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Exclusive: Liverpool mayor abandons promised referendum on mayoral position

City will now hold ‘consultation’ instead of promised binding vote

Liverpool mayor Joanne Anderson has taken a leaf out of Keir Starmer’s (overstuffed) book by u-turning on the council’s commitment to hold a referendum of the city’s voters next year on the future of the executive mayoral role.

Labour insiders have told Skwawkbox that the referendum has been abandoned for a non-binding ‘consultation’ instead, with the approximately £450,000 cost of a referendum being blamed for the change – not that the cost would have altered much between the council’s decision to hold one and now.

Anderson had previously campaigned to abolish the executive mayor’s role and, despite winning the position she said she would do so again, telling BBC Radio Merseyside that,

I’ve said I’d campaign to sack myself, and that’s what I would do.

In fact, after Anderson was elected the council said it was looking at bringing the referendum forward to this year instead of waiting until 2023 – but now the people of Liverpool are being fobbed off with a mere ‘consultation’ that the council and the mayor will claim they are free to ignore if the outcome is inconvenient.

Joanne Anderson was elected mayor on the second round of votes in a normally dyed-Labour city after becoming candidate under controversial circumstances when Labour scrapped a shortlist of three women councillors including a popular black woman and imposed a new shortlist of Anderson and a 25-year-old male councillor in what many saw as a move to ensure Anderson’s selection.

Since then, Keir Starmer and the Labour right have waged war on Liverpool, expelling and sidelining left-wingers and imposing right-wing candidates.

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  1. Of course, she does.

    That tactic is becoming commonplace. We’ve seen it, all too often, before.

    Southbank Labour. Kirklees Council. Liverpool City Council. I seem to remember something of the same, in Bristol City Council.

    Those people don’t fight fair. It’s time we started to ‘not fight fair’. Publicise their dirty little tactics, their dirty little secrets.

    1. We need a more honest class of people becoming politicians. More working class honest souls.

      Thank heavens the left Unions like Unite, FBU and BFAWU are giving priority to

      1 – reducing their financial contributions to Sir Keir WEF Starmer’s Labour party, and

      2 – running candidate (and political education) programmes to get more better-informed democratic socialists as Candidates for election.

      Joanne Anderson is, alas, another example of “same old same old”.

      1. The PEOPLE, but they “The X-Lateral Commission” will put up a fight as hard as JC, “Corbynites” and any Democratic Socialist MP. We will have to do a mass takeover, but we need a mass support of The PEOPLE, I wonder? Are they AWAKE YET!?

      2. nellyskelly – ” but we need a mass support of The PEOPLE

        ……and there lies the problem.

      3. DISCLAIMER: BlueSteveH’s Comprehension Deficits are not Considered, please ask a competent adult to read it to him! Sadly I do not have time to titivate my thoughts for BlueSteveH’s person specific special needs!

        BlueSteveH: You mind your Own Neo-Labour TORY SCUM troubles pet, it is looking worse by the minute. Even the desperate fools who fucked up 2019, and out of desperation planned to vote Neo-Labour TORY SCUM for a softer option, all for your controllers at Neo-Labour TORY SCUM HQ Blair, Mandelson, Campbell, who are Spinning up there for the Top 5%, but the “Undeserving Poor” are fast waking up to ‘TORY SCUM vs TORY SCUM’ and your Spinmeisters are playing with the “big” boys and girls, who’s gonna spin for the poor!
        Let’s see what the next GE holds for Blue Keef and The Neo-Labour Party TORY SCUM, I have a feeling that BlueSteveH will be a slightly Bluer Blue than Blue Keef and his Starmerstruppen!

      4. nellyskelly – Well thanks for expending so much time and effort telling me that you didn’t have the time to formulate a reply. 🤔

    1. Not for a major democratic exercise across an entire 30 ward City it isn’t.

      “The cynic knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.”

      1. qwertboi – That doesn’t alter the fact that £450k is still a lot of money.

        What the current Mayor says:
        Speaking to the ECHO about the process she intends to get underway, Mayor Anderson today said: “The situation changed after we campaigned on the idea of giving the city a referendum on the mayoralty.
        “The Secretary of State gave the instructions to move the mayoral election to 2023 along with all other elections. This would have meant a referendum in 2022 would have to be a standalone vote that would cost nearly half a million pounds.
        “We believe that doing a consultation will do the same job and provide the same results as a referendum. What is really important is giving the whole city a say and the Labour group has accepted this. Once we get those results we can take action accordingly.
        “In this budgeting time, we think this gets the same job.”
        She added: “If we had a referendum people would criticise us in terms of the budget, and obviously some people aren’t happy about doing it this way – but we believe we have come to a compromise that will give us the same results and we will make sure people have their say.
        “The city didn’t get a say last time, as a resident I wasn’t happy about that – so everyone will get a chance to have that say on how they want the city to be run.”
        Mayor Anderson said she didn’t want to be drawn on how she feels about the different governance styles.
        “The outcome to me is less important than the city getting a say, I want what the city wants.”

    2. Well Steve H…your confirmation of just how deep the Labour party are in financial trouble is very worrying especially if they are unable to pay the damages to former members and current membership including those railroaded out of the party.Hopefully and with goodwill the goals wil!be achieved and you and the other misfits will have more time with your families.

      1. Joseph – What confirmation, where?

        It is obvious to everyone, apart from you apparently, that I am referring to the £450,000 pounds that a referendum would cost. Have you considered that the people of Liverpool probably also think that this large sum of money would be better spent elsewhere?

  2. Handed the gig…It’s hers now, and unless the trough is dragged away from under it’s fat, avaricious, entitled snout, it will remain there for as long as it takes.

    No different to the westminster parasites.

      1. As much as I accept any shite you come out with.

        The city got £130m IIRC when fat blerk joe and his cronies shat on democracy (As their like do) and accepted the post without joe #public having their say.

        @£85k the current fat jo is paid more than a MP, and is less use than one.

  3. “The city didn’t get a say last time, as a resident I wasn’t happy about that

    Anderson forgot to add:‘But as the beneficiary, I’m over the fucking MOON!’

  4. £450,000 is, indeed, a lot of money.
    It is 3/4 as much as the £600,000 Starmer gave to Ware and company.
    I know which of the two would have been money better spent.

    1. golfbach – The person to blame for this loss is Jeremy Corbyn, He is the one that irresponsibly created the liability in the first place by issuing an official Labour Party on a contentious issue where the other parties were known to be litigious.without getting the party’s legal team to check it first.

      1. Toffee – Oh dear, have you run out of stuff to say again?

      2. I quite like the typo. Not the right time of year for me though – or the right time of life.
        The other bit was wrong. It was Starmer who ignored legal advice that the LP would win and gave away some of your money.

      3. goldbach – You are mistaken. After they had received the draft EHRC Report Keir took new legal advice from 2 QCs. It is also worth noting that both of the other leadership candidates also said they would have settled. If they had defended the case and lost it would have cost the party many times more.

    2. And some suggest The Jewish Dissident website shortly afterwards skewered that programme? The greatest political stitch up since the Zioviev Letter?

  5. You’ll excuse each and every act of abject shithousery from the greasily bequiffed one and blame Corbyn for it.

    …Including his total lack of opposition to ANY toerag government policy. Nevermind his lack of opposition to the same conniving, lying shitehawks that conspired to lose LABOUR the 2019 election… Not much to say about THAT, have you, bollocks, hmmm?

    Well, the party’s broke now, and keef’s in no position to reward your disturbing and unhealthy infatuation with him….If he even knows who you are. Although he’s slime himself; I’ll bet if he was to read the adulatory bilge you write in his favour, even he’d cringe.

    What a crawling, brown-nosing wee shite you truly are. A sickening, piss-poor excuse for a man. .

    1. Toffee – The fact remains it was Jeremy whose irresponsible actions that created this liability.

      “…Including his total lack of opposition to ANY toerag government policy”

      …….but surprise, surprise the parliamentary records tell a different story.

      1. The FACT is, you malodourous shitpile, keef was told he’d WIN any case brought against the party. He was the head honcho in the British legal system for a time, and he most likely knew that was the case.

        But those shithouses put him where he is, and they demanded their pound of flesh (I don’t give a flying fuck if that schneider, or baddiel, or anyone else wants to imply any antisemitism in using that phrase).

        And keef – not wishing to upset his paymasters** – capitulated like the invertebrate he is, and gave them it.

        **Remember when you said ‘We must wait & see who his paymasters are’ and words to the effect that people had no right – or it was ridiculous to speculate – on who they might be?

        Well once again, their assumptions proved correct, didn’t they?

        But I don’t hear keef telling us we have to wait for the gray report before condemning de piffle.

        Do you?

      2. Toffee – You are mistaken. After they had received the draft EHRC Report Keir took new legal advice from 2 QC

      3. …….but surprise, surprise the parliamentary records tell a different story.

        Go on then plums…How many times has keef OPPOSED the toerags as opposed to ABDTAINED or VOTED WITH (Thereby keeping the fast toff scruff in the position keef suddenly decides it’s time for him to vacate)???

        Oh, and I don’t remember Corbyn SACKING anyone who went a one-line whip to ABSTAIN (Again).

        And I’ll bet Corbyn’d have had the stones to do it face to face, rather than via a journalist – such is keef’s unabashed cowardice.

        Over to you….

      4. Brown 8.6m.
        Miliband/Reeves 9.3m
        Corbyn 12.8m.
        Corbyn 10.2m.
        Oh if you want to know about the Trilateral Commission Neo-Liberal Poodle see Oliver Eagleton, Novaria Media, on Starmer (2/3/21).
        Heard Breakthrough, the New Democratic Socialist Party. had a good meeting tonight and after only 5 months of existence in the recent Amersham by election they came 6th, only 400 votes behind Right Wing Labour.
        This group hopefully could be one to watch especially if they could get the Bakers Union, FBU or Unite on board – and why should unions give the monopoly of their funding to Right Wing Labour for Crumbs?
        Oh and on this issue the Right wing Labour little and big men councillors like to take the power for themselves to make decisions FOR us not WITH us. Right Wing Zombie Labour!

      5. ‘Twas YOU made the claim.

        …’Tis up to YOU to substantiate it, not me to disprove it.

        Either do so, or shut your blabbering cave. Preferably permanently so people can have a discussion without you and your attention seeking, contrary shite.

        It’s not as if you’re playing devil’s advocate neither; you’ve convinced yourself that the bullshit you perpetually spout is gospel.

        Yourself, and nobody else. Ever.

      6. Toffee – I don’t need to convince myself of anything you numpty, it’s a matter of public record.

      7. Oh! It’s a matter of public record, all right.

        And perpetual IGNOMINY. that the yellow-bellied red Tory has abstained on far too many votes and even saved the porker’s bacon while shitting on the poorest that he (ahem) *pledged* to defend form the worst of the toerag excesses.

        And it’s public knowledge (and shame) sacked an MP for going rogue on a single line whip – once again to ABSTAIN instead of OPPOSE this most corrupt toerag government in history.

        …You were saying???

    2. Toffee Good point Toffee and those in litigation against the Labour party are wondering if we can prove that the Labour party are in financial trouble then the continued stalling and dodging tactics can be challanged and the case against the Labour party settled.They can then be liquidated with my blessing.

      1. Have any of these claims been registered with the High Court yet

  6. Your failure to respond – after having had a half hour to come up with another piss-poor explanation – speaks for itself.

    No further questions m’lud…The witness appears to have conveniently forgotten that it may harm his defence if he does not mention, when questioned, anything he later relies on in court. 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫

      1. Nope. Still here, placing me bets on your next shite/default answer.

  7. Corbyn = 41 defeats inflicted on the rags

    Keef = 0 (ZERO) Plenty of abstentions, though.

    Votes FOR toerag brexit despite promising it wouldn’t happen on his watch….

    Votes WITH toerag government – despite porker facing the largest rebellion to date, thereby keeping the fat scruffy on his job – WITHOUT demanding any concession to protect or improve the lot of workers….

    Yes folks, that’s KEEF’S labour party for ya. That’s what makes you a tory if you don’t like it.

    Amirite, wee fella?

    1. Toffee – How many victories did Corbyn have against Johnson. It is quite easy to get a win when the Tories didn’t even have a majority it is nigh on impossible now that Labour is up against the 80 seat Tory majority that is Corbyn’s legacy.
      As I recall it Keir promised that he wouldn’t let a no deal Brexit happen, we didn’t have a no deal Brexit.
      Starmer didn’t vote to support Boris he voted to protect the NHS and the country.

      1. Is de piffle a tory? He IS, isn’t he? And that is ALL that matters.

        Nevermind that keefs’ shithousery left the rags with their majority in the first friggin place. No… It was all down to Corbyn 😴

        Nevermind that keef ABSTAINS more often than he makes even a token show of resistance….Fuck me, but I’ve seen more resistance from de piffle when offered a free holiday than the slimeball to tory idealogy.

        Oh no, Corbyn had it easy, despite still being leader of the OPPOSITION.

        No deal brexit? How often did smarmer vote against a toerag brexit when shadow brexit minister, hmmm? Weren’t good enough for him to vote FOR one then, was it?

        No. WHY? Because Corbyn was still leading the party. So Corbyn (And socialism) HAD to go. Whatever the cost.

        And look at what it’s cost, soft shite. The rags were handed their majority, while the party’s haemorrhaged membership and been brought to the verge of bankruptcy, and now facing all sorts of payouts because of keef & co’s sheer incompetence.

        Not to mention the fact he sold YOU right down the river on brexit, and STILL you idolise the gutless, useless twunt and lie for it.

        Hypocritical, sycophantic gobshite.

  8. Oh Dear….it’s all Jeromebly Corbinly’s fault.

    Living in their festering pea like brains every minute of their sad little day.

  9. Where you gone wee man?Oh, that’s right, it’s time to gnaw at the furniture seeing as you’ve been schooled once again.

    Careful now! Wouldn’t want you to choke on any splinters ….😏

    Right…The lesson endeth here; am away to me pit. G’night & Godbless y’all. ✌️

      1. SteveH18/01/2022 AT 11:29 PM
        Toffee – Apparently patience is a virtue,

        Obviously you missed that one, because not an hour earlier…

        SteveH18/01/2022 AT 10:32 PM
        Toffee – Running away to hide again

        You just can’t help yerself, can ya? Carry on bringing the gifts, bellend.😏

  10. Good news
    Baby Trump is about to be thrown out with the bath water
    Which is bad news for the other cheek of the same arse Temporary Embarrassment


    Laura Kuenssberg
    Hearing Christian Wakeford, Bury MP, is defecting to Labour Party, just as PM leaves No 10 for PMQs

    1. Laura Kuenssberg
      Keir Starmer says
      “I would like to welcome Christian Wakeford to the Labour Party. He has always put the people of Bury South first. ” – Wakeford announced his decision in interview with the Bury Times – expected here any min

    2. Well one more Tory tribute act for the members to prop up….!Bury he will not hold that for the Labour party in the GE .Desperate measures but will find the Labour party welcoming for any Tory despite the Labour party being as rocky has his future in parliament.

      1. Joseph okeefe-

        It’s not a good sign when Tory/Labour become interchangeable. His constituents should force a by-election , he’s making a mockery of their GE choice. Like Austin, Mann and Woodcock.

        Maybe he was won over by Starmer’s charisma? /s

        What would have protected a Corbyn premiership from a deep-state organised, MSM-assisted coup, like the one that appears to be happening now to Johnson?

        Tory MPs are acting completely nuts this can’t be explained by them being spooked by a few bad polls.

  12. Tory cast off to the tory tribute act the Labour party was part of the notorious
    Tory pendle council mob connected to the most vile racism against gypsys,and Irish travellers.Naturally he promoted this with his leadership of Lancashire county council and didnt stop with gypsys and extended their version of Tory hospitality to the nearby Burnley Asian population.A true fascist should be a good fit for

    1. Andy…..SH must be badly spooked by used second hand rubbish from the
      Conservative and unionist party being “at home” in the fascists Labour party.Very sad 😢sad really and the downward spiral so quick less than two years leader and a true fascists dictatorship welcomes the Tory boy sporting the union jack on his gob smacked face..IF thats starmers sticker for the Labour party campaign god help the people of Britain.

      1. Joseph – But surely you are the saddest thing on this page.

      2. Corbyn wouldn’t have had them. Not that they’d have joined a party led by a socialist.

        The left need to be consistent here. Remember, Change UK and how infuriating we found Chuka and company starting a new party without standing down to their constituents to endorse their decision?

    1. Why do you think the Bury South MP joined Labour, SteveH?

      Starmer’s amazing charisma?

      The fact the Labour party is bankrupt?

      Or because,… he like Starmer is an establishment plant?

      1. He’s very right-wing apparently ..

        Should feel right at home in New labour 2.0 – the party of authoritarianism, secrecy, WAR, torture and suffering.

    2. And why does Davis want Johnson to go?
      He certainly hasn’t decided that he wants Starmer for PM.
      He wants to put in a new PM who will carry on with much the same policies, but will not be prone to the PR blunders we have seen from Johnson.
      Odds are that it will work.

  13. All tories welcome…

    When de piffle is punted keef will accept him with open arms bulling the fat toff scruff up, by comparing the fat twunt to churchill and mentioning that churchill swapped sides with the weather.

    Has this new tory reigned his seat? Bet he hasn’t. Bury south would bury him if he did and contested it as a *ahem* labour candidate.

    Nope, he’ll be found a safe seat somewhere else, probably on Merseyside. Dan Carden best watch his step then…😕

    1. What next…

      John Redwood and JRM in talks with Reeves?

      ALL RW’ers welcome. UK = sham democracy

  14. A brief look at Wakeford’s CV is instructive.
    He has:
    Consistently voted for a stricter asylum system
    Consistently voted against measures to prevent climate change
    Consistently voted against measures to reduce tax avoidance
    Voted against
    Employment and Trade Union Rights (Dismissal and Re-engagement) Bill [which would have prevented companies dismissing staff and the re-engaging them on lower pay and worse conditions]
    Lobbying of Government Committee proposals [which would have prevented ex-Ministers lobbying for companies with interests in areas for which they had had ministerial responsibility]
    Here are a couple of his contributions to debates during 2021:
    “It is a privilege to follow the hon. Member for Sheffield, Hallam (Olivia Blake) if only to highlight how she is wrong about 10 years of Conservative management of the economy. There has been much talk about how the right hon. Member for Birmingham, Hodge Hill (Liam Byrne) left that infamous note that said how sorry he was that there was no money left. Not content with doing that damage to the Treasury, he is now wanting to do that to the west midlands, too.”
    “What we see from the Labour party and definitely from the Front Bench is a collective amnesia. ”
    “We also see the Opposition turning their back on the British people and the red wall all over again. We have had this debate many, many times, but unfortunately the Opposition are not listening—well, they are not here. What we are seeing is a paradigm shift whereby the Labour party no longer represents those working-class communities. It is no longer listening to those working-class voters. Thankfully, on this side of the Chamber we do listen.”
    Starmer welcomed him to the “Labour” benches.

    1. Oh ……. and as for his reasons for crossing the house. I suspect that he has calculated that his constituency may revert to Labour at the next GE, and you can’t “build a career” if you’re voted out. Maybe he didn’t weigh a few questions carefully before he jumped into the lifeboat.
      1. How capable is the CP of reinventing itself before the next GE?
      2. Is he guaranteed to be selected as LP candidate come the next GE?
      3. Is the lifeboat into which he has jumped seaworthy?
      One other interesting fact about Wakeford is that he has consistently claimed that Palestine shouldn’t be recognised as a state (contrary to what the UN thinks) because, according to him, there is no agreement as to its boundaries. He fails to realise that, if there was no agreed boundaries to Palestine, the logical corollary is that there are no agreed boundaries to Israel, and he is a staunch defender of Israel.

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