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75 seconds to hear the story of 93 sacked ‘Covid hero’ care workers (video)

Apthorp care home closes today because of a council’s mismanagement – putting staff who worked throughout the pandemic out of work and turfing elderly residents out of familiar surroundings, in a microcosm of the fundamental flaws in the entire caare system

Closing tomorrow: Apthorp care home in Barnet

Ninety-three care workers about to be put out of work by a London council have published a video, through their union Unison, telling their story in a minute and a quarter.

Those seventy-five seconds detail private ‘fat cat’ contracts doled out by Barnet council and a history of mismanagement, contrasting starkly with the heroism of the ninety-three ‘Covid heroes’ who worked selflessly throughout the pandemic despite the personal risks and Tory policy to funnel infected patients back into care homes at the cost of thousands of lives:

As well as the staff affected, a large number of elderly residents will face moving to a new facility – an experience known to be a direct threat to their wellbeing and lives. As one staff member put it:

There will be blood on someone’s hands.

The workers have fought an equally tireless campaign to save the home, but an intransigent Barnet council has failed to heed their warnings and their concern for the wellbeing of residents whose wellbeing they have worked so hard to protect.

At a time when the state of the care system is a live political topic, the experience endured by ninety-three Covid heroes is a microcosm of what is wrong with the entire system and the way it is run. Please share widely.

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  1. It is councils like this one- some even worse, many not much better, which form the political base of Blairism/ Starmerism.
    It is their ability to mobilise public funds which nourishes the careerists whose selfishness and indifference to the people is expressed in imperialism and a hatred of democracy.
    They rely upon socialists supporting them as the lesser evil or because the left delude themselves that, when Barnet Labour is thrown out of office, the people will turn to socialists as the next resort. They won’t

  2. Barnet were the original outsource everything council. Capita took over, staff turnover was horrific, they lost qualified people and replaced them with anyone but they too had gone before they were trained. The council was falling apart and much was brought back in-house but the council is, like so many others, hoisted on the petard of low council tax.

    1. Just like they did with my Mother in March 2020. Infected her Care Home with Covid positive patients from the Hospital, then refused hospital treatment for the newly infected pensioners. So they died, 20 of them at least.

      Murdering bastards. And Starmer sent the PM private letters of support. Yes, this is what we do in this godforsaken Country.

  3. On the same theme (mismanagement and crony capitalism), meanwhile, our local Tory MP (though they are all interchangable these days regardless of label) has this week effectively conceded in print that over three decades of water industry privatisation has failed so spectacularly that the only choices on offer in a bit of wet weather is to discharge raw sewage into rivers or (quote) “onto the streets.”

    The level of institutional capture of politicians and political parties by narrow private corporate lobbying interests means that in both practical and theoretical senses democratic choice does not exist. The tail is wagging the dog and the only options on any ballot paper at any level are three variations of the same product. You can have coca cola, pepsi cola, virgin cola or generic cola but not water (pure or otherwise). Any colour you like so long as it’s black.

    A reality which is likely to see a substantial rise in the None of the Above vote at the next General Election which exceeds by some margin the 18 million (40.6% of eligible voters) who did not vote in the 2001 election.

    1. The privatised water companies put the prices up regularly so they could modernise the aging infrastructure. It seems like they never got further than replacing lead piping and stopping some leaks while paying shareholders 20% of our bills.

      1. Now they’re asking us to help rebuild the network by increasing the bills….

        Yeah, we’re green and cabbage looking.

      2. Several of the privatised water companies are no longer on the stock exchange but are in fact owned by private equity firms. With complex financial structures which have increased debt levels to between 60%-80% of the value of the companies. With large financial conglomerates who own them increasing debts in the tens of billions of pounds whilst extracting as much surplus value as possible.

        Which is why after three decades of sucking at the public test there is insufficient infrastructure investment to cope with a bit of bad weather and many of them are being regularly fined, when found out, for manipulating sewage discharges through a system known as flow clipping.

        Moreover, more recent reliance on obtaining funding via borrowing using bonds and fixed interest loans means that even small increases in inflation or interest rates could tip the companies over the edge in terms or meeting unsustainable debt levels. Requiring either extreme increases in consumer bills beyond the ability of the majority of the populace to meet or the companies being bailed out by the Government like the banks were in 2007-08.

        Any opposition worth a candle would be offering a completely different model to this failed paradigm rather than a variation on the same theme to please it’s real masters -who are neither its own members/supporters or the general populace.

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