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Huge state clampdown set for COP26 as ‘hundreds’ of police vans stream north

Scale not seen since miners’ strike and poll tax riots

The United Nations’ ‘COP26′ climate change conference, which starts in Glasgow on Sunday, is to see massive police action against the expected climate change protests, with police from all over the UK being drafted in in huge numbers in what appears to be a clampdown on a scale not seen since the miners’ strikes of the eighties or the poll tax riots of the nineties.

Witnesses report seeing ‘hundreds’ of police vans streaming north on motorways in repeated waves.

It seems the Tories have learned nothing from the backlash against ridiculously heavy-handed policing of Black Lives Matter, ‘Kill the Bill‘ and Clapham Common protests and intend to crack down on Extinction Rebellion and other protests even harder.

Despicably, those protesting to save the planet can expect little support against police violence from Labour leader Keir Starmer, who had armed police intimidate delegates at Labour’s annual conference last month and has kept MPs on his front bench who have praised unprovoked violence toward protesters.

If you will be protesting in Glasgow this weekend, take care – and send any pictures to

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  1. COP 26 – The Great Greenwash!
    In terms of energy:
    Green is Good!
    It will be all rhetoric whilst 90% of all CO2 emissions come from the top 100 Corporations.
    We need to harness the forces of nature including the Free energy of the Sun particularly in hot climates, you could probably power the USA with solar in Death Valley and it is wasted every day.
    In hot climates could have electric cars powered by solar panels on their roofs?
    Of course the powerful will try and keep the people away, it’s their pantomime as they pretend dramatic action.
    Lions led by Fossil Fuel Fed Capitalist Donkeys.
    It is capitalism that is killing the planet and potentially US.
    It’s that what needs addressing!

  2. Well…Its certainly big brother and rule by decree now.Fleets of police officers in vans.The only good thing is that they are not in armoured vehicles and armed to the teeth like Ulster.By armed I mean issued with live rounds.and to be used if needed.Thats a line that hasn’t been crossed for now and its a very narrow line..

  3. Zara Sultana has written an article about COP26

    29th October, 2021, 11:26 am
    Labour must go bold on the climate with the Green New Deal
    Next week, Britain hosts COP26, a gathering of historic importance. World leaders will meet to address the biggest threat facing humanity: the climate emergency. Some people are greeting the summit with optimism. But it’s difficult to hold out much hope for Glasgow. Like so many other young people, I have already too often seen big promises on the climate be followed by (at best) meagre action.

  4. I am surprised that anyone is in the least bit surprised that they are drafting in police from all over the country for what will be a very major security operation. Also although they may not be visible to the public there will be plenty of armed police officers there as well. (just in case they are needed).

      1. Joseph – It is reported that England has loaned approx 7k police to Glasgow for COP26.
        As for your rather odd comment about armed police, it would be irresponsible not to be prepared for every eventuality.

      2. Steve H …For me one of the thinking right wing broad church brigade.His comments underline why a socialist doesnt belong in New Labour and hes more of a moderate fanatic whos views are basically straight out of Orwells Big brother.rather than the Black shirts that dominate the shadowy cabinet.

    1. I’m sure they’ll be needed because some of those pesky protesters might be armed with a board with a nail in it, Some may even have have bigger boards with bigger nails.

    2. Would foreign (English) cops have the power to arrest or thump at will in Nippys country?

  5. You can probably write the statements coming from HMG and the US now.
    They will claim to have made massive commitments.
    They will vilify China and India for allegedly not taking sufficient action.
    This will be despite the fact that the US produces over twice as much CO2 per capita as China and six times as much as India. They will also ignore the fact that it is consumption that drives the production of CO2, and that around 30% of the UK consumption is outsourced to China so that China gets credited with producing the CO2 that is a consequence of the UK buying such a lot from China. The US is in a similar boat.
    The carbon credits racket will not be mentioned.
    They will vilify China for having plans for more than 40 new coal-fired power stations but will ignore the fact that Australia has plans for more, and it has a population that is 1/50th the size of China’s.
    They will attack China for “only” committing to nett zero by 2060, but who will be around in 2050 to see that the US commitment was a con?
    They will ignore the fact that China has doubled its’ area covered by forest to 23% of its’ land area since 2007.
    They will ignore the fact that China has created a huge high-speed train network to reduce the number of internal flights significantly whilst Johnson cuts the duty in order to “encourage” internal flights within the UK.
    In other words there will be a great deal of what the Americans seem to call BS.
    ….. and anyone who might be likely to cause “distress” will be banged up.
    Happy days?

    1. Oh, and I seem to recall reading that China’s production of green energy (wind, solar etc.) is more that that produced in the US, EU and UK combined.

      1. China is now responsible for an astonishing volume of emissions. Yet it is also a renewable powerhouse, accounting for around 50% of the world’s growth in renewable energy capacity last year. It is number one in areas like lithium-ion batteries, solar and wind while having a higher percentage of cars that are electric than the US, EU or UK. It possesses two-thirds of the world’s high-speed rail capacity, something which has critically undermined domestic internal flights, and has unprecedented urban connectivity. All this in a country which, on a per head basis, is as wealthy as Romania.

      2. We have been using Chinese solar panels on power and Hot water production for over Ten years now and the this last couple of years on our own propertys now I have retired..We could easily use heatpumps but in a tropical climate and only a small commune hardly seems worth it.Some here see our Hot water production as wasteful being as our water is warm straight off the storage tanks..I could say a lot more about Chinese innovation and Technolgy but the USA and Britain are basically paranoid about the Chinese anyway you look at the evidence.The Western block are going to have to come on board soon and realise that the futures in the East and excluding the Asian nations from discussions is self harm on a industrial scale.This little celebration and knees up in Glasgow is effectively useless as far as a springboard for a world on the brink.of climate catastrophe.I mention solar panels because nearly forty years ago we were fitting Midland solar panels for HWater production in Pretoria and Swaziland Pigs peak hospital because American innovation and manufacturing in hitech as it was then and second to none including the Chinese who had just shown up in Mbabane Swaziland to give technical support for Rice production to the King in Swazi..How things change over the years especially in developing countries.

  6. Quite a long read but a good article from George Monbiot in today’s Guardian on how unfettered capitalism is causing environmental destruction:

    Economic growth is universally hailed as a good thing. Governments measure their success on their ability to deliver it. But think for a moment about what it means. Say we achieve the modest aim, promoted by bodies like the IMF and the World Bank, of 3% global growth a year. This means that all the economic activity you see today – and most of the environmental impacts it causes – doubles in 24 years; in other words, by 2045. Then it doubles again by 2069. Then again by 2093…

    Most people struggle to define the system that dominates our lives. But if you press them, they’re likely to mumble something about hard work and enterprise, buying and selling. This is how the beneficiaries of the system want it to be understood. In reality, the great fortunes amassed under capitalism are not obtained this way, but through looting, monopoly and rent grabbing, followed by inheritance.

    1. Typical Grauniad. In 2017, when there was a political leadership that wanted to highlight the ravages of the system and wanted to do something about it, they vilified them.
      In 2021, when there is total support for the system by both government and opposition, it’s time to point out the “bleeding’ obvious” (as Basil Fawlty would say).
      The Grauniad simply postures. I believe that one of our contributors calls it “virtue-signalling”.

  7. Al Jazeera is showing an excellent documentary at the moment entitled The Campaign Against The Climate (60 mins). It doesn’t appear to be available on their website yet, but I just this minute checked, and it’s showing again at 6.00am on Sunday, and then again at 12.00pm on Tuesday, and then again at 1.00am on Wednesday, and then again at 6.00am on Thursday, and that appears to be it, and will probably then be available on their website shortly afterwards, presumably under ‘Climate’. Came across the following on their website though:

    Arctic ground ‘literally collapsing’ amid abrupt thaw

    1. Won’t be able to watch because I’ll be catching up on all their footage about the White Helmets and Douma.

  8. DO you remember the Story the Powers That Be (the PTB) told us when they needed to prepare for the dawn of their New (neo-liberal, thatcher-enabled) Age, a Winter of Discontent with bodies and rubbish piling up in the streets, etc, well it’s happening again. Maybe not the full “paradigm change” (they did, after all, remove Jeremy Corbyn (as his democratic socialist paradigm) from the places of power (leadership of Labour party/ member of Privy Council, etc), but certainly the symbology,’ the rubbish in the streets’ bit – is repeating again. This time it’s Labour councils that are defending the neoliberal status-quo. Is your council?

    Glasow’s Refuse Workers are taking a stand for liveable wages, decent conditions and better services – by striking during COP26, they might finally get a hearing.

    Well worth a read. . Thanks Andrew Kersley, thanks Tribune, well-done Glasgow Refuse workers!

    (but FWIW – the billioaires’ New Normal is still on course – “You’ll own nothing” — And “you’ll be happy about it.”.- but you will have no rights)

  9. The 1st thing Bojo Johnson did when he became Mayor of London was to buy water canon for crowd control. Gives you a clue about future actions? No questions asked about vehicle pollution, especially the mass entourage brought from USA to transport Biden to Scotland.

  10. Billionaire Reveals Virtual Reality Experience Called ‘Mainstream Media’

    At a hotly anticipated remote keynote presentation on Friday, billionaire Jeff Bezos revealed the details of an exciting new virtual reality experience which he says will allow consumers to log on to an artificial fantasy world completely unlike our existing reality.

    “We’re calling it Mainstream Media, or MSM for short,” Bezos told viewers. “MSM will allow users to interface with an alternate world of the imagination where capitalism is working fine for everyone, constant military expansionism is normal and desirable, Washington’s enemies are all bloodthirsty monsters, and billionaires are just harmless job creators. Let’s check it out.”

  11. Off-topic Jimmy Savile: Establishment Hero

    Ten years ago today (Oct 29), Jimmy Savile died a national hero. Since then he has been exposed as a brutal child abuser – but his rise would have been impossible without powerful friends in the British establishment, and we all know a key one.

    Thanks, Tribune

    1. Brought to mind the Carl Beech allegations, fully supported by that odious snake-in-the-grass Tom Watson until it was found instead that Beech himself was the pedophile!

      Harvey Proctor said of Watson:

      “The Metropolitan Police were lapdogs to Mr Watson’s crude dog whistle. It’s time for the torchlight to take a closer look at Mr Watson. It is now beyond doubt that all of these allegations could never have been true and only someone with spectacular bad judgement could think that they might be. It is time for an apology from him to me…” Proctor added, “He denies it now, but he was the cheerleader in chief for Mr Beech. He was in the team. Tom Watson scared the Metropolitan Police to death over phone hacking. He intended to do the same for historic child sexual abuse. Not because Tom Watson has got any interest in historic child sexual abuse. Tom Watson has got a great interest in himself, and in grandstanding, just as he is doing currently on his so-called anti-Semitism campaign.”

      1. PW theres a lot more to come out and its a shame Tom Watson was a gutless wonder that was only looking to “big himself” .Enoch Powell’s right hand man Procter as many more secrets and the Westminster ring and the Kincora boys home will not be buried .forever.

      2. I think Beech was wrongly convicted. That he had images of child pornograpy is not unusual in victims and too much was made of it. In my opinion those he accused are not innocent.
        Watson’s part in it just shows how the establishment protected its own. He’d have got a knighthood if it wasn’t for him giving Beech a voice. Proctor is a horrible old man.

  12. The same heavily armed police convoy heading from the aisles of Labour’s conference up to UN climate change conference?

    1. Andy – I don’t recall any pictures of armed police in the isles at Labour’s conference. do you?

      1. SteveH – Look for yourself at the pictures: …they are concealing what are probably tasers, and likely handguns, by the bulky looks of things. From the article:

        “..armed with pepper sprays and potentially with firearms”.

        The police presence was certainly OTT, overbearing, intimidating for some no doubt. Totally disproportionate for a party conference gathering at which delegates are already vetted. Pathetic really, and illustrates what the leadership thinks of party members, and the threat posed.

      2. Andy – I agree that the heavy presence of police within the hall was a bit over the top but that doesn’t alter the fact that your claims that they were armed is nonsense.

      3. SteveH- “…your claims that they were armed is nonsense.”

        It’s not. Look at the video footage from outside too. Those bulky-box like structures won’t be their hidden lunchboxes.

        The point is, conferences were far larger and more ‘genuinely’ enthusiastic under Corbyn, and I don’t remember seeing pictures of a similar intimidatory presence. The only police or uniformed guards were those accompanying Luciana Berger in what many allege was a publicity stunt aimed at damaging the party.

      4. Andy – Plenty of speculation and assumptions with a bit of distraction thrown in for good measure but no actual evidence.

      5. According to this report, armed police were in the aisles. Even though it comes from the WSWS I think they wouldn’t publish lies which could leave them open to legal action.
        “As he spoke, armed police positioned themselves in the conference aisles in an intimidatory fashion. Parts of the conference hall were closed off, and additional day visitors bussed in to give an illusion of popular support.”
        Whether they were there or not I find your denial without evidence a bit strange. It’s like you don’t want to believe it, therefore you won’t untill presented with photographic evidence.

      6. lundiel – Armed with what?

        Everyone in the conference hall had a camera and yet not one photograph has emerged of a police officer standing in the aisles and carrying a firearm during Keir’s speech.
        Come back and tell me all about it when you’ve got some actual evidence.

      7. lundiel – Really?
        Where’s the gun?

        I suggest you zoom in and take a closer look.

  13. Cop26 is ridiculous. You can’t claim to support a green Revolution when you’re increasing military spending.

  14. Unfortunately the bad guys, the Blue Group at COP 26 – Govt officials and bourgeois capitalist politicians – will get all the publicity and media reporting for their Green Crumbs but the Green Group – environmentalists, socialists, scientists – with the great IDEAS will be ignored.
    We as Diverse working people should come up with an anti-capitalist Global Green Charter and only back those who support it – it’s about what we want to save the planet, as the blind capitalists drive us over the edge.
    Better Green and Socialist Lead Than Dead!

    1. If you want a green future you have to stop using finite resources, drop the political ideology of continuous growth, drop the idea of ‘choice”, everything capitalism believes in. You have to embrace Socialism.

  15. Lundiel Agree with your first two but socialists are for choice at the core.
    The Left has a powerful argument for example in democratic public ownership and giving communities a say, so we plan how society will be run as we transform it WITH diverse working people.
    Was a great piece in the last New Left Review tragically pointing out that extreme weather is a new normal.
    Up to the 1960s C02 in the atmosphere was 300 pcm per million but now it is 412.5 pcm which is responsible for the above.
    The challenge for the finest minds is to try to reverse it.
    In a tragic irony today Green campaigners and scientists heading for Glasgow from Euston were stranded because of extreme weather.
    As the song goes “This is getting serious!”

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