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Breaking: Tommy Corbyn warns Nandy why her hope of unseating his dad will fail

‘The sheer arrogance of anyone thinking that turning up for a day with clipboards and nothing to offer will do anything but piss people off is laughable.’

Jeremy Corbyn’s son Tommy has issued a warning to Lisa Nandy and other figures of the Labour right hoping to unseat the former Labour leader at the next general election:

That’s not going to work.

And his response is not based on anything as vaporous as bravado. Corbyn the elder has been the MP for Islington North since before Tommy C was born – and the son has seen the locals’ admiration, respect and affection for his dad at first hand, as well as Corbyn’s remarkable connection with them and his list of achievements in the constituency. He tweeted his cautionary tale to Nandy this afternoon, in a thread that quickly went viral:

Nandy’s comment last night that she would campaign against Jeremy Corbyn in Islington North also sparked a rush of volunteers from all over the country saying that they would travel to Islington to campaign for him – and others saying they would travel to Wigan to unseat Nandy.

Corbyn retained his seat in the 2019 election with his habitual outright majority, receiving more than 64% of the vote while his nearest challenger managed only 15%. Nandy won Wigan by just over 6,000, so Keir Starmer’s toxicity in the north makes hers a potentially marginal seat.

Typically, only 6% of voters say the identity of their MP has anything to do with their voting decision. Lisa Nandy is highly unlikely to buck that trend, but it looks likely that Jeremy Corbyn is an exception proving the rule for the rest.

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  1. I usually canvass six hours a day, so I offer one month’s leave of six hours a day to help totter Nandy. The big problem we have is not having someone to pick up the lost votes – afterall there is not a ‘not Lisa Nandy’ on the ballot paper and it would help so much better if there was one.

  2. Steve H – doesn’t sound to me that JC will be standing down anytime soon. Wishful thinking on your part.

    By the way, why don you keep calling yourself out, for lying, and getting your name wrong. That’s, just, weird.

    1. We will see who turns out to be right.

      Why would I, I check my facts before posting.

      1. We will see who turns out to be right.

        And WHEN you’ve had your eye wiped AGAIN will you then do the honourable thing (That you really ought to have done quite some time ago) and fuck the fuck off – Never to infest the site again, seeing as you get NOTHING right.

        Best of a bad bunch 🀦

      2. Toffee – In the very unlikely event that that should happen then my answer to your question is No

      3. Exactly Steve Hall from the Caribbean bolt hole,why would you check your own facts when you made em up over a few beers and a packet of fags.?

      4. Joseph – You have been invited on many, many occasions to provide some credible evidence to support your assertions lies

      5. It was always gonna be as unlikely as nandy getting Corbyn turned over in his own backyard.

        But then again, you have no concept of honour

      6. Is it my imagination, or has there been some moderation?

    2. SteveH is a creepy gaslighter who chooses his questions with an care When he is disproved or out debated he slinks away. He enjoys inflicting emotional abuse, don’t give him the enjoyment.

      1. lundiel – Is this intended as a cover for your badly judged comment below?

      2. SteveH
        Who is going to take on JC in Islington, name one of Temporary Embarrassments toerags who could run him close
        Red Tories dont have anyone fit to tie his shoe laces

      3. Doug – I’ve absolutely no idea, That will be for Islington North’s CLP to decide.
        I very much doubt that Corbyn will stand as an independent in the next GE.

      4. Doug – I thought I’d made it clear that I have no intention of following you down your 🐰 πŸ•³οΈ.

  3. It looks like Corbyn perhaps could be persuaded to stand as an independent after all, unless all this is bravado from Corbyn’s son.
    It is very difficult to resist to take a dig at Nandy when you see your father an honest man, with more integrity on his small toe that Lisa Nandy in her whole body to come under attack.I have not doubts that Jeremy Corbyn will win with ease was he to stand to be re-elected at Islington North.
    Alternatively, JC could consider standing as an independent in Wigan in a direct challenge to Lisa Nandy or in neighbouring Holborn and St Pancras as a direct challenge to Starmer and see what happen.
    I know it isn’t going to happen JC has too much integrity, but it is a nice dream, imagine the panic of Nandy or Starmer if either of them were forced to face Corbyn.

    1. Maria, I’ve always had the impression, they’ll have to carry JC out in box. When I think of Gerald Kaufman, Paul Flynn, Michael Meacher, Manny Shinwell – that’s, virtually, what happened to them.

      All of an age, all with the same sense of service to their constituents.

      There are very few MP’s like that left. To anxious to move on to even more lucrative pastures.

      Anxious to make money, which, of course, they can’t take with them.

  4. Mmmm…..who to believe and take notice of….Corbyn’s son or Max Headroom’s Turd Polisher?

    Take your pick.

      1. Nandys good at creative accounting as Andy showed on her with Nandys expenses and its obvious now that its not just the knight thats good at siphoning off millions of of other people’s money.Perhaps shes a paid consultant to the Labour party on “How to magic money away” She needs to have a word with her pal Patel on the beauty products thats popular amongst the items the taxpayer have to foot the bill for…oops thats only for ministers and theres not much chance for that to happen for the Labour party and and certainly not for a Pie eater from Wigan.

  5. Just goes to show that miss nandi is not the brightest light in the chandelier… ..

  6. Normaly the Labour brand would win through,not the individual no matter how long they have had the job of mp..I wouldn’t put my shirt on it but because the Labour brand means little to the electrote then just maybe Corbyn with enough campigners including old friends from parliament might bring down the leadership of the Labour party.Nandy pandy is effectively putting the knights head on the choping block and giving the real Opposition a rallying point for revolutions inside the Labour party.Saint or sinner,or just another idiot amongst the misfits who are beginning to think that the knights final solution will be the end of their cushy job and the end of the Labour party.

  7. This is why you can’t trust Starmer. When he was trying to persuade people to support him, he said “The attacks on Jeremy Corbyn were terrible, they vilified him and they knew what they were doing and why they were doing it”……. He’s leading those attacks now.

  8. I will never forget her attacking Corbyn for wanting to find out what really happened in Salisbury.

    1. Nandy pandy can never get over the utter humiliation of being the brains behind Big pharmas Owen smiffys shambles for the leadership of the Labour party alarmingly it seemed they were more interested in furthering his ambition of being a first class purveyor of free ice cream cornets.Dont you just love πŸ’˜the little pie eater miz nandy?

      1. Little pie eater! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Ooh, yuh bitch!

  9. I really hope Warmonger Bliar stands against JC and JC wipes the floor with him ! Now that would just boil the bitterites piss.

  10. Kudos Mr. Corbyn. I particularly liked the details of your tweets πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    1. Pat Melia – Thanks for your input, what have I said to prompt this response from you.

      1. What haven’t you said?

        See? You’re pissing off people who never (Or very seldomly) post. Proud of that, are ya, sadsack?

        (Expects the ‘blows kiss’ emoji, plus the worn-out stock response of ‘I love you. too’, because you haven’t got a comeback….And that’s because you’re socially inept, and don’t have any friends to speak to verbally. You’ve been shunned by society in general. Sociable and socialist people are your pet hate. That’s why you’ve chosen exist to annoy decent people on a socialist website.)

      2. Toffee – What is there to come back on when as usual you’ve not said anything of any substance?

    2. Pat, I don’t know how long you have been visiting this site, so you may not be aware that SteveH is a fixture. It’s rather like when someone has dropped some grit in your tub of Vaseline. It’s a frequent irritant but of little consequence. Don’t be put off commenting.

  11. Next election could be interesting if ‘Socialists’ agree to meet in Wigan to voice their opinion collectively.?

  12. For some reasom, Skwarwkbox is not publishing links to Jo Bird’s response on WIX to the Labour Party.

      1. Thanks goldbach. I had already submitted a couple of links to Jo’s article on WIXIT but no joy.

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