Nichols complains about being ‘dunked on’ after smiling selfie with Tory MP – sponsored by Heineken

Nichols uses ‘APPG’ as excuse – but ‘the description’ doesn’t include being chummy with representatives of the party trashing the country

Charlotte Nichols’s tweet

Labour MP Charlotte Nichols has complained about being ‘dunked on’ because of a smiling photo she posted of herself at Wednesday’s England football match with Tory MP Mike Wood.

After the picture provoked outrage, she tweeted disparagingly of her critics, claiming that their positions on alcohol-related ‘APPGs’ – all-party parliamentary groups – justified the image and implying it made fools of her detractors. But she also admitted that they were both attending the match as the guests of corporate giant Heineken:

Of course, ‘the clue’ might be ‘in the all party bit’ – but while being on an APPG might require sitting with MPs from other parties (as well as receiving corporate freebies), the job description says nothing about posting smiling selfies of yourself with a representative of the party that has put millions into grinding poverty, including millions of children, and caused hundreds of thousands of needless deaths in its decade in power, with more than 150,000 just during the coronavirus crisis and more to come.

Nichols’s attempt to justify herself received similarly short shrift from many, with the added outrage at the apparent self-pity of her ire at being ‘dunked on’ – as typified by Twitter users Teri, JennyD and lobjob:

At the time of writing, the original tweet had not been deleted.

Ms Nichols is no stranger to provoking outrage with tweeted selfies. Earlier this year, she was widely slammed for posting a picture of herself with a racist ‘Labour’ leaflet targeting Gypsy, Roma and Traveller people. That hasn’t seemed to do anything to cure her tin ear to the feelings and hardships of so many people in this country on Wednesday night, nor her condescension when pulled up on it.

As one commenter pointed out, Wood has also published anti-GRT comments:

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  1. How long is it going to take before the “penny drops” and you realise that the Labour party has recruited exclusively from these types of people just like the Torys.Parasites and you stump up your money and encourage them to represent you in the Labour party gravey train…!

  2. I really am on the point of giving up with people on the soft left, who simply refuse to recognise the nature of those who have control of the LP. I can’t bring myself to support their futile efforts to “save” the LP anymore. Perhaps the stitch up that will come with the Conference this year, which will go ahead online will open their eyes, but frankly I doubt it.

  3. John Thatcher…Some people like the friendship and camaraderie of being a member of a organisation that will do somthing and thats okay.Unfortunately what do the Labour PLP “do” is nothing other than feather their own nests on the backs of some of the most decent human being a in the country.IT has taken many years to realise this and now I am old I realise just how much valuable time wasted inside the Labour party instead of volunteering as a NGO in Cambodia to actually “do something” and I have no longer any regrets about retiring now in a country I tried and succeeded in “doing somthing” .We erradicated typhoid and gastro problems in bringing clean water,sewage treatment and solar systems to provide lighting all around us including myself and my family that live amongst the khmer people in a small commune here in the middle of nowhere.And to those doubters in the Labour party we really enjoyed doing something and the only other time I did somthing was in the Occupied territories of Ulster were we managed to get the politicaly incorrect “one man one vote” and brought down the hated apparthied government of the politicaly incorrect and geographical obscenity of N.Ireland.

  4. @Joseph Sounds like life is rewarding in Cambodia. Kudos to you.

    @main story This is why I say that it’s all a charade. This is a tiny glimpse behind the curtain. Every time you think Labour is gonna help you, think of Philips and Mogg 🤮🤢

    1. P.S. @John Thatcher I very much doubt it too. They are trapped in the cul-de-sac of hope.

    2. Never voting Labour again….Yes just look at miss posh frocks and chumly Warner,could be any of the three partys lib lab and tory.I wish I was wrong about the Labour party because many innocent people attatched to the Labour party will be hurt by these morons.And yes I do love Cambodia and my pension goes a long way,and I can stay on a bungalow on the beach facing the sea for ten US dollars a day and beer at seventy cents with cocktails at two dollers.Theres very few places in the world left were you can go and do what you want,build what you want and park were you want.There are drawbacks but on balance between Britain,the USA france and Cambodia were I did have property I chose Cambodia despite qualifying for the other countries.Neo liberalism will destroy the western world and the writings already on the wall…!

      1. Is this the same Jess Phillips, “the marvellous Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley”, according to Nick Cohen in the Guardian (albeit some 5 years ago) with not a trace of sarcasm or irony.

    3. You say that you will never vote for Labour again. Who are you going to vote for. Who ever you vote for will keep the TORYTWATS in power for a very long time

  5. Off topic J
    eremy Corbyn is under investigation by Parliament’s sleaze watchdog following allegations he did not properly declare financial support given to him for legal disputes involving anti-Semitism.

    The former Labour leader is under investigation over the “registration of an interest under the Guide to the Rules” by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards.

    It comes after Labour MP Neil Coyle wrote to the commissioner regarding financial and in-kind support for legal disputes the former leader, who now sits as an independent MP, has been involved in.

    1. Yes, full of malice, spite and vindictiveness.

      Not the usual qualities I would look for in a member of a Democratic Socialist party. An MP, at that.

  6. Being a member of the alcohol-related ‘APPGs’ and being given freebies by a company whose main business is in the alcohol, is a conflict of interest?
    When will the Nolan principles be applied to MP and perhaps more pertinent the Labour Party itself.

  7. Wot?

    No complaints of ‘bullying’ from the huffpuff post or the #noshittakingmp , stella greasy?

  8. Right Wing Labour & Tories – at times 2 peas in the same pod? Diverse working people deserve better

    1. Bazaar oops I read that as 2 piss in the same pot for some reason Maybe it’s an eggcorn

  9. First The Neolabour Party Tories allow Racist Right Wing ‘Conservative’ Party Tory Phillips back into The Tory Neolabour Party! Then The Neolabour Party Tory Mayor of Landon, Khan appears Jollifying with Conservative Party Tory Sajid Javid. Now this Neolabour Party Tory MP appears with another Conservative Party Tory MP and The Neolabour Party Tory LOTO bends backwards to appease the Prime Minister and has not called out or protested with more than a polite conversation any matters of urgency or concern of/for The People!
    Remember when some of us told many on Twitter etc 2019 was not the GE to prove a point, get The UK Labour Party into Number 10, then we deal with any problems? I wonder if the many who insulted and did their thing at us finally come to realise, that we now have TWO EQUALLY ROTTEN TORY PARTIES!?
    C’est La Vie, Eh!?

  10. I’ve already expressed my opinion regarding labour member enjoying a jolly with a tory so don’t need to repeat.

    I’m not Italian but I will be hoping that Italy win the euro 2020 final on Sunday

  11. And the ghost of Hartlepool refuses to lay down.Mr Hill the former mp and the Labour party are being castigated for their handling of the victim or victims of the former Labour MP.I mentioned on here a couple of months ago that keir starmer and his misfits seemed uninterested in the victim a former employee of the Labour mp.I think that we have not heard the last of this storm brewing of the callous disregard for the welfare of a employee who was treated shabily by the mp and his PLP mates.Suggestions of intimidation by another Labour mp and friend of the notoriously busy mp.who spent more time chasing women than helping the hard done by electorate of Harlepool.

  12. Just another right-wing cult of new Labour 2.0 member with a pal what are you complaining about? Oh, she was on an anti-drinking cross-party committee Okay an event sponsored by a drinks company…. Okay, this woman is a fool.

    This just shows these cult members are not socialist don’t get it and don’t flipping well care!

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