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Labour unrepresented on Solihull council for first time in 50yrs after two councillors defect

Folly of Starmer’s Tory-lite on show after one councillor quits for Greens and another to Tories

The madness of Keir Starmer’s ‘Tory-lite’ politics has been laid bare in Solihull, where the Labour party is unrepresented on the council for the first time in over half a century after two councillors quit the party to defect to others.

David Cole has joined the Tories, which Marcus Brain has joined the Greens – following a path trodden in Starmer’s own borough just recently.

If people want Tory, they will go for the full-fat version not Starmer’s bland imitation – and if they want left politics and a commitment to the environment, they can’t stay now find it in Labour after Starmer’s cosying up to energy companies and his lurch to near-Tory politics.

Oh for the days when Labour made – and won – political arguments and actually stood for something. When being leader of the opposition meant opposing rather than facilitating and imitating.

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  1. As soon as I read this I immediately thought is this a career move on the part of the one joining the Tories. Then again if you’re supposed to be a socialist why would you opt to join Johnson’s right wing party.

  2. When Labour right councillors defect to the tories it can only mean one thing: Starmer’s an obvious vote-loser.

    These – not the 100,000+ members who have left Labour since the knight’s investiture – are the proverbial Rats leaving a sinking ship.

  3. You can read their pathetic ‘excuses’ here.
    Kingshurst defectors hit back after ‘desperate’ calls for resignations
    Two local politicians have sparked fury after quitting Labour and leaving the party with no representation on Solihull Council for the first time in decades.
    Councillors David Cole and Marcus Brain, who both represent Kingshurst, crossed the floor to join the Conservatives and the Greens respectively.
    But the move sparked fury among local Labour leadership – who called for the pair to resign and stand for election again.

    1. Mind you, if they did, and Keir and his Keirmacht imposed right-wing candidates for the by-election against the will of the local party- as you’d have to admit they would- the one who defected to the Greens would win solidly and, while the one who defected to the Tories might lose, it goes without saying that he’d be beaten by a Green or a left-wing independent, not the right-wing outsider Keir and Mandy would insist on.

  4. No Labour party representation….and its been that way for years and years and thats why the forgotten old Lancashire mill towns are basically Conservative and unionist party and the shame of that legacy has taken years to come about..I think we cannot blame the leader of the Labour party for everything.Look to who and where we recruit and you have your why the Labour party deserted the working-class people.You dont build a democratic socialist movement on a broad church.

  5. This ward is right up in the north of the district.

    In 2007, the BNP almost won there.

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