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Labour’s delegates to European conference vote AGAINST report’s condemnation of ‘anti-trans narratives’ and UK’s LGBT+ hate

Starmer’s desperate attempts to appeal to bigotry see Labour voting to remove a condemnation of hate speech and bias against trans people and any mention of UK guilt

Keir Starmer’s delegates to a Council of Europe conference voted against including language condemning ‘anti-trans narratives’ – and any mention of the UK as a place where hate and discrimination toward people based on their sexual orientation and identity is an issue – in a Council report on LGBT+ rights.

The attempt to block the language was unsuccessful. The report condemns the growth in anti-trans and other anti-LGBT+ framing, citing the UK, Russia and Turkey as particularly problematic. A Council motion passed at the conference notes the prevalence :

highly prejudicial anti-gender, gender-critical and anti-trans narratives which reduce the fight for the equality of LGBTI people to what these movements deliberately mischaracterise as ‘gender ideology’ or ‘LGBTI ideology’…

Such narratives deny the very existence of LGBTI people, dehumanise them, and often falsely portray their rights as being in conflict with women’s and children’s rights, or societal and family values in general. All of these are deeply damaging to LGBTI people, while also harming women’s and children’s rights and social cohesion.

The Assembly deplores the fact that such discourse is leading to stagnation and even backsliding in progress towards LGBTI equality, sexual and reproductive rights and women’s and children’s rights – and in so doing, it poses a direct challenge to democracy and the rule of law. In many countries, legislative processes aimed at improving the protection of the rights of LGBTI people have stalled, and in some, progress previously achieved has been undone.

Labour’s attempt to block the language and remove mention of the UK as a problem area, apparently a part of Keir Starmer’s attempts to out-Tory the Tories on so-called patriotism and flag-hugging, has led some members, including Ell of the well-known @leftiestats site to resign, their party membership in disgust. She issued a statement on Twitter explaining:

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    1. This is the pissant swamp into which Starmer has led Labour. He got to the Labour leadership by subverting it’s Brexit policy to provoke GE19 catastrophe to topple Jeremy Corbyn. Now his vassals subvert a much more worthwhile European organisation’s efforts against transphobia. The scum.

  1. Starmer’s Labour Party not only going from bad to worse, but from Left to Far Right. Soon the membership cards I guess will be changed from having it endorsed as Democratic Socialist Party to National Socialist Party. Trying to remember all of those promises Starmer made to get himself elected…and he has the absolute gall to call out Johnson as a liar !!!!

  2. Still trying to get over how RW Tory defector Christian Wakeford has the audacity to pronounce on what Corbyn needs to do to rejoin ‘his’ new party.


  3. Laura Pidcock has also had some issues with the Trans community over her ‘separate but equal’ statement.
    “On radio 4, Laura Pidcock, shadow Employment Secretary, said, She said: “We have said that single-sex spaces exemptions within the Equality Act are enforced… I think, there has to be the enforcement of single space exemptions for women to heal and recover.”
    “It is absolutely crucial, however, that there are spaces, that there is provision, for trans people to also get help and support on any issue.”

    1. It looks to me that your Lack of Comprehension got the better of you again, she has said nothing Anti Trans, she is looking for solutions to real people’s problems on all sides and you are trying to take what she said out of context, you only make yourself look a fool with your Hate against ‘The Left’ why don’t you go and spend your time trying to Repair The Mess Your Thatcherite Neoliberal Neo-Labour TORY SCUM Party is in!

      1. Laura Pidcock has exactly the same principled but courteous and caring approach to the trans community as J K Rowling so I don’t think she can be criticised except by the crackpot trans fringe who are looking to start a fight. The problem is that it is currently fashionable to pile on to this hysterical and hyper critical point of view and it is something we should all seek to avoid.

      2. It is a complex situation, that seems essentially to boil down to toileting and safe space. I went to a MacDonalds toilet in London and I was super impressed. The Toilets were Non Binary by design, Cubicles to the Right and Sinks to the Left and a Wide Open Entrance in full view of Diners. Smells Contained by Air Curtains and in/out Fans. There were Quiet spaces upstairs, for me essential with Autism I can get overstimulated and overwhelmed with light, noise, touch and olfactory so I always look for those rooms or plan my safest fastest escape route. So I can almost at a basic level begin to understand that need for Women and I include Trans Women, imagine being a Trans Woman and being forced to use the Men’s Toilets! in fact anyone should have safe space access and again they could be Non Binary and arranged in an open U Shape for Safety. So essentially for People to be more acceptant to each other we need to look at Human Friendly Architecture.
        I know this sounds ignorant, as though I assume the problem is about Toileting, however I believe if we remove this one problem and like those Toilets in London, one thing I loved was that people/strangers were interacting whilst washing hands, across the sexes and cultures.
        As I am on about Toilets, when growing up in South Africa and nights out at just about every Club, Bar, etc had a queue of women at the women’s toilet and a queue of women at the Men’s Toilet. The guys give up their cubicles for the Women to use, and again the banter was hysterical, not sure if that still happens this was early 80s.
        Anyway All of LGBTQ etc need to be sorted out, Protective laws/legislation applied not bloody removed and people made safe and secure wherever they go. Then there is Race, Social Stigmas and Class BS, Humans are just Dumb Apes that are Devolving Super Fast! The problem is The 1%, it is their MSM, MSSM, etc that are creating and enforcing these divisions and hate between The PEOPLE and we’re back to the Torch People and The Fork People!

      3. so why do so many in the Trans community appear to disagree with your interpretation

      4. My Bad, there seems to be an issue there, I am not at the bottom of it, as it is easy to jump to conclusions, thanks for highlighting this.
        Unfortunately it does not have much to to with your Party or their Transphobia in this Blog Post. So still time to concentrate on your own mess, let us deal with ours!

  4. What a TORY promises in a Policy MEANS NOTHING! BlueKeef already proved that by blowing his Pledges and now his LGBTQ pledges also He must be the most unprincipled Piece of Shit in Politics, totally void of a Spine entirely Driven by The Elites/Establishment/Xlateral Commission/Zionist Israel Lobby!
    On a happier Note Wales and The UK’s First Openly Non-Binary Mayor from the Breakthrough Party!

    1. Come back and tell me all about it when Breakthrough have actually won a seat.

  5. Latest

    Westminster voting intention:

    LAB: 38% (-)
    CON: 34% (-)
    LDEM: 11% (-)
    GRN: 7% (-)

    , 20 – 24 Jan
    Chgs. w/ Dec
    Survation has

    Lab 40% (-3)
    Con 35% (+2)

    22 Jan

    Maybe the hope of removing Starmer in May isn’t gone after all? Would Christian Wakeford make a grovelling, possibly tearful attempt to return to the Tories in that eventuality? You bet he would.

    A Green protest vote could do it.

    1. Andy – Isn’t it someone else’s job to let us know the latest polling?
      Ah, but I see it’s gone down from a 10% lead to a 4% – 5% lead.

      1. goldbach, when you used to post quite regularly on JVLs website, I always regarded your posts as intelligent and informative, but since you started posting on here, there has definitely been a ‘personality change’ so to speak. It is totally disingenuous of you to post a comment that is, in effect, a falsehood. As you WELL know, the results of polls conducted even on the same day can be quite different to each-other. And given that a poll conducted at the same time as the one you use to lead readers to believe that the LP are now only five points ahead gave Labour a nine point lead. The lead in the polls may be starting to drop a little the past few days – and may continue to do so – but to select one poll over another so as to have readers believe it has suddenly halved was disingenuous.

        Would be good to see the old goldbach back!

  6. These are more than Starmer using private language and giving ‘signs’ to his WEF, 3lateral comm. and zionist backers. These are psychotic behaviour that will convince millions of left liberals and proper Labour people to NOT want to see Sir Keir anywhere near 10 Downing Street. EVER.

    The man is a “show me your papers” authoritarian that a couple of generations ago, we’d have called a ‘fascist’.

  7. Meanwhile, here in the reality based community here’s a factual report written by someone who is Trans (unless of course we are going to go down the same route as ‘the Wrong Kind of Jew argument) taking a balanced nuanced and contextual approach.

    Perhaps some grown up might like to spin the following factual observation of proceedings:


    “This led to a dramatic intervention by Lord Foulkes who interrupted the debate to express his frustration: “We raised points of order and we were ignored.” After he was supported by an unlikely alliance of Jeremy Corbyn and Lord Howell, a vote was eventually taken.”

    Yes, that’s right. According to the fantasy narrative being portrayed in this shoddy piece of excuse for journalism Jeremy Corbyn is a Transphobe. Because he joined Lord Faulkner in calling for a vote to amend the original motion to “Delete the following words, and the United Kingdom.”

    That amendment was unfortunately lost by 61-24.

    Skwawkbox is doing itself or the cause of ALL the 210 EA protected characteristics no favours in this poorly researched piece which omits the FACT that Corbyn voted to have that amendment included to exclude the UK from this spurious fact and evidence free charge .

    In fact the Rainbow Europe chart of 49 European countries puts the UK 5th best from the top. Way above places like Turkey and Poland on the index.

    Shoddy, disappointing and dog whistle “journalism£ more interested in pushing a subjective narrative than an objective review of the reality of the situation and issues involved.

  8. I had a long post partly written which I then
    lost through carelessness! However I now see that
    Dave Hansell has expressed my opinion in a
    much clearer and better way than myself so
    thank you Dave!

    If you separately google

    (1) “The cotton ceiling” and
    (2) “Miranda Yardley”

    you will see that “the LGBT+ Community”
    is a misnomer. There are some LGBT+ people
    whose opinions differ greatly from those
    supposedly held by the “Community”.

  9. Quite.

    A far more pertinent and urgent question is WTF happened to the left which twenty years ago turned out into the streets and media landscape over the Iraq War?

    Or for that matter a decade later, albeit less united due to some captured sections of the so called left pushing the establishment narrative, over the same playbook in Syria?

    Right now, despite the existence of an unfolding crisis orders of magnitude more serious than the Cuban Missile crisis of 1962 (in part because there are no longer any grown ups in the West at any level) the landscape is bereft even of tumbleweed.

    There is not even any attempt to pressure the LP and its leadership from the dominant narcissistic section of what passes for the so called ‘left’ which exists right now over the developing crisis.

    Instead, what self identifies as the ‘left’ is more concerned with gazing at its own belly button and prioritising the right wing Rand and Thatcher no such thing as society atomised subjective individual approach. Sacrificing common class unity and interests on the Establishment alter of intersectionalist self identity politics and its ultra divisive narrative.

    An increased risk of Nuclear Annihilation? Sorry folks we’ve got far more important issues which need addressing. In the present context the level of narcissism is off the scale.

    The question asked here is pertinent:

    “We are in Europe at a point of intense debates about whether or not to wear masks, we are organising demonstrations about the COVID related measures, but few are discussing the very real chance of humans being annihilated as a species due to a nuclear conflict made much more probable because of NATO policies! We have not seen even one mass demonstration in Europe against the visible prospect of a nuclear war.”

    I’ll repeat that last bit:

    “We have not seen even one mass demonstration in Europe against the visible prospect of a nuclear war.”

    Europe wanst to think itself bloody fortunate. Here in la la land UK the priorities are arse about face to the point that surrealism, unable to compete, has packed its bags and gone into permanent retirement. The Mad Hatter has took one look at the Malice in Blunderland landscape and is seeking political asylum in Giliad.

    Jonathan Pie got it spot on here:

    “A liberal left that almost entirely ignores economic inequality in favour of Identity politics. Which brings people together by segregating them into smaller and smaller groups based on their gender, their sexuality and their skin colour.”

    Get a sodding grip.

    1. Dave – Don’t you believe that Ukraine has a right to self determination.

      1. 1. Which bit?

        The bit owned by the US following a CIA organised coup dominated by Neo-Nazis against an elected Government in 2014 (even the US State Department has recognised this in official documentation which seeks to ensure the weapons it is poring into the area do not fall into such extremist hands).

        Or, to pose the same question, those in the Donbass/Crimea who originally faced what, if it happened elsewhere, would be portrayed by the West as ‘cultural genocide.’by those neo nazis?

        Presumably, you are going to be consistent, rather than selective and exceptionalist, in affording the right of self determination to everyone?

        2. Apart from the denial of self determination arising from the actions of the USA are you claiming there is a risk from somewhere else?

      2. Interlude while we are waiting for the goatherd to get his sorry arse out of bed (has the glorious 77th been given a day off today or were they on the piss last night?)

        17.5 hours and counting.

        Still no reply from the, alleged Caribbean, resident court jester. Perhaps the goats have got pissed off and pushed him over the cliff onto the spiked railings? Who knows?

        Maybe he’s just being rude. Or too cowardly to answer question s rather than demand others answer theirs?

        Meanwhile, here’s Caitlin Johnson in fine form:

        Taking down both the bullshit narratives of those empty vessels making the most noise.

        First, the chickenhawks:

        “Of all the countless westerners who learned the word “Crimea” five minutes ago and have been mindlessly bleating it at anyone who criticizes the US narrative on Ukraine, exactly zero of them are aware that an overwhelming supermajority of Crimeans prefer to be part of Russia.

        “A referendum was held in 2014 in which Crimeans overwhelmingly voted to secede from Ukraine and join the Russian Federation, the results of which mirrored a similar vote in 1991 to secede from Ukraine which the Ukrainian government overruled. These results have been further confirmed by western pollsters in 2015 and 2019. The fact that the overwhelming majority of Crimeans prefer to be part of Russia is a settled matter beyond dispute.”………

        followed by the purity spiralist’s:

        …….”I mean, we’re staring down the barrel of extinction on multiple fronts while the depraved status quo becomes more and more entrenched, and you think it’s a wise expenditure of energy to sow division and trash the reputation of powerless people who don’t agree with you on one thing? Says a lot about your clarity.

        I think it revealed a lot about who’s actually in this to help make the world a better place and who’s just in it for ego and aggrandizement. If someone disagreeing with you about this one thing means you need to focus your fire on them instead of on the empire, you’re just in this for ego.”

        Meanwhile, the world awaits with bated breath for something, anything, to indicate whether or not the body which is supposed to mobilise (like we used to) is actually awake to the present moment rather than comatose contemplating only the atomised narratives of the Establishment it is supposed to be opposing?

        Or are we going to go full raging FOR the machine?

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