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Supporters say they’ll traverse UK to campaign for Corbyn in Islington – and against Nandy in Wigan – after her Murdoch radio comments

Shadow Foreign Secretary’s claim that she’ll campaign against Corbyn in Islington North – a breach of Labour’s rules – leads to surge of promises to campaign for him at the next GE, with others saying they’ll canvass to unseat her

Labour front-bencher Lisa Nandy has appeared on Rupert Murdoch’s Times Radio to say that she will campaign in North Islington against Jeremy Corbyn in the next general election. Corbyn is currently sitting as an independent MP because of Keir Starmer’s breach of Labour’s parliamentary rules to withhold the whip from the former party leader, despite the EHRC’s strict ban on ‘political interference’ in disciplinary decisions.

However, he is still a party member in good standing, so Nandy would be breaking Labour’s rules to campaign against him – an auto-expulsion offence – but such is the Labour right’s contempt for the party rulebook that she will not face any disciplinary action for her comments, nor for campaigning against him.

Not from Keir Starmer or his head office minions, that is.

But Nandy’s comments led to a queue forming – or rather, two queues – in response to her threat. Many current and former Labour members have said, both privately and currently, that if she campaigns against Corbyn, they will travel from all over the UK to campaign in Islington for him – regardless whether he is wearing a Labour rosette.

And some have also said that, since Corbyn’s majority in the last two elections was huge and far healthier than Lisa Nandy’s – he received almost two-thirds of the vote in 2019 and his lowest win as an incumbent in the last three and a half decades was with fifty percent, with the rest far higher – they will travel to Wigan to campaign against her:

Skwawkbox has also received multiple direct and group messages from people who intend to take holiday in order to canvass for Corbyn or against Nandy, some even ready to fly in from overseas to do it.

In 2019, Nandy won by fewer than seven thousand votes on a turnout of more than 45,000 – and with Keir Starmer’s unpopularity in northern working-class seats can be considered relatively marginal. That fact – and what it means that Labour is prepared to almost certainly lose his seat to the Tories, even if they manage to unseat Corbyn – did not escape commenters:

Importantly, many also pointed out that Corbyn enjoys extensive support among the Jewish communities, on whose behalf Nandy claimed to be acting, in his constituency – some even wrote to the local press to stand with him publicly:

Keir Starmer has turned Labour into a rotting shell of the great party it so recently was.

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  1. If Corbyn’s supporters who are still members follow through on their threats to support Corbyn as a non Labour candidate in a GE or seek to oust Lisa from her seat in a GE then they will soon be non members. If Corbyn stands as an independent against an official Labour candidate then he would be automatically expelled from the party/

    1. Keith’s stenographer at it again I note, with zero irony, despite posting almost daily, its yet to chime with the stenographer that 10,s of 1000s have already been kicked out of the Party, mostly on trumped up charges, such as RTing a Green Party Tweet.

      Still, lets allow the stenographer to try and blackmail those who can’t be blackmailed with idle threats – we are already out you fool, and, if only a few thousand hit Corbyn’s seat, it will be enough to ensure the twice elected former leader will see off any scab who stands against him.

      You hearing me stenographer, you espouse total bollocks, total, meaningless bollocks for the thousands already expelled, or 1000s who have left of their own volition. And, what does SteveH offer, zero, empty, meaningless words.

      1. christopher – Time will tell, we’ll see who’s proved right.

      2. christopher – Weren’t most of these including the high profile members expelled from the party during Jeremy Corbyn’s tenure?

      3. Max Headroom’s Chief Turd Polisher is at it again….I must admit he’s as difficult to ignore as an ingrained canine turd on one’s boot. He certainly does earn his salary.

      4. SteveH06/09/2021 AT 3:39 AM
        christopher – Time will tell, we’ll see who’s proved right.

        Yeah, alright – And the last time you got anything right was?

        Did keef release details of his funding?

        …Or the Forde report?

        Did he stick to his pledges? (If so name one)

        Has he had a single success in opposing this shower o’shite in office? (Again, name one)

        Or must we keep on waiting?

        It’s always the same with you – ‘let’s wait n see’. And then, when we’ve waited & saw, you lie deny & obfuscate when it inevitably turns out the way everyone else predicted.

      5. @Toffee

        Am getting flashbacks on how it’s all to play for…and how that panned out.

    2. Ponder on this, troll – had Jeremy Corbyn taken part in the 2020 Leadership Contest, not one of the other contestants would have had a look-in, and that includes Beccy Long-Bailey.

      …and you can take that to the bank.

    3. One again, Labour goes racing to 0.5% of the UK population.

      Wonder how many of the 0.5% will go racing to her constituency?

      I see the arse licker is desperately thrashing around too. He still thinks it’s all to play for. About time he got removed, no?

    4. Funny how Labour chooses which Rules to follow…

      And the MSM gives them a free pass.

      I hope Starmer carries on on the same vein, and gets thrashed at the next election.

  2. She said it is all about supporting the Jewish community. What nonsense, for her it is about supporting the right wing ZIONISTS be they Jewish or not. If it was about supporting Jews she would be supporting all those left wing Socialist Jews expelled by Starmer.

    Nandy is an obnoxious, self-serving, right wing wind bag and I will campaign against her in Wigan if there is a decent alternative candidate.

  3. SteveH, Corbyn is as good as expelled already, therefore he has nothing to lose by standing again in his own seat and if you think members are worried about being expelled for supporting him, you are sadly mistaken.

    1. Jack – Apart from his credibility and self esteem. Much better for him to retire as a conspired against hero rather than to be rejected by the electorate. (remember CW)

      1. SteveH, by the time Starmer has finished making the LP completely unelectable Corbyn would win easily in his own seat.

        Why would anyone vote for another right wing Party when they have already got the Tories?

      2. Jack – It would be an unfortunate end to a long career if he stands but if you are proved to be right then you will be more than welcome to tell me all about it.

      3. Awwww. How nice of you to think of JC’s welfare. I’m not so nice. I suspect your confected concern is desperation borne of worry that Keith’s version of Labour (or is it Tory), is going to be hammered all over the country – including Wigan and Islington. I see the polls still have Keith trailing the very worst PM in the entire history of the UK Parliament. If he can’t get anywhere near Johnson, he isn’t going to get near any other PM.

      4. Pat – You’ve got a short memory, Jeremy’s polling was worse than any other opposition leader.

      5. Jeremy Corbyn has spent over 30 years representing defending and helping the people of Islington North. They won’t turn their backs on him because a jumped up nonentity like Lisa Nandy asks them to.
        In relation to Lisa Nandy’s antisemitism comment Islington Jews remember that when Islington Council under the leadership of Margaret Hodge intended selling off a Jewish graveyard for development (which would have involved disinterring those buried there)Jeremy successfully fought tooth and nail against it. This is just one of many local campaigns he has spearheaded over the years and these campaigns are the reasons why he is held in high esteem by not only Islington’s Jews but by so many people in the constituency.
        If Lisa is wants to show herself up for the numpty that she is by campaigning against Jeremy in Islington North let her. It will make no difference to the outcome of the election there but if she has any sense at all she should realise that it may make a difference to the electorate in Wigan.

      6. SteveH 06/09/2021 at 5:20 pm :

        No, it wasn’t. That’s a lie.

    2. Comrade Jack T – Wigan is not too far away so we can share a car or maybe a train from Southport? Question? How do we campaign against the little girl lost?

      1. It’s difficult to campaign against something. Campaigning for something is likely to get a better outcome.

        It’s too early to know, but if there is a TUSC candidate, a socialist independent or even the Greens, that’s who I would (no will, I’ll travel to help with her demise) be campaigning for. It’s about taking votes away from Nandy, preferably by voting for a socialist alternative.

  4. Nandy needs to think before opening her mouth.
    If she wants to play with fire, there will be many of us dancing on her grave when she gets her fingers burned.

  5. I don’t think for one minute that Corbyn will be allowed to stand for the Labour party in Islington and those that support a independent Labour candidate will be expelled along with Corbyn.ITs obvious isnt it along with the fact that members of the shadowy cabinet and HQ are not interested in winning a General election.Far better for the left to exploit the potential of sitting Labour mps now and over a hundred thousand disillusioned ex members of the Labour party and form a credible alternative to the Labour party.Times running out and so is the patiance and interest of the former members.You that are still members are supporting the Status quo with your money..and helping a second rate tory tribute act to bolster the conservative death grip on the UK and its people…I doubt we will have more than a handful of mps willing to face reality that they are finished in a cushy number,but they will do for a start..Maybe the conference might wake them up who knows and very soon it will be from us…Who cares?

    1. ON further examination of the “Nandy statement” its seems that the lack of money in the Labour party is effectively showing for all to see the petulance and foot stamping of a spoilt little girl whos candy has been removed by ex members like me and now realises that they are going nowhere only down and out.with no one including themselves see as a credible alternative to the Conservative and unionist party..To observe these people who accept your money and have no longer any interest in winning an election is staggering.For you to continue to fund them is ridiculous.

  6. Joseph – I doubt that Corbyn will stand in the next GE, why would he risk ending his political career in ignominy and rejection when he can retire the wounded hero.
    Aren’t you still trying to find a credible leader?

    1. Exactly Steve H Hall….but we need a credible alternative to a Labour party that represents the interests of the people,not a party near bankrupt thats made it clear that they have no longer any interest or funding to fight a general election campaign.We need a Opposition party not a crackpot religious fanatic running the witchunt party because they have no capacity to be a Opposition party..Instead of “we don’t do religion” its now “Religion is all we are interested in” ..Breathtakingly unbelievably the Labour party are not interested in the electorate only in preserving a nasty piece of Apartheid and regime in a foreign country.israel….ITs not left or right for Starmer its Israel or bust.!and you know it sell out.Stevie

      1. From the beaut that thinks that far from there being NO exodus from his ersatz tory party, people are actually queueing around the block to sign up.

      2. Toffee – I’ve never said that. you’re the one who seems to be impressed by his own hyperbole
        I’ve simply stated the fact that Labour lost 14%+ of its membership during 2018/19 but now has more members than we had immediately prior to the 19GE. Do you have any credible evidence to the contrary.

      3. But you HAVE said that. And no – I don’t feel the need to prove it.

        People know who they believe. It isn’t you. It never is.

      4. Toffee – How convenient for you when you are trying to cover the fact that you are telling lies again.

    2. Why would Corbyn not stand? There isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of his career ending in ignominy if he stands in Islington. For ANY party!

      1. timfrom – Really? Come back and tell me all about it after the next GE

  7. Like ashworth, nandy’s just another fat-tongued, worse-than-useless careerist nobody.

    Like with ashworth’s shadowing of the corrupt and incompetent murderer hancockup, now push come has to shove (raab’s gobshitery over just about everything) she’s been found out as utterly incapable and impotent.

    What is it with these self-entitled morons. Just why do they think they can bring a fart to a shitfight when they can’t even get a single thing over THE worst cabinet in history, they think they can shit on one of their own?

    As for the ‘ex-members’ intimation by the resident arselicker; I’m sure that will be a major deterrent to those who haven’t already spewed the shitshow.

    It’s because of people like him & nandy that they’re leaving in droves anyway..

    1. To right toffee…and wheres the missing millions that bottom feeder Lawyer got his greasy mits on.Too think how hard the members worked for that money and see it as Swawkbox said at the time “spaffed up the wall” is a criminal act and a sign of the depravity infecting the once respected Labour party.

      1. Joseph – It was irresponsible of Jeremy to issue an official party statement without first getting it checked by Labour’s lawyers, particularly on such a controversial subject involving people who are known to be litigious
        Put the blame where it really actually belongs.

  8. Here’s some good news

    Nadia Whittome will be returning to parliament today (Monday) after taking leave because of ill health.

      1. Joseph – You’re weird, what are you prattling on about?
        I thought that you would be pleased that she is now feeling well enough to return to work.

    1. I only know about the PTSD syndrome that Nadia and many others in the knights shadowy Labour party.suffer from especially our hard working mps in the knights alleged opposition party.Nandy has obviously been under a lot of pressure with her outburst but I am sure that she can lead Nadia onto the right path with her extensive knowledge of mental health.

      1. Joseph – Listen to yourself, what a sad little individual you are.

      2. 6\9th 4.49am….She can lead nadia onto the “right” path with her extensive knowledge of mental health.?Steve H Hall you really are slow arnt you .The boy 👦who missed the point?…Maybe you should lay off the sauce out there or did you stop off in the local shebeen for a swift one or more?and couldn’t help yourself.?

    2. Who the fuck is Nadia Whittome? Don’t bother answering, troll. I couldn’t care less.

      1. timfrom – If ignorance was bliss then you would be in a perpetual orgasmic state

        Nadia Edith Whittome[1] (born 29 August 1996)[2] is a British Labour Party politician who has been the [Labour] Member of Parliament (MP) for Nottingham East since the 2019 general election. She was elected at the age of 23, and became the Baby of the House as the youngest MP. She is a member of the Socialist Campaign Group, a parliamentary group of Labour MPs.

      2. A nobody in other words. Exactly my point.

        But you knew you were being addressed, didn’t ya!

      3. timfrom – Thanks for your reply, it confirms much of what I already thought about you.

  9. When Bolton wanderers are playing at home to Wigan,the local pie maker Carrs pasties trebled the number of pies for the affectionately named. “Wigan Pie eaters” who like the name on the label gorge themselves on the pies,Looking at Nandy I would guess that shes attended a good number of these local derbys .?,Maybe she will struggle around Islington to find her favourite food?

    1. Joseph – Jeeze, how sad are you, is that really the most cogent thing you could manage to come up with.

  10. I too shall join the team in Islington to support. JEREMY
    And to work against Nandy in her constituency.

      1. PW – ….and yet you are. You obviously noticed and cared enough to reply.

  11. I Will give you the scores on Monday night Steve H Hall whilst you are topping up the cooler with cans i at half time.Maybe you should get some pies in and I know just how delicious some of those spicy Caribbean pies can be..Ps you can watch Bolton wanderers V Burton on Sky TV knowing what a great supporter of Murdoch you are.I do like to be his followers…Hows the job hunting going down there?

    1. Hows the job hunting going down there?

      Good question, Joseph. I’d like to hear it, too.

      Last I heard the schools around there were clamouring to have the wee tom pepper poison their children’s minds.

      Despite that, wee man seems to spend an inordinate amount of time on here…🤔😗♪♪♪

  12. Looking at the statistics on general elections over recent decades, the Labour vote in Nandy’s constituency is declining at a noticeable rate. It is ironic that as one of the leaders of Owen Smith’s Kamikaze leadership campaign in 2016, she benefited from a sizeable increase in the Labour vote in 2017. In the four elections she has fought – 2010/15/27/19, her votes, rounded to the nearest thousands have been 21/23/29/21, and look set to continue the marked decline under her predecessor. A generally “unpolitical” right wing Labour council doesn’t help.

    1. Ludus 57 you are spot on,a solid Labour mill town like next door Bolton who had three mps all Labour and a Labour council for over half a century totaly exploited over many years by the wromg mps and most importantly the wronguns Labour councillors.ITs inevitable that the whole bunch in Wigan will like Bolton go to a Labour free zone because of donkeys years of explotation and ignorance of the very real infrastructure and social problems inside of these towns.Bolton has a Tory council now and two tory mps,.Nandy was humiliated by Corbyn in the failed owen smith big pharma fiasco and shes learnt nothing from that only revenge.Nandy like the knights Labour party are finished with the working-class and will find fishing in the crowded neo liberal alliance will get them a ticket to oblivion.

    2. Ludus57 – her present majority is lower than her majority of GE15. Her highpoint was, of course, GE17.

    3. nandy’s next door constituency (Leigh) went blue in ’19. And the former labour MP there had a 9,500 majority…The largest majority the ‘rags overturned in 19.

      1. I know leigh very well and I am not surprised in the least.I wonder what Andy Burnham thinks about the spread of the disease the Tory virus?being as he was manufactured in Leigh.Good old mick Murphy best scrum half the league….They are just lending the vote to the torys whilst a real Opposition comes around.These people know the Torys but they have been backed into a corner by the tribute act.of the knight of the realm.

  13. What no one has mentioned yet, is that some of this canvassing zeal may seep over into the neighbouring constituency of Holborn and St. Pancras.

    Not much danger of the Labour Candidate losing his seat with a 64.5% majority, but if that majority were to shrink dramatically, it would be an embarrassment to the current Labour Leader.

    But then he must have become inured to embarrassments, during his seventeen months tenure.

    His Shadow Foreign Secretary should learn that, sometimes it’s better to keep your mouth shut, and she’d better learn that lesson quickly. Leave the ‘grandstanding’ to people who have the capabilities and political nous to follow it through. She doesn’t.

  14. George peel Strange how a virtual unknown can get a safe Labour seat in 2015 having no experience in either branch or constituency positions including council and in under five years of being Labour become leader of the Labour party alarmingly in a so called socialist revival over them years.To.parachute a candidate like that into the Labour party at that time shows that Labour have never been under the control of the left wing and the leader of the Labour party.either at that time.The nonsense of a left wing fight back is underlined by who has always controlled the Labour party and its definitely not the working-class movement.and never will be….Rotton to the core and unreformable.

  15. Thinking about this interview, it served no purpose outside the party. We know she won’t be canvassing against Corbyn, she’s going to be too busy defending herself. This was an internal signal that she’s sending to the party and and Starmer…..when he goes, she’s ready to take over.

    1. Lundiel – You should be careful what you wish for. The latest polling I have seen indicated that Yvette Cooper would be the favourite to replace Starmer if he was challenged, It is doubtful that ‘the left’ have enough votes to put a candidate forward and Richard Bugen only managed to get 6% of the vote from the poll of Labour members.

  16. “Joseph – What a load of desperate bollocks.”
    “Joseph – You’re weird, what are you prattling on about?”
    “Joseph – Listen to yourself, what a sad little individual you are.”
    “Joseph – Jeeze, how sad are you, is that really the most cogent thing you could manage to come up with.”
    “Peter – Oh Whoopee, Will anyone notice or care?”
    I had thought that these comments represented a welcome bout of introspection until I saw that they were aimed at OTHER people.

    1. He’s getting stressed that his boss Max Headroom will get shown up for the Turd that he is at Conference when he tries to give a speech at the same time as Corbyn at TWT. He’s going to have to get through the picket line first. Interesting times for the Red Tories.

    2. Goldbach the only thing I learned in politics with the Labour party was that you get the message out and ignore the insults.But I really don’t think theres much to learn from this Labour party.,as they are so self absorbed that they are not interested in furthering anything as far as government goes and its just a small matter of survival whilst they go into hibernation.or bankruptcy.

  17. Widely reported in 2020:

    ‘Since being parachuted into her safe Labour seat, when she came to Wigan in 2010 almost a decade ago she has claimed an eye-watering £1,629,569.80 in expenses on top of her annual salary for being a member of Parliament.’

    Since then there have been new stories. This in 2021: Shadow Foreign Secretary Lisa Nandy has chalked another £23,083.44 to her expenses, including £8,883.35 on non-office rent and £475.67 in council tax – and £20 on hand-sanitiser gel, new figures reveal.

    The Wigan MP also claimed £2,298.50 in expenses on rail, including £334.50 on railcards.

    No wonder she’s known as the Expenses Queen.

    She seems as untrustworthy as Starmer on policy. Shaping her message to suit the audience. You could well imagine her supporting military action against Iran, based on her recent comments. She’s about as trustworthy as slippery ‘Tory friends’ Jonathan Ashworth.

    1. Corbyn related ‘expenses’ headline: ‘Islington North MP Jeremy Corbyn is the country’s lowest expenses claimer.’

      Majorly better by contrast, no?

      1. My wife says that she reckons it’s Apsana Begum. Not safe to argue with that.

      2. goldbach – That Corbyn headline is older, he’s been in parliament a long time obviously. With an admittedly quick search, couldn’t find anything more recent on Corbyn’s expenses. But nevertheless, he’s always been fairly frugal and one of the lowest in terms of expenses list. You’ll have seen him on his bike in news clips, this rather than using taxis all the time.

    2. Thanks for that Andy all this info is good for the education of those of us including me who cannot always get to the info we so desperately need..Like many when she first appeared on the scene I thought she was camera shy,but its obvious now she is a sly individual that’s on the make like the majority we recruit the Labour party.

      1. Chalking up £1.6m+ in expenses in under 10 years is truly staggering.

  18. ‘Carry On Lightweight Lisa.
    So to Wigan and Islington.
    Need a decent socialist candidate in the former.
    And Lightweight Lisa could be done?’

  19. Corbyn has nothing to apologise for, except for being too timid in his rejection of the media’s trumped up campaign against him.

    Which party would Lisa Nandy campaign for?

    As they know, this is a clear instance of what suspension/expulsion is really intended to be for. Even saying it is sufficient grounds, and she has said it, so she should go. Court case if necessary!

    1. Have now listened to interview! Link below. It seems that she was responding to a hypothetical question about what would happen if Corbyn was not reselected and because of that chose to stand as an independent. Most politicians run a mile from hypotheticals, but she seemed to welcome this one.

      She said she was not sure whether the party’s rules would allow him to be reselected, but seemed happy to be reassured by a Times Radio journalist that the rules would not allow that.

      If Corbyn’s CLP is not allowed to reselect him as a Labour candidate that will be yet another item for the charge sheet.

  20. Point of Order
    Is it possible to resign to force a by election then stand as an independent

    1. What’s the point of that though Doug? Any MP can resign their Party whip and stand as an Independent until the next GE comes around where they have to run again, against a new Labour candidate.

  21. I can see a problem ahead: somehow I don’t see Corbyn willing to stand as an independent candidate, he will most likely stand down.
    Hence, when Nandy says that she will come down to Islington North to canvass against Corbyn, she is fully aware that Corbyn would not stand in any other capacity but as the official Labour candidate. A real pity since many in London will canvass for Corbyn as an independent.
    However, Nandy has made a mistake: many members that have left the Party in disgust and others that are still in the LP could very well descent on Wigan to canvass against her.
    LP’s members can do it with the necessary subtlety so that they could pretend to canvass for her while in reality canvassing against her, something along the lines: ” We can understand that Nandy is a bit of a disappointment because (list reasons why she isn’t that good) but she is the official Labour candidate, if not her who are you going to vote for (alternative candidate’s name) his/her programme is very good I really like (reasons why we like him/her) but she/he isn’t Labour and we cannot risk losing to the Tories.”
    With a strong campaign in favour of an alternative candidate from ex Labour members, persuading people that the alternative candidate can win and even if a Tory was to win as a result their isn’t much of a change for having Nandy as MP, she will be gone soon enough.

    1. Wigan is a virtually moribund CLP. It sends out multiple requests to get a small number of people out to leaflet and canvass. It survives on the traditional Labour vote having a strongly misplaced loyalty these days.
      Mass canvassing for a politically viable alternative, such as, for example, the Northern Independence Party could swing it.
      But better would be a re-invigorated left removing the right within the party

  22. Asked about Afghanistan but no mention of the number killed or the deception that surrounded the invasion.

    No mention of the pain to the Jewish community caused by the Jewish Chronicle lying to its readers.

  23. Well I see the Sockpuppet is savaging JC’s supporters and we are all terrified and as for we will wait and see line. Is that the same for some sodding policies? Before you start campaigning maybe come up with some and not make them secret!

    I have voted Labour my entire life and I am north of 50 now just as my parents and grandparents did the next general election I will NOT be voting for this damn cult of new Labour 2.0 nearly gaged each time I had to vote for Blair I will not vote for the runt son of Blair party. You threaten Labour members most of us have left and before the next election I bet many more will join us. SO lets see who is right and who kills the once proud Labour movement. After the ashes have settled the Socialist Labour only party will emerge and no sock puppet we don’t need a spokes men thanks…

  24. Was a great piece in the brilliant New Left Review the other year by the Radical Socialist Feminist Network.
    It was aimed at Right Wing Labour MPs like Nandy and Starmer et al who voted to bomb Syria and if they had been around at the time as MPs they would have very likely towed the line on voting to bomb Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya.
    And the Socialist Feminist Network pose a powerful question which is still relevant: “Why do Right Wing Labour MPs vote to bomb our Black and Brown (Brothers &) sisters?”
    Oh and a leading UK General the other day said: “No-one got it right of On Afghanistan.”
    Sorry mate Jeremy Corbyn did, and on all the rest.
    A Right Wing/Centrist US and UK Tory/Right Wing Labour policy disaster!
    Oh and Nandy on Palestine on Labour List (2/9/21) a GCSE Politics class of school kids could have a constructed better political arguments.
    Political Lightweight Lisa, Political Heavyweight Jeremy.
    Right Wing Labour, Scotland calling!

  25. I’ve just looked at Dave Bradney’s comment again and I see that Nandy was on a show hosted by Tom Newton Dunn.
    As I recall, he was the fellow who published, in The S*n, a conspiracy theory article allegedly showing there was a “hard left network” of people connected to Mr Corbyn. Newton Dunn’s sources included “Aryan Unity” and “The Millenium Report” – so one neo-Nazi group and one antisemitic group.
    Nandy is an utter disgrace for even going on his show.
    Even more disgraceful is that someone should be suggesting, in the comments, that Mr Corbyn should not stand at the next GE rather than that Nandy should not stand

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