‘Well done’ – Labour front-bencher Perkins deletes tweet praising police violence against protesters

‘Ratioed’ tweet praising footage of police hitting protesters with batons ‘deleted by user’

Labour front-bencher Toby Perkins has deleted a tweet in which he responded to footage of police in Bristol laying into protesters with batons by praising the officers and their actions as ‘well done’, ‘entirely appropriate’ and a ‘good example’:

The MP’s ‘ratioed’ tweet, with far more comments than retweets or ‘likes’

Perkins tweeted the comment in the early afternoon of 22 March, but by the evening it was gone, after being heavily ‘ratioed’ – considered a sign of an unpopular tweet – and slammed by many who likened it to the infamous conduct of police at the Orgreave pit during the miners’ strike of the 1980s, or even worse:

The footage praised by Perkins forms the first part of the video below. The second part, showing the same events from the other side of the police line, shows what appear to be ‘protesters’ waved through to the line by riot police – and the eruption of violence just after they reach the front:

Perkins’s tweet had also drawn a furious response from Gypsy/Roma/Traveller activist Mikey Walsh:

In July last year, Perkins apologised publicly for a comment that he would not want a Traveller site in his street. In 2019, he had also published election leaflets accusing Travellers of

extorting thousands of pounds to leave illegal settlements

and said that he was “disgusted” by this.

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  1. That should earn him brownie points from Great Leader, and ensure promotion at the next reshuffle. These people are utter scum, and it is laughable that they are in a party of the workers at all, never mind in the “leadership” team.

  2. Well done who ever took that footage. I have seen this done with my own eyes. In the seveties I worked around the corner from the Grunwick film processing laboratries where emigrant workers had come out on strike over pay and conditiones and some even assulted by the owner on the picket line while the company bused in scabs. The narrow back streets filled up with local supporters and eventually the miners came and joined the picket. I used to go in my lunch break.
    The aim was to keep it peaceful so the police could not break it up, so it was agreed that anyone throwing anything at the police would be sent packing.
    I saw a young man, long hair, jeans, jacket throwing something towards the police lines. The crowd turned to grab him, and to my amazement, he and one other ran into the back of an awaiting police van.

    1. They infested the anti apartheid movement. They are everywhere. I cannot repeat this often enough, our bad security will be our downfall. Could make citizens arrests and hand them back to their chums. Oh yeah, they are very good at infiltration, yea up until the 5th generation , now. Community policing hasn’t changed it is the fact that now we have got cameras instead of word of mouth. Regards ☮️

  3. And nobody mentions the working-class Catholic population of Ulster who have had far worse than this including murder by crown forces,internment in concentration camps without trial,attacks on the civillian population and the people that represent them.Maybe you might notice now that its you on the recieving end of a Police state.

    1. I mention it Joseph as I was born and bred in South Armagh aka Bandit Country. Thank you for your mentions though. And it still is ongoing through the British courts that sit in our occupied land.

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