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Exclusive: the 11 SCG MPs setting up a new ‘new left’ group

Earlier this week, Skwawkbox exclusively revealed that a group of ‘eleven new left Labour MPs and an MSP’ from the Socialist Campaign Group (SCG) of left MPs have set up a separate group, which they hope to fund from contributions from high net-worth donors and by donating money from their own parliamentary training budgets.

Now Skwawkbox can reveal the names of the Labour figures it understands have agreed to form up to the new group and its requirements. They are:

• Clive Lewis
• Dawn Butler
• Lloyd Russell Moyle
• Nadia Whittome
• Labour whip Nav Mishra
• Kim Johnson
• Rachel Maskell
• Rachel Hopkins
• Olivia Blake
• Shadow minister Sam Tarry
• Paul Sweeney MSP

The group’s strategy document, of which Skwawkbox exclusively obtained a copy, makes clear that it aims to steer Keir Starmer rather than resisting or replacing him. One member of the group told Skwawkbox that setting it up did not constitute a split of the the existing left MPs’ group, but did not respond when asked to confirm that this meant there was no intention to leave the SCG.

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  1. One can only hope that this ‘new group’ proves to be more effective than the SCG.

    1. Will wait & see. I don’t think we have a bunch of careerists here. Hope I’m not proved wrong…

      1. Who are the HNW donors who are funding this new socialist grouping.

    2. Since they’ve mostly BEEN members of the SCG, who have gone very quiet since Starmer, I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

      1. I have tried highlighting the injustice of the 550,000 British overseas pensioners who have been shafted by successive governments. Never acknowledged by a single ‘Socialist’ MP on Twitter. I have tried being nice and also tried shaming them. They couldn’t give a fuck.

        I won’t give up. Some activists have been campaigning for this to end for over 20 years. JC supports us but so called Socialists are nowhere to be found.

        My pension was frozen in 2015. With prices rising every year I’ll be lucky to live the rest of my retirement in dignity.

        If you care – share.
        If you don’t care, please let me know why.

        For example: is it because Richard Branson who resides in the Virgin Islands and yes, his State pension is frozen? He doesn’t care coz he’s well minted and it doesn’t affect his life.

  2. Spaffing money up the wall …too late comrades that boat has sailed
    Delusional is a serious mental illness and shouldn’t be funded by sane people when this lot will be unemployed in eighteen months time..
    ..I know that my comment is negative,but really another faction who only make it easier for the fascist Labour leader to divide and rule.I know one of that group personally and drove round in a car with him trying and succeeding in getting him elected.The aims are to be applauded and I realise that good jobs are hard to come by but another so called socialist group who want to survive and left it far too late to recieve former members backing.Sincere maybe but as one commentator said “just moving around the deck chairs on the Titanic” Build from the ground up this is just example of trying to plug a hole in a sinking ship too too late.


  3. Liberals, set up liberal thing.
    These people are not even vaguely socialist.
    Why don’t you rename your self as the liberal box?
    It would be accurate, at least.

    1. Trying to save their own necks more like……

      Absolutely pathetic from a bunch of cowards.

    2. I couldn’t agree more. I think they are career politicians. They signed StopTheWar letter. Then renaged coz Starmer threatened them. That’s a sign of a lightweight. Not a Socialist.

  4. “Left”
    Howls of laughter ensue.
    Has the Overton window moved that far?

  5. All of them Fake Left absolutely sickening! to see this bullshit! So glad I am not a member or someone daft enough to be sucked in my these tossers #WeNeedANewParty

  6. Off topic….. Not only do the PTB want to slowly poisonous all, but they are using falsehoods to do so:

    The following clips from a letter sent to Boris Johnson by two scientists regarding the Government’s intention to fluoridate the water supply are self-explanatory:

    Further to our letter dated 5th September 2021, we have not yet received any acknowledgement of its receipt or any reply from your office despite it being sent by recorded delivery……

    All the previous criticisms of the 60 or so prior cross-sectional studies, showing lowered IQ associated with fluoride, were addressed in the Bashash 2017 study. Since then, three (3) more similarly robust US Government funded studies (Bashash, 2018, Green, 2019 and Till 2020) have been published. All point in the same direction – infant IQ loss (or increased ADHD symptoms) associated with fluoride exposure at the doses experienced in artificially fluoridated communities.

    It appears that the UK’s four Chief Medical Officershave already concluded Water Fluoridation is safe, citing the footnoted references made in the Policy Paper. However, many of these references are either misquoted or based on outdated science and the many, newer peer-reviewed studies are either misrepresented or not referenced at all.

    To raise one glaring error in the section: ‘Evidence of potential harm’, the Policy Paper’s authors state:

    “There have also been some more recent studies reporting associations between exposure to fluoride and adverse developmental neurological effects[. However, the evidence does not support this and various authoritative expert evaluations from different international organisations all agree that there is no convincing evidence that fluoride in drinking water at levels used in fluoridation schemes or at concentrations below the regulatory drinking water limit is harmful to general health.”

    However, three (3) of the five cited footnoted references [21, 23 & 24], claiming that “the evidence does not support” the US-funded Bashash 2017 and Green 2019 studies, were published before 2017 and thus it is absurd to use them to dismiss such important findings.

    There’s a link to the letter at the end of the following FAN article:

    UK UPDATE: Scientists Send Second Letter to Boris Johnson

  7. Alan Howard….I have a real and continuing interest in water supplies and whats exactly is in it.From a slow start as a indentured plumbing Apprenticeship and a difficult transition from North to south I attended a number of colleges in Bolton and East Surrey Redhill Tech.From starting with

    lead pipe and wiped moleskin soldered joints using tallow and plumbers black we moved into copper and soldered \brazed joints and active flux.Five years Apprenticeship and then further studys in just what our water supplies including the notorious flouride and now Graffine..Somebody needs to do somthing about this disgraceful attempt by unregulated private money making companys that are litterly poisoning the avoid any attempt at purifying our water supplies through filtered beds of granules which from their point of veiw is expensive and Labour intensive.
    With everyone concentrating on just surviving the Tory government then its good that you continue to highlight a silent poison flouride in water.IF there was any benefit from adding flouride to fresh water without any problems then we and Cafod “would have done so years ago when providing free clean water from boreholes in the third world countries.,.I am retired but not de..commisioned and will continue in a small way to defend ordinary people especially the working-class who are invisible to the authorities across the world.

    1. Really interesting, thank you Joseph. My grandfather was apprenticed to be a plumber before he joined the colours and went off to the Somme.

      1. Thanks plain citizen I always appreciate the gesture of a little bit of the personal lives of our posters and also the info posted and thats why I don’t hide myself although I know it can be used against the future.My future is limited but I think it’s sometimes worth taking the risk of developing a picture with personal information although boring everyone is never the intention even if it does. PS this is not a invitation to f and blind..!

    2. Joseph I’ve been meaning to thank you for the very interesting link in your recent post about ‘Borax’ which particularly interested me as I suffer quite badly from arthritis. I remember my Mum and Gran always having some in the kitchen during my childhood (near Oldham so looks like we are both Lancastrians and like you I am retired but not decommisioned!)

      1. Borax is used allot in blacksmithing as well to help ‘forge welding’ or joining 2 bits of usually steel especially in Damacus or pattern weald steel for knives and other sharp stabby stuff to stop oxygen messing up the weald.

        Totally off subject but thought I whould throw that in there as I have messed around in this field for many years now and vertebral every smith that uses it has to mask up because it’s not pleasant stuff…

    1. True enough. Didn’t dentists use to push toothpastes full of it for years?

  8. I think that the most worrying thing about this initiative is lack of understanding displayed by the signatories as to the nature of the Starmer-Evans leadership. It is not for moving

    1. Fake left remainers. Build bridges with Starmer, secure their careers as Labour MPs as the real left is driven out.

  9. Not sure what to make of it… I quite like Clive Lewis and Dawn Butler.
    Is this:
    – a genuine attempt to steer the party from within (which will undoubtedly fail since the current leadership is simply trying to destroy the party)
    – preparing the ground for a breakaway party (otherwise why the staff and funding?)
    – A distraction (give the impression something might change and get people waste time, energy and money into something going nowhere)?

  10. Steering the right of a nominally leftwing party to the left sounds familier, Bernie Sanders with the Dumbocrats. As we can all see that’s been a rip-roaring success.

    1. Our own Squad. Get the blasters out and dance workers, dance. While all around you crumbles to dust. Dance!

  11. Fantasy politics : A new party led by Howard Beckett(?) with Corbyn as honorary President would be a more exciting development.

      1. Andy – “Fantasy politics : A new party led by Howard Beckett(?) with Corbyn as honorary President would be a more exciting development.

  12. The Socialist Party already exists, build it up with JC as their star signing then there is a chance to attract unions, members and supporters
    A younf Socialist female bame leader would be the lightening rod for progressives across the country
    As our binary message then you cannot fail with ‘Red or Tory’

  13. The politics in this country are well and truly fucked up, I’m really not keen on some of my bedfellows, it’s time to get back to some kind of normality
    Promise to clean out the stables from top to bottom, no one is above the law we are truly all in it together and as Socialists we will never leave anyone behind

  14. Fair weather ‘socialists’ (?) and I don’t think they have the political bottle to take on the Labour Right and the rich and powerful, with the advocacy of left wing policies and actions.
    Devoid of political heavyweights like Right Wing Labour, irrelevant.

      1. From the bore who’s too ignorant to say one vote fewer! 😉

    1. Arwyn, Rosie Duffield does probably believes that comes the next General Election she stands better chances at retaining her seat as a LibDem MP.
      It could also be, that she is a democrat too and finds difficult to breath in the stench of fascism that the Labour leadership is producing right now.

  15. I’m sorry to say the list is not what I would call left, soft left yes, which is why they aren’t going for the jugular.

    Starmer is not for turning, so what do they have in their armoury to force him too? Answer nothing.


    Portugal’s PM Costa stuns with majority win in snap election
    LISBON, Jan 30 (Reuters) – Defying all odds, Portugal’s centre-left Socialists won an outright parliamentary majority in Sunday’s snap general election, securing a strong new mandate for Prime Minister Antonio Costa, a champion of balanced public accounts.
    The result, boosted by a higher than expected turnout despite the coronavirus pandemic, comes as a surprise after the Socialists had lost most of their advantage in recent opinion polls, and means Portugal will have a stable government to oversee the application of EU pandemic recovery funds.

    The vote was called in November after Costa’s hard-left former Communist and Left Bloc allies joined the right in striking down his minority government’s budget.
    The two far left parties paid the price, losing more than a half of their seats, according to exit polls.

      1. Not at all, I thought it was important enough to post it more than once.

  17. Well I’ll give this group time. Not sure what they are up to but
    if they are waiting in the wings and working surreptitiously
    to get rid of Starmer I would not blame them for hiding their
    real motives. They are only copying their “leader” after all –
    who set such a brilliant example of pretending to be one thing
    when he was really quite another.

    Not sure why they would set up a new group though ..?

  18. Just wonder if this is the prelude to a leadership bid by at least a couple of them. It is the funding model that makes me most uncomfortable.

    1. If the money comes from themselves and from inside the Labour Party
      that is OK by me. It is the funds from hidden and unknown sources which
      is suspicious.

      1. Only one of the eleven (Kim Johnson) voted against the welfare cap. All the rest capitulated to Starmer. Their trajectory is obvious, there’s no need to wait and see.

  19. LabourList has been told that the new group includes Labour backbenchers Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Clive Lewis, Nadia Whittome, Rachael Maskell, Dawn Butler and Kim Johnson, and frontbenchers Sam Tarry and Olivia Blake.
    It is understood that others were invited to join the group, including Paula Barker, Beth Winter, Nav Mishra and Rachel Hopkins, but ultimately they did not become members and are not currently involved.

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