aim has always been apparent. It has been to maximise the chance of disruption. That’s because they believe financial capitalism works best in such conditions. And they are right. Moments of chaos are times when hedge funds have greatest chance of making money.
        But this is a very particular form of capitalism. It has nothing to do with business, or the creation of wealth. It is not about added value. It is simply about using financial power to exploit uncertainty to extract value from others during conditions of chaos.
        This type of capitalism is parasitic. It’s aim is to redistribute wealth from many to a few, which few hope to accumulate so greatly that their position is secure thereafter. It is wholly exploitative. It is wholly destructive

      6. Precisely, SteveH I agree with Prof Murphy. Now SteveH, remind me who is a member of the Trilateral Commission? Are you going to tell me that the members of the Trilateral aren’t going to benefit from Brexit?

      7. Maria – In which case Keir would have been working against these ‘interests’ , which doesn’t really help your argument much. Apart from a small faction nobody cares, it has become nothing more than a default fall back position of last resort for ‘the left’.

        Nothing of note has been written about this group for decades and if there was dirt how come he was never challenged about it during the leadership contest.

      8. Agreeing with the report is a bad thing?
        Because that is all he did.

      9. frank – I can’t comment because I have no idea what or who you are talking about.

      10. ” I can’t comment because I have no idea what or who you are talking about.”
        Situation normal then.
        Better ask for a new script.

      11. frank – It is unfair of you to attempt to deflect your own short comings on to me. It was you that framed your ‘question’ so badly without any assistance from me.
        I’m more than happy to try and answer your question if you clarify what the question is.

      12. SteveH, or maybe Starmer just pretended to work against those interest, in order to ensure a very bad Brexit deal and even a non-deal at all and for him to be the next Labour leader. After all, thanks to the leaked internal report we know that within Labour are those that din’t think twice about sabotaging Corbyn’s chances.
        Tell me Steve H
        Who was the most influencial member on Corbyn’s front bench supporting the People’s Vote? Wasn’t it Starmer?
        Did we had or are likely to have a People’s Vote? Aren’t we going to leave the EU with either a very bad deal or no deal? Who isn’t making any noise about this? Who is telling us that we have to accept that Brexit is happening?
        I know you know the answers to all the questions above.
        I know too that, you are going to disagree with me, but facts are facts:
        1- We didn’t have or are likely to have a People’s Vote
        2- Labour lost the General Election in 2019, losing 60 of its seats almost exclusively in areas with a heavy vote in favour of Brexit.
        3- We are leaving the EU with either a bad deal or no deal at all
        4-Starmer isn’t interested in preventing us from leaving the EU despite his previous noise on the subject.

        If as a committed pro EU member, I knew that the People’s Vote was a ruse, surely Starmer should have know it too. Hence, perhaps he was following the instructions of the Trilateral Commission?
        I cannot prove that he did, but neither can you or him for that matter prove that he didn’t. Moreover, it is my genuinely held opinion that it is a real possibility that he did follow the instructions of the Trilateral. Plus, I am using my right to Freedom of expression as enshrined by the European Commission of Human Rights, to explore that possibility.

      13. Maria – “I cannot prove that he did, but neither can you or him for that matter prove that he didn’t.2
        You’ve neatly summed it up, I guess that is what lies at the heart of any conspiracy theory Thanks, but no thanks I won’t be joining you down your 🐰🕳.

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